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  1. I had a dream about me pulling my teeth out. Some came out together in clumps the others I pushed with my tongue and they popped right out. But it was never ending. It was like chewing on a bathtub

    • Losing your teeth is losing your inner decision making and problem solving abilities. When you have strong teeth metaphorically it means that you can chew (process) ideas and things coming into you then make good decisions and solve problems. Losing your teeth probably means that you had the ability to process at one time and then lost it. The dream wants you to regain it by letting go of the loss you experienced.

  2. Dear Richard,

    I dreamt that I was driving alone. I heard something happen behind me so I looked in the rear view mirror & saw someone on the floor was hurt. Then I noticed the sky was all dark, people were screaming & running & i then realised it was Judgement Day. I stopped my car, got out & ran, looking for family & somewhere to hide, but I could only find my sister. I stood next to a car & there was a group of people who were the only ones not afraid. They were looking up at the sky, & standing close together. I looked into the sky to see what they were looking at. There was a long cloud & I could see silhouettes of people standing in a row, somewhat working, passing things around to eachother. Thank you

    • Dear Lin,
      The way I work with dreams has a lot to do with what you are feeling in the dream. If you are feeling a negative emotion, which in this case, is fear, then the solution or the way forward is to find the positive energy in yourself that is counter or opposite to the negative. In your dream you are driving alone, and then you hear a lot of screaming and running which makes you stop and look for your family hide. This means that when you are trying to get to where you want to go in your life and you are alone, the voices in your head tend to become so negative that they are like Judgement Day. This stops your forward progress and keeps you in a fearful state. To solve the dream what you need are positive voices of encouragement and support in your mind, rather than negative ones. It is actually very common for people to have mostly negative voices especially when they are alone. God has created you in His image, so you can understand that He actually wants you to feel extremely positive about yourself and then encourage yourself in a positive way to reach your positive goals that benefit your family and others. Judgement Day can be everyday, but it doesn’t have to be a really negative experience. It can be taking into account what you did well that day and where you need to improve. Too much judgment stops the positive movement forward.

  3. Richard,

    How are you? I had a dream about 6 weeks ago and it just stays with me. Sorry for its length; the crucial bit is the last two sections.

    I am in a coffee shop / store. I look down and see a gold-coloured box of Ginseng tea. I walk around and towards the door, but they are locked with no one coming in or out. The shop is quite full. I rub shoulders with someone famous. I turn around to look the way I came. There is something on the TV that has everyone’s attention.

    I am abruptly awoken from a trance like state seated on a train. I have missed m stop and immediately stand up and disembark. One other person has done the same and we stand on the platform. They walk away in the other direction. There are no station buildings; just a dry earth car park / yard that is empty. I follow the dirt road off to the right, trees and overgrowth on all sides. Does not look like the way but is the only one.

    The road narrows and as I walk down, I come to a hard right bend with a large business premises on the left and below the road level. A transport company of some sort with lorries parked outside. I recognize it as I had passed it recently while traveling with my family (in the dream!). reassured I continue to walk.

    I come on a small shop on my right and up a short pathway; also familiar. I look at some things on the stalls outside the shop. A woman speaks to me and begins to read my future / destiny. ‘…you will travel to England for financial reasons…’ she looks away and upwards as she continues to read.

    I am in the shop. The same woman is present with others sitting on a long bench speaking jovially. She tells me a story about one of the girls and how another slapped her on the shoulder and knocked her out of her body. I tell them in astonished tone ‘that’s a Shaktipat’; but they pay no attention.

    The other girl is there. She is tall, slim, long hair. She is smiling peacefully, humbly at the discussion. Then I am shown her hand. She has two large stigmata (purple flesh colour). I cup her hand in my hands. The feeling is – I cannot put in a word – but something like peaceful, still, silent. I recognize her as the others do not. Respect, awe are the types of feeling. Tears in my eyes.

    After some time and more talking, I ask if I could meet her again. I’m not sure what the answer was, but it was ‘iffy’ I think; or a kindly not possible.

    I take her other hand and it two has two stigmata similar to the first; somewhat larger. There is no blood; simply open wounds.

    It was very emotional at the end and when I wrote it the following day I could still fell the emotion in my chest.

    Thanks for your time and effort. Namastae.

    • Dear Liam,
      If you think about the structure of the dream, things are happening to you that are not acts of your own will. You find your self in shops or you end up in places that you had no intention of going to. You are told what your future is and when you ask the girl to meet you again, you get an iffy response. What this dream seems to indicate is that in your psyche you have too much waiting around as if your fate is in the hands of others, and not enough of using your will to move forward. The first step is to just go forward with an intention that you think is right for you like diving into a lake, then after you dive in with what your intention is, you will be guided. The important teaching is that you cannot be guided along your path without first taking steps forward. The guidance comes after the movement forward. You seem to have an issue with using your will to move forward as you deem right. You are in a state of letting things happen to you. In this state negative usually comes. The positive comes when you activate your own will.

  4. Richard it has been a little bit since I had a dream really stick with me and prompt deeper exploration.

    Last night I dreamed first that my husband and I were remodeling this very old house – it was made of gray stone. and we had the underneath of the house exposed (I assume for foundation support). We thought it would be funny to put two empty caskets, some air mattresses, pillows, blankets and kids themed stuff under there so when the next people bought it they would be surprised and confused and try to solve why it could be there when it was all a joke and fake. We then covered the sides all the way around with this sheer black fabric to keep bugs and moisture out.

    Then I was using a rock to bang other rocks to shift the outer wall back (it was pressed in a few inches).

    Next thing I know my husband and I are fighting and he is physically hitting me and we are breaking up and the house is a total mess on the inside. Then he sets the house on fire while I am inside of it. The fire didnt burn up much of the house (because of the stone).

    Then I was in a foster home with child protective services (as an adult) with my two kids. We had to live with this family and undergo some investigation and to be kept safe from my husband. it was weird.

    Then I was back at the house packing bags for my and my two kids. My neighbor (in the dream but different than my neighbor in waking life) came with me to the house and was helping me back bags. I remember thinking I needed to only take the necessities and I could not move all of my house over with me and I was looking all over for one specific bag. When I finally found it I put toilet paper in the bottom, it was important for some reason that I HAD to have that toilet paper. I was crying so hard and my husband was there and so was my son, but my son was away in another part of the house and was obvious to what was going on. I was crying for my husband to come talk to me and I wanted to be back with him so badly but he wouldn’t even come talk to me.

    In waking life my husband is a gentle man and non physical, he can use his words to hurt people in anger, but is very mindful and quick to apologize if he did something wrong.

    • Dear C,
      Remodeling your house is a symbol for remodeling your marriage. The positive part is the lightness you have as a foundation. You have a certain amount of humor. The part of the dream that needs remodeling is his anger and your reaction to it. Anger is the negative emotion that causes you to lose your mind. The virtue he needs is something like detachment or calm. His anger seems to kick out something about yourself so that it leaves as if going to safe house. What would your relationship be like if he was not angry and hurtful? What would happen to your life if you could become detached from his anger? The virtue you seem to be needing is more along the lines of detachment rather than feeling hurt and protective. Does this make sense?

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