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Everyone wants to change.  We are hard wired for it.   You can start the change work right away by scheduling some time with me to help you through that process no matter what the issue.

Most people start work with me through what they discover in their dreams.   It is a great place to start.  Dreams take you to a place of greater understanding of your true self.   If you want to go further, most people need more in depth work to understand exactly how their thoughts, emotions, and patterns of behavior are preventing them from getting them to where they want to go.

My approach uses a lot of the techniques I learned in NLP along with 20 years of experience working with the dynamics between the true self and ego.

I work with all kinds of fears,  overcoming shyness,  dealing with anxiety and panic attacks,  depression, self-esteem issues,  relational problems, sports related problems, and dealing a lot of stress.  The big key is figure out how you are being held back, understand and disconnect the negative energy and patterns from their origins, and then release and live in new enduring positive capacities.   The new capacities are just waiting to be unleashed.

I mostly work on Skype, but we can also do sessions in person.   Just email me at or    You can also call +1604-396-2599

Cost:  $80.00 USD..   Payments are made through Paypal which I can help you set up if you do not have account or other types of transfers.

Today is a great day to to start the change process.

15 Comments on “Counseling Work with Richard”

  1. Allah’u’Abha Richard! I am really afraid of snakes. I have been exposed to couple of very toxic work environments lately and often I see snakes in my dreams. So far no of them were able to bite me except one which was really small and didn’t hurt or damage me (all in dreams). My dreams are at times scary. I live in a fear-based family, so much fear going on. I also have seen Abdul-Baha in my dream twice. First time, a few years ago, at the beginning of my spiritual growth I saw him in my dreams, it was very calm and the Master was sitting on a chair and I was looking at him from below but was not able to see hi face and there was no communication, it was just calm. The 2nd time happened in 08/2014, I got very sick one day, in excruciating lower back pain which caused me to lose 20-30 lbs and I was not able to walk, sit, or stand at all or even sleep on my back for a few months due to a herniate disc. The first night of that period, after reading tablet of Ahmad and also the long healing prayer I asked him to come to my dream ( I cried out to him why he doesn’t come to my dream any more), that night he showed up in my dream, I saw him in a garden walking slowly while he had his hand on his back (just like one of his pictures), I was watching him from the back, there was again no communication. When I woke up I was very sad why he didn’t talk to me and overall upset why he never talks to me when he shows up in my dream. I see earthquakes (but I don’t see actually anyone being hurt much from it), etc. I was wondering if you can help me with interpretations of these dreams? Thank you so much!

    • Dear Mahshid,
      Snakes are symbols that show you that you need to make a significant change in your life. Your snakes are probably venomous because your work environment seems to be poisonous and with a lot of backbiting and jealousy. The virtue you need, which Abdu’l Baha shows you is the virtue of patience and calm. He demonstrates it to you and gives you the lesson, but you are attached to him telling you words so you miss the lesson. When you have patience and calm, you will begin to be guided in the ways you need. Guidance cannot come to you when you are agitated or in fear. It will be shut off. When you have calm and patience, you will be shown the way through meditation and reflection.

  2. Hello! I had a dream, where I was in school and then the teacher had said that we were going on a field trip? or maybe it was a race? not really sure but we got there and I was with my best friend and we raced inside the store, there were lots of decorations on shelves and what stood out to me the most was a tiger with antlers or horns and I said ” Oh my god I want this and I want to draw it ” ( since I’m an artist ) and so my best friend wanted to buy something too. So we went to the clerk or the cashier, and my best friend and those two were talking not sure about but I was looking off at the decorations and my best friend said to me you remember him or something like that or don’t you remember what he did? and I kept saying I have no IDEA what you’re talking about and then came to a flashback and the clerk guy was glueing a bus or a window? he was doing something bad but I didn’t know what. and so then I ran to the bathroom and all the sudden it was nighttime? and then I had a phone in my hand and I was yelling at it and I said: ” I hope you’re happy you made me break my back ” I guess I was leaving a voicemail to the clerk guy? And then I was trying to dial 911 and I was running out of the store to the parking lot to escape and I said to the phone ” some guy is trying to kill me help! ” Or something along those lines, and then I started running and hung up the phone and then all of a sudden I was running with someone while the clerk guy was chasing us, it looked like my dad but my brother? ( I have an older brother that had died at birth but I never got to see him I don’t know if that meant something but yeah. ) After we were running we went in a car and drove off somewhere to hide and escape from the clerk guy, and I tried calling my mom but my ‘Dad/Brother’ already called my mom and he said something ” I’m naked ” but he wasn’t? he had clothing on and then I called my mom and I was crying and I was telling her what happened… and then I woke up.

    • Dear Angel Frost,
      What this dream shows you is that you have a fear that when you get excited or really up to do a project like art, that something will happen to you like the behavior of the clerk when you are totally unaware. It will hold back your enthusiasm. This happens because it has probably happened to you when you were enthusiastic before. The end result is that you are full of fear and run away from the thing you want to do. The solution is to stay enthusiastic, keep moving forward, and let go of the negative things that happen along the way. You obviously have a lot of great ideas and are excited about your art, but you cannot let things take you away from it.

  3. I had a dream about a white cross with lighting behind it. I have had dream about my director looking through my work bag. I had a dream about my coworkers following my boss and I went a different way.

    • Hi Sheena,
      I don’t have a lot of detail from your dreams so it is hard to give you a lot of accurate guidance. It seems though, that you probably have your own mind about things, which isn’t always in accord with the established authority. This can be a good thing because it shows that you have your own mind, but it can also be problematic if you get into confrontation with the boss. The key is to know your own mind and then you a lot of wisdom in dealing with authority.

      • Are you able to interpret the dream where I saw a white cross and lighting in the background.

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  4. I hope someone can help me figure out what my dream is telling me.

    I had a dream that my boyfriend was at a event with this girl they were acting like close friends perhaps even like best friends. I walk in I spot them laughing and talking so I go over and sit in a available empty seat one row in front of them which was close enough to where they could spot me or see me but to my surprise he didn’t say anything or even acknowledge my presence. I get upset that he didn’t speak or say hi or try to introduce me to his friend but I try to remain calm because I was fuming inside and say to myself that’s okay because I know when this event is over he will come over and say hello to me and introduce me to his friend and his friend to me.

    So the event is over I go out in the open area where people are chatting and conversing. So I’m standing over to the side and I see my boyfriend and his friend talking so I wait for him to come over to where I was standing and to my surprise he doesn’t even look in my direction it’s like he’s ignoring me or isn’t aware that I’m even there which is once again surprising to me but I continue to stand there waiting on him to come over to where I was standing. Then as some time has passed his friend who I have never met and she has never met comes over to me by herself and says to me I knew you looked familiar and she extended her arms out to me like she wanted to hug me and she says I’m sorry and I declined her hug and her apology and say to her no it’s okay but I had my eyes on my boyfriend who still didn’t look in my direction or acknowledge me then I dismissed myself and exit by leaving the event.

    Then it fast forwards to when we have to return to a house, I don’t know who’s house it was because we don’t live together in real life. So I’m inside this house and I’m looking out the window watching my boyfriend saying goodbye to his friend because she was leaving to go back to her place so he was seeing her off and as I’m looking at them I say to myself he better not try to come in this house and try to speak or talk to me and act like he knows me after his behavior towards me all day because I was definitely going to slap him across his face because I was angry. So I walk away with a smirk on my face. I go into the kitchen area making me some food but thinking about how and if he was going to explain himself as far as his behavior all day. He comes in the house and this is where my dream gets fuzzy I don’t know if he addressed the issue or not because that’s where my dream ended and I woke up.

    • This is a response to the dream from Anonymous,
      The problem you have in this dream is that he is acting badly, but you are the one who is all upset and ready to attack him. In his mind he has done nothing wrong because he has you and also has the other girl. He is happy as can be, but you are not because you don’t even have him anymore.
      The attention he gives to the girl in the dream could be a metaphor for the way he attends to other things and not you or it could be another woman. Your goal is to have a relationship where there is a mutual feeling for each other and you both attend to each other.

      But first you need to attend to yourself and make sure that you are taking care of who you are on the inside and nurturing that person who you truly are. You can’t expect others to do it for you. When you can nurture your own self , then the world will open up to you and your relationships will improve dramatically.

  5. Dear Richard,

    Today is more than a year later after writing that post and I wanted to thank you again for how your coaching has offered such inspiration to me. In the year since I started breaking those habits of thought which were keeping me in a negative pattern in relationships I have been able to transform ALL my relationships! The most important thing I learned from your dream interpretations was how to take the message of my dream and ACT in a new way in my life. These new and couragous actions changed the direction of my life and began showing me whole new areas of strength and creativity within myself which I didn’t even know where there but now I draw on them daily and am happier than I could have ever imagined.
    I live in peace now – internally and externally and I know that one of the central features to my path to peace was your coaching over the years.

    What I found most helpful about your approach was how I was able to share parts of myself with you which I was embarrased out or would usually keep hidden. The way you would read my dreams without judgement and really listen to anything I had to share was very healing for me. When I could share my “shadow” parts with you and receive your encouragement, I felt empowered to take on the task of transforming the negatives to their postive opposites. There was a time when I was having nightmares every night for months and it was your un-ending encouragement which gave me the certitude that there was meaning in these messages for me and that I could create a flood of positiivty instead of being drowned in a flood of negativity.

    I am eternally grateful for the coaching service you provide and would happily share any testimonials which would be helpful for you in your coaching business. I wish everyone who seeks to transform their lives would connect with you and experience the release from the chains of negativity the way I have.

    “Dreams for Peace” is not just a metaphor or a nice saying – it is REAL. Understanding our dreams can and DOES create more peace in our lives – and not just a temporary fleeting kind of peace…but an eternal and lasting true peace which comes with the deep awareness of our True Self and living out our purpose in life.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do!

    p.s. I have my own blog now too…you can find it at

    With sincere gratitude and warm greetings,
    Your friend in blogging and transformation,
    Rachel Perry

    Dreamer 🙂

  6. Thank you for the great feedback, Rachel. Relationship patterns are by the far, the hardest things to change.

  7. Dear Richard,

    Good morning.

    Today I awoke and felt inspired to read your blog. It was enjoyable for me to see that some of the issues I’ve been dreaming about appear to be very common to you.

    Your reflections are very insightful and much appreciated.

    I wanted to share that your interpretations into my dreams about my relationships have proven to be extremely helpful. In fact, your interpretations about the people I have been letting into my life in the past year. I have been doing my change work, reflecting on dreams, praying for detachment and assistance, and learning a life lesson that showed me exactly why I chose the wrong partner for myself the first time and showed me how to prevent doing it again. For this reason I am a stronger person now, more positive, and my heart filled with the Love of Baha’u’llah.

    My dreams have always been a guide for me, intuitively. But after I began to receive your interpretations I began to understand my negative patterns with greater clarity and have been able to discover within myself the ability to change negatives into positives consciously. This process has truly taken my personal growth to a new level and I just want to thank you again for the service you provide to so many people in doing this dream work.

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