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  1. What does it mean to have a nightmares of being trapped occasionally? I’m usually stuck at camp or in a world where we have to follow tight schedules and rules, and if there is a free activity, something causes me to miss it. It feels like I’m stuck in a universe where everything repeats itself at some point, over and over again.

    In my recent dream, I’ve had it before, so I knew what I had to do. My family is with others at a huge campus with many buildings. My family differed because other kids my age were an only child, while I had two sisters.. We were on a schedule, then got free time for a giant splash pad. I got a hitchhiked a short drive away from the campus (with odd girls who acted sort of “programmed”) to get a change of clothes from my place, but my street disappeared, like they didn’t want me to go there. They continued to a burrito shop close by, and there was an old man who had a mentally crazy half man-half horse that I kept wondering about and wanted to leave away from quickly.. I was forced to go back to the campus. After dinner, “the game” started out of nowhere. The first stage, a huge hungry bird flies through the windows, and everyone runs to hide from it. After it leaves, we anxiously wait for the next stage, a loading screen with a lot of time to prepare. I’m the leader who prepares the other kids on what to expect and what to do, because I’ve gone through this before. We are now a team and must help each other. There’s a big fish tank sectioning parents from kids. From that tank, multiple anti-clones will be made of everyone that act and talk just like the real person, and we must destroy them. All the minors got on motors and tried to leave, but a steep hill with lots of mud wouldn’t allow it, they were stuck till the end of “the game”. I didn’t try because I already knew.. My youngest sister ran off to another sector right when they were about to start. I ran after her, around every corner. When I found her, I kept her at my side so she didn’t get abducted and replaced. I found my other sister and my mom. I told my mom apart because her hair was different. Though I thought it could’ve just been a smart double that I was bringing with me. I felt like my actual mom was still back there, so I couldn’t leave just yet, when the other families were trying to find a way out.
    Then I woke up, still slightly feeling the dream entrapment, because I never finish that dream.

  2. I was with my son & husband at Chinese waxing place to get my eyebrows done. The lobby gave off a creepy vibe. They called me back & my son who is 9 followed me in. We went past some rooms with people working & were lead into a darker longer room with rows of beds on each side. There were about 40 beds. There were a few people in the beds but to one was talking they just laid there. I found my bed with a paper with my name on it. My son was joking around & said he was going back out to the lobby with his dad. But instead he was exploring & then my husband heard him screaming & crying. They had took my son in a room & whipped him & brought him out to my husband that acted like it was normal & told him to go sit down or go to the truck. My son went to the truck. I ended up going back into the lobby with my husband & was asking for a refund as I just wanted to leave. My husband was talking to another wife’s husband & said he would be outside smoking with him. I had asked for my purse back as they took it to put it up. They said it would just be a few mins. So as I sat there in lobby they just kept looking at me really erie which was making me uncomfortable. I wanted to go outside with my husband. When I got up for the door they panicked & hit a button to which a metal screen came down over the window & the door that I was opening was trying to close. I was screaming for my husband & holding onto the door when I felt a shot in my arm which must have been a muscle relaxer as I just became weak. The door closed & I could hear my husband banging. That’s when I woke up…

    • Dear Jennifer,
      The structure of the dream is this. You go into a place where you think you are going to get something done that is relatively simple and cosmetic, but when you feel the creepy vibe, you don’t respond to it. You just keep going forward along with your son. Then things go from bad to worse with you trying to get out of there. The purpose of this dream is help you see that when you feel a negative vibe, that what you are feeling is real even in the most innocent of places. It is actual energy that you feel from the people that have inhabited the space. What I do with this kind of energy is to feel the energy and then ask who it belongs to. You may be feeling with it, but not know what it is. The process that works with dealing with creepy or any kind of negative energy is to first get really curious about it. I do this by asking questions like whose energy is this and why is it still here. You seem to vulnerable in places that are seemingly innocent. Your husband and son cannot feel what you can feel so they will try to deny what it is that you are feeling. You need to be strong with your sensitivity and respect it. Then it will lead you to really positive energy that produces a lot for you and your family. The goal is stay away from the negative vibe and then really find the positive one.

  3. In my dream, there were many children of different age, including my siblings. There was an older man who was like a father figure to everyone and he asked us all, who wanted to try his [some treat he made]. No one responded so he got sad and went up some steps. Everyone went after him and asked for his treat to cheer him up, including me. Up the steps, we were then surrounded by pueblos. Children scattered for play, but I stopped as walked passed a stand. A wooden table with shade. A wise mother/grandmother figure was there, grinding some grains with a mortar and pestle. We talked, and she randomly spoke of “the one” I would love in my near future. She continued grinding the grains as she said I already knew “my love”. I have a small circle of friends, so elimination was easy of who she might be speaking of. At that moment, some kid then ran up to the stand and blurted out a random male name, and the wise woman was then grabbed by something to be carried away, maybe a big bird, as she yelled No to the kid’s shouted name. I then yelled “Ricardo?”, who is a close friend of mine, and she then yelled, “yes! That’s the one!” with a pointing finger. I don’t remember what happened after that, I think I then woke up.

    • Dear Christine,
      This is a very interesting dream. Predicting or speaking about the future is always tricky business because what the future means in a timeless world (dream world) is different than what it means in the physical world. In the dream world there is no time like the gravity field worlds. There is only an idea of the future. The future is the place that has not been realized yet into actual experience. Since Ricardo is a person you already have a positive relationship with, it means that in the future you will have an even better relationship with him. However, everything about the future and whether or not it can come true, always depends upon you and the will you and your ability to keep growing and changing into a better person. Obviously, you cannot have a positive more loving relationship with someone that is already positive unless you change and grow. As you change the possibilities become endless. You always have to have the will to change and grow.

  4. I had a dream recently that I was at a party celebrating a joyous occasion. I was clearing tables and disposing them. I came across a table and told a guy no. My best friend Sophia asked what was I doing? Then she told me that I rejected a marriage proposal from Marcos (a guy that lost contact with for nearly 10 years) and he left the party feeling really sad. She told me to go after him before I lose him. So my friend and I went after him and found him working behind a concession stand in a big market. Within an instant Marcos and I recognized each other and hugged. Then he said that we were on a 16-B which is a code for break. But then he asked me if we were going to have sex and I said yes. We went into a bathroom stall and started to have to sex. After we finished having sex we went back to stand where he worked at and we pretty much announced that we just had sex.

    This is the second dream I’ve had about Marcos in four months. But this time around I was able to see what he looks like even though I have not met him in person yet. What does this mean. Am I missing him? Am I anticipating to see him soon? Will I be able to recognize him? Will I still love him? Will I be able to meet him after 10 years have past? Will he still love me?Will I hear from him soon? Will we be able to make up for lost time?

    • Dear Nelley,
      This dream is not exactly what it appears in the dream. It seems so real to life, but actually is more of metaphoric experience that a real one because that what dreams normally are. Marcos stands for or is a symbol of someone from the past. Your automatic response to someone from your past is no, but the dream is telling you to and is encouraging you to have a positive relationships with people out of the past. Having sex with Marcos is a symbol for getting closer to others because when you say to relationships, it is easy for you to be emotionally intimate which they are happy about.

      You have to be really cautious about confusing physical intimacy with emotional intimacy. They are not the same thing. Going for physical intimacy too soon can really hamper the process of emotional closeness. This is because the emotional closeness is much more complex and takes longer to learn than physical intimacy.

      So basically the dream is telling you to say yes to relating to guys, get a place of emotional intimacy, and then see where the relationship leads. In this case a guy like Marcos, because he is working means he has some measure of financial responsibility, which many guys do not. Should you pursue him? You could, but really the dream is not necessarily about him. It is about you. Everything is about your willingness to relate to others.

  5. What does it mean when your bestfriend/roommate is possessed by a demon in you dream? It started with us waking up in the couch, and we noticed that there were three dots in the shape of a long triangle between my best friends thumb and index.
    We tried to search up what it meant (still in the dream) and found something about a demon that gave the same mark to the people it possessed. It was a picture of it too; it was white and looked like a polar bear.
    I was terrified, but even tho she was a “dangerous” demon she never once tried to attack me during the dream, and I didn’t leave or run away.
    At one point I was really scared that the demon would take control. We were locked in a car together and I thought I should try to get away as fast as possible. I just couldn’t leave her because I knew she could never hurt me and I didn’t want her to be alone. But she managed to suppress the demon and stay in control of it the whole time.
    We sort of just tried to figure out more about the demon together during the dream. It was really eerie, and felt like a nightmare. It was very real, and I can remember so much of it even tho it was two days ago. I can’t stop thinking about it! In reality we have been best friends for a long time, and have lived together for years. We are 21 years old and basically share my puppy. We’re basically a family! I’m leaving soon to London for school, but I’m only staying for a month. What can this mean?

    • Dear Marina,
      When someone has a demon in them in a dream, it means that they have some kind of negative energy inside of them that they are dealing with. You can think of it more like an issue rather than an outside entity possessing her. The positive thing is that she is dealing with it and it is not controlling her completely. When she transforms it, it will turn into a really positive asset. The goal with a so-called “demon” is not to exorcise, but to transform it into positive energy. The negative energy never has to take control. You simply just keep working on the negative energy like the fear or worry until it becomes a positive asset. This is the key.

  6. Hello Richard

    This question isn’t what I dreamt but why I have these dreams. I’m a professional actor and I used to work for this big well known regional theater in Minneapolis. I had to quit due to my depression. I moved in with my mom in Portland, OR. But ever since I quit I’ve been having dreams about it. Mainly me coming back and everyone is happy about it. In some dreams I go visit it and talking to my cast mates. Is this a regret dream? because I remember hating it including all of my cast mates they were so rude. I even hated the play as well. I loved performing there though, it was a big stage huge crowd and great ones too. Do you think you can answer this?

    Thank you,

    • Dear Lily,
      The issue is not about the acting and performing. You are pretty clear about the acting itself and seem to be pretty gifted. The issue is more about the relationships within the acting community probably because of jealousy. It is the cause of the depression. Jealousy on the part of others is not an easy thing to face because a lot of it happens behind your back with a spirit of meanness. What you need to move toward is how to perform and act and create an environment of mutual support and harmony and unity.

      When you work it out, you will be sailing.

      • My question is why do I dream returning back to the play after I quit. I’m not really jealous about anything it’s just the people there are just condescending and snoby , sorry if that was unclear. But anyways usually in these dreams I go back to the theater and be like hey just kidding I’m not quiting I’m back and everyone is happy. Why I’m I dreaming about this even though I hated the experience.

        • It is because the acting is a part of who you are. You are happy when you are doing it. Even if you are not in the same group, it is important to keep up the acting.

  7. I had a dream that I watching tv, and I seen what looked like an ugly catepillar in a circle shape, but let it roam because I was too lazy to do anything about it at that moment. Then later, my dog came in the room and the worm got on his back. I freaked out, and realized it was the ringworm I had once learned about in class and got something, trying to take it off of him without touching it. It finally got thrown off, but left a ring patch of skin on my dog. When my dog left, I looked around to catch it, but I wasn’t quick enough and it got on my left foot! It was stuck until I finally got it off, leaving a dry ring patch.
    A few minutes later, I seen a smaller one not in ring form, crawling from behind my tv, with some other harmless bug. I didn’t know what to do, there wasn’t anything around me to do something with, and my mom didn’t come help. So I got tape and put it over it, it still kept crawling. Then I put more and picked it up by the tape, holding it upside down, the tape against the edge of the stand holding the tv. I was thinking it would eventually die, being held like that, and it just kept squirming. It had sharp legs that I wasn’t trying to touch, and one of them looked like it had a stinger.

    • Dear Christine,
      In this dream the ringworm is a metaphor for someone else’s ideas or thoughts that stick to you that you cannot get rid of easily. They worm their way into your life and then you have a hard time getting rid of them. The way to deal with this kind of worm is to be super strong in your own positive ideas about life so that the negative ideas just automatically stay away. You need to spend time consolidating your positive ideas and staying with them. Don’t allow other people’s fungal ideas enter your mind.

  8. I had a dream of being in a house and taking notes for my husband just in case his job had questions and then noticed blood on the floor like someone had died in a murder I Didn’t clean it up and then this random toddler boy walked by and then I was driving and saw my friends son and some other kid in the back of the car and then they were with a police man and then o rushed home to clean up but hesitated to clean up blood but then started wiping everything and the cop called me to come by since they wanted to see if they could drop the little boy with me.

    • Dear Nicholle,
      The blood on the floor represents a time period when your husband lost all of his life energy. It is difficult to say when because the dream doesn’t say when, but probably in a former job. The toddler represents his new energy that is coming because of being nurtured and loved by you. If you recognize that he has been through a difficult time in the past, then you can be patient in the process, but nonetheless really nurturing. His boy like enthusiasm will be coming to him because of your love.

  9. In my dream, my older sister was possessed by something evil. My family didn’t want to be near her, but I had belongings that I needed to get from the same room she was in. She was in a room that was like a tree house and when I climbed up and looked around the corner, she was staring at a computer screen in the back corner. A bad feeling would rise when entering the space, and it just made me sad because I couldn’t help her when I knew she needed it.

    • Dear Trish,
      The purpose of this dream is teach you something about bad energy. In this dream your sister has bad energy, but you do not know what to do about it. To deal with bad energy in someone else requires two things. One is the will of the person carrying the energy and the other is the skills in the person helping dealing with it. When the two are working together, the will of the person (like your sister) and the helper, then the energy can easily be transformed from negative to positive. Both are necessary because we have been given a will to choose.

  10. I had a dream that me and my little sister were getting abducted. We were at an apartment with our other sister and friends. My little sister was sleeping in bed, and I was at the foot, packing things. I started to feel odd, but was being in denial about it actually happening. Next thing, I feel like I’m being pulled upward, and my sister, so I anchored myself under the bed, grabbed my sister’s leg, and yelled for help. My other sister came with a friend and started pulling us down. Eventually we broke free from it.

    • Dear Patricia,
      To interpret this dream you have to think of abduction as a metaphoric rather than a literal experience. It means that somewhere in your life, probably in your family, you and your sister are getting abducted from the life you are supposed to live. It is like you have a positive destiny and something is happening in your life to abduct you from that. Your other sister is your helper so it is important that the three of you band together and be like a huge support team for each other. You share a lot of the same mission in life. If you support each other and encourage each other, it will come true and nothing will be able to stop you.

  11. I had a dream where I was staring at pictures in a gallery and I began to notice that each picture had the same set of eyes. The right one stared straight the left was lazy to the right. When I looked right at them I became paralyzed and couldn’t breathe or speak, my heart felt as if it were to burst out of my chest and they moved to stare right at me and I would try to scream. Nothing. It kept recurring all night.

    • Dear Jacob,
      This dream is a bit complex, but i am going to try to explain it in simple terms. The right eye staring at you is the sense of right or wrong from people. It stares straight ahead because that is the way right or wrong works. It is direct without doubt. The left eye represents creativity and being non-judgmental. It moves and is more flexible. Both eyes have their place in the world, but people tend to get into one or the other. What will help you a lot in the dream is go back into the dream as if you are dreaming it again in a meditation and then be inside of the paintings looking out at the world with both eyes working in perfect balance and acceptance. The freak out is when the eyes are looking at you, but when you look at, it is a big beautiful world. This has a lot to do with being in a very judgmental world. Try it.

  12. Hello Richard
    I dreamed that I was outside looking up at the clouds in front of a house as I continue to walk I see a airplane flying low heading towards me. When it flies over me it was so low I reached up and touch the wings of the plane. I follow it and it lands on the house. I run in the house and no one notices the airplane on top of the house. I see parts of the airplane inside the house but I couldn’t see the propeller I go in the bathroom.. My sister is bathing her daughter. Water started splashing everywhere and I reach in the tub and grab the propeller. It’s still spinning in my hand I then walk out of the bathroom and the house is a mess.. Parts of the plane can now be seen.. The plane landed inside the house. The house was open and I went insearch of the other propeller. As I walk through the house I see the damage the plane caused. I see my mom and brother looking at the damage. My mom said don’t touch anything you don’t want to be electrocuted. Water was coming down the walls as I look inside the house I headed towards the opening in the wall… I woke up.

    • Hi Lovelyaslace,
      A house is a symbol of the self. In this case it represents the sense of self you get from being a part of a family, your family. An airplane represents getting to a long term goal. The problem is that the goals of the family and the goal of whoever is in the plane do not coexist very well. This means that whoever is flying to airplane has little concern for the goals of a family. It is probably because the person flying has materialistic goals that are full of self-interest, while goals of a family are always harmony and mutual well being. The airplane needs to be oriented toward the same, mutual well-being.

  13. So I don’t remember the whole thing. But I remember the whole time we were preparing to fight the monsters later that night. When my friends finally told me to relax I did, I took a shower and went to go find them. Then the monsters started coming in, and I was freaking out because I wasn’t prepared. I hid behind a rolling chair trying to take off my pants, because aparentlu they weren’t good for battle. But no matter what I did I couldnt get them over my feet. When a monster (this one resembles Frankenstein) started coming towards I pushed a chair in front of him so he’d trip. But they just kept coming through the main door. So I ran around the corner and there were monsters following me. Then when I saw a door to go through I tried to run through it but the dream paused like a video game. So the dream un paused and I ran through the doors and got to a computer. I thought if I could get to a computer and pause everything again the monsters would stop coming. So I got to the computer and pressed pause on the computer. Everything stoped so I relaxed so I thought I was safe. But then these 3 green, grandma zombies walked up to me and said “it’s ok sweetie, it’s just her subconscious”. I was really freaked out and I screamed and I woke up.

    • Dear Gwyneth,
      This dream is about your fear of some people who are monster-like in your environment that you are ill-equipped to deal with. The first question you can ask yourself is who are the monsters that you are afraid that you believe you are going to have to fight. They could be any number of type of person with really bad behavior, male or female. Frankenstein-like as well as the zombie grandmas means that they are not acting out of themselves but are created by conditions in the culture. This lets you know that you have to be your own true self that is completely non-culturally oriented. To solve it you have to start thinking about who you are inside that is not related to the culture at all. These are usually unique inner spiritual abilities that no one will show for fear of being attacked. Evidently you have some special abilities that when they are used correctly, will help a lot of people. The dream doesn’t indicate what they are, but as you develop them, the fear will gradually go away because they will help people less conforming and more themselves in a positive way. You may have some other questions. Feel free to ask.

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