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  1. I was my same age but in college (I graduated long ago) and visiting my advisor, who is a judge in my city in real life, but in my dream, just my advisor. As I walked into his office, I noticed several cigarette butts on the floor under his desk. As I was leaving, I looked out through the window, which was several stories up, and there was a very large buffalo walking on the freeway off-ramp against the direction of traffic. Traffic was stopped and the buffalo was casually walking along very slowly.

  2. I had an odd dream the other day, it was about my deceased mother. Whom died 6-7 years ago. But I haven’t had a dream of her for about 4 years. What I remember is I was walking through timber, but the plants were tropical. Like plants from southern countries, which was where my mother was from. So then I’m in my old house, and I’m in the room where my mother’s ashes are kept on like a shrine table. And in the room was this old skinny woman who said she was a friend of my mother. She apparently was also like some sort of shrine keeper. On the table was a stack of cd cases, the top one was green. The same color as my mother’s old flip phone. I open the green one, pull out the disc, and put it in a dvd player. A video is projected on the wall. The video looked like it was recorded by my mother holding the camera, because I could only see one of her hand as she showed stick figure drawn pictures of me. She was talking about me, a sort of ‘ oh what a beautiful baby child, and what beautiful person they’ll grow up to be.’ It made me cry because I could hear her voice. But I can’t really remember her voice, I don’t think I can at all. I turn to the old woman and ask her I could take the CD’s, she said I could. So I take the cases and I’m walking through the tropical timber again. Then I’m in my Earth Science classroom and there’s two DVD players, parallel to each other . One on one side of the room, the other on the other side. I was going toward one DVD player, but the old woman shrine keeper was there. She said,” Oh, I already put it in this one over here.” Then the video is projected on the wall and I watch it. I cry again as I could hear her voice. I didn’t notice other kids there as I heard ‘oooo’ing sounds in a teasing manner, which embarresed me a little. But I continue to watch the video, I even replay it a couple times. Still cried when I replayed it. And that’s what I remember, but I don’t even have videos of her. And now that I’m awake I still can’t remember her voice, I can’t even remember how she sounded in the dream. I just thought it was strange how I had a dream of her recently as I’ve mentioned before. I was wondering if it had any meaning.

  3. i dreamt of my old friend shamara she was dressed in a black top and she was pregnant coming up my stairs toward me looking at me with her glasses on then when I looked up she was across the street from my God sister helena house facing toward me looking at me. And she my God sister lives upstairs as well.

  4. i dreamt of my old friend shamara she was dressed in a black top and she was pregnant coming up my stairs toward me then when I looked up she was across the street from my God sister helena house facing toward me looking at me.

  5. My wife and I get separated by divorce then we get back together our bedroom is alot bigger then in reality and it is in a mess clothes and dust everywhere but as we try to get intimate my wife says in 5 minute s let’s tidy the room after the room is tidy as we try to get intimate we keep on getting disturbed by other people walking into our room.

  6. I had a dream where I am dressed in a sports blue vest and long baggy black shorts I live in a Log cabin with a porch I decided to do some meditation but instead of doing it on the porch as usual I decided to do it on my front lawn which was waist height grass or corn with thick frost everything is white and the air was fresh and crisp it was almost like I felt the refreshing crisp air .My house is next to a lake to big to swim but to small for a boat right in my view I see a mountain range covered in snow I’m meditating and I fell immense feeling of happiness and content I am then next dressed in smart casual brown shoes dark blue Jean’s white shirt and a beige cordial jacket with a man bag still felt content and happy as I go to work as a teacher or as a speaker.

    • Dear Suki,
      Meditating in the cool crisp air with snow covered mountains is about created a mind that is cool (rather than hot-headed). It is basically the virtue of being cool and calm under all conditions when you present yourself in front of others. It is easy to lose your cool, so the dream is a metaphor to how to get to being cool-headed.

  7. My dream was in odd segments.

    In the first I was in this small space like a ticket booth and the road outside to the right was a few lines wide and blocked off with barriers and behind the barriers were tons of people. I was in the space with my husband and holding my son, who in the dream was less than a year (but elementary age in real life). I was looking out and there were huge crested waves that were slamming into the people and stopping just at the barrier, there were a few of them and only one did the water splash at me.

    Then I was at university, not attending classes, but just on the property. I was walking with an old high school friend and all of a sudden we turned a corner around a house and there was this scaffolding we had to cross to reach the porch of the other house I climbed the scaffolding and at the top there was a large space. I needed to jump and on the other side were a bunch of university girls waiting to help me. I made the jump and when I landed on the other scaffolding I tumbled onto the porch and the scaffolding collapsed. Under it was a university girl in a contortionist pose who was actually holding it up. Once I stood up we helped her get back into position and the scaffolding was like it was before the collapse.

    Then I was in a sorority house and a women who is not my waking life mom said she was a mom and she had made these cookie type treats and this woman came in who was an influence and asked my mom what would she do if she screamed and my mom was confused and the woman walked out with a treat and began hollering about how delicious they were and people now wanted to buy more of my moms treats.

    • Dear Ash,
      Basically the structure of each section is that it looks like something something bad could happen, but it doesn’t. The negative emotion that would have been present in those two times in your life is anxiety or worry. When you have anxiety, the virtue you need is confidence. In the first case it is confidence in your mother, the second is confidence as a student, and then third is confidence about being on your own.

  8. I had a dream that my brothers birthday party was coming up and I had to buy a dress. I bought a long white dress with long sleeves, and rose printings and I wore a white flower crown with my hair curled. Well the birthday party took place in my bedroom which is small, with five guests, and we were dancing on top of our beds. My brother who is 22 looked like his 13 year old self. After the party, I changed to a pink tank top and a mini I skit with black heals and had long braids. We all entered my brothers car and these three famous musicians were in the car already(I’m not into these musicians but my friends are). I sat in the back with one of the musician and it was just the two of us. He kept staring at me and I took off my heels and laid on the seat with my knees bent facing him, but I was crouched up so I can see him. He looked at my feet and asked if he could massage them. I told him they we’re sweaty but he said it was even sexier so he was massaging my foot. But every time my skirt would reveal my underwear he would cover it really quick like it is a taboo. We reached our destination which was a school and went to the cafeteria.(I’m not in school anymore) I was sitting in a table with my friends and told them what happened in the car and we were giggling about it. He was sitting at a table behind me and I kept looking back at him and he would look too. After that, I was summoned to the kitchen and my clothes turned into the work uniform for this restaurant I used to work(which I quit because of my co workers were assholes) apparently now I’m in a castle of a queen and I serve food to her. The castle looked medieval and everyone wore white and were women. The queen was huge maybe like 12 feet and fat but she had a normal sized head. While I was serving food to her I noticed a girl on a statue on the roof with a knife. She was planning to kill the queen, but I wasn’t trying to warn the queen I really wanted to see it happen. The girl missed her shot because queen left before she could do so. I went back to the kitchen thinking how cool it was meeting the musicians but then I woke up to realize it was just a dream.

    • Dear Emma,
      The basic issue that the dream brings up to you is the need for you to have others give you recognition rather than you being able to recognize who you are inside without the attention of others. The first two parts of the dream are about getting others to attend to you. The last one is hoping that the person who is most attended to is no longer present. The negative emotion is envy that you are dealing with. The virtue you need inside is to see yourself as a beautiful person full of capacities.

  9. Last nights dream was odd, please help me understand.

    So I was in a hospital room awaiting surgery (no idea what kind) and I was sitting next to the hospital bed in a chair and I had a catheter in and a urine bag was hanging off the hospital bed in front of me. My husband was sitting next in a chair to me and the nurse was sitting at the end of the hospital bed in a chair. Across from me on the other side of the bed sitting a chair was a man, he didn’t speak the entire dream, but I thought he was the nurses aide. I look at the urine bag it was begging to fill to the top and I could feel that I had to urinate so I was asking the nurse to come check and empty it and she did not get up. She was talking to my husband about random small talk topics. As it sat there I began to feel like I was going to vomit. I tapped my husband and said “I dont feel well”, he did not even notice I was trying to get his attention. He kept talking to the nurse, so i said it again and he just kept talking. So I stood up and interrupted their conversation. I then told the nurse I did not like her because she was supposed to be caring for me and she was ignoring me. I then asked if she was my doctor (I did not know if she was the doc or nurse up to this point) when she said she was just my nurse I let out a sigh and said thank goodness. She then said she was angry with me and i told her it is okay to be angry with me for being rude to her, but it is not okay to ignore your patient for small talk with another person. Then the surgeon walked into the room to get me for surgery. Then I was in the room and surgery was over (I did not actually leave the room in my dream nor do I know what surgery he did, but I do know it happened). When I was back in the room everyone was in the same place except the nurse. She was now a baby, all bloody with fresh skin (like it had been removed). it had her same exact face and head, just baby sized. She was in one of those pink plastic urine/wash tubs hospitals have and the nurse aid handed the pink plastic thing to the surgeon who set it on a self and placed her baby body in one of those blue vomit bags hospitals have. I felt worried about her and asked my husband what happened. He said when the surgeon came to get me the nurse left the room and went to the hallway and was peeling off her own flesh, he talked about how it sounded and how uncomfortable it was. Then I woke up.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this dream and help me better understand what my subconscious is trying to tell me.

    • Dear Chris,
      Urine represents anger. The bag filling up with no one doing anything about it is a symbol of your anger about to explode, which is basically what you did to the nurse. The virtue that you needed in the situation was assertiveness. Assertiveness is asking for what you want directly with a lot of firmness, without being angry. When you get angry it becomes an issue of your ego like it is not ok for you to be assertive. Even though your nurse was bad, because of her issues of people getting under her skin, you still can be assertive when you need help. You have to put aside their negative reaction and just go for what you need.

  10. I had a dream I was on a beach. It looked so perfect. The water was clear blue and pristine. The sand was a perfect golden yellow. I felt the urge to go wandering and searching for things I could find laying on the shore. As I looked, i found objects you normally wouldn’t find. I found a thin metal object the size of nail clippers. I was so confused about it. I vaguely remember it looking like a tiny seesaw with a person on each end. As i stared, mesmerized and questioning what I found, my sight became focused on a friend of mine whom I currently have feelings for. He didn’t seem delighted to see me, almost as if he I felt he didn’t want me there. I didn’t speak to him. But on each side of him was 2 Torres Strait elderly women. They both seemed happy that I was here, and was saying to me I belonged here. Soon after I had realised I was in the Torres Straits, and not on some random beach. I felt like I wanted to belong here so much, and kept saying to myself that I did. Like I was convinced by the women’s comments. But feel inside, I questioned it a little. I soon treaded through the sand and stopped at an old, faded red and wooden building. A hatch was left open and I got curious, so I crawled through it and saw on the other side a school. It reminds me now of my old school back in year 3. I looked ahead and saw elderly men, sitting around a large circular table, as if they were having a meeting. One of the men, spoke Tongan to me and said Malo, which I think means hello. I responded back with uncertainty, the same word. I’m not familiar with the language but somehow I had a hunch he was saying hello. I said Malo back and crawled back through the hatch, to the side I came from. I walked opposite of the building, not so far, to find an open office setup. Two of my friends were there, but I cannot remember who they were. I tried to operate the large industrial printer, but couldn’t figure it out. I asked both my friends if they knew how to operate the printer. They both told me “no”. Meanwhile, I had a feeling swelling up in me, it felt so suffocating or rather it was a miserable pain in my chest, that the friend I had feelings for would know how to operate the printer. But I didn’t want to mention his name, at all. However, one of my friends, suggested asking him. I didn’t, instead I just asked them if they knew he could. They responded “no”.

    That’s my dream. Thank you for reading.

    • Dear Sonya,
      The issue that the dream brings up is your feeling of belonging in whatever place you may be. When you listen to the voices of the women and the elderly men, you increase your feeling of belonging, but because the boy wasn’t responded you on the beach, you had reluctance to go forward to accomplish what you wanted by asking him. When you have a sense of belonging, which is an internal state, listening to your internal voices, then it is easy to do anything. When you react to rejection, then you feel as if you don’t belong. The place doesn’t matter. The goal is feel like you belong wherever you go in the world.

  11. Last night I had a dream that I was a passenger of a boy I know he had nice new car and he was taking me and my friend for a spin but my friend would not get in the car he put his tow down through the parking lot and I grabbed his arm he told me to look in the glove compartment in side was packed full of cd but all of them seemed to be from the same year not shure which year as I was reading them I was trying to text my freind she would still not get in the car then we pulled other on the side of the road because we see my other freind and she was walking to her car but then stoped to come back and talk said my name and turned to walk away again I was asking what she was going to say and she just ignored me then I woke up

    • Dear LM,
      The boy inviting you in the car, and you going with him is an indication that you want to have a good time, like you want to have joy. The girl is letting you know that, while joy is a good goal, going with the guy is not such a good idea, mainly because you are not in control of your own joy. He is. He has the accelerator. You do not.

  12. Hello,
    I had a dream that ALL of my family and everyone from work including my boss were at the beach. The water was dirty. So dirty that one of my coworkers was picking up trash. The water was filled with garbage. I didn’t get in the water instead I was drinking beer after beer. Then I noticed everyone was gathered around in a circle. My dad was making some sort of announcement. I got closer. He announced that I was pregnant. I look down at my self and I’m wearing a sun dress. I have a noticeable big belly. But it was a beer belly. Everyone thought I was expecting. I knew this was NOT true but I just went along with it. Everyone was bombarding me with questions. My sister asked me if it was a boy or a girl. Someone said it was a boy. I just said I don’t know the gender. N I was sad that I couldn’t keep drinking cuz everyone thought I was pregnant. Please help me make sense of this weird dream.

    • Dear Leslie,
      The purpose of the dream is to be at the beach and enjoy the water, which means being able to relaxed about having really positive relationships. Water in a dream is the symbol for relationships. You cannot enjoy the water, the relationships, because the motives of the people around you or your past experience is tainted with bad motives by others. You don’t trust the relational waters in life so you choose to dull yourself with beer which means you try to forget about them. It is basically about having a balance between going forward in a relationship and also being aware when motives are bad.

  13. Hi I had a dream last night that I was pregnant when I looked Down at my belly I could see the shape of arms and legs as baby was moving inside then I could see the shape of the face this was like and I was saying it’s a boy then I was preparing for birth and running a bath as I got in the bath I felt sick then I woke up

    • Dear Lucymay,
      Being pregnant in a dream means that you are pregnant inside with possibilities. That you can see the arms and legs means it is closed to being born in the real world and the fact that it is a boy, means that it is your masculine side that is being developed. These are more like qualities of inner strength. The sickness is the fact that you the thought of developing those probably makes you ill (emotionally and physically) like nauseous. It is going to be a good time for you when you have the masculine qualities because no one will be able to run over you or take advantage of you. You will be tough.

  14. I had this very unsettling dream last night and I am hoping that you can help me figure out what it means…

    I went with my older sister and 6 year old son to visit my step-grandmother. When I arrived at my gma’s house the world was normal (as it is now, today), but during our stay the end of the word started to happen. Like people were acting in pure sin. We were sitting on her couch in front of a large window, watching TV and I was scared people would shoot us through the window so we all kept scooting down to hide our heads within the couch cushions.

    My grandma’s house was exactly the same as when I was in younger. I kept telling my gma we needed to leave but she said we were safe. She also had her husband killed because he was falling I’ll. A few times she was on the phone talking to one of the 3 men who helped her carry out the plan to kill him and where his body was, she was worried someone would find out what she did. She said she did it out of love and it was her showing compassion – he was basically on hospice). My gma also had a stalker who appeared right outside the window where we were sitting and I began shooting him through the window. Except my gun was shooting push pins that barley any damage.

    At this same time there was a neighbor outside with his kids playing and another adult. I heard my son outside playing with other kids and I went outside to get him and the stalker confronted me (i dont remember what he said). The dad to the other kids also said “Those push pins are why I am blind in my eye” and was outraged, thinking I caused him the damage to his eye, although his eye looked perfectly fine.

    Once I got inside I told my gma we needed to leave now and she said okay. So I begin to start packing with my sister, but then I am in the kitchen and I sit on the counter and pull down my Pants and start to pee….like alot and its going everywhere. It looked to be more than a gallon of liquid on the floor. My gma walks in and sees me and gets napkins to clean the floor, then my gmas dead husbands daughter walks into her home and is looking for her dad. My gma stops her and says he is resting and the woman tells my gma, “I am starting to get worried”. My grandma tries to reassure her and the daughter says, “have him call me as soon as he wakes up so I know he is okay”.

    I then head back to the back bedroom to add something to my bag and I see my daughters backpack (who is not with me) and I begin to worry about her location. I look up and see a man with a shotgun is outside my window and he shoots and misses (no glass breaks). Now my son is standing in front of the window and I make eye contact with the gunman and pull my son back and he shoots again causing a ball of fire to crash through the window and reach my sons face. My son is okay (displaying no marks) and I take him to the hallway where my gma is and say to wait there.

    Then I go into the living room to grab bags and when I look over there is big dog (great dane type) laying on the ground resting with a bowl on his belly, then suddenly I’m in what looks like an elementary classroom and there is a young Asian teacher so is sitting behind a teachers desk, she said she is there to help me. I begin to sit down my bags (which now I have nearly 7 of them) and my son continues to bring me many items. I tell him I do not have anymore room for the items and I wake up.

    • Hi Highly Confused,
      I could see why this dream would leave you confused. The negative things you are seeing out of the window represent negative illusions, rather than actual reality. They are the result of the emotion of anxiety or worry which is what you feel in your step-grandma’s presence probably because she has a lot of negativity. It kills the spirit of your grandfather and then you feel like you have to escape. Peeing a gallon is about releasing pent up anger. To solve the dream there are two basic things you have to do in yourself. First is the understanding that when you worry, you are making negative illusions which are not based on actual reality, but the result of being in a negative environment. It is quite common. So it is important to let go of the images that you think are real (the world falling apart) and then remember all of the positive memories you are having all the time. This will give you a lot of confidence to do whatever you set your mind on, whatever goal you are after.

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