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  1. I had a dream that one of the small diamonds on my wedding ring fell out and I found the diamond on the floor and was carrying it until I can fix it. From what I know and feel, my marriage is not in danger of ending at all, but I’ve recently felt like I was losing my mom to some man that’s not good. Even though the dream involved my wedding ring, can the diamond falling out represent my mom and I’s relationship?

  2. I have a fiance and we’ve been illegally having sex. I just dreamt that she was cheating on me and I caught her on the balcony of my room. When she came inside, I was having sex with her trying to hurt her, when I realized she wouldn’t be hurt. As I felt angry and got off of her, I got caught by someone who’s like a farther to both of us then I woke

  3. I dreamed of somebody who was killed and it’s like I was yo be blamed for and later was suppose to go to prison for it because his Corps was in my room but later this person got up with a lot of energy what does it mean

  4. I was running a marathon (i don’t do that in real life) my outfit is pink, purple, and black. There aren’t a lot of runners in this race. I’m being chased by my crush and his friends. They’re in a supportive role on his behalf. It’s all playful in nature, like him pursuing me. I liked it in my dream. There is a fork in the path I’m running in. An arrow appears to tell me where to go. He catches up and remains close. He giggle at his pursuits. It’s all playful. Later, at a more formal setting he presents me with a wrapped gift. I open it and it’s a blown up photograph of a photo of me and his friends on a (fishing) boat. It’s black and white. The room we’re in is white, and we’re surrounded by loving company. However, I noticed he edited the way I look and I don’t like the photograph for that reason. He is a photographer in real life and he is very outdoorsy. I guess we’re a couple in my dream?

  5. I have recurring dreams where I’m having to hide from a group of people trying to kidnap/ kill me and for some reason I always hide behind pictures hanging on the wall, or I try to climb through the ceiling. Can you tell me why I dream about hiding in such strange places?

    • It may be because you are
      stressed.That dream usually occurs to those who are stressed

  6. I tell my dad to come pick me up. my dad never comes and it was 1:45 and he was supposed to be there at 11:30 to 12:00 am so I call my mom and I was with Oliver ( the boy I like) and right before we were gonna start hooking up I had to go pee and so did he. So then my mom calls me back and tells me there’s been an accident sends me a pic of the white van turned over and a video of my dad all torn up bleeding and hurting in pain and I start crying

  7. I was meeting an old crush (I talked about him vaguely yesterday) at a restaurant where his and my parents were. Apparently in the dream we were dating and infringe of him were some sheets mentioning marriage. In the dream it seemed like both parents had agreed but he hadn’t even asked me to marry him. I kept on waiting for a surprise ring or for him to say the words but he just assumed we would get married. I seemed disappointed and unhappy in the dream? (I am currently worrying about my future but not in a romantic way, it’s more about career/ studying).

    • Dear S,
      If the metaphor of marriage were real, the solution to the dream would be to take charge more and you be the one asking him to get married. In the same way you need to take charge of your future and go after it strongly. Worry is a sign that you don’t have a lot of confidence in yourself. Remember your positive abilities and then go strongly toward the future you want.

  8. I just woke up from a dream laud in my bed bed and suddenly felt someone was grabbing me. I tried to get out of their grip but the person had several hands. At this point my mother appeared lying on the other side of the bed asleep.The scariest thing was just before I let loose and woke up. The person grabbing g hold of me looked like my sister.

    • Dear Merlyn,
      The questions you should ask yourself from this dream is why your sister is grabbing onto you and gripping you with many hands. It sounds like something is going on with her in her life and she is very fearful of something. You can take the time to talk to her in a gentle and compassionate manner so she can open up to you and begin to deal with it.

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