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  1. I was at a friends townhouse and they had a small back yard with a fluffy white dog. They wanted to go get a new dog and I was going to go with them. When we left the townhouse the adjacent one had a traditional chain linked fence and I just looked at it as I passed by. In real like I kept tossing and turning and waking up and when I fell back asleep I was back at the townhouse and they again said they wanted to get another dog and when we went outside this time the adjacent fence had tarps and wooden planks through the chains. I woke again and fell back asleep a third time and the dream replayed the same, except this time the fence was now about 10 foot high, still had tarps and wooden planks in it, but the end was open like a gate and I went over and shut the fence and my friend made the comment that is was always open like that.

    Then my dream transitioned. Now I was doing something with little wires (like the kind you use to hang ornaments on a tree) and one fell and I felt it poke me in the big toe and I thought nothing of it and continued on working and walking and such. Then later I went to look at my toe and the wire has pieced my toe like a deep splinter and went in 2 directions making and L shape. I went to take it out and it was painful but then my toe (from the first knuckle up) was cut off. A clean cut and my inside was exposed, but I was not bleeding, nor did it hurt. I was showing others in astonishment that it looked the way it did with no bleeding. Then I was in a apocalyptic situation where the world was running amok with no democracy or formation of any government whatsoever. I was with my mom and we found this group of people. My toe was still severed and exposed as a clean cut with no bleeding or even healing of the skin. Another and more powerful group overtook our group and held us captive in a small space, but we were not being hurt. Then I woke up.

    • **note the friends kept being really worried that this new dog was going to be very upset at the size of the small backyard.

  2. I am a 36 yr old female. Due to chronic medical problems, I have known since I was 16 that children aren’t possible, so I do not think this dream had to do with being pregnant, but in it I had a baby, a girl. When I passed the afterbirth, it was my entire uterus, cervix and ovaries, and it was all shaped almost like a tree. And my ovaries looked almost rotted and blistered. Also in the dream, I could not produce milk for the baby.

    • Dear Jessica.
      When you have a pregnancy and birth dream, it means that you have a new part of yourself (as if you are pregnant with possibilities) that is being formed and then born in the world. This has to do with capacity, not an actual baby. It is like new energy is being born in you. The part where all your feminine parts come out has to do with the emotional scar leftover from the medical condition. While your body may be incapable of creating a physical baby, you are certainly capable of creating all kinds of new parts to yourself that are positive and will help a lot of people. That should be your focus. In that way you will be constantly giving new birth to lots of people in the world.

  3. The father of my child was in a car wreck didnt call me but he called some more people before the wreck he said he loved me and gave me his Facebook information , the friend he called was over and notified me about his compulsive cheating and I was outraged he didnt want to tell me because he was going to jail with another women that was in the car during the wreck

    • Dear Tyosha,
      The dream is an indication of the nature of the father of your child. He wrecks plans and tries to get through life the easy way which puts him into his own prison-like (self-centered) condition in his life. It means that you cannot count on him, that you have to take your life and your child’s life in your own hands and make a plan to go forward and go for it in a responsible and hard working manner.

  4. So, a few days ago I had a dream that was a lot like H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds like this:
    I was sitting behind my computer and heared an air siren, and seen people running somewhere through the window. When I got downstairs and went on the street, I saw that there was a Martian three legged fighting machine standing in front of the crowd, the moment I saw it I ran back to my home, and when I entered the building I saw that there was an old man, probably a WW2 veteran, standing near the elevator, I told him that it was dangerous and we should leave or hide in the basement, but he said that the basement is the place they will lurk in first, so we went upstairs. At 5th floor we saw a drunk man, barely standing on his feet, forgetting that Martian machines have telescopic limbs, we thought we were safe on the 5th floor, so I asked him why is he still there, and he said that he thought that the Martians were his drunk hallucination. After he said it, a metalling tentacle from the one of those machines grabbed him and dragged through the hole in the wall. Me and the old man ran to a balcony on the opposite side of the building and got down on hanging cables. We then got to a parking lot, where we saw captain Zapp Brannigan (he’s a character from Futurama), standing near a white van. With his usual smug and overconfident smile he said he knows a perfect hideout where the Martians will never think to look for us. After a few minutes on the road with him, we arrived at huge oil refinery, that didn’t seem too far away from the place we went. I got mad and yelled at Zapp. “You idiot! You realize that this place is still operating!? They will definitely either try to raze it to ashes or take it for themselves! It even still has trains going in and out!”. I punched him in the jaw after that, and emmidiatly saw Martian heat ray hit an oil tank. After that I woke up.

    • Dear Arty,
      Basically when you have a dream like this it means that you have a certain kind of fear of things/people that are new (alien) to you. This normally happens when you don’t have enough experience in with a lot of diversity or being in a lot of places. What the dream wants you to do is to let go of fear because it is purely imaginary, then go out and be with as many different kinds of peoples and experiences as possible so that you see that the world is an awesome place.

  5. Last night I had a dream that I was imprisoned. (I have had many jail dreams before but this one was different). In this dream I had on this vest type thing that carried wires to the back of my neck and it strapped around my waist, basically like a back pack. I was in jail and I was escaping. I successfully escaped to the outside of the jail to an electric box where I broke it open and disengaged the wiring so I could take off my wired harness. After that I was sneaking along the wall. The ground was sand and rocks and the part of the jail I was escaping from was built of stone, much like that of 18th century castles. There were guards on watch who also had the appearance of 18th century guards, but with modern weapons. I made it past the 1st guard and when it came to the second I had to run across an open area and this guard saw me. He did not sound any alarms and when I looked around I noticed I was on what appeared to be an island that only inhabited this jail and when I looked the other direction it was modern buildings much like New York Cities skyline (but all attached and i knew it was all the same jail). Next thing i know i am now in a garage attached to a house and there are 4 other people there (2 guys 2 girls). This garage had a restroom with a bath and also a laundry room and some couches and many tools and windows. The warden of the jail came and told me this is where I would now be staying…the other people were also those who successfully made an escape from the inner jail and disarmed the wired vests. We were allowed to do anything we wanted in the garage and could even open the garage door, but we could not leave it. Then a Mormon family showed up with all the sister-wives and children and I was holding and kissing and cuddling a little baby boy and this made me very happy. Then all of a sudden I was out somewhere and my husband showed up in a car to take me away. I got in the car and he started driving to leave, but i still had my wired vest on so I urged him to take me back to the garage so I would not be punished and sent back inside the regular jail. He did so and when I pulled up the others in the garage tossed a wrench out into the street and as the warden came walking up to see me we told him a wrench went out into the street and I ran to go get it so I would not be punished….then I woke up..

    • Dear Christine,
      Generally speaking when you have a prison dream, it means that you are being imprisoned by your ego. The first question you should ask yourself is how do I imprison myself? There is something that your ego does that keeps you imprisoned in your life. In the dream you can only ever partially escape and then you go back. To get to a full escape you have to develop the ability to feel free inside yourself all the time. True freedom is an internal state, not an external one. It is not easy to attain to it, but basically it gives you the ability to act freely even when the external conditions are extremely limited. When you have this, then things will be amazing for you.

      • Thank you, this makes sense regarding my personal relationships right now. I had another weird dream that I will make a new comment for. But in my waking like I am dealing with tensions with my spouse that we have seemingly found compromise with. However, I always feel a disagreement is on the easily on the horizon.

  6. Hi Richard,
    I am a believer of dreams and or visions
    This morning as I awoke I saw a praying Buddha with hands not clasped and golden liquid colour being poured into its hands
    I was quite startled and awoke quickly.

    • Dear Kellie,
      Generally speaking, when you see a praying Buddha, it means that you need some of the qualities most associated with the Buddha, which are peacefulness, prayerfulness, and detachment. This dream affects peaceful qualities. The gold may mean what happens when materialism is brought into your life. It is as if you are going to be or are tested with gold to see if you can maintain your detached state.

  7. As I return to the car park I see that there is a police car parked in the far right corner with the lights flashing, no sound. I begin to walk to in the direction of my car, not only a couple of spaces across from the police car. I realise suddenly that my car is burnt out completely. There is nothing left only the white/grey/charcoal charred remains; no smoke. As I look it seems that it started in the trunk. The policeman comes over to me and explains that it must have been set alight but that my insurance should cover it. This causes me to cringe, as I know, but do not say, that I do not have insurance on the car. My previous car had just been smashed up all on the right-hand drivers side (Ireland) of the car, again while parked; windows smashed and thrashed inside. It’s not clear if it had been robbed??? This dream I seem to have had just previous to returning to the car park. Then there is a brief “check” in my dream to see of my actual, real life car is okay… as it seemed to be.

    • Dear Liam,
      When you have difficulties with your car in a dream, it means that you are having difficulties getting to where you want to go in your life, particularly shorter term like where you want to get to each day or month. Your car burning up could mean that you get burned out from the stress of having bad things happen to you in the past. Basically the work you would need to do is to let go of the past experiences and the stress connected with the memories and then go forward to go for what you want in your life. The important thing is to start with short term things, have a positive vision about what you do, relax and go for them. Continue to let go of whatever bad things happen. Successful people take the negative things in stride rather than making a big deal out of them.

  8. I had a dream that I was at someone’s house and there were demons, the demons terrorized me for a while, but when they tried to kill me, I offered them help. They agreed not to kill me as long as I helped them with their mission.

    • When you are at someone else’s house being terrorized by their demons, it means that you are around someone else who has a lot of negative ego issues. Being around another person with really negative issues often means that they attack others with their awful behavior such as put downs. When you help the demons (ego) because you are fearful of them, then the situation is going to turn out bad in the long run even though it is positive in the short run because they are only interested in selfish things. When you do it without fear, it means that you can help a person let go of their demons(ego), which is a positive thing.

  9. I had a really long dream last night, but there was one part that spoke to me, weirdly. I was walking down a hallway with graffiti, the walls all black and the graffiti different colors. And at the end of the hall was a door, which was made of glass and showed the outside of the building and allowed sunlight to get in. As I was walking towards the end of the hallway, there was a rat. It was very small, and it seemed to be walking alongside me. But once I reached the end and stepped outside, it was gone.

    • Dear Kianna,
      Basically the dream says that when you let light into your life, which is a metaphor for letting positive energy in, then things become clear and the rats (lower people) leave. The light is much stronger than the darkness or narrowness or rat-like people. Let the positive in.

  10. I asked myself to show me what my deepest wound is. That night this is the dream I had:

    I’m standing outside the door of an abandoned building with a gun in my hand. I have a feeling that there is a dangerous woman inside the building. I peek inside with my gun drawn but am too scared to go all the way in. I go inside my house (separate building) to find someone to help me. I tell my aunt about the situation, she goes into her room to get her gun but never comes back. I tell my grandmother but she is old and dying, I tell my sister but she is busy getting ready for a big presentation.

    I go back outside to the abandoned building and see a little boy with his puppy. They give me the courage to go into the abandoned building by myself. I go in without my gun this time. I no longer feel that the woman inside the abandoned building is dangerous. Instead I find a young angelic woman inside . I feel like I know her and havnt seen her in ages. I break down crying and plead for her to “come back home” we hold each other crying and she says. “Remember when you were a child, I shined my light at a painting of the solar system, you looked up at it and spoke for the first time”

    I woke up saying “it was like looking back up at home.”

    • Dear Thelton556,
      So the deepest wound is that you did not have the courage to go into unknown places because you think they are dangerous. The dream tells you to have the courage to go into unknowns so that you can experience the really positive things in life. The holding back is the fear of being shot down.

  11. I had a dream about this guy I like but I don’t even know his name I have never talked to him. The dream I was carrying my niece, so I saw him it was him in mind but it was not his face , I told my niece to wave at him she did then he smiled and came toward us . He gave me a cup of coffee mixed with milk like cappuccino. I hold it in my hand then he give me a letter and he Started reading what’s in it . It was written in a language I haven’t seen before but it was like he is telling me this is a love poem. Then he brought a box (cartoon) and told me to see inside there’s some kind of trick when the sun light reflected inside the box i saw this beautiful place a desert where camels walking . That’s all thank you

    • Dear Safia,
      Basically this dream says that when you have a positive intention or goal or want to start a relationship with someone, the first thing you have to have is a strong desire to do the goal or being with the person. The intention begins to draw the goal close to you. Then the next step is the necessity to act. This dream could come true or it could be someone else, but first you have to have the ability to act on the intention.

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