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  1. I had a strange dream, I don’t know how to describe this but my current boyfriend and a certain K drama actor were mixed/morphed together? Both of them were one person in a strange way. So I was at his relatives house, a big house, and I was locking myself into an empty library or study of some sort in the house, because I wanted me and my boyfriend to be physically intimate (weird right? To do it in the same house as relatives) and it was a huge room, I couldn’t even completely hide though I was trying someone would pop up nearby (all I remember are women and children, so maybe his female cousins/sisters in law with their kids) they didn’t suspect anything but I was having a hard time finding a secret area where we could get away with it I really wanted to do it so bad. I also kept trying to call him and was getting worried something had happened to him because I even asked the female relative to call and he wasn’t answering that either it was getting late. It’s like he had promised me earlier he’d come or something, and sent me to his relatives house?? In real life my boyfriend isn’t morphed with that somewhat similar acting/looking/behaving K drama actor and he doesn’t have any relatives or any such house that I know of… Not the ones I saw in the dream, and most of his family doesn’t know me either (yet) I’ve met one of his cousins…my family doesn’t know him at all

    • Dear Weird Dream,
      This dream is basically about being worried about making your relationship more public to others. You want to keep the intimacy, which is physical in this case, but is also true intimacy, from coming out. The basic principle is that when you are confident about the relationship and your closeness with your boyfriend, then you can allow others into the relationship as well. Right now you are not fully confident. The key is to relax and give yourself time to answer the important questions about him.

  2. I had a dream that I went with an old friend to visit her family in the Middle East but it did not look like the middle east there was a bunch of like small pieces of land with water around them. they were like small islands. after we were done with her parents, we went to the nearby islands with my old friend and her two older sisters, and when we went with them we were just swimming from island to island and her older sisters were kind of annoyed by the fun we were having on each island, because we were admiring each one. so then her older sisters were like ‘OK let’s go’ and my old friend (O.F.) and I were like thats weird, where are we going? but they us follow them. eventually it ended up to be late at evening after a while. then her older sisters said its late lets start swimming home ( USA/Canada is home), and my O.F. and I were confused. that is when we realized that we didn’t know our way back to my old friends parents. her older sisters ‘forgot’ the way back, and my friend and I could not remember at all. we then questioned them, why we had to swim across the Atlantic but they wouldn’t give any answer so we were kind of forced to go swimming across the Atlantic. my old friend and I kept asking them why we had to swim home, and they kept saying ‘it’s too far, it’s too late, this is our only choice’ and I felt confused but my friend and I we decided to just follow her two sisters. after a while I started to get scared because I didn’t think I could swim that long and you never know what’s in the middle of the ocean. so I said ‘no I can’t do this anymore, I’m turning back to the last island we saw’, and her older sisters said, ‘then go then, we’re not going back with you it’s not our problem’ and the older sisters continued swimming. (side note: yes we were swimming but then they were also like vines where you could jump from one tree to another and in each tree they were like many other vines, where you could hold on for a short while. so you could either like get on a tree-vine and swim to the other one, or get on the tree-vine and jump to the other one. this was happening as we swam.) so then I was like yeah I’m turning back for sure and I convinced my old friend to also, I said ‘please come with me I like I’m going to go, but like I need you to be there with me’ she easily agreed. so we went back and swam back to the nearest island, while her older sisters continued without us. so then after we reached the island I saw something I didn’t see before because we passed by the first time, and it was a laptop and it was like lit up, which meant someone was there, but were not present right then. wanting to escape and get back home, I went to the laptop and I so looked for like plane tickets back home, but then I realized we had no idea where we were, and then I woke up.

    • Dear Aggie,
      This dream is about making your way joyfully in your relational life (learning about relating to others). You go from island to island which means going from one relationship to another in a playful and joyful way. The older sisters do not want you to enjoy yourself and then want to send you back conceivably because you are not doing the relational work in the way they would have you do it. It shows that you can learn your way through the relational world and discard the older advice. You have a bright mind and independence of thought which will greatly serve you as your make your way through. In the past the older generations controlled the relational work, but in the new age, it is much more open because there are lots of things to be learned socially that have never been learned before like how to stay connected to another person even when they are not around.

    • Dear Hritika,
      Being able to speak to snakes means you are able to talk to the parts of you inside that can make all kinds of positive transformations with a great deal of flexibility. You can begin to command your own change process.

  3. I had a dream where my neighbor Alexis sent me to a place where “the bad girls go” I found out it was a child rape torture house thing. So I ran as fast as I could to my grandmas house. My vision zoomed out to me on a Google map thing showing me where I was going? I arrived to my grandmas and she called 911. While she was calling 911 I went to the house and found remains of a child. The cops didn’t belive me when they showed up until I showed them the house and they went with me. When we arrived the house was on fire but we could walk through it without getting hurt. Soon the house turned into these layer type things and every layer we took off we found more and more stuffed animals and bones of children. Soon at the very bottom was my childhood comfort objects my 2 special blankets and my teddy bear. Then something happened after that that I don’t remember.

    • Dear Arrial,
      This is a sort of variation on a theme of the way fundamentalist religion brainwashes people. If you are “bad”, you go to the place where there is eternal pain. It is an attempt to get people to conform to a narrow set of behaviors which they have decided are “good”. The solution to the dream is for you to go the place where all positive things are possible, where your abilities are nurtured and looked after, where you are treated gently and respectfully. Imagine that place in your mind and let go of the hellish place.

  4. I had a dream where I got a whatsapp message from my boyfriend (where we talk majority of if not all the time) saying that he’s an Indian citizen and I’m a US citizen so how do we get married like that’s the only doubt/concern/issue he had in how to go about it… (Which is true in real life, these citizenship things) then I suddenly woke up. We haven’t actually discussed marriage like this before in real life what does receiving this thing in text from him mean in the dream? After the text came in the dream I woke up and saw that he texted good morning..

    • Dear Peculiar,
      The focus in the dream is about the material condition of the world. The focus for now should continue to be about the spiritual connecting that you have with him because it seems to be working for you. As you get connected spiritually possibilities will open up to you that you have not considered beforehand.

  5. Ive had two odd dreams. In the first one, a man in a car shot my twin sister and my mom in the head then shot me in the leg leaving me to suffer of pain and grief. He shot us cuz i smiled at him like i do everyone who makes eyecontact with me, so i felt responsible for their death. The second dream i was shot and was being sent to the emergency room and was problem going to die. I was giving my twin a goodbye speech about how my biggest fear was her death, and i never thought id be able to live if she died. But that i believe that she is stronger than i am and that she can make it without me.

    Im not sure how the dreams relate, but in my second dream i thought of my first dream while telling my sister about my fear of her death. And both dreams seem to have to do with one of us dying leaving the other to suffer with grief. 

    • Dear Shams,
      You have a really close spiritual connection with your twin that is much more powerful than you probably even realize. You are fearful of her death for fear of losing the connection. You can be assured, although this is not what the dream is about, that should she die, your connection and the energy would continue. I think, if I were you, that I would try to actually work on how you are connected to her in an energetic way. Maybe you have already done this. It is key to your own destiny on the planet that you maintain the connection with her energy that you have. You both need each other, not in a dependent way, but in an organic way. You are fortunate to have her. The reason you have the dream now is that you can connect to her energy together with yours to do positive things in the world.

  6. Im having alot of vivid dreams since I’m pregnant and I just had a car accident. All going okay so far. Before that accident I had a dream that said I would go through something challenging and I am.(everyone thought I was nuts cause I’m kind of an anxious person and looking up my dreams like crazy since I have been pregnant. )
    The dreams are very mixed in one as well. One dream the other day was about a insect on my leg while using the bathroom. It had wings flew for second then landed back on me filled with blood(I guess mine. I thought it was a flea but it’s not ) then duplicated into another one. The second dream (was like 3 in 1) I was standing in a empty pool with a indian suri on during some kind of meeting. I looked in the pool gutter it had leaves. Then it switched to me in a car with my daughter in the back and someone was making the car spin in circles. I got out some how just fine and someone threw the car onto a balcony with magic, I was worried thinking where is my child cause I was out of the car. Then before I woke up it switched to a just a vision of a big grey rat that was dead.
    Looking up I get mixed good and bad so I’m not sure what to believe.
    Nothing makes sense and is just weird. What does this all mean ?

    • Dear Ashleigh,
      The insect in the bathroom tells you that when you get annoyed by small things, it takes the life-energy out of you and then things go from bad to worse as if the annoyance is multiplying. To solve this part of the dream and to become an amazing mother you are going to need to learn how to let go of annoyances and practice the energies (virtues) of patience and calm. When you have patience and calm, your positive energy will multiply.
      Being in an empty pool means that some of your key relationships are empty. So before you give birth you should make sure that you have fulfilling relationships that bring a good deal of joy. The part about the car seems to mean that you are not totally in control of your own life and how it gets to where you want it to go. Someone else seems to have been a rat and spun you around. If you have a clear direction and take control, things will work well for you. So you have some things you can work on before that precious life comes into this world.

  7. I had a dream I was at my grandmas house about to get into a fight with my cousin that I’ve had a problem with for the last few years. I told her to go outside so we can fight, when we went out there she kept running around the yard, I reached out and grabbed her arm and when I did she jumped and turned into an arcade game, teenage mutant ninja turtles at that. The screen read for me to fight her on the game and dropped A coin out the slot. Right when I reached in to grab the coin my alarm went off to wake up. what in the world was the arcade game about?! Lol

    • Hi Celia,
      Being in your grandma’s house means that you are trying to solve your issue with your cousin in the old way, by fighting. Fighting doesn’t work because you just end up further apart with both people having hurt feelings and anger. You may feel good for awhile if you win the fight, but it doesn’t not bring you closer together. What the arcade symbolizes is that you need the virtue of playfulness, which is the ability to not take things so seriously. When you are less serious and more playful, then you won’t need to fight.

  8. I had a really weird dream again.
    I was in a wizardry school sort of like Hogwarts like the houses and magic. Accept the fact that there were many magical creatures studying in there. Like Vampires, werewolves, witchs and wizards, mermaids , shapeshifters etc. I was told that I am a vampire and yeah I had fangs but didn’t had the urge to drink blood tho. They said purebloods can resist it. I asked how can I be purebloods when my parents aren’t. They said you inherited your past life qualities. I was so damn confused. I don’t know what short of creature i was, they said I was a vampire and also I had wings that had shades of purple and red. I definitely had those vampiric qualities though. And I could control all the elements. I was said many sorts of things I don’t remember exactly. I also met my soulmate there (I don’t know who he is in real life but he keeps coming in my dreams).And the weirdest part was I used to talk to snakes and they were my friends . I was sorted into Slytherin. We had a group of friends and they were definitely people I never met. we were 10 or so. Including the boy I mentioned above. Well that’s what I remember from the beginning. And the last parts were blurry except a dwell I don’t know with whom it was , it was really long and frightening. I was supported by my friends too. The dream was really long but the only thing I remember most clearly are the snakes . I used to talk to them.

    It’s really weird. I can’t get it.

    • I forgot to mention something. I was really tired after this dream. I felt exhausted. Those snakes pop up into my mind everytime. I heard some weird sounds as if someone’s calling my name. It’s a voice I heard in the dream.

    • Dear Hritika,
      What you need to do when you have a dream like this, which is frightening, is to flip it into a positive world so that you can see where your inner self really wants to go. Being in a school of magic is good, but you need to develop your positive powers so that they will be beneficial to others, not negative. There is nothing really redeeming about being a vampire because their intention is to suck the blood out of others, which means sucking the life out of others. What you really want to develop in yourself is the ability to give life to people. In order to do this first you have to be full of life, which is like being full of positive energy. When you are in the state of being full of positive energy, you can give of yourself and people will benefit. Snakes, when they are positive, are symbols of great flexibility. When you are very flexible, you are open to new ways do things that can be really positive for others. Because you had so many snakes, it means you need a lot of flexibility for your life to work.

  9. 2 days ago I had a dream about having a soulmate. I dream that I was in a party with some unknown friends but they were nice to me. So, we all were roaming around in the party , when suddenly I saw a guy in his 20s was starring at me. He looked gorgeous. Dark shiny eyes, pale skin , hot body and very tall , like a model. He came up to me and when I touched him, I felt a very strong connection and a jolt running through my body. I felt like he’s my soulmate and then he vanished in the party crowd. He had a cologne smell on his shirt and I went to follow him . I found him alone in a room and asked if he’s my soulmate but he didn’t reply but instead he kissed me. I felt like he has a lot to say but couldn’t as if he’s waiting for me to reach him. Then I woke up and forgot his face but I felt like the dream was so real and it was actually happening with me in real life . I don’t know who the stranger was but was he really my future love? Can you please explain me ?

    • Dear Samantha,
      When you have a dream like this, it says much more about you than it does about the “soulmate”. What this dreams says is that you are capable of attracting someone like that in your real life, but it is conditional on one big big thing. You have to believe that you are as equally attractive in a positive way as he is to you. This means that you have to believe that you are fully of beauty. Because it is a dream, you have to think of beauty in spiritual terms more than physical terms because a relationship doesn’t last very long if the two people do not have a lot of really positive qualities. Beauty in the dream world means having a beautiful character. When you develop your inner beauty, then he will show up (the person that is perfect for you).

  10. I had a dream where I was being shot at by snipers in my house, then I ran to a government official for help, and they asked me to give a speech about my life to a crowd of teenagers like myself, and I backed out and woke up.

    • Dear Victor,
      This dream shows you that you are fearful of speaking in front of others because you are afraid of being criticized or put down and then take it personally. To get over the fear you can start by seeing yourself outside of yourself as if you are looking yourself giving an amazing speech.

  11. I’ve been dreaming about my father every night for a while now. In the dream, I usually run into his arms, and before that he usually surprises me in the dream. I haven’t seen my dad in 10 years and I miss him very much. I’m not sure if I’m manifesting him or if my emotions are getting in the way. Does this mean he is gonna see me soon? Please give me some answers!

    • Dear Hailey,
      What this means is that you need the qualities in yourself that a positive father would give to you such as being really encouraging and supportive. When you can support and encourage yourself, then you will not have that kind of dream. It is not an easy process because you have not seen him for a long time. You will probably need some kind of counseling help to get to the positive encouragement and support inside.

  12. I had a dream that I was with a friend and I was helping her to overcome her fear of water. We were in a beautiful forest at a natural swimming hole. There was a diving board and after some coaching my friend became more confident and decided to jump off the diving board. She took off her clothes and jumped off the board into the deep end and swam and was having lots of fun. I was really happy for her. I wanted to jump too but I didn’t. I was nervous because I didn’t know how to dive and wasn’t comfortable taking my clothes off. By the time I decided it was safe to jump off the diving board lots of naked people started coming out of the forest to swim. i didn’t think I had space to jump. So instead I thought about jumping for a really long time and decided not too. I was shy to jump in front of so many people. Instead, I swam in a big black t-shirt but ultimately took it off once I felt comfortable.
    Thank you for any insight!

    • Dear Marian,
      I think what will work best for you in this dream is to think of your friend as the part of you that dives into relationships and is completely transparent or honest in them. You coach her to do it which means that you do it for others, but you are still somewhat reluctant yourself. When you have the fear of diving in, it means that there are too many negatives in your future and then your mind reviews them all and over self-talks negatively. Diving in is more of sensing the positive possibility, saying “what the hell” and then diving. Being naked means letting people see all of you positive and negative and being really comfortable.

  13. In a nutshell.
    I was working in a large warehouse alone at first. Was tasked at first with locating and categorizing various items(food, tools, culinary equipment). As i would proceed through my task i would turn around and find myself on a different floor and location in the warehouse. Eventually this process lead me to an incredibly deep basement level. Once there my task shifted into securing what looked old military steamer trunks. I was about to start opening the first when a woman that knew me started screaming in panic that we needed get out of that facility immeadiatly, that something had crossed over onto our (plane?). Before she could finish, she froze in her tracks. I turned and didnt see anything. But when i looked back at her i saw a large humanoid shadow form rise behind her. She screamed and ran off leaving me to deal with this being. This shadow was very large and seemed to have a physical form but was in a state of flux. I braced myself and at him directly, at this point his eyes glowed intensely red. He walked up closer raised his hand, telling me in my mind that was not hostile and had no intention on causing me harm. In fact he gave me the impression that we were of the race. Then nothing. Thank you for your time.

    • Dear Jeremy,
      Basically this dream tells you to not give into other people’s panic states. At first their panic causes you to do the same, but then when you gather yourself, you can be positive and embrace the positives in others. The woman represents people’s more anxious states, which are made up.

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