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  1. I had a dream where I met a woman in her house and she had a baby but her baby was possessed with some kind of demon or whatever and I tried to save the baby boy but he died and at first the woman was sad. She started showing me around her house and in every room I would have a vision of some kind about her husband torturing her daughter and when the visions stopped I saw the woman smiling cause she got rid of her baby and it made me angry so I decided to leave but after I left the house and went to school the same thing that possessed the baby started to follow me and I met it face to face and it was an old man. The only thing I thought was it was the woman’s husband but I didn’t know why he was following me but as I met him face to face I woke up. Strangest part was I didn’t know anyone in the dream and they were all calling me Sophie, which by the way isn’t my name.

  2. I’ve had several dreams of waking up but im not in my room or any other place i recognize. I can control my thoughts and actions.. I know im dreaming but I’m in a “dream world” i guess you can say. And i really feel little to no emotion at that moment of any kind. Twice i woke up to a group of people thrilled and excited to see me but i didn’t recognize them. They introduced me to more people i didn’t know but apparently they knew me, just as well they missed me and was happy i was back. They soon gathered in a circle and one said “are you sure you can’t stay with us now?” With such sadness i was leaving. I said yes and woke up crying because i felt the emotion of missing them dearly deep in my heart. I cried nmyself to sleep in hopes of go back with them because how real everything was

  3. I was in my bedroom and the door was shut I was waiting for somebody to come out of the bathroom and the next thing I know I passed the soft large bowel movement onto the floor and I could feel it leaving my body. Then I cleaned it up with a pair of red leotards

  4. Hi Richard,

    I recently had a dream I was climbing a marble staircase outside that led into the sky. It was raining and the steps were slippery so I had to be careful not to fall. At the top I came into a pitch black room, but in the corner I saw glowing lights that blinked on and off. When I came close to the lights I saw a small clear pond with a large fish swimming in it (a Koi fish I think) When I looked closer it turned into a three headed cobra (normal size for a cobra) and chased me. I ran down the wet staircase all the way to the bottom but I didn’t slip once. When I looked back the staircase was hidden with fog and when the fog disappeared so did the staircase.

    Very interested in what this dream might mean…

    Thank you,


  5. I’m in a serious relationship. But yet I had a dream I was pregnant with my ex’s baby (an ex I don’t really care about) and I was supposed to marry him. But yet the day of my marriage I ran to my best friend who’s a guy, telling him I didn’t want to marry or have a kid with my ex. I can’t remember his answer, but what would all this mean? My current boyfriend wasn’t in the picture at all by the way.

    • Dear M,
      When you have a dream with your ex that you don’t want to be in, it means that he actually has a positive quality, amidst all of the ones that made the relationship not work, that you still need. That was what you were attracted to. You have to separate out the positive quality that you need that he has, and marry that in yourself. This means to develop it in yourself. When you do that, it will make your current relationship so much better. Think of the quality he has as an energy rather than him.

  6. Hello there
    I had a dream where i was in a hotel and i was given a fish for dinner.
    When i cut the fish it was full of worms it
    seemed very poisonous bcause when i touch it suddenly with my right arm it left a little circle that i couldn’wash it with water latter

    • Dear Tas,
      This is a dream about being given some kind of teaching or something that you are supposed to learn, but it is poisonous to yourself and others. It is looks like it is going to be beneficial for you, but it turns out to be harmful if you take it. You will have to examine where in your life that this might be happening.

  7. I dreamed that i was about to get a new job or i was being interviewed….the dream seemes very positive and i was feeling very happy….its as though the employer in the dream was saying you are exactly what we are looking for and we love for u to come work for us….what does this dream signify?

    • Dear Dee,
      When you have a dream like this, it means that in the world of potential, the unseen, or spiritual world, you already have all of the abilities for a new job. The work you have now is how to have those abilities in the real world. Whatever kind of work you want to do is available to you if you develop your abilities for them. Once you have them developed, you will be perfectly suited and then employed.

  8. A man bought a wooden dinning room table I wanted and was sitting at it. I keep eating a garden salad

    • Dear Felicia,
      The dining room table is the place where you eat. Eating a garden salad is what you eat. The thing you have to do in the dream is to let go of the dining room table, the space, and get attached to what you are eating which is your nourishment. You are not meant to have the table, but you need a lot of inner nourishment.

  9. Last night I dreamed me, my mom and my 3 kids lost our house and had no option but to move into this tiny apartment in this really bad neighborhood that had a tank of water that took up the majority of the space in the apartment. For awhile nothing was in it but it was glass so you could see through it. One night my middle daughter and I are asleep in the living room area and everyone else is up the stairs sleeping when 2 guys break in and we can hear them talking about hurting us. My daughter and I are hiding but watching through the tank and see them heading upstairs when all the sudden a dolphin that wasn’t in the tank before jumps out and beats the Intruders up with it’s tail and they flee. Now we have a dolphin in a tank in a small apartment and we figure out this dolphin can give us anything we want, it’s a magic dolphin. Most of the rest of the dream we are all swimming around in circles in the tank with the dolphin just like talking to it and bonding with it. Then all the sudden it has a baby (we didn’t know it was pregnant) and the dolphin whispers, “if you leave you have to promise to take her with you” and my mom and I both say, “we are taking you both with us!” And then I’m cradling the baby dolphin and I wake up.

    • Dear lhillsbery,
      Losing your house in your dream means losing yourself. It is something that happens in your family from your mother to you and now is going to go to your children if you don’t do something about it. The thing that saves your lives and lets you be fully in yourselves is a dolphin. A dolphin is a symbol of playfulness and curiosity especially being light and fun in relationships. This is what will save your life and bring you back to yourself, the qualities inherent in a dolphin. The dolphin a baby in the end because it is a baby in you. Now you have to develop a lot more of it. It is animal you need and the quality you need is playfulness.

  10. So last night I had a dream that I was at a party without my boyfriend and I was talking to my crush (that unfortunately I still like very much) and the conversation stops and we lean in a kiss each other, then after we are full on making out for about 30 second I pull away and I run away. Then I go to my friends talking about how he’s such a better kisser than my current boyfriend and how I really felt something kissing him and that there was something there. I know there’s a lot of dream interpretations on cheating but just the fact that I still like him has me feeling really guilt this morning and I just declined my boyfriends call so, please help.

    • Dear Ebony,
      This dream is about the negative emotion of envy. Envy is the feeling that you are not getting all that you want in your current situation so it fantasizes something much better and hopes it can get to it without any work. This is what your fantasy is. You can get over envy with the virtue of humility. Humility is the virtue that allows you to know that you have a lot of weaknesses and negative things about yourself that need to work on to get to being a better self. The cheating you do when you have envy is cheating yourself out of a much better life because you are not involved strongly in self improvement. This is what you need to focus on. When you do so, the quality of who you attract will greatly improve.

  11. Hi, Good morning. I wanted to ask what my dream might mean. I was dreaming that I was walking down the street and as I’m walking I see a familiar face pass by. Now this face is actually my friend from high school, but I didn’t really talked to him much, although I did have somewhat of a crush on him, but didn’t pay much attention to any signs of attraction he might’ve had towards me. Anyways I’m walking past him when suddenly I feel him grab my arm very tightly and pulls me towards him and starts kissing me. At first I was a little surprised, maybe even a tiny bit confused, but I accepted the kiss. It felt so real to me and was such a powerful sensation. After we separated from that kiss though, it was a different guy and I immediately felt a sense of sickness. I woke up after that, but I still felt the tightness of him grabbing my arm and how powerful/deep that kissed felt to me in the dream. What could this dream have meant?

    • Dear Brittany,
      Crushes are unfulfilled fantasies in real life. It is feeling an attraction, but not being able to act on it. It can be with other people like in the dream or it can be with goals like what you want to study or become. The dream shows you what your mind does with a crush. It fantasizes a really positive outcome and a really negative outcome at the same time. So it leaves you kind of frozen. The problem with real relationships is that they are always a mix of positive and negative and you have to learn how to deal with both in every relationship. The best thing is to have a lot of experience in a lot of relationships.

  12. Hi Good Day!
    I just wanna ask the meaning of my dream.
    I dreamt of being married to someone. I saw his face but I don’t know who he is. I didn’t even saw him in person. So the scenario goes like this, we we’re on the reception eating, dancing and some close person to ours are giving their heartwarming messages. I saw myself wearing wedding dress, a genuine smile and the groom is beside me staring at me while wearing a beautiful smile. I saw ourselves being in love to each other. But, I don’t know him. Suddenly, there are persons who interfere our after married party, they have guns. All of us are scared and hiding. But they just came, they didn’t harm us though. And after that I woke up.

    • Dear Emma,
      Being married to someone you don’t know means being married to the self inside of you that connects with people really well even though they are strangers to you. It means that you need to really connect to this part of you and not be fearful of people who are like the ones with guns. They represent people who could possible kill relationships by use of put-downs and criticisms. When you are fully into your positive self who is good with strangers then the whole world is like your closest friend. It is an awesome ability and you have it inside of yourself.

  13. Last night I dreamt I was driving a truck.. or maybe a van carrying a trailer. As in most of my driving dreams the brakes didn’t work properly. I can only get the vehicle to stop if I stand on the pedal& push it hard all the way down. Even then it takes a while to actually stop. I was driving over water. Not really on a bridge but on the water itself. I was chasing after something I think. But then the vehicle was pulled down by the front end into the water. I started panicking badly when I couldn’t find a way to get the vehicle above water again& woke myself up gasping& breathing heavily.

    • Dear DiamondMarieee,
      Driving a truck means that you are trying to get to where you want to in your work life. Trucks are work vehicles. When you get to water, which is a symbol of relationships, you start panicking because you have yet learned how to fully deal with relationships in your work life. You just want drive through without dealing with them. It turns out that if you have really great relationships, that your productivity increases a great deal. The dream is telling you to stop and focus more on your relationships, then you will get to your goals.

  14. My teacher told me about a dream that he had that included me. It began with a bunch of politicians ending the world via radiation. My teacher survives and after a time later, the world is a wasteland. He decides to revisit where he once resided, only to find that everyone there had become horribly mutated… except for me. I was wearing some type of suit to protect me from the wasteland (imagine Fallout, the video game) and I was not mutated at all. What does his dream mean?

    • Dear Lori,
      This means that your teacher has a pessimistic or negative view of what is going to happen in the future. It is probably because he just reads the bad news about the bad leaders. You are not mutated because you have a positive view of the future and are optimistic about your life. You believe that the future is awesome.

  15. Hi Richard, I dreamed I was expecting a installation from a company. It was a house I never seen, and I was in the bedroom. Three kids were on the floor in sleeping bags. I was also under some comforters snuggled on the floor beside. I noticed that the company came and installed the machine. I was big and green attached to the house. It was shiny and expensive. I wondered in the dream why they installed it early while I was asleep. I looked around and saw a bug hole where the wall was. It was like someone got a sledge hammer and tore into the wall. The machine was working fine on one side of the house but the hole was in the middle of the wall. The kids was up but they weren’t kids but adults in their 20s. I found some plywood and a hammer and nails and started making shelter and fixing up things. I was not worried about the hole. Everyone was happy working and joking. The dream changed and I saw a message from my husband but it was in code. He was forming the words where I can only figure out what he wanted me to know. As I try to make out what he said he was saying I can hear him saying what I was reading in slow motion. Yet it didn’t make sense.

    • Hi Lovelyaslace,
      In the dream you are receiving a machine. This means that something new is coming into yourself which will make your life work better. It is not clear what it is. It is like a gift inside yourself from the spiritual world. It is not clear what the machine does. Maybe you know. What you do with the hole in the wall shows that you roll easily with challenges or when things are not completely together. People speak in code when they want to communicate something that they don’t want others to know. The problem is that you don’t understand the code. There is something going on with him that you don’t understand and he is not doing a good job explaining to you. It is probably because he is not used to the kind of spiritual space he is trying to move into. Seems to be a lot of missing information in your dream, but if you stay with it, you will get answers.

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