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  1. I had a dream that a lady looked at my hands and amputated both of them off and switched a new pair of hand on. When I bent one hand I looked closely and could see the right hand were the wound was something shiny. I noticed it was a ring under my skin. I started to panic and was on my way to to the doctor then my auntie walked down the stairs and asked where I was going. I explained what had happened and she then suddenly grabbed my hand and said I’ll get it out. I said no no please don’t and she wouldn’t listen. The scary thing is straight after I woke up screaming loudly and I could feel my right hand throbbing and the pain. It really freaked me out and I don’t understand it.
    Do you know what it could mean?

  2. I dreamt I woke up in a dream next to my ex naked in a cuddle and he had crawled into my bed in the night apparently, I then when outside onto a balcony and there was a bucket of water with a decapitated snake in it, like it’s head and body in the same bucket and then another decapited one hanging. I went back inside and got stung buy bees but didn’t find the sting painful and the last sting my ex put a bandaid over and then took it off to pull it out.. what does this dream mean?

    • Dear Khaela,
      Having your ex crawl into bed with you means that you are reverted in your mind to your old patterns of thinking that got you in trouble in the relationship in the first place. The dead snake means you killed your change, you went back on the change you wanted to make and that stings you. The dream wants you to go forward, make really positive changes, and then you will have amazing relationships.

  3. I had a dream My brother gave me 3000 to go and register at school so in a dream there was a long quee so I waited until we were told to come the following day and dats where I woke up.

    • Dear Tsietsi,
      Your brother in the dream represents the quality of generosity. When you have a generous feeling toward yourself which means that you truly believe in yourself, then you can do almost anything and develop any aspect of yourself whether it be personal or academic.

  4. Hello how are you? 🙂
    I had a vivid dream but short one
    There was dead like person -male …it took me right off my bed and pulled me on the wall.With his hands started to choke me just to open my mouth by force and gave me his lasted maybe 30 sec or that was the longest thing in this dream cause everything happened very quick
    I felt at first as he needed fear and scare the hell out of me or that maybe he was there to prepare me or warn me bout something

    • Dear Tas,
      The warming in this dream is to watch out for people who dead inside, but pretend to be alive. Dead inside means that they are dead to their true selves, and not yet alive to who they truly are. It is best to be around people who are actually alive so that you can also live out of your true self more easily. You can leave the dead alone for the time being.

  5. I dreamed that I had cancer, there was a group of people that had cancer too, they were all hanging out and making these amazing pieces of art, a lady had a picture of a fox on the screen part of it was blurred I was impressed she made a painting look like a blurred screen cap then it turned into an animation story, there were also metal scultupres all sorts of things, one person opened their mouth and showed cancer on the tongue it was bleeding.

    I had a friend – my friend in real like, she began to say she doesn’t care about me and I took that as an excuse to split up with her, later she started hanging out with the arty cancer people, I was like on no, then I decided that I wouldn’t let that stop me from hanging out with them because I enjoyed it so much, the cancer didn’t seem to effect me very much in this dream.

    I didn’t really want to tell my family. We were in a hall, I think there were pictures on the wall, I just said oh I’m ill, eventually I told them I had Cancer, they just sort of processed it, they were fine though.

    That’s what I remember.

    The reason I request interpretation for this dream is how hectic the preceeding day was, I feel like there was a message being screamed at me all day, at one point in the day I watched a very young white and orange cat happily crossing the road then get slammed into by a van that drove on, I cried my eyes out, a couple took it to the side where we discussed what to do while I uselessly cried, that wasn’t even the end of that very long day, just what stood out.

    • Dear 81dais,
      The cancer in the dream is the feeling you get when someone doesn’t care about you. The healing part of the dream is when you are able to let go of the feelings of others and live fully in your artistic and creative self. No doubt you have a hard time with letting go of the feelings others have that are negative. You probably take them in your body and hold onto them. It something that you are going to have to learn to let go of so that you can be really productive.

  6. ok so i had this vivid dream that i was playing some sort of game i just remember being outside these high buildings and then me and my mum run inside one to the left we see stairs in the building it’s like a shopping mall and to he right i see this weird open elevator thing it’s open and it goes up and down to a point so u basically stand in it and then jump off at any stair u want it’s a bit risky so we took that after few failed attempted i got off at the top stair so did my mum and then there were more things to climb i did that and i noticed they don’t take me to the top floor there is none then i come off of them to the top stair and on the left side i notice there are these handles i could use to climb i did it took effort but the result was same a i reached ceiling no top floor and then i only rmember looking at the stairs with my mum ( maybe planning on going up from those ) later i’m running around in this big house and i see his doll roll out of the room with the body and head detached i look at it and think it’s my cousins i don’t quite rmemeber and i see a few snakes in hallway and then i think oh god they are playing the snake game again idk what the game was but for me i had a yellow red and a black snake maybe i was supposed to get them all togeather to kill them i rmemeber just swinging the yellow snake in air because if i stop it would bite my hand i felt bad that i was playing with it first i killed a snake maybe it was green they all get hit and before dying they form two faces the second face have no eyes and few more hits and they die later i go in my room i see red and black snake on bed and i throw yellow snake and the snake was jumping around being so happy that it went under bed i pick up my yellow real life pet bird and i put it under bed it goes there bite the snake and he comes out and i’m also thinking the black snake is so fast it’s gonna be hard to spot it better my laptop wires and then i kill the yellow snake as i’m hitting it my heart is breaking i feel bad for killing him i felt so sad i m going i’m sorry but i’m scared i’m moving away cause it’s gonna nite me it’s face formed in two and i’m thinking he is gonna die i hit it till it dies but i woke up in real life trying to move away from the snake im sorry if it’s long but it was super vivid

    • Dear M,
      So in this dream you are trying to get to the top floor. This means that you and your mom have the belief that it is important to make it to the top in life. You are willing to take risks and do what it takes, but no matter what you do, you cannot make it to the top. That is because there is no such a thing as the top in world of growth and development. There is only more growth and change all the time. Snakes represent change because they are so flexible and shed the past so easily by shedding their skin. When you play with snakes, it means that you play with change. Life is only ever really be about playing the snake game (change game). When you are good at it and you don’t kill your snake(change), life will just be so so amazing. So really the dream wants you to stop trying to make it to the top and instead play the change game which is constant improvement. It will take you a long long way.

  7. Hi
    I had a dream that I found 2 positive pregnancy tests in a bin at home. They weren’t mine. My husband had put them in there. And when I asked him about them, he made an admission of being in love with a man he’s been in touch with for years. He didn’t give a real explanation as to who the tests belonged to though.

    • Dear Anon,
      It is important to not take dreams literally like in this one because, well, men do not get pregnant in real life. Him being pregnant in this case means that you are picking up on his ability to give birth to a new potential in him which is to be more loving to others. Often when people awaken loving potentials, they use it wrongly. He may be in this category.

    • Dear Tutu,
      Breaking your teeth means that you would have had some difficulties fully biting into life, but growing them back means you have a lot of resilience. A beautiful smile is one of the most important things a person can have because it is a lot an invitation for people to be friendly with you.

  8. I was driving a beautiful black car, as i stop at my place, an old friend appeared which i have not seen for a few years, then he took out a small bottle and blessed the bonnet of this car three times, for save driving, againts every danger. I got out of the car , then he put other clothes on, i ask him where he is going , he said back home where he is staying in Cape town. Then i was awake.

    • Dear Sarie,
      Driving a beautiful car means that you have a great ability to get to where you want to go in your life in a beautiful way. Your friend blesses you because he recognizes your ability and wants you to be successful. The bonnet is where the engine is which is like your internal motor for getting to where you want to go in life. Cars are generally more short term than say an airplane, so it says you have to the day to day drive to get you were you want to go. You just have to use it.

  9. I found my friend’s wallet in an elevator. In there, there were 3 photographs. (In real life, we never tool those photographs). There was few paper moneys in it but.. cannot remember the total amount. Anyways.. I was looking at the pictures because I wanted to make sure it was my friend’s or not.. and all of the pictures were different scenarios that I cannot recognize in real life, but they all included me. When I tried looking up from other dream interpreter sites, they all talked about finding your own wallet, but never about finding your friend’s wallet.. will you help me interpret this?

    • Just adding one more thing.. I just wanted to make the post gender neutral as possible because I didn’t want you to grt any stereotypes, but realized my name shows anyways lol. So might as well, say the gender of my friend as well. He is a guy.

    • Dear Jenny,
      Finding your friend’s wallet in an elevator means that when you are trying to advance or elevate the relationship to another level you have to find out what is valuable to him. What is valuable to him about you is not what you thought because the pictures don’t match your impressions. You can start to get really curious about what he finds really valuable about you. You might even have the courage to ask him. You are valuable to him. That is a certainty.

  10. i had another weird dream i can’t forget about it was about my marriage apprently ? just a few hours before my marriage i was desperately trying to find a white dress for my my marriage but i couldn’t find it my budget was as 1000 pounds i rmemeber going to my mum saying i have so much stuff to do i have to get my hair done get waxed makeup and youse haven’t bought me a dress but for some reason i couldn’t find a white dress we went to every type of shops in abandoned malls t find shops for my bridal style dress but there were all casual and the ones that had bridal they were way out of my budget once i even saw this pale yellowish colour dress with blue embroidery but i rmemeber in my dream i was thinking this is a dress from an asian culture and my crush( i was marrying him) is not from tht culture and it won’t be really nice to walk down the aisle in it ( i was imagining in my dream and aisle and my crush in a white suit standing there) at the end i bought this normal copper coloured short dress ones u wear to a normal party thts when i woke up it’s a weird dream i just couldn’t forget i rmemeber the abandoned place and these rise so vividly like i was acctually there

    • Dear Mona,
      The reason you cannot find a bridal dress is that you are not ready for one yet. What you are ready for is a party dress because you need to have a lot of fun and mix with a lot of people. After awhile of doing this, the right person will show up for you.

  11. I have a dream my crush is holding a baby and it seems he is happy. I dream it twice.

    • Dear Deborah, Your crush have a baby means that he is developing something new inside and it is as if it were a baby in how functional the new ability is. If you can see what he is developing and encourage him about it, it would be amazing for him. You need the courage to approach him and tell him.

  12. I had a dream that my whole family was living in my apartament building and that we were in mines but it was a long room and that there was random guys just going around the premises shooting anyone inside the apartments. Theres a scene where there are 6 guys shooting inside the apartment and I had to cross to the next room with my brother by then the police arrived I peaked through the window and saw 4 guys that escape and I saw their faces it was 4 of them.I went to my grandpa to tell him but he said not to say anything to the cops.

    • Dear Yamilex,
      The difficulty that you and your family are facing when you are trying to make a living is that people are free to just shoot you down. This means that they can freely criticize and put you down without consequence. No one of the old generation will do anything about it because they are too fearful of authority. What you need is to take authority of yourself so that you can lift you and your family up being being encouraging to others. Being encouraging to others means finding out the positive things about them and telling them the positives. It means listening and accompanying people through hard times and giving them a lot of hope by believing in them.

  13. I had a horrible dream that left me in actual physical pain and never before have I had such vivid nightmares or even dreams really… anyway i will get to it. So I was running along a river flying a kite when my kite was caught around a powerline and they exploded and wrapped around me and I was shocked violently until I went unconscious and then when I woke I was on a boat being tortured by doctors pressing sharp wires through the fleshy bottoms of my toes and then coiling the wires around each and everyone of my toes and coiling them so tight the pain was unreal. I’m a 24 year old and never have I been so terrified. I woke up and have had trouble sleeping ever since.

    • Dear James,
      This dream shows that when you were innocently playing and enjoying yourself, you got caught up being shocked by people with a lot of power that tortured you emotionally. This can be at work or in a relationship or in your family. It is hard to tell. What you need to do is to find a way back to your joy. That is the key. The people who you tangled with are too powerful for you to deal with right now. At your age you have to develop a lot of your own empowerment like all of your abilities so that you can be in a position to exercise your power in a positive and constructive way.

  14. i have seen very big perch fishes swimming inside pond and two dead fish beside pond what does this mean

    • Dear Bhaskar,
      Fish are often about learning. This dream says that there are some concepts (teachings) that are worth listening to and incorporating and some that should be discarded.

  15. I had a dream about a tornado of crows? I don’t really know what that would really signify. I’m sure there was more to the dream but that was the most vivid part. And it went on for what felt like hours when I had only been asleep for about 30 minutes.

    • Dear Mackenzi,
      I tornado of crows is about being stirred up by large groups of people who align themselves with negative ideas and beliefs, such as when religious groups get so stirred up with judgment toward others. To solve the dream you have to get away from the tornado into a really calm and peaceful place where you can get your own ideas in your own meditation and reflection.

  16. Hi I was hoping you’d be able to help me with my dreams I had last night. I can’t remember exactly how this first one started but a tornado was coming towards my family as we were in a car. I said for my dad to hurry up and drive then I said I love you to them but my dad quickly drove away. The tornado never hit us but I could see items in the tornado moving around. I heard a family cry for their dad and I looked to my mom and I said that’s sad. Then the tornado vanished in movies. I woke up and this was an 11 minute dream. I went back to bed and I remember a birthday party then I left and I was visiting this place with dream catchers and I see this blue and yellow bird I let him on my finger as he happily chirped. I showed him to my boyfriend then as I was getting in the car to leave I set him free but the bird turned brown and bigger as I left.

    If you could give me anything at all that would be much appreciated thank you have a good day.

    • Dear Laila,
      Tornadoes are symbols of people who stir up a lot of trouble to get everyone fearful. It usually has no substance and goes away after a short period of time. Your father drove away from it which is the right thing to do to get away from people who stir things up. Some people like the other family get caught up in it.
      The other dream is about being joyful and light, which is what is prevented in the first dream. Being joyful and light is what makes your life work right now like being the blue and yellow bird. A brown bird would be more like an eagle which is more about vision which is probably coming to you next.

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