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  1. I was with this guy…? Like married to him?? And I think I had a kid and some other girl like his sister staying with us I guess?? And we didsome type of prayer of ritual or something bcz that house we were living in was old and haunted… So after that whatever “thing” was there was making creepy things happen to the three of them… Like turning their heads 180° and looking like some scary skull/rotten human head suddenly and then going back… And all them acting weird many times suddenly doing strange movements looking like that…so I had enough the next time my husband did it I stabbed him when he did it and he bled to death or was bleeding and everyone else was calling the ambulance while I escaped and went to find my exs friend in some weird living arrangement they had… I don’t know why I wanted to talk to him, I just found him older and more knowledgeable…I thought maybe he could help so I did find him and went into their room and he was laughing and calling my ex from nearby (who was wearing weird big glasses all of a sudden, small frame but huge round kinda lenses) and he was just staring at me while his friend was laughing and calling him like “hahaha look who’s here” I was telling him this is no time for jokes I killed my husband and the whole thing is paranormal just listen and help me

    This is actually a very strange dream happening just a day/the same night as I blocked his friends, including the one I saw in this dream? And even after this dream this morning I want to keep them all blocked so that my ex has no way of reaching me, my stance hasn’t changed, in fact I even blocked them on Instagram after this dream since I had forgotten to do that yesterday… I don’t know why I believed it was appropriate to seek out this friend in my dream

    • I also want to add that this morning after the dream I woke up to the news of my friends boyfriend dying… I don’t know if that’s related but I thought I’d share

      Before waking up however I had another dream after this horror movie one, desperately chasing my friend who was graduating and leaving college along with the rest of my batch (I’m behind them because I failed by a whole 1.5-2 years, they graduated and I didn’t in real life, however in real life they are still here especially this friend she is also 6 months behind but they just had the graduation ceremony together in real life, it’s actually atleast whole 4 months more before she’ll leave if not more) but I was desperately trying to find her and hug her and tell her how I’m so proud of her and I’m sorry for growing apart and I’ll miss her, I did find her and hug her and cry I felt so bad, she was hugging me back and I think she cried a little too and she was telling me to take care of myself and to pray to a particular God in our religion, strange too because in reality the day devoted to this God /big festival just recently passed…
      Now in real life like I have told you about me failing more and being behind academically has happened and that is one reason why we grew distant, the second is my ex tried to talk nonsense to her ((same ex I posted in the dream above)) and he was trying to turn her mind against me and/or even using her to spy on me when we had a fight… I really don’t know what happened between them and so whenever my friend used to reach out after that a couple times I didn’t really respond because I was afraid… And apart from that occasionally we bump into each other in real life, sometimes we’ll kinda avoid each other if we’re doing something else (like if she’s outside and I pass by and she’s talking to someone already, she won’t necessarily look at me and say hi and vive versa) but other times when we come across each other we’ll say hi how you doing and keep it moving after that short greeting. I don’t know what she thinks of me anymore and I feel terrible about what happened, the fact that her parents also know me (I stayed in their house earlier and met them many times, they keep coming to college to pick her up for the weekend or whatever) a couple times after we grew distant I saw them and avoided them and stayed far, a few other times I didn’t even see them and then I’d see her parents call to me and wave and say hi. To be honest I’ve been dealing with a lot of my own problems and personal demons and doing things that I shouldn’t have, etc over the past couple of years in which we have grown distant. I honestly feel terrible about it from time distant, and the above factors did not help either, yesterday I saw her remove her profile picture and I was scared that she deleted my number, so I made another friend save her number and check and luckily she hasn’t deleted my number. I feel so terrible after this dream I really really want to fix everything between me and her there’s no ill will no fight no judgement nothing from my side ever I only grew distant because of FEAR and nothing else. I didn’t want her to know about how bad my life truly was for the past couple years. And now after the dream I fear it might be too late, I don’t know I will have to look into it, maybe come clean to her I don’t know. Anyways, this is about the second dream I had after the previous one I submitted for dream interpretation, two dreams in one night/morning I have sent these both for interpretation while adding adequate relevant real life backstory for you to be able to interpret better. Thanks in advance Richard. Looking forward to both dreams interpreted by you.

  2. Please if anyone can interpret this :In my dream i was with my classmates and we were in a luxurious house for some kind of event I can’t remember . I was standing with some of my classmates ( girls) and my sister and then suddenly the point of view changed . I saw myself and the others before but then I just saw the path between two red carpets in front of me and I felt someone touching me and hugging me on my belly first . It felt so real honestly . He is my crush . And he hugged me from the back and whispered to my right ear : ” can we please go somewhere . I’ll guide you . Don’t be afraid . ” And then we walked the path . He felt so familiar yet it was intriguing and I felt butterflies inside my stomach the whole time. We walked the path and then we got to a restroom that was really big . There was one girl who is our classmate and she asked what are eyou guys doing here ? . He let go of me and went in front of me . I can’t remember what he said . This felt so real . When he was hugging me it felt so good and weird at the same time. It shoul be noted that my crush n I don’t speak on a daily we just exchange stares u know. Plus he has a gf. ( Excuse my bad English it’s not my mother tongue)

  3. I dreamt that my 3 year old presumably had some kind of sickness (or at least that’s what my wife told me in the dream) and her idea was for us to kill him to ease his suffering. She decided the most humane way was to break his neck. She tried and couldn’t do it so I then tried. I tried to quickly snap it and it didnt work, so I then just tried to keep turning his head till it broke. It also didnt work. I remember being very sad that he was hurting worse now and injured worse from cracking his neck. I remember laying him in his bed and walking away. He showed again later and I cradled him in my arms and laid him back down and told him I loved him and to stay laying down. He showed up again a short time later crying with a little bit of blood coming from his mouth and saying ” i just wish it was Christmas again”. At that point I woke up crying. I am in mental hell right now. I cant get the memory of him crying and saying that about Christmas out of my head

  4. So I recently had a breakup. My dream started with me going to work at Best Buy ™️ not in my uniform but in casual clothes. I clock in and undress to get into my usual uniform right? My shirt wasn’t in the locker. So for some reason (who knows why) i walk outside of the back room with no shirt on and find my manager asking him for a shirt. He goes running off for a shirt for me to wear and I find my exes mom coming in to my work. I pretend not to see her but I could feel her staring at me. My manager eventually comes back with a shirt and I now have a top on so i go back to either the photo department or the tech department and his mom comes over. She said something snyde like “i think it’s unprofessional to walk out nude onto the sales floor” then she called me a whore. I remember feeling really humiliated and I laughed it off in the dream then proceeded to try and sell her things but she kept calling me a slut and a whore throughout the sales pitch. Once i got her into signing something i could feel her staring at me again but this time it feels extremely unnerving. Idk how to describe it other than i felt like my insides were twisting and I woke up with the same feeling in a sweat. This dream seemed partially lucid but i was definitely not in control of when I had half nude lol. Any thoughts?

    • Dear Amanda,
      What this dream says is that in your relationship you felt exposed and embarrassed in a negative as if you half nude in public. So when you put yourself out there in public in a new way, you will have a tendency to feel that kind of exposed, humiliated feeling. What you have to replace it with, it the beautiful and amazing person that you are inside and put that out there.

  5. I had a dream I was walking up the steps to the porch of my childhood home (the last place we lived before my parents got divorced). When I got to the porch it was all wobbly and shifting and I was hollering to my dad inside to open the door before the porch collapsed. I made it inside and the porch stayed intact. Once inside there were presents taped to all the blades of the ceiling fan in the living room and the fan was on. There were also presents stacked together (unwrapped), but attached to the ceiling with space between them and the floor. I had a chat with my dad, but I do not remember about what, he was being silly and acting high (which is not unusual for him. he was absent in my life between the ages of 10 – 15, then in my life until I was 17 and his presence is sporadic)

    • Dear Christine,
      The house represents your childhood self during the time when your parents were having a rough time. It is run down and the positive things are really hard to access. Your father is not fully present. This means that when you are trying to get to your new more positive self, you will feel a bit like you did as a child in that house like things are going to collapse or you are not going to be able to get to things. They are left over memories that run old patterns. The new pattern is to build your self with solid qualities, to support yourself, and reward yourself often.

  6. I saw such a strange dream today! And I don’t even know if it was a dream or it was real
    There were people in my room but not standing they were in the air and they were extending their hand to me to hold and I remember I woke up to hold the hand then I slept back , it happened 3 times. And then I exactly woke up at 7, just a second before my alarm was supposed to ring!
    I have been such dreams before as well ince i saw a dream of scary lady peeling off her skin and trying to kill me as well then i saw another dream of a dog biting my hand and it was bleeding and hurting in real as well

    • Dear Asmaan,
      The first dream seems positive, but I cannot tell for sure. If it is positive, then you have positive people trying to help lift your spirit. When you feel like you have this kind of encouragement in your life, you should respond to it because it is good. The second dream is the opposite which is the fear that you are going to get hurt and shunned or in a relationship. This is because you have probably had some bad experiences in the past. If you have up energy like enthusiasm or joy, then your relationships will all be so much better.

  7. I hope you see this soon Richard…

    So there is this guy I have seen in my dreams at least twice. He has a very simple yet attractive look. We met (in my dreams) because our fathers are friends. Our families met and we just hung out normally… But I could feel something, you know (an underlying mutual attraction) nothing happened though in the first dream, then in the second dream we met on our own/away from our families I think? Like we met outside, and there was another girl (a sister of his or another one of our friends I’m assuming) and we were all going somewhere by a local train (within the city, you know those local metros/subway types all over the world) then when we got off we crossed the street and he he’ll be back with weed from his house (because we decided to smoke together) and he said bye and kissed my neck in public… I trembled for a moment because obviously it felt great (andkeep in mind in this dream up till before that happened, during the train ride and all I felt more and more enamored by his presence and couldn’t stop staring at him) then I got a call from my mom she was telling me to be back by evening and I agreed… Then I got into a car with his mom dad and (sister? Other girl who was with me) and they were talking to me about how we’re hanging out because we want to “smoke the weed” They weren’t angry they were serious and probably going to drop us off where we’d smoke…and I really wanted to make out wit him after he kissed me, at the more isolated/less busy area where we’d smoke…Thats when I woke up, looked at the time, came to my senses and realised how weird this all was, because I’m not the type of person to live in a bubble, how am I growing more attracted to an imaginary person! And then that brings up the question of—-is he real? Is he out there? Is this dream some sort of premonition? Should I try to meet him in real life?? And what do these dreams even mean to begin with??

    • Hi,
      In the dream what you have to realize is that the energy of love is opening up in you. It is as if the dream is using the imaginary guy to wake up the possibility of love inside of you. He is not anyone in particular that you are likely to meet. Smoking the weed together means you have zero confidence in the energy of the love. It is like you have to use a substance to get your minds out of the way so that you can experience your attraction. It is a dangerous practice because sooner or later the mind will take back over and you will lose the love. You can start opening up the attraction and love aspect in yourself because it is so key to successful living.

  8. Hi! I had a weird dream last night about somebody and still couldnt figure out its meaning. Hence curiosity got the best ot me and i had to ask about it.. so basically , it was me and this person in a white bathroom trying to have intercourse in the bathtub. But the person got flaccid after the initial erection and it didnt work out . The dream ended by him saying to not tell anyone about this.

    • Hi Lilith,
      This is how I read your dream. Intercourse in a dream has a lot to do with you becoming intimate with a particular energy. In this case, since you are in the bathroom, the quality that you are seeking to integrate is purity. Purity is one of those underrated by qualities in the culture because most economic activities operate on the basis of self interest and greed. So while initially there is a strong excitement about doing things for the right reasons, after awhile the enthusiasm wanes. This could happen because of the amount of impurity around or the lack of positive motives. Keep working on the quality. In the long term of life it makes all of the difference. People who take short cuts in life have long term disasters.

  9. Over the last week I’ve had really bad anxiety. But last night in my dream there was a man protecting me. I think he was protecting my emotions and thoughts. All I can remember is laying in bed and feeling sad, like a deep sad. I look over by the bed and this man is sitting in a chair. I could feel my eyes getting teary and he asked me if I was ok then got up and kissed me. But when he did it felt like I felt it in real life, the actual kiss and the rushing feeling of calm coming over my whole body. Like I really, in real life, felt and trusted the protection he was giving me. I saw his face but I didn’t know him. Can I manifest him? Or is he trying to find me lol. I’m just trying to understand why his feelings felt so real.

    • Hi Celia, Such a cool dream. Whoever he is, he is there for you to support and protect and comfort you. Whether you think of him as an inner being or a being from the next world, when you call him to mind that sense of calm can come over you. Once that kind of confidence in your calmness happens, then all kinds of positive relationships will manifest.

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