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  1. A few nightmares about my lover doing physical harm to me. Can you help me figure them out

  2. I don’t remember my dream well but this is all I could remember. I was at un out door party with many of the people that were close to me. I remember seeing my crush sitting on a chair wearing a hat and a trench coat and holding a stuff with his head on top of it. I could feel that he was alone like me. Then he was reached out His hand to the sky as if he was so desperatly trying to catch something. In mind I thought he is trying to reach for happiness and someone to quench his loliness. I too felt the same but I just stood there watching him.

    I had another dream when he told he had the same feelings that I have for him. He said it Like he was confused and really wanted to know if I had the same feelings too. That’s really all I could remember.

    • Dear Emma,
      Generally speaking when you have dreams about a crush, it means that you are having a difficult time just taking action on your desire to have a relationship with him. He apparently, has the same kind of reluctance that you do. The best thing you can do is to just start finding a way to relate to him and do it. Part of the problem with crushes is that your imagination is often better than real life. When you just go and start relating, you find out whether your imagination was true or not and whether he is going to be interested. If he is not interested, your imagination is just wasting your time. There are a lot of amazing people for you to meet and relate to so just go out and do it. Let go of your reluctance.

  3. I keep having a dream where I’m walking through a snowy path next to 2 fields with my sister. She’s always a bit behind me and there’s a lot of dead bodies lying face down on the path between the 2 fields wearing neon colored coats. I steal coats off the bodies and end up hearing something moving in the fields. It turns out it’s a wendigo is stalking me so I grab my sister and run. I never see it until I’m about to close the door to the cabin I run to. It stands in front of the door and I close it. It tries to open the door and I hold it shut and yell for help but no one comes to help close it. It goes away but when I go to the living room I see it standing in front of a door. It had gotten into a room that was empty but with a heater. I slam the door shut and wake up.

    • Dear Lucia,
      First of all the snow in this case represents a cold path like a path where your heart is cold. When you are on that path, you meet dead souls, people without alive spirits and try to take their coats probably to get warm. That is where you meet the bad spirit, Wendigo and cannot get away from it. This is because when you are on the cold path you cannot get away from bad spiritual energy. It is with you all the time.

      To solve the dream you have to get on a really good path that brings you a lot of positive energy and life. Then your spirit and life will warm up and lots of good energy will come to you. It is going to take an act of strong will to get on the good path.

      Something has turned you cold.

  4. I had a dream that I found a childhood friend, who I don’t actually know in real life and have never seen, online and we talked and met up but didn’t talk. After that I went to the forest with my mother and I think my sister. It was day and I saw a black wolf and a white wolf who were both calm and playful. I went inside my house, which in real life isn’t in a forest, and the black wolf followed me. I ended up keeping it but the white wolf remained outside.

    • Dear Brianna,
      Wolves are symbols of animals that combine qualities of assertiveness and endurance to get to their end goal. They can work together very effectively in a pack. When you go inside your house, it means that you are going inside yourself and finding a wolf inside. It lets you know that whatever you are looking for in life like friends or other types of goals, you just need to be assertive and enduring. It is not enough to just be assertive. You also have to have endurance which is the ability to stay with a goal for a long time.

  5. I dreamt my lost cat Lynx had returned and come up to me. However on picking him up I realised it was him as a young cat, without any grey fur. I put him back down thinking I couldn’t steal someone else’s cat, but he kept following me.

    • Dear Skyebright,
      Cats in dreams are symbols of independent thinking and action. The dream indicates that you have lost of your independence as if it has reverted to a less developed state. What you can begin doing is learning how to regain your former independence of mind and action. It usually requires not worrying about what others think or say.

  6. Had this weird dream I was in a shop and decided to blow these blooms up most of them piped only had a about 10 when it came to paying it was 200 pound so I said no way yourv had me over left the shop with out paying and then got frightend of police so went back and tryed begging him to let me pay it of and he just stood shaking his Gean can not remember any thing else

    • Dear Lou,
      This dream is about the fear of being taken advantage of in your life and then not being able to do anything about it. It is probably because some things have happened to you where you were taken advantage of and couldn’t do anything about it. The problem is more on how that will leave you in your life. It will make you fearful of really going for getting what you want by holding yourself back. The solution to the dream is to see clearly what you want, to not be fooled by other’s untrustworthy behavior, and then to really go for it.

  7. I Have been having a recurring dream (4th time)..about my older half-sister, having sex with a buddy of mine from gym. We have a good relationship..Shes in her 50s attractive but happily married, religious and wouldn’t seem the type to do such a thing. My buddy has mentioned that shes attractive a few times..The dreams all follow the same pattern- I’m witnessing it happen,very vividly like I’m “there” but not there..almost like watching a porn..when its finished she meets me in another room and is imploring me “you won’t tell anyone right, i needed this etc” 4 times this type of dream, in recent months. My reaction in the dreams is one of arousal, but not “towards” my sister..more so just the taboo nature of the sex, the sounds etc

    • Dear Jason,
      The reason that you have this kind of dream is that you are not yet able to work out the apparent conflict between being happily married and having a sexually exciting experience on the side. What helps when you have a dream like this is to realize that the experience is happening in the dream world and not the real world. In the real world the laws of loyalty to one’s partner protect humanity from falling completely apart. In the dream world you can have more than one really intimate relationship. It is as if you are having an extra-marital affair, but its intention is to show you that intimacy is possible with a lot of people, not just your marriage partner. In the real world having spiritual intimacy with more than one person means that you are capable of getting really close to others. You are witnessing this in the dream rather than experiencing it because the your mind needs to work this concept out. Your sister needs to see closeness as a way we unite the world and our neighborhoods and is a process we shouldn’t hold back from. You are needing to see closeness (intimacy) in the same way. Getting close to others is what the world really needs now. It cannot cross over into physical intimacy like in the dream, but when you have intimacy, it is “as if” it is like sex. Don’t know if this is a bit confusing. Everyone needs to be more connected.

  8. Hi Richard,

    I’m a Baha’i and for some time have felt a bit disheartened about the lack of religious cohesion in the world. I was not doubting religion but I was questioning whether in would be able to transform the world at the rate that it was going. ANYWAY, I jsut work up from an dream where the world was in Chaos, and people were killing each other and even the animals had started to attach us.

    In the dream I was running away with my mother to a safe haven, and I was shouting. “Religion only causes war”. And I suddenly came across a house with a high window where I climbed in and Mother Mary was there and Ave Maria was playing in the background at background music. I instantly felt safe and had a walk about the place which had a shrine of Jesus Christ and I felt extremely spiritually elevataed.

    • Hi Naz,
      The dream shows you the connection between true Christianity and the Baha’i Revelation. If Mother Mary were here on the planet now, she would be a Baha’i and involved in the bringing together of all religions. It is very difficult to see that this is actually happening when the extremely radical forces garner so much headlines. When you do your work as a Baha’i to bring together and talk to most people, they see that the radical elements are not the true religion. The true religion is embodied in the spirit of every religion because true religion brings unity and light to people. As the old order dies, a new one needs to be in place that includes justice, equity, love, and compassion. Our work is about working hard to build the one so that the old order is not replaced by just another bad system.

  9. In my dream me and my boyfriend are at a party with all of his friends and I have a phone but not able to used it so well as the screen is all smashed, but I’m still able to get into the group chat. On the group chat are lots of pictures of naked women and I’m realising my boyfriend is seeing these too and I’m really not happy, and feel really insecure as my boobs are tiny but all the pictures were of girls with quite large boobs. Half way through the party I realise it’s his girl mates that are posing in the picture. I tell him I’m uncomfortable and he just says it’s funny but I’m now in such a rage in my dream at him telling him he doesn’t understand how I feel inadequate compared to all these other people, but he still doesn’t care and wants to continue with these people and doesn’t say anything to boost my confidence.

    This dream has actually made me really upset about my body so I would really like it if someone could say what it means

    • Dear Vicki,
      Your breast size has almost nothing to do with a positive long-term relationship. If the guy is obsessed with you have large breasts, it means that the relationship is not worth keeping. Relationships are sustained by character traits and not by appearance. Appearance aspects are only ever temporary. When guys obsess about breast size, it has a lot to do with them not having been nurtured well by their mothers. He doesn’t know how to nurture his own capacities and then wants to the girls’ breast to replace their mother’s lack of nurturing. When a person feels nurtured inside, the breast sizes don’t matter at all.

  10. Oh In the dream when he offered to go for a walk, somehow we had gotten into the relationship, and it was like some sort of initiation, the leaves of the tree looked like willow leaves but they weren’t, they were very green though

    • Dear Janica,
      The demon that was cast into the fire and the two ram’s heads are about what you need to do with the relationships that you have had in the past. You still have a strong part of yourself that wants to attract them so that they can be intimate with you, but their demon sides are too strong for anything lasting. You know this in your mind, but you still have some irrational parts that seem to be fantasizing about the closeness. The sooner you let go of the demons by throwing them in the volcano, the better. The reason that it is hard for you to let go of the demons is because you believe that you are the demonic one. You attract people with major issues, probably because you feel like you have the same kind of demonic self. This comes from growing up in family where you were criticized more than you were praised or encouraged or where something bad happened to you by someone who you were supposed to trust. You are going to need to throw your own demons into the volcano, the demon that believes you are not all that worthwhile. Once you feel uplifted, then you will begin to attract better partners. It is going to take some work to get there because it requires building a positive encouraging voice inside and you will not know how to do that on your own. Most people that I work with need this kind of voice inside. The positive elements of the dreams show that it is relatively easy for you to get close to others.

  11. Oh I almost forgot, I dreamnt something unusual a few nights ago, could you please help me with the interpretation? I dreamnt about a friend of mine who I had feelings for in the past, I don’t exactly remember how it began, the dream, but I remember we were kissing in the dream, we were also making love, I remember he said to me, ” would you like to walk together” we were taking a walk down this long lake area and it was night time, the waters were calm and there lush and also long green grasses on both sides of the lake, as well as a white concrete side walk we were walking down, I remember seeing in the distance a a lush green tree with it’s branches slooping down, everthing was lit by street lights, all of a sudden we were making love by the water, he was making love to me from back position, and something unusual happened, he had my blood covering his genitals, I felt like he took my virginity, I told him to be easy on me because I hadn’t made love in a long time, when he did put it in I thought I would feel pain but I didn’t I just felt little pressure, he kept trying to adjust himself, but I felt pleasure, I also gave him oral in the dream, but in everything he did take my virginity in the dream. In real life, I did have feelings for him, I have always been there for him and helped and protected him from ever feeling hurt or from anything bad and he has come to me for advice, and things worked well for him, he is kind and intelligent, but he is manipulative, passive agressive, and private, he asked how I felt about him and told me “tell me you love me” but has yet to tell me how he feels, here in there he would show me signs, he would say ” you said you will always be there for me right” or ” if all cards end up right you could be mine” or asks where am I going or what I am doing, he asks for selfies alot too, but recently we got in a fight, and said hurtful things and I did too, but he has tried to contact me but I ignored him because I got tired of feeling hurt. I was wondering what the dream could mean? Thank you so much

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