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  1. I dreamt I was hanging out with my best friend and went to show her a picture of something but instead found pictures from my wedding (I’m 31 and not currently married, and recently broke up with my ex of 10 months 1 month ago). My “husband” in pictures was a guy I dated when I was 19. My best friend then proceeds to ask where my husband was and why she never knew about him. I told her we were divorced and I’d forgotten until that moment about the whole thing and couldn’t remember why we divorced when she’d asked. I walk around the corner to find answers and stop in front of a kinda dark blue grayish house with the numbers 633 on it and recognize it as the house my “husband” and I shared. Strangely enough it was half real and half cartoon/drawing. I hear his voice talking about a child blowing up the house and wake up

  2. I was with a two other friends on a train. When some mailman came and gave me things I wanted offline saying I ordered them already. I was happy I got to have them and were showing my friends and such. But then it faded to the three of us in front of my house waking around and just talking. Then I had my favorite jacket on and was suddenly lifted into my guy friends arms. He had me me wrap my legs to the middle of his back and just slowly walked around. It felt warm and real and I fell asleep in his arms. And then I woke up.

  3. Hi how are yah? The last dream I had I was playing air hockey with a boy my age kinda like a date then we jumped in his beat up truck and went to a like forestry park and layed in the grass talking just talking then it started to rain hard so we got in the truck and a road was closed so we took a dirt road.the truck got stuck in the mud so we took the break off and pushed it together when I got it out we were soaked and covered in mud the storm got bad so we stoped at whare he lived. We were standing on the porch when his mother and dog greeted us he asked if it was ok If I stayed to the storm passed she she was fussy about us being muddy and wet shooing us into the house saying we Would catch a cold. She asked me to wait in the hallway she would be right back.the boy said he was going to get changed real quick and took off. His mom came back handing me some folded some blue checkered flannel pants and a T-shirt that had words on it she crossed her arms looking me over with a little cheerful sigh and after a minute I asked if their was I place I could get cleaned up as if being shocked to relity .she says o I’m sorry right down the hall to the right.I get changed the clothes are much to big when I come out they are both wating for me as the as the shirt is baggy reaching past my hips and pants covering my feet the mother laughs middle saying sorry for the size I gave you some of my sons old pjs but u look cutie sweetie pinching my cheek. We go and sit in the living room as lighting flashes. His mother hands me and him a cup of hot cocoa and covers us both with a blanket saying you must be chilled to the bone. Me and his mother talk about him when he’s little she then turns to her son and exclaimed why haven’t you kiss this lovely girl. His face turns bright red nearly choking on his cocoa shouting MOM she laughs and says what she whispers rather loud to him are you afraid she won’t like it? His eyes get wide as he exclaimed mom again only his voice cracked. She just says what agin saying come on she’s cute and she likes u I can tell. He just face pombs himself and says can we talk about something else I just laughed a little. I fell asleep leaned into him he placed his arm around me still all blushed when I woke up it was still raining but not as bad we stood on the porch looking out. He kissed me softly and got a little rougher as time proceed his mom had stepped out side and jump saying she didn’t mean to interrupt gesturing for us to continue shutting the door and peaking out the window at us like we couldn’t see her.he let’s a half laugh and a monotone sigh placing his arms on the rall slouching over saying she means well.I slouch the same holding his handing his hand I know she dose before kissing him again and pulling away saying now were even reaching down to pet his dog as it licked me. Then I woke

  4. Could you please help me with this dream interpretations, I had two very unusual dreams about a guy friend, but I had these dreams a few months ago, and one just 1 month ago, also my guy friend told me his dream back in February it links back with one of the dreams I had a few Months ago. My first dream was recent, I dreamnt that I was in my Sewing Class, I was working on a project, It was a pair of pants, but it was unusual in it’s design, The first layer of the pant was made of a stretchy and soft material  ( I don’t remember the name of the material) and on top of the first layer was a material made of tulle, but on the tulle there were little flowers that stuck out ( like it was of the same material it just was like little tulle roses, attached to the surface by 1 or 2 threads, but stood out) and they were covered in little jewels of the same color of the fabric, the material was like a dark purple or almost wine color, a dark color, I was finished with the project, and showed it to my sewing teacher, we were in a dimly lighted room but not dark, like a class room with sewing students, she went to the back of the room where there was light, and she looked at everything, she was happy with the end results, and my class mates were happy too, I went back to sit at my desk ( wooden table) and my teacher came up to me, something weird happened, she got a card reading for me, now in real life I don’t believe in those stuff, she said for me to choose, in my head I was wishing for love originally and had my friend’s name in mind, but I was indecisive, so I switched back to health, because I was suffering health problems in real life, interestingly there came two cards one small, one big, the small was 6 of swords, and the big is 2 of cups, she was happy for me, but I woke up. The 2nd dream, is from February, I dreamnt of my friend, in real life, as a back ground we had gotten into a fight but came back to mend things after 2 months of no talking, in the dream I was going into a resturaunt or huge theater, I couldn’t tell because it was so unusual, there were alot of chairs, wooden stage, but decorated with gold lining and red curtains and open, and in the back was a wooden table with chairs, I was going inside and I saw my friend, he had serious ( not unpleasant) look on his face, and he held the door for me but he was in front of me, We sat at the table, my friend was sitting in opposite directions I was closer to the entrance behind me, and my mother was sitting on the right, at the end, my friend had squinted his eyes and had a pensive look on his face, he was thinking “Are you sure you are not the one?” And my mom said to him “she will drive you insane”. The 3rd dream my friend had of me, I told him that dream I just said, he asked me to say it first, he laughed because he had a dream of me too, in time apart, he told me, in his dream, he was walking on the beach on a sunny day, as we was walking, he saw me, he had a serious look on his face too but nothing bad, I was wearing a white tank top and long white skirt with jean jacket, I had came up to him and held his hand, and said ” Are you well my king”, he looked at me in surprise, eyes widened, and serious look, but quiet, nothing bad, he suddenly appeared with a crown on his head , made of gold colors, red, and white, he turned away walking, but he heard shuffling noises in sands, and felt it was me behind him. I was wondering what they could mean? I know not all having meanings or are true, but could you please help me? Thank you so much

    • Dear Janica,
      Sorry that I have taken so long to write to you. If you notice that in all of the dreams, it is your capacity to create things that bring about a positive environment. So it seems to me that creativity is the virtue or positive energy that will heal you and heal your relationships. You do it in the environment of sewing. When you get creative, like in the first dream, you are able to mend the relationship (mending is a sewing term). The key to the relationship is creativity. It is also the key to your health. Your mom’s voice in your head is probably the thing that ruins relationships because it sounds critical. Creativity requires the letting go of all negative voices of criticism because it requires freedom to express oneself in interesting ways. Let me know if you have questions.

  5. I had a dream about myself,

    My dream was I was laying in the bed sleep and it was like I was looking at myself, i saw a black like smoke like it was being pulled from my body against it’s will up to the heaven’s when it was gone I woke up feeling refreshed and like something was removed from my body.

    • Dear Marquessa,
      This is a symbol for letting go of dark energy that is trapped in, which means letting go of parts of your ego that hold you down. We all have this kind of ego energy that holds us down and when we learn what we are supposed to develop, it can release, and then you can feel refreshed and go for things from your true self. It is a pretty interesting metaphor. It isn’t necessarily a one time thing. It is more like a process of letting go which can be done daily. The more ego you can let go of, the more you can act out of your higher being.

  6. I dreamed about this guy I’m kind of involved with, he told me in my dream that he died many times but then he came back. And there was nothing to be scared of, so I could die and come back to life. But there was certain number of times you could come back, I don’t remember the number but i vaguely think it was seven times, and then the last time you die you can’t come back.
    Each time was represented with this ladder thing, like you climbe the ladder and the last step is final.
    In a dream he wasn’t scared he kind of welcomes death.
    So suddenly we were standing on the top of this mountain that was very steep and the color of this mountain was black, down there was some type of lake which wasn’t very large, sorrounded by mountains, this lake was blue and green but also dark, not clear water.
    And then we both jumped holding hands, then he let go of my hand and I knew that he wasn’t coming up, I didn’t see him drowning or dying but the feeling of him being gone was there.
    I was also drowning but at some point I went up to the surface and that’s when I woke up.

    I told him about this dream and he told me that two other persons dreamed about the same dream, him drowning and they not being able to save him.
    I find it very strange and thank you for your interpretation.

    • Hi Caligo,
      This is such an interesting metaphor of a person only being able to die 7 times before they are gone forever or like in the dream, they drowned and then don’t get back up. This has something to do with the way trauma works. You can have something bad happen to you like being drowned in a relationship because of something like jealousy and then come back from it, but when it happens over and over, at some point you won’t be able to get back to a positive self. You will become dead to your true self. The important thing is to process trauma in such a way that you get stronger and more alive after it. In this way you go from one positive life to another almost like a brand new birth. Everyone goes through trauma. No one escapes it, but it is how you process and grow from it that makes the big difference. You can, for instance, become bitter, and die to your positive self, or you can find new aspects of yourself each time and get much stronger. When you drowned in a relationship, for instance, you can get the learning from how you drowned, and then learn how to improve relationships with others.

  7. Hello
    I had a really strange dream. I dreamt that I was back in my highschool where we wore blue shirts and black dress pants as uniforms. This time I just wore black stockings as pants and every guy stared at me. This one guy in my class who was really nice when I was in highschool kept judging me. When I was going up the stairs, the guy who was judging me grabbed my butt. I jumped but he wouldn’t let go till it hurt. I finally found my self at my grandma’s house bathroom( which I haven’t been in for 6 years) and was crying. My dad was banging at the door asking me what was going on. I opened the door and told him everything. When I did the motion of the guy grabbing my butt, my fingers got stuck in that position. I was freaking out trying to straighten my fingers but they just stayed bent. I finally woke up from that dream and checked my fingers. They were OK lol.

    • Dear Emma,
      This dream takes you back to high school where you developed the desire to be noticed by others. The downside of the desire for being noticed is that you get judged and treated poorly. When you try to explain the bad behaviors to others like your dad, you get stuck. This is because the desire to be noticed, while it is common in the culture, does not get you very far with your own life and where it wants to take you. The really appropriate goal is to see your own positive aspects, to give recognition to them, and then to use them in a positive way. This is the key to successful living. You have to learn how to see your really positive qualities. That is the key.

  8. At one of my dreams, it was after school when everyone was released from their classes. I seen my close friend pass by and turned around to call him. I told him I needed to tell him something. Then we were in a class or something with a few girls. There was a discussion and then he said he had to go meet with someone. Once he left, the girls rushed me with questions about the “charming guy”. One girl asked me if he was my brother, and I told her that he was actually my best friend. Then they started asking things like, how can I not be nervous around him. Another asked me how is it that when he’s with a prettier girl, I don’t get worried? I thought about it and replied with a soft smile, “Because I know I don’t have to worry. Because even if she’s pretty, I know he’ll come back.. because he likes what’s on the inside, not on the out.” I looked back at them and they were all looking at me with pure admiration. I didn’t know when I was supposed to meet back up with him, so I called and went up some stairs to meet up. We went up more stairs o and he complained about me being late, as if he might’ve had something planned with me before the movie we were going to see. In another dream that I think happened before, I was with him and we were holding hands, I don’t know why, but I think he laced with mine randomly.
    Then later I had a dream that I dove into a dark lake of some sort. It was dark but lit at the same time. There were maybe some bodies here and there, floating in blouses peacefully, and some black ink in the distance. It may have been polluted or something, i dont know. But it was calming and peaceful, I was at peace as I swam deeper, in search for something, I thought I was looking for a monster or something but I don’t really know. There were two big walls in there with a slim opening down the middle. I was going to attempt to go through to the other side, but decided I wanted to go deeper. Then I woke up.

    • Dear Patricia,
      The relationship with your best friend shows you that you have a lot of security in the way you relate to people. You don’t have the typical worries of many young people. This allows you to dive deep into dark waters feeling pretty curious and secure. Dark waters means unknown areas in other people, positive or negative. You are pretty suited to going into a profession that deals with people’s emotional issues like being a therapist.

  9. Hej
    I dreamed that I saw my ex and he was so sad telling me he still loves me and cant live without me an x that he wants me back. In real life he broke up with md like 2 years ago and i am in a new relationship for a year and a half. I just wanna know what my dreams mean.
    Thank you

    • Dear Lara,
      This probably has something to do with the current state of your relationship. You are probably wondering if it is going to last and whether or not it is going to be permanent. This has your mind going to a fall back illusion that isn’t true. If the new relationship is not working then you need to let it go. If it needs a push, then that is what you need to give it.

  10. I was in sum interview to work at a dairy farm I got the job for some reason. I started off milking you know washing utters putting the milker cleaning shit then I started working with baby cows feeding them cleaning thair pens cleaning amniotic fluid when thair born and what not. One died and I was asked to take it to the dead drop so I tossed it up around My shoulders and walked down to the dead drop.thair was a younger man thair about my age he dident see me come as he got off the machine used to dig holes for the dead. I gave a comment shouting hay tough guy I hope your not to comfortable I got a present for yah.he rolled his eyes gave a mild laugh and slight grin. He started to walk over to me sayin is that what girls are Waring now days? I gave turn rotating my shoulder saying why yes it’s the latest fashion can’t you tell. He laughs and says I haven’t seen you here before are you new or something? I said I just started yesterday dropping the yong cow off my shoulders handing it to him. I said I need to get back to work before I go he asks what section I work in I say I work in birthing. I’m in a stall using a wench to pull a baby out of the mother sence she was having trouble. The baby was not breathing so I stuck my fingers in it’s nose pressing on it’s chest flinging amniotic fluid out of its air way. I then hold it upside down swing it back and forth till it coughs up the shit in its lungs and starts breathing I clean it off and Mark it as a baby boss yells down at me saying go take my break I turn around covered in slime to go get washed up for my lunch break.the guy from the dead drop is standing behind me on the gate grining. I say how long have you been standing thair.he says long enough to see you shoulder deep in a cow pulling amniotic fluid I was on my way to get washed up for lunch and thought I’d ask if you wanted go on break with me. I said yah sure we went to the brake room and talked a while before going back to quitting time I get ready to go home I step outside and start cursing because I had to share the car with my cousin and he had to work late so I’d have to wait an hour and a half to get home.the guy from the dead drop Hurd the talk and offers to take me home I agree and get in his old beat up pickup we get about for blocks from home on the levy I said he can just drop me here I don’t live far he says come on don’t be silly I offered to take you home so that’s what I’ll do. I make a joke saying I don’t know how do I know your not some stalker trying to find Whare I live? He laughs saying I’d be slicker than this girly.we pull in the drive and grandma and my aunt are on the porch grandma says who’s that guy with you? I say it’s a friend from work he gave me a lift home. Grandma says He? Tell him to get his butt over here in the light so I can get a look at him. I said leave him be he’s got to be getting home he says it’s alright I don’t mind he steps up on the porch the dogs start barking and My cousins my aunt’s bf and mom step out side. My aunt whistles and says well ain’t he a cutie grandma laughs and says I wouldn’t put it that way but he’s a handsome yong man that’s for sure.I slap my hand to my had and say o my god please stop talking. My 3 male cousins at ages 11 ,15, and 27 all have thair own little threats tord him saying you better stay away from my cousin. big Luke(my aunt’s bf) nudged him with his elbow saying that I think he’s cute just to be a shit head I clap a hand over his mouth and say big Luke shut up.after a few more minutes of wanting to die he heads back to the shoved me a little and says he’s got a nice ass don’t he.I shove at her sayying ewwwww mom what’s wrong with you.then I woke up

    • Dear Kathryn,
      This dream is about meeting a guy that you have great rapport, that gets you, is decent and respectful, but in bringing him to your family, you experience a lot of embarrassment because of their crudeness. If you can let go of the embarrassment of your family, then whatever part that keeps you back from relationships will be gone. I like that you are not fearful of physical or difficult work in the first part of the dream and that someone else likes that about you.

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