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  1. Hi. Please help me interpret my dream. My uncle and aunt are currently in the hospital. Then I dreamt about my uncle. He was standing by our door. I asked him how’s my aunt and he answered that she is okay. What does it mean? Please help. I’m very worried about my uncle and aunt’s condition. Thank you.

  2. I became a famous musician along with my step-brother and friend. We were playing a gig for about 20 people outside in what seemed to be a forest. After my step-brother, it was my turn to sing. I sang directly at a cute girl and I was obviously very bad, so I played it off as a joke and started rapping amazingly. The crowd went crazy, but the girl didn’t seem to care much. She didn’t know whether to choose my step-brother of me (probably to date) so I felt that I had to win her over. She went to a nearby picnic table and sat down with some other girls and young alien boys. I sat next to the alien boys, thinking that would help me win her over. I sat next to the ET lookalikes. One had a red sweater and one had a blue. I sat to the left of the one with the red and the one with the blue was away for a second. The one in the red sweater was very depressed about being an alien. He asked why I even wanted to talk to him if he looked like ET. I told him ET was rad. That didn’t help. This is when the younger ET boy came over and sat across from me. A lot of the things I said made him laugh. He seemed more optimistic. Eventually I left. I was in a cartoonish town all of a sudden. My friend and I were running away from a God. The God couldn’t go on the sidewalk. He could only walk on the road, so I told my friend (who now was a girl) to cross the road, cause I had really good hearing and heard the God coming. The God made very strange noises as if constantly murmuring to himself. We crossed just in time before the God arrived. If he caught us on the road, he would kill us. He asked the friend where someone went and I told the God I was fairly certain he went somewhere far behind us. The God immediately believed us and dashed off in behind us. We continued on. Eventually we ended up at a hotel / aquatic center and now I was with two friends. I recognized the lady at the front desk to be nice and passive, but once we got our towels and started walking down the long halls, she started following me with blades.
    I called out to my friends, but they were too fast. I was too slow and the desk lady caught up to me. I hid as close to the wall as I could, because everyone knew that no harm could come to you if you hugged the corners of paths (such as sidewalks on roads). This didn’t help me which made me scared and with two blades, and two swipes perfectly synchronized, the lady cut my head off and cut my stomach open.

  3. Please help me interpret my dream.
    I dreamed my mom, brother and I (we are very close but now I’m married and have a family of my own, but they weren’t in the dream.) we were in a mouse infested place and then we saw a big brownish-gray rat. We tried to catch it and finally did. My brother and I kept trying to kill it but kept failing. It was detailed and gruesome. Instead of it dying it suffered. Finally my brother found a dull axe and tried to behead it and only did it half way, then I took the axe and after several attempts, was able to. I could see the splintered bones from the dull axe. Then after it was beheaded, it turned into my beloved calico cat. It was a horrible feeling. And then it started flopping around, still suffering horribly. Then my mom says “we shouldn’t have done it ourselves, next time we need to take it somewhere else.”
    It was a deeply disturbing dream. Any ideas what it could mean? Thank you

    • Dear Alice,
      A rat, when it is negative in a dream, means that there is someone in your life who has bad intentions that is very difficult to get rid of. In killing the rat you also are harming the cat, which is a symbol of your independent thinking. The goal of the dream is for you to have really positive intentions and then to use your independent to get to where you want to go. Rather than having to kill the rat, it is a more useful strategy to get out of the are where the rat thrives. That is stay away from the rat rather than killing it. Get into an environment where the intentions are purer.

  4. I’m running from someone and I’m trying to get out of this house I don’t recognize, and as I get to the doorway, an empty infant car seat is blocking my way.

    Thanks in advance

    • Dear Shae,
      Running away from someone from their house means that you are trying to get out of a relationship with someone’s self. Because you don’t recognize the person, it means that they are certain types of people in the culture. I am not sure exactly who they are because the dream is not that involved. The infant seat probably means that the people you are running from are acting childish. You don’t have to be fearful of them. You have to be more clever or wise with them.

  5. Hi,
    I was having my right palm read. The reader exclaims “fish-out-water” and something else I cannot remember. She quickly grabs mt left hand, my fingernails were dirty. I’m shocked, thinking or saying “they’re never like that”.

    That’s it.

    Many thanks.

    • Dear Liam,
      When you are having your palm read, it means that you are curious about your spiritual state of being and how it may play itself out in the world. Being a fish-out-of-water means that when you are new or unfamiliar surroundings, you are not very comfortable. Basically the process you need to learn is how to deal effectively when you have a lot of unknowns. The best way to learn this process is to get your “hands dirty” (hence, the dirty fingernails) which means giving yourself a lot of experiences in new types of environments that you have not been in before.

  6. Weird bus journey speaking about chess pieces, Queen e.t.c happily with a friend called Miriam, so maybe we were going to play some kind of game, we arrive and the city highstreets are packed full of people, we discover the royal family are walking in a small park in the middle of the road drawing huge crowds – Miriam is excited to watch them while I’m dismissive, they’re basically there every other day walking around the grass for everyone.

    Later at my childhood home I have an acquaintance and am aware my mum is around, so I hide my friend in my old bedroom, the acquaintance sees old photos of her and I start to feel guilty so I go back to find her only she’s turned into a scarf amongst a whole pile of scarves, I wear the one I think she is and try to encourage her to become human again but it doesn’t work,.

    I walk out with the scarf into the living room where the acquaintance is. I admit what happened, she says thats a shame – as she would have liked to see her again. The scarf, the acquaintance and I watch a movie together, I still hope she’ll become human soon.

    Probably just another caring about what people think of you dream, I remember the acquaintance from school, same with the name Miriam- I also remember those scarves! Never seen the friend before, probably made up, she had a very striking appearance though. Any thoughts appreciated, thanks

    • Hmm actually could it be about trying to shut away something that was like a friend in childhood? Or more depressingly treating people as objects. Still pondering this one.

    • Dear Khi,
      While you have detached yourself from the world of image by not regarding the royalty as important, you carry your mother as an accessory when you are trying to get close to someone new. It is positive that you do not think that royalty is a big deal, but whatever your mother’s issues are in relationship, you carry them with you. To get to the next level of closeness you have to discard your mum and be really free and relaxed to embrace others.

  7. this isn’t one total dream but one thing that keeps occurring in my dreams. when something in a dream i’m having where i get worried or distressed i go into this igloo in (i’m guessing my room in those dreams). it’s an igloo with two floors, it’s bot that cold to me in the dreams but it keeps occurring, so you know what this could be?

    • i worded it weirdly but this igloo isn’t my room it’s just in my room and i’m guessing it’s my safe place, but it just keeps showing up

    • Dear Francis,
      Your igloo could be your safe place if you feel positive in the dream. If you are using it to hide from the world, then it is because you have some kind of fear about being out in the world. The positive image would be more like being cozy inside while the world is cold outside.

  8. Ok I don’t exactly remember everything I am gonna make it short

    I was in some kind of family reunion and there was a boy called Jin(I don’t know him in real life) and his family were there too. It was a garden or forest or park (Everything mixed up)We gathered their for my elder sister’s daughter birthday. So before we started whatever we were doing. There was a game that was going on in there So Jin insisted me to go and play with him. It was like a maze in a extremely Deep forest(it was looking strange foggy and glowing) at the end of their we can meet our families and party and also we needed to collect 2 glowing vials present in there. So I and Jin entered their together but got separated by something at a place . I got tensed for where to go. And after sometime I heard a voice saying that I need to find my soulmate or die being here forever. I got scared and started going towards the Direction where my intuition told me it would be right. At between I dunno many kind of obstacles came(like witches,trolls etc) and I got hella scared but somehow I passed them because I could do magic too. After that there were a series of doors. In Every door there was written in red “Every door holds your fate, Find your way out.”I choose a door that was purple and sparkly and after crossing few more doors with some kind of puzzles (after solving them I used to get a vial of white sparkly transparent liquid which seemed like water but I dunno if it was water because it was sparkling) I came out and saw Jin sitting there with other family members. I got so happy seeing him I shouted Seokjin-aah(maybe it was his full name) I got you. He got so happy hearing my voice that he ran and hugged me tight and said where were you I was worried. Other people their were whispering like who takes so much time to go through a simple maze. I got sad that they won’t believe me what happened in their. And I glanced up to see Jin smiling and he said Don’t worry I would beleive you. And he kissed me (on my cheeks) and I too did the same.
    And I was in his arms like that for few more seconds when I felt a peck at the same place (in reality) and I got up as soon as I felt it and my hands automatically went up there. And I didn’t knew how I felt. My eyes were teary. I was smiling at the same time.

    • Dear Crystal,
      What this dream says is that getting to a place of family unity or closeness with others is like going through a maze where you have to overcome a lot of obstacles and challenges and use your intuitive powers. You have strong intuition that will help you in the process.

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