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  1. My mother was abusive and had me arrested before I stopped living with her. I had a dream that I was being forced to move back in with her and she called the police to make me come back. I had to drive 4 hours to go back to her and leave my boyfriend. In my dream I was also crying a ton while in a group of people

  2. While I was meditating last night, I saw a bright light illuminating from the darkness. A man standing next to a table knocked a glass jar filled with a black substance onto the floor. When the glass broke, my head jerked back while sitting upright. A few moments later, the same light appeared as well as a middle aged woman. She smiled at me then disappeared. As soon as she did, my head jerked back once more. After the meditation, I felt an extreme exhaustion as if all my energy had been drained.

    • Dear Esteban,
      The bright light illuminating the darkness represents your own soul and your destiny. You were created to bring light into the darkness. The man represents the male energy in your life and the woman represents the feminine. The masculine energy has some problems with it, but the feminine is ok. The exhaustion comes from opening up the illumination in you which is not what you are used to. When you meditate again, first ask for illumination about the masculine energy and the meaning of the black substance spilled on the floor. It has something to do with the way men operate in the world that spills their darkness everywhere. You need to have masculine energy that is constructive and unifying rather than selfish.

  3. I dreamt of my recently departed father standing at the door of our home which was wide open whilst I still had to go up the stairs to open the door. He looked even much younger than I remember him and I felt surprised happy and shy

    • Dear Elizabeth,
      Your father’s appearance in the dream as being younger is a reflection of how he is in the next world. He is not older and weakened, but younger and more vibrant. It should give you some peace of mind that he is in a really good space and doing well.

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