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  1. Last night I had this dream that my kids were going to the doctor (and in waking life the next day, or today, they had a doctor appointment and I am the one who took them as planned), but in my dream it was my brother who was supposed to meet me at the doctors and drop them off and he wasn’t answering my calls or messages, then oddly it was my oldest step son who was supposed to be the one (but in the dream it was the same person if that makes sense). My husband was with me and I was frantic about them missing the appointment and I was trying to call but the call wasnt going through and I was asking him for help but he wasn’t being helpful. Next thing I know I am at the doctors office reception area (which was wayyy different in the dream) and I was talking to the receptionist and trying to see if my kids were there yet and they were not, my husband was still being unhelpful. I walked away from reception and kept trying to call to see if my kids were enroute. I was walking up this large flight of stairs and there was a baby gate at the top by reception and I had to walk over it and it came unhooked on one side. My husband was right behind me and there was a cleaning lady at the top of the stairs to the left. Well out of anger I took the baby gate and kicked it down and him, but when I kicked it, it was my son and the baby gate hit in the forehead and he started to bleed and he fell off the stairs (there was no railing and he was 3/4 of the way up) and hit his bum then head and was bleeding out and I was screaming HES DYING over and over and that cleaning lady didnt even look my way, she didnt help, the receptionist was doing her thing like I wasnt even talking. It scared me awake and I am just so unsure on what it means.

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