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  1. Hi Richard,
    I was just wondering what it means to dream of someone washing your feet in a dream or getting a pedicure?
    Thanks for your help again.

    • Hi Nicole,
      A pedicure or having your feet washed is what women do to take care of themselves. It is actually a relatively simple act, but women generally feel really nurtured after a pedicure. It lets you know that there are simple things that you can do to allow yourself to feel nurtured inside.

  2. I had a dream where I woke up in the middle of the night because my dog needed out I walk across the room to the sliding glass door I look at the handle and thare is a light gry ball covering I thought what the hell is that I poked it with a broom it dident move so I reached forward to take it off the door when a long pinkish tail dropped down and a small narrow head with lots of teeth foaming at the mouth hisses at me and bites down on my arm it’s a opossum biting me I scream and. Start shaking my arm trying to get it off I slam it into a wall it drops to the floor snarling at me as the dog barks at it I Chase it out of the house with broom and shut the door. It bit me deep. I open a cabinet and clean the bite then raped in goze and said I probably got raibies or something from that thing I told myself I’d go to the dock in the morning the next morning I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth when I spit u looked in the mirror and started to floss my teeth while I’m looking at my 2 of my bottom teeth and 2 of my top teeth the k9’s got longer and jagged I jumped back an clamped my mouth shut when I looked again they were normal u thout I was going crazy then continued cleaning my teeth then my eyes turned blood red with an odd shaped pupil and the teeth got longer again I looked in the mirror and touched one of my teeth with my finger I cut my finger and cures someone knocks on the door I looked at the door and said I’d be out in a second when I looked in the mirror again I was normal I went to the doc and he gave me pills then said he’d be right back I could see my reflection in a metal try and it had the red eyes and teeth again it spoke to me I said who the hell are you it reached foreword pointing at me and said don’t you see I’m you and your me she slams her hand in the reflective suffice leaving a crack she screams at me laughing like a hyena baring her teeth at me and said come on you bitch let me out if your subconscious you know you want to. Then I woke up

    • Dear Kathryn,
      This dream is about the negative inner aspect of yourself that is like the possum in the dream. It hides and then bites others viciously. It is hidden from you, but the dream wants it to come out so that you can deal with it in a positive way. What the dream wants you to become is more loving and nurturing, but you are going to have to deal with the inner kind of vicious part. You developed it from experiences that happened to you. Now you need to let them go and work on your loving qualities rather than protective ones.

  3. I had a strange dream recently. I was out in some house at the country and my sister and I were blocking a door, trying to stop some animals from getting in. I looked out the window to see a brown bear, a white polar bear, a lion, and a black panther. They were all just casually outside together. I went outside and attempted to touch the pomolar bear but it bit my hand and as its teeth sunk deeper into my skin I felt a weird feeling throughout my body. Its like the feeling of drugs going through your veins. Its like the deeper the polar bear sunk its teeth in, the better it felt. Its like it was injecting me with something. And my eyes rolled back, it felt so good. But then my sister pushed the bear off of me and i saw the bite mark on my hand. I can’t get over this dream. The feeling of the bite was so vivid.

    • Dear Akira,
      When you have a dream about these kinds of animals, it is because you need their inner qualities. These animals in particular are knocking on your door because you need their energy which is mostly about courage and inner strength. The bear in particular has the quality of great strength so when he bites you and you feel the drug-like sensation your are feeling what is it like to be like a bear. Bear energy or inner strength allows you face difficult situations without deviating from your course. You stay strong even when it is not so easy. Without the bear you would have a tendency to be weak in the face of difficult circumstances.

  4. Hi Richard,
    It’s Nicole. I last contacted you on July 19 on this forum about a dream that I had involving the guy that I like. Once again, I have had a dream involving this guy and I would appreciate your help in interpreting it.
    I had a dream that I had gone to this place and I was sitting down, when suddenly the guy that I like brought me his phone without telling me a word. He then ran off. He basically wanted me to watch his phone for him. I took his phone though, and I opened it, I went through his messages and everything in the dream.
    When I opened the phone though, I realized that his passcode was 8017. In my waking hours, after the dream, I googled this number and I found a verse from the Bible that correlates well to my life involving these numbers.
    However, what was strange in the dream was, since his phone is an iPhone, and you could unlock your iPhone by simply putting your fingerprint on the home button, I had tried to open his phone like that in the dream. I opened his phone with my fingerprint and I was in shock in the dream because I had realized that that meant that our fingerprints are the same.
    What does this dream mean? Thank you again.

    • Dear Nicole,
      If he is giving you his phone and letting you go through his messages, it means that he has nothing to hide from you and trusts you a great deal. The fact that you share the same fingerprint means that you share the same spiritual energy. In some ways knowing him is knowing yourself. It is worth it to get into the relationship because you will find a lot about yourself by knowing him. Sometimes this does not work long term, but it is a great short term ride of discovery.

  5. Whenever I have dreams of my apartment building everything seems opposite. For example the main entrance that is on the left side of the building is on the right same as my apartment. The houses that are on the left are on the other side and the highway is where the houses are. In every dream that involves my apartment building that’s how it always is why?

    • Dear Emma,
      Your apartment is a symbol of yourself in your dream. This dream tells you that what you think about yourself in a negative manner is actually the opposite of who you truly are. You have a tendency to think of yourself contrary to who you really are. This, of course, will affect your actions, because you won’t think positively enough of yourself. Work on your self image by having a really positive one. That is who you truly are.

  6. I had a dream that I was changing in my room and a man in a hoody was staring at me from my window. My apartment is on the 4th floor but the man somehow managed to get close to the window and I screamed. He was trying to tell me something but I couldn’t make out his words. Then he took out something out of his pocket and started knocking my window with it. It was this new eye shadow pallet I bought the day before. What does this mean?

    • Dear Lily,
      When you are changing close to a window, it means that you are exposed. The fear is that you would be seen by the wrong kind of man that might treat you in an inappropriate manner. However, he gives you your eye shadow pallet which is something that you would use to attract men. So I would say that you are a little conflicted about your exposure to men. If you expose your true self to men, then you will attract the right kind of man for yourself. If, however, you expose your put on self, then that is also who you will attract, a fake person. The goal is to work hard to expose your higher self and then everything will be great for you.

  7. Hi had a dream of a freind climbing through a car window but the door was open so don’t under stand why she was climbing in by the window

    • Dear Annie,
      A window in a car is what you see out of so you can see where you are going. It means that she wants to get a vision of where to go with herself before she starts going there. She probably is used to driving without getting anywhere or something like that.

  8. Hi iv been having strange dreams lately 1 was waiting in a pub with every 1 for my grandad who is no longer with us when he gets to the pub every 1 is happy and drinking but my grand dads setting in the middle of the floor with every 1 round him but he looks And just setting with his head down then I had another where I’m in a shop across the road is a pub out side is a hurse and I keep saying iv got to go there leaving but and I’m just standing looking at the pub and funeral cars saying there leaving

    • Dear Mary,
      The reason that your grandad has his head down is because the pub is a not a very healthy place for your soul. It is where people go to try to forget their lives rather than being in charge of them and facing the difficulties strongly. There is a whole culture of it which is death to everyone’s soul. A better way to deal with life is to feel like you are in charge of your life, to face the difficulties with honesty, and then believe that there is something you can do about it.

  9. Hi Richard,
    Okay, so there’s this guy that I really like a lot. I think that he may like me too, as he always shows signs suggesting so. The thing is, he’s a really confident guy around everyone else but around me, he is shy. He has troubles talking to me sometimes, and stumbles on his words and stuff. I get nervous around him too, so we have never really broken the ice. Now it is the summer and I miss him a lot. We won’t see each other until August 31.
    In my dream, he was wearing a white suit and he was sitting in a room made out of glass, kind of resembling a penalty box but smaller. It was apparently his birthday in his dream. His friends hadn’t helped him get this special thing for his birthday, and he was really sad. He had a fight with them and stayed alone in his glass box. In the glass room, he was sitting at a table set for two and he was staring at me very intensely from inside the glass room. I brought him a glass of champagne and I got myself one too. I knocked on the door and he let me in. When he saw me, he hugged me tightly.
    Not too long after that, I had a dream of him staring at me from outside a window. I was at a restaurant in the dream and he was outside on the terrace. When I walked out of the restaurant, he came close to me before I woke up.
    I can’t wait to hear your interpretation as you seem to have some really great responses to other dreams!
    Thank you!

    • Dear Nicole,
      Since there is an attraction to you, it is interesting that he cannot be confident with you. The dream explains that when he is around you, it is like he is trapped in a glass box or looking at you through a window. This means that there is something about you that really makes him come unglued. In order for you to continue the relationship he just needs a lot of encouragement from you and reassurance. You have to help him break the glass. What I think is that you have some very outstanding qualities, not sure what they are, that make him come unglued. Reach out to him and reassure him and then it will be awesome.

      • Hi Richard,
        Yes, it’s actually strange but he is able to do indirect actions, he always defends me and stuff, he makes an effort to be closer to me and stuff, he has shown body language signs around me, he acts shy and nervous around me, his friends even told me that he likes me, and he has a lot of songs on his playlist that seem to describe our situation.
        I just don’t know I could shatter this glass? I, myself, have troubles talking to him. I get shy around him. It’s the summer for now so we have no way of communicating. What would be your suggestions on shattering this glass and how can I talk to him?
        Also, what did it mean when he stared at me from the glass and when he let me in?

        • In the dream you knock on his door and then he lets you in. This means that you have to do the knocking if you want to be let in. When you initiate things with him, then he will let you in, but he is having trouble doing the initiating himself. Someone has to do the initiating in the relationship and the dream says it should be you. He will respond. You just have to go for it and put all of your fears to the side.

      • Hi Richard,
        Yes, it’s actually strange but he is able to do indirect actions, he always defends me and stuff, he makes an effort to be closer to me and stuff, he has shown body language signs around me, he acts shy and nervous around me, but he’s a confident guy around other girls, he has many female friends. I am the only one that he acts this way with.
        I just don’t know I could shatter this glass? I, myself, have troubles talking to him. I get shy around him. It’s the summer for now so we have no way of communicating. What would be your suggestions on shattering this glass and how can I talk to him? How can I make him feel reassured?
        Thank you for answering!

  10. Hi so this just happened. I was falling alseep and this man I have no idea who started talking to me me, he said tonight me and my son were going with him. And those words scared me and I opened my eyes looked around realized I was dreaming and dosed off again, and again this guy was there, no face or any visual besides black but I suddenly feel as if hes pulling my soul from my body, it was a super weird tingling feeling, and my boyfriend was sitting at the end of my bed back facing towards me and I’m looking at him hoping he’ll turn around and see what’s going on and i manage to scream BABE, NO. and I felt the guy let me go, and when my soul bounced back in my body I also flung out of bed so fast and opened my eyes and my boyfriend was staring at me and my heart was racing faster then I’ve ever felt before. I’m terrified to my core over this. After 5 mins went by and my pulse went back to normal I started crying and couldn’t stop.. I asked my boyfriend what I said to him and he said Che couldn’t understand me cause I was mumbling

    • Dear Sammy,
      I see how this could be really frightening especially because of not seeming to have any control over the experience. The man represents dark energy in the world. When the dark energy in you is strong enough, then it is as if your soul is taken away. This just means you stop living from your higher soulful self, and live in the dark shadows. It is what happens to people who are highly addicted or living a life that is not very true to themselves. In the dream you have a fear of this happening to you. Your soul can really never leave you until you die. To prevent the darkness from overcoming you it is important to live a life that is positive and aimed at service to humankind where you are always focused on developing your higher self with qualities like compassion and kindness and honesty. As long as you are on this kind of path you are completely protected by the forces of light.

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