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  1. Just to give a little insight into my feelings at the moment so you might be able to interpret my dream better, at this point in my life, I feel like my best friend is growing distant and doesn’t seem to be around me a lot. I feel like my dream might have something to do with this. In the dream, I was with my best friend and there was going to be a huge sleepover at my house. I didn’t know any of the people there because my best friend had invited all of them and she has many social circles that I don’t hang out with. While preparing for this sleepover, she kept insulting me. For example, I was frantically helping her clean a lot of dust on the floor (I don’t know why I was frantic) and there was too much and it wasn’t going away. I could hear her behind me muttering about how useless and dumb I am. That is about the extent of my memory of this dream. There is also another part where my best friend asks someone where they are on the spectrum (sexuality wise), with her meaning that a 1 was straight and 10 was completely gay. I myself have been confused about my sexuality for a while, but in the dream I butted into the conversation and replied 9.

  2. My ex lover said he needed to do something productive to help people made me feel in the dream that he was being productive and coming with ideas and projects with his friend but I wasn’t. We where inside a clinic but that clinic had a surgery room. I laid down on the clinic bed and would just hear him but went to sleep just ignored whatever he had to say. But, woke up in the dream because he was doing a surgery with his friend on my 5 year old son and came out from the surgery room with my sons nose on his hand and blood was everywhere and said he failed with the son was still alive but I took it that he no longer had a nose and he was going to die because he would no longer breathe . so I came out of the clinic to the parking running and crying when he gave me the news he would just stare at me when he told me if his failed surgery. On the way out I saw several doctors and nurses looking at me because I came out crying with my entire soul because of what happened to my son.

  3. I had a dream where i was parkouring on rooftops and i suddenly was in a bad position in which i could fall to my death. Then i saw that my grip was getting worse by the second. I decided to jump and you would expect me to wake up before hitting the ground but instead i hit the ground and i did not die.. I didn’t even feel any pain. After that i told my parents i jumped off a rooftop and i felt invincible and thats how the dream ended.

    • Basically this dream is telling you that you can experiment and go for all kinds of new things in life. It is not saying to do parkour in a manner that is unsafe. It is saying that when you take risks in life and go for things, that you will land on your feet, which means that you will be ok.

  4. Had a dream that I was taking a pregnancy test in the restroom. Saw urine and menstrual flow when taking the test that I said to myself why am I even taking this pregnancy test that means I’m not pregnant (In the dream I felt I was pregnant but kept denying it). Yet, still was curious to look at the results but can just see the urine through the pregnancy window with no lines. I saved that test regardless and later in the day I saw multiple lines appear on the pregnancy test (more than 2 in all directions) once more I tricked myself to believe that meant I wasn’t pregnant when internally I knew I was. Then my cousins mom saw that pregnancy test and said to me that meant I was pregnant but expecting twins. In the dream I was considering abortion if the guy I got pregnant from didn’t step up to be a father. In real life that doesn’t even cross my mind.

    • Dear Anonymous,
      Being pregnant in a dream means that there is new positive energy being developed inside of you that wants to come out in the world and do positive things. In your case, you have twins, which means double the positive energy. You are blocking the new energy coming out probably because you are fearful that if you have it, then it will be so much responsibility that you are not ready for. What you can know is that every new energy that comes out in you that is positive, just makes you that much freer and able to do things so much easier. It is your current state that is limited. When you give birth to your new potential, you will be able to do so much more so much easier.

  5. Last night I had this bizarre dream, please help me make sense of this. In real life I am in a serious relationship of 7 years. We have had our up and downs and taken a few “breaks” due to him cheating. We have made it past all the past betrayal and really seemed to be on solid footing and faithful to each other, however the resentment, bitterness, and anger from flaws is always pushing each of us to the edge.

    Dream –
    We were visiting my moms house and we broke up for whatever reason. He stayed at my moms house and I went over to the new neighbors house to meet them and say hello. The neighbor ended up being a very attractive man that I started something with and we hooked up. When I was with this other man I was very happy and feeling feelings I had not felt in some time. This man asked me to be his second wife. I said huh and he explained that he already had a wife who does as she pleases and they are not committed but when they are together in the same space they take the roles of husband and wife. I was confused by this and did not answer him on his question. He had been drinking and asked if I wanted to go bowling with his friends and him. I said yes and when we left to leave my real life bf (who i broke up with in the dream) saw me leaving from the window of my moms and waved. When I saw him I instantly felt very sad. I left anyways and when I was in this new guys car and my ex slipped his gun in there incase I needed it and told me to be safe. The new guys car was a super fancy speed car and he was driving kind of recklessly. I told him that I could dive on the way home if he wanted to and then I got M&M’s stuck on his seat and his friend was telling me was going to be mad, but when we got there I brushed the seat off then there was tons of money in bands, thousands of dollars. He took the money and we went to the place.
    When we got to the place my real life boyfriend was there and then his 1st wife was also there. She came up to me all nice and gave me a hug and grabbed my breast and the new guy introduced me to her then I introduced him my ex. They shook hands and chatted for a bit before we ALL left together to go back to his house. I drove the car but it was really touchy and if I went left the car went right and visa versa. When I was pulling onto the road I almost hit another car but the other car drove around us. When we got back to his house he went inside with his wife. I stayed outside with my ex and started crying telling him that I missed him and I was sorry and i wanted to get back together. He said he did not know and this made me sad. So he went to my moms and I went to the new guys house to hang out with his wife, friends and him.
    In the dream it felt like this new guy and us had been dating for some time because he had very strong feelings for me. I ended up ending things with him to go back to my ex (or in real life bf). He was so upset that I ended things. I went back to my ex and when I did time has passed and we were together and seemingly happy (much like we are today in real life). I was holding him and felt some of the old flame come back up. However, I did not feel like I really loved him but more less chose him because it was what I knew and I found myself thinking about the new guy I hooked up with often.

    • Dear Stephanie,
      The problem in the dream results from not being able to reconcile two energies inside. You have one energy that wants to free and have more choice and another that wants to be committed and stay in a positive relationship. Inside of you right now there is a conflict between the two energies. It is as if you have to chose one or the other. So when you are with one as if you are with one guy, then miss the other energy and vice versa. What is important to remember is that you can have both, freedom and commitment, because they are both positive energies and positive energies are never in conflict with each other. It seems like you have some kind of guilt about having freedom and independence, probably inherited from your mom, since the dream starts in your mom’s house which represents herself. A really positive relationship is one where partners feel really close but also give each other a lot of space to pursue their own dreams and aspirations.

  6. I had a nightmare last night (we’ve been in Corona lockdown for over a week, and distancing for 2 weeks beforw that)

    Nightmare is…

    Being trapped in an open topped pit, dug into the ground. There were cockroaches, nasty insects and snakes in there crawling over me.

    It’s damp, and its dark and cold (it is night), and there is a little bit of mist on the ground above the pit, like in horror films.

    There are sinister people who wear cloaks, walking around outside the pit stopping me leaving, and they are carrying burning flame torches, and its really frightening being trapped in the pit

    • Is this purely symbolic of the current situation, and should I be worried about it recurring tonight?

      • The worry state will reappear in the dream world for as long as worry is an issue for you. When you have more confidence in being able to free under all conditions, then the dreams will no longer be necessary. It is just information about where you need to grow internally.

    • Dear Anonymous,
      No doubt Corona as exacerbated your tendency to feel trapped and then imagine all kinds of bad things happening. It is like your negative anxious mind takes over when you are confined. The way that our family deals with Corona is that we look for positive opportunities to help other people. Since you have a lot of imagined negative thoughts that do not have a lot of basis in reality, it means that you have a great ability to reach out and help others. The lockdown has put that on hold for you because you are used to being a lot freer. What you have to think about is that first and foremost freedom is an inner state rather than an outer one. It seems to be what Nelson Mandela learned in prison. He didn’t allow the prison to overcome him. He became freer. Freedom is a state of always looking for positive possibilities.

  7. Last night i had a really weird dream. I was in my house and i was walking to go to my room and i saw the girl from the movie the ring idk if you’ve seen it or know it. So i saw her standing in the balcony facing me and I ignored it for some reason and continued my way to my room, before i reach my room she appeared infront of me and had a camera in her hand which she took a picture of me and when i saw the flash from the camera i woke up.. As u can see my English is kind of weird because its really hard to explain this dream but i would like to know what it means pls.

    • I just looked at the trailer of the movie. When she was there in the dream, was she afraid? Were you afraid? It makes a difference for what I can tell you.

      • I ignored her when i saw her at first but when she appeared infront of me and took a picture i got jump scared and woke up.. I think i was afraid.

        • Hi Anonymous,
          Basically what I think is happening here is that when you are surprised by someone in fear, you become fearful as well. It is not uncommon because it is what happens to most people. The opposite is what you are going for, which is when there is a challenge that has dark implications, the virtue you need is courage. In that case you have to be able to put the fear aside, which is putting your fearful self to the side, and then acting out of your courageous self. You can think of the two selves as always being present and in difficult times, the courageous one is what you act from.

  8. Before I send this I would like to warn you, my dream was pretty violent and involved sensitive topics such as murder, self harm, substance abuse, verbal/emotional abuse, and suicide.
    i was in a sewer under a bar. It was really gross and green and dirty and rusty but there was always some areas that were completely spotless and shiny and new… and we were running from some monster or something, me and my two other teammates
    and then we reached a room, it kind of looked like the commons area of a school
    but there were a shit ton of people there waiting for us and once we fell from the ceiling they started to shoot
    so we hid behind a really big table and started shooting back and when they noticed we killed most of their crew they ended up fleeing,
    so we got up and walked over to where the crew was and there was this injured girl laying down on a hospital gurney and from what i remember she might have looked like me? but she was begging for us to help her and to take her out of the sewer and
    i just stood there and listened to her for a while? my teammates kept trying to help her but i told them to wait and after like 5 minutes of her pleading i just
    went ballistic

    i took out a knife and i just started stabbing her over and over again in the legs and i moved up and started doing it in her stomach
    i swear i stabbed her like 50 times but she was somehow still alive, it wasn’t killing her
    and so i started to saw her head off with the knife
    and then she finally died after a while of pleading and begging and shit and i said to my crew
    “okay, lets go”
    and while we were walking back to the area above ground where the bar was, i kept
    seeing her ghost out of the corner of my eye every so often, and i remember seeing her face, and she looked so similar to me that i would start getting mad and punching the wall until my knuckles bled and my teammates kept trying to stop me and ask if i was okay but i wouldn’t listen to them.
    Then we finally got above ground and reached the bar area and i remember buying a shit ton of
    whiskey infused jelly beans and a shit drugs like MDMA and acid and i just took/ate it all at once
    I think I was trying to use them to make me feel better or make it so that i couldn’t remember anything.
    Then i think i went to the bathroom and overdosed on my adderall or something, but after i died i kept coming back to life and i kept reliving the same thing i experienced over and over again, and it repeated maybe 3 times until one time i came back to life and i was a kid in middle school
    i know i was a boy (im a biological female) but i never saw what i looked like or anything
    but in the dream i had a mom (not my real mom, my real mom is sweet)
    and maybe a sister and a brother?
    and the mom kept screaming at us but my siblings were just… okay with it? i was the only one freaking out and so i ran to the bathroom and all of a sudden i was in a tank top and a pair of shorts and i had a razor blade in my right hand and something else in my left, i don’t remember what exactly… but my hands were covered in blood and i was really confused,
    so i sat down on the toilet and i inspected my body and
    there wasn’t a single area of my body that wasn’t covered in really deep and dark scars
    and i remember very specifically i had the word “worthless” carved right under my right knee.
    then my dream mom started banging on the door and she said something like
    “let me in let me the f*ck in! what are you doing? what the f*ck, blah blah blah”
    she eventually busted the door down and she said something like
    “you’re cutting yourself again arent you?”
    and i remember i couldn’t speak, i was mute or something
    and she saw the word worthless carved into my knee, as well as a couple other words i dont remember carved into other areas of my legs and she said something like
    “haha yeah, you are worthless! you’re good for nothing and you never do anything right. no one cares about you, not even yourself! youre going to die alone and no ones going to care. you’re stupid and nothing you do matters and blah blah blah- you should just die. kill yourself.”
    and then i started to slit my wrists right in front of her while looking her in the eyes and she said
    “yeah, keep going, i’ve been waiting for this moment since the day you were born”
    but i just couldn’t die no matter how deep i went , and she just kept yelling at me and berating me while i sat there and dealt with it… and then i woke up.

    • Dear Al,
      To understand how to deal with this kind of dream you first need to understand that every human being has two selves. You have a higher self, which is made up of all of your positive qualities and abilities, and then you have a lower self or your ego, which is where your darker qualities. In this dream your higher self doesn’t seem to show up at all. The only part of you that is in the dream is your ego or darker self. It is not bad that you have dreams with the lower self. It just shows you the state of affairs in the darker self. It starts in the sewer under a bar. This means that in your ego you start in foul and dirty place and when you are in that space, you try to use means (like drugs) to cope with the state. When people shoot at you and you shoot back and kill others, it means you feel really are being shot down or criticized which explains why you are in the sewer. Your response is to shoot back and then kill others which means that in real life, when you are in your ego self, you kill relationships. Eventually you kill and torture your true self so that it is not there at all, and then try every drug to forget your ego state. You have a fair amount of work, according to the dream, to get to your positive, true self. Basically wherever you are or whatever you are doing in the dream, your true self is in exactly the opposite kind of place and is doing the opposite. The first step is to believe that the true self actually exists and that is beautiful and amazing. It takes a kind of faith that it is there even when it doesn’t seem possible. Eventually, when you recognize your beautiful self, you will begin to encourage and support others, but you will also take care of yourself and your body in healthy ways that allows you give benefit to others, to be life-enhancing to others. From the looks of the dream I would say that you cannot do this on your own very well so it is a good idea for you to go for help. The kind of help you need in the beginning is a professional person that knows how to see your inner beauty even when you do not.

  9. i had this dream and i’m really curious about what it mean because it’s stuck in my head so i’d appreciate the interpretation: i was in the hospital curled up on the bed with a doctor next to me who was kind and i partially recognise (i think she was my ballet teacher but it’s foggy) and then we went in this dark room by the scanner where i had a previous dream talking with her about mental health struggles and how she thought i had depression and i should really get it diagnosed. and the doctor brought it up again. then they did a head scan and it said there was nothing wrong and then the pain in my head (temples) intensified and i started screaming and the doctor drew circles where i said it hurt and put a line through the left one then it all went black

    • Dear Matilda,
      The purpose of going to a hospital in a dream is to get some healing. Since your ballet teacher is with you, it seems as though you need some healing in your mind around ballet. When you get depressed, it means that you have lost your up energy like your joy and enthusiasm for the activity. This happens in life, whether it be ballet or anything else, when there are too many expectations on the performance levels and not enough focus on the joy of dancing. When you focus on the joy of dancing and let go of the expectations of performance, then you will be healed.

  10. I had the strangest experience ever. I was first dreaming that i got a new puppy, then the puppy suddenly died. After that i woke up and ran to my mother and she told me that a storm is coming u have to get the birds in the cage inside and then there was a really loud thunder and i woke up… After really waking up i realized that i had a dream within a dream, like i dreamt that i was dreaming and i woke up once in the dream but the dream was still going and after that i really woke up. The weird part is i dont even have 2 birds as pets i dont know why i had pets. I know this is so complicated but this is exactly what happened in my “dream within a dream”. Can u pls tell me the meaning behind this?

    • Dear Anonymous,
      When you have animals in a dream, the animals are symbols for qualities that you need inside of you. What happens to the animals is in a sense what happens to you when you try to become the qualities that the animals represent. A puppy is a symbol of love and friendship that is just beginning to come out inside. When your puppy dies, it means that the quality suddenly died in you. It is as if your friendliness died. Birds are symbols of freedom so when your birds inside (your freedom) is met with a storm, you have to take them inside to protect them. With the puppy(love and friendship) energy you have to keep putting it out there even when friendships are lost or die. With the birds energy (freedom) you cannot let stormy times keep you from the free feeling inside.

  11. Last nights dream was nuts! I felt a tickle in my ear. I kept trying to stick my finger in there to scratch it but it was so painful! I could feel the pain in my throat. But something was in my ear and I freaked the hell out! I picked up like a small stick to dig in there. I stuck it in and felt something hard, I flicked it out and it was a spider. I squished it and was screaming like a maniac. I looked in the mirror at my ear, only to see another spider, bigger, sitting at the opening of my ear. When I tried to get it out it would just go back inside my ear. I started banging my head on anything I could to knock it out my ear but it was in there good. Finally I put rubbing alcohol in my ear, it FINALLY crawled out on my face and I flicked it off my face and killed it. When I woke up this morning in real life, my ear hurts. Same ear as my dream. Freaky. Lol what did I do?

    • Dear Celia,
      Spiders, when they are negative in dream, are symbols for people in your life who create negative webs of malicious gossip and backbiting. So when the spider is in your ear, it means that a malicious gossiper has your ear or you let gossip in. Fortunately in the dream you were able to kill the spider which means that you stop the gossip or bad intent. The solution is for you to become a positive spider, which means that you weave a web of positive encouragement and support for others. You start by finding positives in others and then you tell them as if it goes right into their ears. In this way you can quickly build a very positive web.

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