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  1. I dreamt I was outside and a German Shepard was barking outside a cage he ran away and I walked closer there were lots of animals in the cage, lions pigs monkeys etc. But there were two animals a panther and a panda that was 4 times the size of the rest of the animals fighting each other I opened the cage and all the other animals dissappeared and only the panther was left I petted it but I felt scared after a while it layed on his side while I petted him and I layed down with him with his paws around me but when I tried to get away it wouldn’t let me go, I got scared and woke up.

  2. This was my husbands dream from two nights ago:

    He had to take some breathing test that was in the form of an app but he was hooked up to machinery in what has some sort of medical testing facility. They made him breathe hard and fast for 30 seconds then slow down. apparently to get his heart rate up.

    • Dear C, The question for your husband that presents itself in the dream is why does he need his heart tested? It is not his physical heart that is at question here, but his emotional heart. He is being questioned about how much heart he has. It is something like does he really have what it takes to do something really positive for others? That is the question he can ask himself.

  3. In my dream last night I had just moved to Canada (BC) with my husband and one of our daughters (our other 3 kids were not with us oddly). In waking life we live in Texas and are verryyyy far from Canada and I have never been but when I think of it in waking life I think of a slow paced, more friendly environment that is rich in forestry and mountains and beauty.

    Okay so we moved into this apartment and when we first got there the apartment seemed okay but as I looked around I began to notice things. First I noticed a couple kitchen and also I didnt see any doors, just archways. My husband and I just set up our bed in the living room with the TV because we were working on selling out current home in the US and didnt bring all of our furniture. Then a bunch of kids (like 8-10) come running through out front door, one on a bike and see us, say sorry and continue on. This makes me get curious so I am sitting on the bed looking around at the space I can see. Then a man stands behind our bed, takes off his socks then goes into the bathroom to fully undress and takes a shower. At this I look at my husband and I say “What is this place?” I see a woman coming so I ask him to ask her about this place and he is just on his phones and wont look up. She walks over and I say my husband wants to ask you a question (in waking like I have some social anxiety when it comes to talking to strangers so my husband typically does the talking). He doesnt look up from his from or even acknowledge her, she sits next to him begins to kiss on his cheek and he does nothing, she then gets up and says “you know where to find me if you need me” and walks away. At this I was so mad and began to cry, I asked him why did he not stop her from kissing on him and why cant he get off his phone.

    Then he shower guy comes out and my husbands begins talking to him asking about this place we are in. Oh and when we moved in we were on the ground floor but when the kids came through we were now 4-5 stories up. But the shower guy has us look out the window and is snapping his fingers to this woman (who is in an adjacent building) but obviously she cant hear him and the windows were all one way glass so we could see out and no one could see in. But he was telling us she was a local coach and just a really good person.

    He explained that we lived in a community apartment. This meant that many family (our apartment held 6-8) all lived on an entire floor and each had their own living and bed rooms but all shared a few kitchen and bathrooms. I was unsettled by this because there are NO doors, except the bathroom. I told my husband I wanted to move to a private apartment, in the dream the apartment rent was 1,000 a month and we pay almost double that for our house so surely we could find a private place. Then a woman from across the way spoke up and said those are TEN grand a month and that is why most people live this way.

    I sort of accepted the living situation at this point and got up to wonder around. I saw a little girl playing in her room and didnt even seem to notice me. I noticed two large dinning tables in two close rooms that sat about 20 people and the lady who spoke up was living near one of them and her living room was full of kids and neighbors. When I turned the corner I found 3 various empty rooms that were to be bedrooms for me and my kids. The odd thing that kept making me feel uncomfortable was that all rooms had 2 entry points of arched door ways, still with the doors missing.

    Then I look into the alleyway and there is my husband talking to a Canadian and this man is asking my husband if he ever sneaks things over the boarder and he goes on to tell my husband the things he sneaks over. My husband pulls a thing of pits bread out of his jacket and says yes I snuck this and shows him this pita and begins to eat it and the guy was like ooooooo pita wow (like it was a rarity) and my husband then tells him this bread belonged to a king and blah blah blah but I was just happy to see him making friends in this new country.

    Then I woke up

    • Dear C, This is funny. I live in Vancouver, BC. I hike and ski all the time in the mountains. The forests are gorgeous. Basically your dream is a filled with social anxiety. When you open the friendliness part of yourself with new people, the worry is that there is no stop or off button. It is like you are either social all the way, all the time or you are isolated. It is an interesting challenge that the dream presents because it seems to indicate that you have good friendship and social skills, but you do not have an off button when you are social with new folks so it is like they can come in and out as they please. You probably need confidence to say yes or no, to have more choice in social situations.

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