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  1. I just awoke from a nightmare which was going going well until it turned into a nightmare… I was babysitting and playing with these two small cute children and their parent, then I went out with someone else and the kids (I think that someone else was another relative of the parent) and when we returned I parked the car in the driveway and safely took the kids out .. .i saw that the littlest child did not have her shoes on then I told the relative if they could see her shoes…i saw them behind the car and the relative was there so I hand the child to her and point at the shoes and say there they are you can get them while I get the other child…notice there is no “sh” sound in my sentence…then why I don’t know my mom comes running out saying why am I constantly saying shh and shushimg people apparently… I didn’t do that… I told her she kept talking over me…and then my dad came out of nowhere and started physically threatening me…this female relative didn’t utter a word…probably took the second child and shoes herself…my father got so close to physically abusing me …then I just came inside the kitchen angrily where my mom started cooking I asked her do you believe this relative? She said she’s right 95% of the time…but she didn’t even have a chance to complain to my parents even a fake complaint…my parents just threatened and abused me on their own…so I woke up crying shocked and angry with a headache…my parents mentally and emotionally abuse me so much in real life…sometimes physically too…and I even had a dream long ago of them trying to sexually abuse me….I had enough,I don’t see any solution other than hoping and praying for their untimely demise…theyre already 50 anyway…not really untimely

  2. I was with my ex and his new wife (I am civil and friendly with him, we dont communicate anymore than we have to, but I am best friends with his new wife, we get along so well and hang out quite a bit, so the relationship is great). Anyhow they called me to come check out this new building being built. Apparently my ex stared his own HVAC business and the building was complete on the outside but not on the inside. They walked me around and showed me the area and mentioned they didnt have any more money to finish and I said well I have money. and they said thats why the wanted me to come see it, so i could invest. Then he was walking me around and his wife was gone for a bit and now my mom and their son was in the dream. She gets back and my ex walks me around to the front and takes me to a small take outside on a patio with a bag of McDonalds and asks what do I see. I say food in paper, he said exactly then moved the bag and behind it was a paper box with bone in and boneless chicken wings with no sauce and little bit on seasoning on them. Then he is pitching me about this food…now his new business is not an HVAC company but a restaurant. I started to tell him the food did not look great, we live in Texas and everything is better in Texas and this little seasoning on these small wings just wasnt going to cut it. I asked him to create a more solid business plan and present to me and i would consider investing.

    Then we were in his truck. Him and his wife in the front, his son in the back seat and my mom and I in the very back sitting on a pad leading against of the tire wells. He had a shell on it….

    Then I was having a birds eye view and he started doing donuts really fast and we were all talking, but I was watching from like the sky and I could see it all. He ended up crashing and flipping the trucks and it landed on the roof on last time and flipped over. Still with the birds eye view I watch him, his wife and their son get out safely. Then my mom and i were laying on the pad not moving, and very bloody. They started to panic and came over. I was moaning and groaning and they tried to lift me, but only my upper body and my lower body didnt move. They laid me back down and his wife started wiping the blood off my face, he asked what are you doing and she said we cant leave her like this….she cleaned my face and laid me back down and they left. my mom and i just laying there post crash not moving and I was watching is all from above. then I woke up.

    I felt very unsettled. in waking life I find my ex to be very erratic, he doesnt plan things through and can be reckless. I think this is perhaps the meaning of his business plan flopping and his driving and crashing, if this is so…how does it affect me. Him and I do have a kid together, but coparent very well with no issues.

    Thanks Richard.

  3. In my dream I was in an abandoned, locked, tinted glass window classroom of my old school, alone with my ex and our issues that we have in real life seem to have been resolved, and it was like we had resolved them since we were seeing each other for a while, I don’t know if we were back together or just finding our way back together. So we were alone, talking, and just being with each other, but I was afraid we would get caught because of our location and people would assume something wrong or make a big deal about it. Especially my family, they don’t like him in real life. So anyway, it was evening and I told him I get the feeling my parents are gonna call me soon, let’s leave. We went out of the room near the staircase and he looked up then pushed me and told me to run since I assume he saw my parents so I did… I ran down stairs and then my family also reached. They were acting a bit strange with me and it was making me more tense. I told them I didn’t go out anywhere and they were like yeah we checked your debit card…i was livid and that’s where the dream ended…because I don’t even remember USING my debit card that day. And I think maybe my ex used it to order some food online because he ran out of cash and I told him to use it. I am still very annoyed that they would breachmy privacy like that. I know in real life they probably don’t even have my netbanking credentials anymore (I am away from my bank branch now, I have been planning to change it for good when I finally go back just in case) really I woke up feeling annoyed and with bodyache…a heavy head I am still annoyed.

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