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  1. hiya i had an odd dream last night i was in a small empty flat with two room the walls were white and everything and all i see is kanye west ( yes the singer lol) came on with a gun he lined us all up to the wall and started shooting and we were all running and trying to hide and there were two idk like wooden boards i tried to hide behind it and other people but i couldn’t he shot menon my left shoulder like just below it and later apprently they called the ambulance and apprently the ambulance couldn’t exactly arrive i was there for an hour even tho i was walking i was bleeding they called an uber the uber took me to some places it was extremely busy the streets and i stayed in an uber and yeh it took me to a weird office and i’m like this is not the hospital i need the hospital and he is like i have some important work to take care of here and i was like waiting for some time for the person to finish it and take me to hospital but later i was like no it’s going to be too late and i’ll die so i walked after ages i finally reached this hospital and i’m like finally so i walk in i’m like look i’m shot help me nobody seemed to care they were all taking care of other people i walked into emergency ward and walked u to this man and i said look i’m shot help me and he went alright lay down and i did he checked it and said soemhting about blood loss i’m not sure and started talking about treating me with natural stuff and i rmemeber going what are u on about how can herbs treat me u need to take the bullet out what’s going on then he walks up to a bowl of fruit he goes these will help u gain the power and picked out two big fresh strawberries from the bowl of other berries and went eat this it would help strengthen your heart and i was eating it and rmemeber being so confused on why is nobody treating my shot what’s going on until i woke up it’s was an extremely bizzare dream i hope u can help me understand

  2. You
    In my dream I was in a roll over car accident (caused by my speeding around an on ramp) I could see my self tossed around in the car and the falling out as the car still flipped (in my dream I was having an out of body experience watching myself & controlling the car to not crush me) once the car stopped (still with my body laying on tg he ground) I was walking and asking people to come help me. I finally found a man to come help, he was moving slowing acting if I may not be real. I kept rushing him. I then woke up from the noise of my roommate. I took me a minute to realize it was just a dream. I can’t stop th uh nkinv of why I dreamt this. Can you help?

  3. My ex-husband comes in my house unannounced with a camera and start taking pictures of our daughter while she and I were at the table. I told him to leave and when that did not work I had to threaten him and say I am going to call the police. That is when he begin to leave, reluctantly.

  4. Hi, in my dream I am in my house. My wife is brought home by her dad in a bus (he doesn’t drive a bus in waking life) she is upset as she explains in the dream that she has seen my grandfathers ghost ( he has past in waking life) I look outside the house to see the bus is empty. I go outside but the bus is gone. On returning to my house I’m followed by several thugs, my house door has changed to a blue door with glass panels on it. I cant lock the door, I can see the thugs on the other side. My key starts to turn soft and bend in the lock. The lock turns but the door keeps opening. I try several times but it wont lock. When I take the key out its bent and out of shape, the key starts of nickel but by the end of the ordeal the brass colour is showing through. My wife then comes with her keys and I take them and the door locks. The dream was intense enough to wake me.

  5. I keep having dreams someone comes into my room and kills me and my finace. Either with a hammer or a knife. I can never see a face. The person is always pitch black moving figure. My Fiance has been having dreams of someone coming into our room and killing us as well.

  6. I’m in the afterlife holding a dog in my arms.
    We are looking for the bathroom.
    I look downstairs, left, right and pretty much everywhere but can’t find it.
    Finally I realise I have to go up a flight of stairs.
    I go up, find the door that says women and go in.
    It’s not a toilet at all but a long cooridor that leads to an office.
    Inside is a guy.
    He explains what I have to do but I don’t remember now.
    It turns out you can go back in time here.
    When I looked back in time I found out that the guy/boy who owned the dog was too busy womanising.
    He wasn’t there when the dog died (the dog I’m carrying), it was a puppy back then.

    I know nothing about dogs (am a cat person) this dog was so beautiful and big though! I still remember how soft it’s coat felt, thinking maybe it’s a dog that exists in real life I looked on google and it does! It’s called a collie! It was golden and white with a bit of black and *very* long fur just like it. I felt very warm towards it.

    Overall I woke up in a foul mood though, I still feel miserable, maybe because I didn’t find the toilet?

    A second dream later in the night there a tree all the green leaves came off the tree at once and turned into (pink?) feathers that fell to the ground.

    • Hi 81dais,
      This is really an interesting dream. An afterlife means that you are the dog are both dead and have gone to another world. So you have to ask the question, why are you with a dog, especially when you are a cat person? Dogs represent the quality of loyal friendship. Puppies are particularly friendly to everyone. So in your former life, your puppiness, or your really really friendly self, got run over by others. In the next life you are trying to let go (by going to the toilet) of the experience of having been run over in your social life when you were only a beginner (a puppy), but you are having a lot of trouble letting go. One of the problems in your relationships is symbolized by a womanizer. A womanizer believes he owns the puppies, as if he can do whatever he wants with them in a relationship. You need to do the same, but in a positive way. You own yourself that is really good in relationships. The other people do not own you. In the other dream trees and leaves represent growth so when they leaves fall off it means that your growth is falling off or not happening. Fortunately they turn into pink feathers which are symbols of softness. So when you put the dreams together it shows that you need the quality of softness and puppiness and then you will start having really great relationships. You also have to own the relationships.

  7. I saw another weird dream today. I saw that I have my head in my hand but I also saw that I am not headless and I have my face and head attached to my neck but I also saw a head in my hand and when I looked at the head it was my face and my head and I was surprised at the fact that how can I have two heads,one attached to my neck and one in my hand. So I was walking around with my head and then suddenly I saw my mother and showed her my head and told her to take it but she didn’t take it and she looked weirdly at it. And I then kept looking at the head and I was shocked to be honest but also surprised but I was smiling as well. And the head also had hair,it looked just like my head and my face and my hair. And then I woke up. What does it mean?

    • Dear Suzie,
      Such an interesting dream. The metaphor is that your hands have a head. This means that your hands have a kind of head of their own, a kind of intelligence. Generally hands represent skills or abilities, but in this case, it shows that a lot of how you learn is through your hands. You probably get a feel for things and once you work them, then things become clear. You are not a person who starts with an idea and visualizes it. The vision only becomes clear after you have worked with something for awhile. Your style is much more about throwing yourself in the middle of activity and then gradually learning and getting understanding.

  8. Dreamt of holding a horse while it went into a very dark muddy puddle then the puddle collapsed and became a tunnel with man holding balloons to lead us through ended up in a museum .

    • Dear Deb,
      Generally horses are symbols of empowerment and enthusiasm together. They can be spirited and do strong work. The dark muddy puddle represents relationships that have the wrong or bad or dirty motives. It tends to put you in tunnel vision where you believe that you are going to end up somewhere you want to go, but end up in museum. A museum is a place of the past. You are trying to get somewhere in the future. While the horse has the right qualities, you have to watch out for others with bad motives.

  9. A week ago I had a really strange dream, which I could also refer to as a nightmare, really. In real life that day, my pet bird died and electricity was out that night. My dream started from me “waking up” from another nightmare, that I do not remember, and my initial reaction being to head to my parents’ room, to see if they are awake for work already. But, I was distracted on the way there by our neighbors’ door. My parents’ room was locked, but my neighbours’ door opened itself up a little as I looked at it. Everywhere else was pitch black, but there were strange light and mist coming from behind the door. When I entered the room, I saw what my friend, whom I told about my dream, referred to as “the Void”. The closest analogy I could get to what I saw is “the Space Ending” of the game “The Stanley Parable”. In the middle of the “room”, if it can be called that way, I saw Lawrence Fletcher, a character from Disney’s TV show “Phineas & Ferb”, the father of the title charachters. He was sitting in an armchair with his hands crossed on his lap, watching TV, which I remember being radio-silent. His eyes looked like they were not human, and he was speaking in his son’s, Phineas’, voice instead of his own. He sat there staring into the TV screen saying “I know for sure, I am not alone in this world… Our Earth looks like a whole Earth looks like a whole Earth looks like..” after that his speech cycled. Then I looked at my left side and woke up from looking directly at a blue star that was there, turned out I forgot to turn off the flashlight that was by my side. This entire dream I felt as if I was being observed by someone or something, like in my other nightmares, almost all of which are about UFOs or aliens. When I told my friend about it, he was quick to point out that my nightmares 95% of the time have to do with my fear of the “cliché aliens” and emptiness or space, and he speculated that maybe it was aliens trying to tell me something through my dreams. I mean, sounds like a big stretch to me, but I’ve read about well-intentioned aliens taking form of cartoon charachters in the person’s mind, in order not to scare them, so who knows? The entire thing did feel really alien to me. (What added to that feeling is electricity going back on a few minutes after I woke up) Regardless, that dream was very eerie and surreal. And I’m still trying to understand what it was and how do I even interpret it.

    • Dear Arty,
      Basically the key to understanding the dream is that you go to your neighbour’s door. Going to your neighbour’s door means that you are trying to open up to social experience outside of your self or your own family. You are trying to open up in you the positive self that is more neighbourly or more friendly and social with others. When you go to this self in you that can be more social, you have it associated with being in a void where people are not themselves and everything feels alien. There is a very simple solution that you can try as you start on this journey. Being socially is actually a highly sophisticated set of skills much more difficult to master than anything you would ever do in university, but the starting point to relating to others is seeing how they are just like you, your commonality. Your tendency is to feel like they are alien and controlling you or capable of controlling you. When you see them the same as you, then they are much easier to relate to. Do not do anything that creates us and them feeling. It is always all us. Later on you can really learn to love diversity, but see people as common to you first.

  10. I had a nightmare well not at first I think I was in a US government building because of the American flag but it had several other flags it appeared to be a meeting of sorts with generals. I was alone wearing a suit for some reason I was inside the building. Walking outside there was a bus people with black eyes were banging their heads against the windows of the bus people screaming inside. I ran back in the building everyone was panicking so I ran in the meeting room where they were still talking about something. Than a man came in and shut the doors me and the other people in the room crowding to the left of the room corner while I was talking to a man in his 30s or 20s when the doors were busted open and three creatures with black eyes were in the inside still banging their head against the top of the door while making awful high pitch sounds. Yet the Asian women wore a blue blouse black slacks and her hair down looked up. Then I woke up but the Asian women looks like a friend on Facebook that I’ve talked to before I just realized this the dream happened months ago but I’m scared and curious as to what it means I’m I in danger?

    • Hi,
      The creatures with black eyes represent the tactics that political or military people use to get others to go along with their thinking. They make you believe that everything is really awful and ominous which then makes what they have to say valid so that they can do whatever it is that they want to do like attack another country. Not sure about the Asian woman other than the solution of the dream is to ignore the kind of critical talk that those kind of people make, and then develop really positive relationships with others.

  11. I saw a very weird dream yesterday. I am a lesbian in real life but I don’t have a girlfriend in real life. So I saw that me and my girlfriend are running from police but I don’t remember why we were running away from them. Then suddenly me and my gf disappeared in a layer under the bridge which were not visible to the police. And in that layer there was a bed and me and her were naked and making love. Then suddenly the layer was visible to police and the police caught her but I escaped and jumped into a crowded bus and the police couldn’t catch me for a very long time. As time passed I was missing my gf and then I went to the criminal facility where she was staying and there was heavy security. But I still was ready to risk it all to talk with her. But the police was also looking for me. And then I saw her going to a phone booth inside the facility and I was going towards her but then a policeman caught me and crushed me under his feet and i was bleeding real badly and then I woke up. What does it mean?

    • Dear Suzie,
      The conflict that presents itself in the dream is that between love and attraction for what you want to do and obeying the law. The girl represents the attraction and the police represent obeying the law. You are running away from the police before you get together to make love to the girl so that means you can have what you want and obey the law. It means that if you get what you are attracted to, that somehow you are doing something wrong. You are not supposed to get what you are attracted to. In reality being attracted to what you want to do and then being obedient to the laws or things you have to do to get to the goal go hand in hand. For instance, if you are attracted to having a friendship or relationship, you have to work really hard and be obedient to the laws of relationship building if you want it to work out. You have a tendency to run from the laws of working hard to get to the goals. Then is why you end up without her and in prison. Relationship building is really hard work and you have to put in a lot of work to make it work.

  12. Hello!

    Super intense dream.

    At first I’m walking with a friend, but she’s walking normally while I’m in the air and my legs are straight out in front of me: as if I’m sitting in the air and I walk that way. Kicking one leg in front of the other and I move forward with ease. It also seems that what I’m doing isn’t a big deal or different in the dream. Suddenly someone my friend knows comes up to us and we say hi. My friend says she’s done walking and goes back inside and I decide to keep walking (my way).

    My friends friend that came up to us is coming with me but a car comes out and he gets bumped . Someone says classic and somehow I don’t find it a big deal becuase I know this person is seeking attention so I just keep on walking. As I walk float I end up going down these Two poles one hand in each and one foot in each and when I get somewhere. I’m worried, it’s not a safe place to continue, but going up the two poles is harder than going down. I hear my dads voice explaining how to go up the poles and I do it. As I gets to the end I’m being brought up and as I get closer I see a little girl that i know somehow is my mom
    When she was little and she’s helping me up. When I get up we hug and she transforms into my 48 year old mom and we’re hugging and someone is watching us with tears in their eyes, but that someone also feels like me. And then I wake up.

    My mom passed away 3 years ago in real life.

    • Dear Galit,
      This dream is about the processes you need right now to get to anywhere you want to go in life. The first process is about being light as air. Being light when you are moving forward means that you do not stress a lot or put a lot of downward pressure on yourself. You just allow yourself to be in a really light frame of mind. Probably you have a tendency to take things a bit too seriously, but this dream shows you what your true self knows how to do.

      The second part is about doing things that require some kind of skill or effort. You need the technical knowledge as represented by your father and you need encouragement and support as represented by your mother. The two go hand in hand. The tears are probably about missing your mother and her support, but you can be assured that she is there for you whenever you ask.

      • Wow! That makes so so much sense and relates a lot to my life right now and different things I’ve also been told. Thank you so much for your insight it means a lot. Thank you

  13. I had a very vivid dream this morning: In my dream I was getting ready to go out and as I leave my bedroom I see this cute little blonde boy in the living room and I approach him and ask him who are you and he said to me“You are going to die today” I was startled and move back and he turn into a dog/puppy and I woke up. 😶

    • Hi Angie,
      The cute blonde boy turning into a puppy represents the part of you that wants to be developed. It is the friendly, cuddly, gentle self which is how you need to be to yourself and to others. To get to that self you have to die to whatever is preventing you from being that self. Dying, in this case, is not physical death. It is dying to your old condition which is probably somewhat hard and cold, but I am not sure exactly.

  14. Hi! I really need help with this strange dream I’ve had. It was about a tribal boy who looked to be about 9-11. He was attacked by a wolf but the wolf looked down at the boy and just, left. Then my dream flashed to the next scene where the boy was at a small Creek with lots of trees and shrubs. He saw the wolf on a small patch of land in the middle of the creek. The boy went over and the wolf acted kindly and played with the boy as the boy pet the wolf. But then a lady appeared and she had a small baby in her arms. The boy told the wolf that she was a friend. Though my dream ends there, and the whole thing looked like I was watching a movie! But I’ve never seen a movie like that before.

    • Dear Savannah,
      You can think of the boy as being a part of yourself that you want to become. The aspect that you want to develop in yourself is wolf energy. Wolves have the ability to see a goal, work cooperatively together, and endure for long periods of time to aggressively go for it. In nature wolves usually wear a prey out and then they have it. To be a wolf means that you have to aggressively endure and work together with others for long periods of time. Right now you are eyeing the idea of becoming a wolf which is usually energy that is more associated with boys. When you grow older like the lady and give birth, being a wold is the best energy you could ever have because raising a child or in raising a project, etc. takes a lot of cooperation and endurance.

  15. i had this dream about this boy ive liked for a while. the backstory to it is kind of frustrating. some people say he likes me, but he says he doesnt, but it seems like he does. he and his friends are always rude to me.
    my dream was odd. i had gotten a different locker (im 13), and i had forotten my boots. i turned to get them and he was there, a few feet ahead of me, and he turned too. i started to run, and so did he. i grabbed by boots, and waved then at his friends ” why and what did id do to you? what is the truth? harrison doenst like me”
    he was sitting in the corner and he said, well more like shouted, “yes i do!” i was confused. he said he didnt tell me he didnt want to screw anything up that we had, and his friends were just bieng mean for cover. i got closer to him and it was this other boy i like. we were about to kiss, but he had gum on his lips. 4 layers. then we did. a girl named taylor, that harrison supposedly like, was in the corner, and whispering. i somhow thru snow at her

    i like ryan and he doesnt want to be in a relashoship because he doesnt want to ruin our friendshsip. and we joke about things friends never talk about, only couples
    harrison says he likes me to my freinds and when i paid attention to him, he was mean, now that im not, hes nicer

    • Dear Isara,
      The problem you have with Ryan, which is not unlike a lot of boys who are 13, is that he is fearful of getting close to a girl. He would like to get close, but the fear holds him back. He can keep you at a certain level, but when it gets too close, he panics. His friends seem to be doing the same. it is probably best to be patient with him and in the meantime, pursue relationships where there isn’t so much fear. When people have fear the way he does, you have to proceed pretty patiently and slowly so that they don’t freak out.

  16. Hello,

    I had a dream about my younger sister and I going down to our basement (I dreamed about my old house, we moved) because there were huge icicles forming from the basement ceiling that almost reaches the floor. I remember saying to my sister, “look how big those are.”

    My sister was very scared the entire time with me, staying behind me as if something would jump out at us. Like I could protect her if something did.

    In this basement is my other sister’s bedroom, our laundry room and then a huge family room. I lead my sister who is still holding onto me from behind to our other sister’s room. We reach the middle of the room.

    I’m not looking at my sister then she suddenly starts backing up away from the bedroom door screaming. This entire time she still holds onto me for protection.

    There was a man that I have never seen before,(he looked like a creep and wore rectangular glasses) he had a gray sheet over his shoulders from the laundry room that covered his body down to his feet.. (That’s where I thought he came from.)

    He suddenly charges at us in a sprint and knocks us both over onto the floor. My sister is knocked out and I want to give in. But something urges me that I can’t get caught. So I start to hit the man in the head with an object over and over again.

    Then my school alarm wakes me up from this dream, and it never gets to finish. I never know what happens after I start bashing the object into the strangers head. I woke up startled, remembering the entire dream.

    I would appreciate the help!

    • Dear Anne,
      In this dream going down into the basement is a metaphor for going down into the negative energy in yourself. It is probably shared by others in the family, but since you have the dream, you can deal with it. You are in the role of the protector and you have a kind of heroic outcome, which is positive, but it still doesn’t answer a lot of question about who is in there. The fear is that you are going to be attacked by someone who is creepy and aggressive.
      The way to understand the dream better is to think of how the dream were to be if it were positive. Instead of going into the basement you would upstairs and the man would be clearly visible like a father figure who is supportive, encouraging, and helps you to do all kinds of positive things in the world. The fact that your lower self has the fear means that you do not have that kind of supportive and encouraging person in your life. Your sister relies on you to be that person. The fact that you can knock him out is good, but to become who you are meant to be you need a lot of encouragement and support which you are probably going to have to find within you. You already have a healthy amount of courage.

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