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  1. Hi,
    If you could help with this I would really appreciate it. My ex coworker has been appearing consistently in my dream for the last few months. We used to be cool we fell out because he was not who he appeared to be. I have constant dreams where he appears and is watching me, has followed me, gotten aggressive and told me I’m making him feel sick emotionally. There are even crazier dreams where he has literally shapeshifted as one person only to reveal it’s actually him and held me tight refusing to let go. Many times I’ll see a stranger trying to have sex with me and I always feel sick as it’s happening. Can you please help? I blocked his number a while ago and he’s constantly found ways to text me through fake numbers, email me or follow me through fake pages never admitting anything but pretending he’s someone else .

  2. Hello,
    I would like some clarification on this dream:

    I had a dream I was pregnant with a baby, however in real life I am not. Sorry I don’t remember details but I was just interested to understand

    • Hi Diana,
      When you are pregnant in your dreams, it means that you pregnant with new possibilities. Something new is being created inside of you and is about to come out. You can simple ask the question, what new quality is developing in me? When it comes out and you nurture it in the real world, then lots of positive things will happen.

  3. Dear Richard
    Last night, i saw that I rescued a baby capybara who is 3 weeks old, i was taking care of it, my mom was there with me too. The capybara was wet and couldn’t keep it’s eyes open it was cold, so i used some tissue paper to wrap the capybara to give it some warmth. It was then opening it’s eyes and feeling better. Then suddenly a baby cat came and attacked the capybara’s chest and a hole formed on the chest of the capybara and little blood was coming out of the hole. Me and mom took the capybara to the vet and the vet said he will operate on the Capy and revive it. The vet told us to handover the Capy to the wildlife sanctuary so that we don’t have to worry about it but I was very sad at the thought of it. Could you tell me what it means?

    • Dear Stefanie,
      The dream is calling you to the virtue of compassion, which you are demonstrating in the dream. When a relatively helpless being is attacked by a more vicious one, you showed a lot of compassion and did the right thing for the baby. The last part shows that part of the compassion process is to do the right thing for the baby even though you want to continue to nurture and feel close to it. If you practice compassion regularly, there will always be people or animals that you need to nurture.

  4. richard, this is as i have said one of my longer and more complex dreams.but i think you and I will be able to make sense out of it finally. due to sickness there was a delay in posting this but now that i am much better i should be posting the rest of it soon

    • In the previous section you were willing to pay any price to get to the objective. In this one you are demonstrating initiative in the best interests of the group. I will be interested to find out what positive energy you are going to be called to next.

  5. [continued] then C- spoke up “what we did on our own it was F- and i who decided we’d scout around. Dr Isiah didn’t know anything about it” “well,well isn’t he a loyal trooper taking responsibility for his own actions” ENEMY HORSEMAN: you hear that Isiah?your own man went off on his own. we’ll see just what you think of him when you hear the new terms{here he named a sum so exorbitant nobody could agree to it} C- : but wait listen when i was close enough to see into their camp i saw-UNNHMPH now what we saw next shocked me to the bones. with one pull of that lariat the body of C- was compressed. i mean literally compressed like a wet washcloth being squeezed of all its water. it was incredible. but i could not deny the evidence of my own senses. the discourse continued ENEMY HORSEMAN; he was starting to reveal privileged information. could not have that. well, you just heard the new terms. if you want passage through our territory you have to agree with them DR ISIAH; your leader did not mention anything such as this in his letter ENEMY HORSEMAN; that little snooping around on the part of your loyal trooper had the effect of negating those terms. DR ISIAH: does your leader say so?are you authorized to revise terms on your own? ENEMY HORSEMAN; just speaking for how i and everyone else feels. of course, if you feel like dying you can always try to get through on your own DR ISIAH; you seem awfully sure of yourself ENEMY HORSEMAN; why shouldn’t i be? we’re holding all the aces. DR ISIAH; we will can report to your leader that his communication will be answered in the morning. the horseman smiled saluted and rode back. then he rode away leading C- in his compressed form [continued]

  6. [continued] soon we the heard the clippety-clop sound of approaching horses. one of the members who were missing ran in shouting “watch out. they got C-” Dr Isiah asked him where they had been. he answered “C- and i figured we’d scout the territory on our own,then come back and tell what we found. we ran into one of their patrols and they spotted us. they chased us for a little while but i took cover in the underbrush. C- wasn’t so lucky.they had fast horses and they ran him down” he heard the gallop of horses headed toward our camp “that’s most likely them now.” and this turned out to be exactly right. soon we saw 4 horsemen approaching our camp. one of them was tied with what seemed to be a lariat but it glowed with a silvery-platinum radiance. sure enough it was C- . the horseman who had C- tied up. rode right up to the edge of the camp. the other two reined their horses but remained behind “which one here is Dr Isiah” “i am” “we caught this character prowling around our camp. says he is one of you”yes. that is C- a member of our party”[continued]

  7. Hi Richard hope you are doing good

    I had a dream the I had about my ex. He came to a family gathering and he was hanging out with my brother and my male cousins. I went over to him and I was all over him. Then I started kissing him and my brother warned me that my family would see and they are conservative. I went over to my aunts and I wore this dress that I only wear once or twice a year. We were talking and one of my aunts started to do my hair.

    I have been having recurring dreams of a version of me is trying to sell me something and I am running away from them. I remember hiding behind my old elementary school from her which is a memory of mine. I try to peek on what she is trying to sell me but it’s covered. She keeps pressuring me like she’s a sales man I don’t i w what it means.

    • Dear Lily,
      The first dream is about going after what you are attracted to in life. It is not necessarily about going after a man, but more like going to the thing you want without being afraid of what conservatives are going to think. The second dream is about having boundaries around saying no around the things you don’t want or things your ego wants you to do or have, but you do not want to have or do. It is hard to say no to your ego if you cannot say yes to going for things that your spirit wants.

  8. [continued] when we got back we reported directly to Dr Isiah who opened the letter, took one look at it and stood in the center of the camp and announced “everyone has to observe maximum security precautions from now on as i expect an attack today” “draw” this meant thing as “full alert. battle stations” immediately everybody-that is,everybody except myself- reached into their packs and produced bundles,and when the bundles were unwrapped disclosed weapons of various shapes and sizes. some were streamlined others looked more like automatic weapons. someone said “where is C-” i learned 2 members of the expedition had gone missing. we did not have long to wonder where they were [continued]

  9. as we neared the position held by the unknown force ahead 3 members of the party were selected to negotiate with their leader. i was one of the ones chosen.. bearing a flag of truce we approached the sentry line. the sentries told us to wait there while one of them informed the others of our presence. soon a mounted party returned with orders to take us under escort to their headquarters. on our arrival the leader of this group demanded to know what we wanted. we told him we wanted passage across their territory in exchange for which he could have whatever he wanted. we were prepared to pay any price he could name. “only that? you want nothing else” “nothing,sir. we only desire free passage in return for protection we are prepared to meet any price you may name” he gestured to four men who obviously were in positions of authority. he told us to wait where we were while he examined the letter-i had brought with me a direct communication from dr Isiah to himself- he and the 4 other men went into an adjacent room. they talked among themselves for about 15 minutes before emerging from the room. when they did he had in his hand a letter of his own which he handed to me “here is my reply to dr Isiah. he can answer it in the morning” i told him we must get back immediately. [continued]

    • James, In the dream you are willing to pay any price to get where you desire to go. If you are actually Dr. Isiah and others in your group in real life, then you have to ask yourself how ready are you to pay any price to get to where you are headed in your life? Are you willing to pay the price (do all of those things you have to do to get to the goal)? This is a huge question for you.

  10. yes,Richard i have a lot of green lights in front of me right now. the only problem is, which one do i take? this is a rather long and complex dream but i should be posting the rest of it soon. but feel free to comment on whatever part of it happens to be posted at the time. your comments are always instructive and incisive

  11. I had a dream the I went to my old apartment. There was a creep around the main entrance. He told me that there was a new way to enter my room and I had to go through a roller coaster to get to my room. So basically there is a roller coaster in the apartment that takes you to your room. I was scared, the man set up the seat for me and I went on this roller coaster. It was very long and scary inside was dark but I remember being strong going throught it. I finally got to my room and there was a family living there already. They asked me to do a psychic reading about their son who is depressed. I did a psychic reading and the man was depressed becuase his daughter had died and he had a lot of guilt I was telling them this. The family told their son and my father came and picked me up. While I was in my fathers car, the man turned into a female zombie and tried to attack me and that was then end of that dream.

    In my other dream, I saw a little boy who had robotic legs of a spider. He came out of a book and he started to admit to me that he was a racist. While he was talking he realized what he had done and started running away from me. I was chasing him with a gun and I was trying to shoot him down. Then aliens came down from the sky and were invading the world. They faces were like dogs but their body was like a human, they were shooting human beings, the Aliens talked through the tv and were saying that they have taken over the world. Then I had sleep paralysis.

    • Hi Lily,
      In the first dream you can get to your positive abilities very well because the men you have hung around with have taking you on a roller coaster ride. They are like beings without a true self (soul). So from the previous dream, your mother is in your mind in a negative way, and in this dream, so is your father. You need detachment from both of them if you are going to get to your positive abilities.

      The second dream is soooo interesting! To understand the dream you have to realize that you have special gifts that alien to the culture around you. When you think about being yourself, you are fearful of being attacked as if aliens are going to take over. The goal is not to shoot down the racist spiders. The goal is to be patient with others and then to be really strong and courageous in being your own self with your own abilities. They are powerful and can help change the world in a positive way.

      • Thank you! I’m in touch with my positive abilities but are my parents hindering or stopping me from reaching my true potential? And yess my second dream was really epic.

  12. Whenever I get sleep paralysis I usually see my mother next to me. So in this dream my father told me that there was a surprise for me in the kitchen so I went there but it was dark. I turned on my phone camera and there were so many dirty dishes, among the dirty dishes was my meditation candle. I came out of the kitchen and went to the living room it was still dark and I was still using my phone light. I was moving my phone around till I saw my mom then I got sleep paralysis.

    • Dear Lily,
      Your association with your mother is mostly negative, according to the dream. When she is in your mind, she has a way of stopping you from getting to where you want to go in life. Through meditation you can begin to get detached from your mom’s negative influence and then positive surprises will happen. She seems to be the ruler of your mind.

  13. I had the most odd dream. when i was dreaming it tho it felt so real…i remember being in a large building with multiple rooms that had different activities to do, i ran into a man with dirty blonde hair. He was very handsome and had a nice smile and beautiful eyes very tall to. In my dream i remember him saying he wanted to hang out and walk with me throughout each room. But as we were walking i could feel the really strong connection but we weren’t exchanging words… As we went through this place with the rooms i remember there walking into some type of tent like structure that i went in with him. As we walked in a person ran up to me and asked me if i could sing for the crowd. Then random people started giving me wardrobe and doing my hair and makeup… The man went to go use the restroom and left me a note that he was doing so it was written in red marker or pen…i did the performance but as I was singing I couldn’t hear myself all I could see was lights I couldn’t see the crowd it felt like real life. As i left the tent structure where i sang at i kept looking for the man that left me the note, i ran into my mother n step dad(in real life who are separated) and i was talking to them and my mother told me she didn’t know I could sing like that . I remember in my dream seeing the man that left me the note through the crowd and i wanted to get to him but no matter how hard i tried i couldn’t get to him..i glanced at the floor and found the same type of paper with the same red pen on it written on it was his address and said i can’t wait to spend our first night together. Asi left the building with all the activities and the place i sang at, the sun was going down and the warmth of the sun on my skin as i took off walking was ravishing Then i was all of a sudden in side a very big two story house and greeted by a realtor lady with red lipstick who was hosting a open house as i walked thru the house, there were beautiful bay windows in the dining area that let the sun come in, i walked up the stairs and found the master bedroom, as i looked around it had beautiful light grey walls and a nice silk bed set and the head board had posts that let black see thru lace surround the bed. As i walked in the bathroom connected to the room Feeling baffled i seen a walk in shower and a huge jacuzzi tub i washed my hands and went and sat on the bed then all of a sudden he appeared right next to me or of nowhere and i asked him i thought u wanted me to spend the night at your house shouldn’t we leave I’m confused why are we here and he told me this is my house and i explained the realtor lady and the other people that were looking at this open house when i walked in, he looked confused so i turned to look in the mirror by the bed and as i was staring at my reflection he turned me around and had a ring in a box as if he was proposing to me and i started crying nodded yes then he pulled me close and started to kiss me on my lips and my neck and as he started to pull off my clothes i woke up…. Can u please interpret this dream I’m so confused and have been thinking of it for two days…

    • Hi Priscilla,
      The best way to think about the dream is that the man in the dream gives you energy to be yourself and live out your true dreams as if you are on stage and can sing out to the world. It was not something that you got in your family of origin. If you go looking for that type of man right now to be in your life, you will get frustrated, mainly because you first have to find the positive energy that he represents (self love and encouragement) inside of yourself. It is as if you have a part of you that is capable of being like the man was in your dream. He encourages you and wants to be with you out of love. It shows that you need to love who you are, cherish that self, and then encourage yourself to be that self all the time. It is like you have another self inside that is like the guy that really loves you and what you are capable of and wants to be there for you. When you have that kind of internal part developed, then your outer relationships will be unbelievably positive.

  14. [continued] as i have said i did not know any of these people in waking life but there was one man who seemed to be in charge and made all the important decisions. they called him Dr Isiah. similar to the last dream a dispute was going on as to the right way to proceed. and just as in the other dream I volunteered along with 2 others to go forward and tell them what was ahead. about 9 miles from where we were, one of the two volunteers signaled for us to take cover. he was an experienced outdoors-man and tracker. what we saw told us about something very serious. 3 armed sentries,2 on foot and 1 mounted were patrolling the area just ahead where there was a clearing. to the left was thick underbrush. to the right was a heavily forested area. it was evident the sentry line was regarded as a sort of boundary. when we got back we reported this to Dr Isiah directly. after some words with 2 people of the party who seemed to be his close advisors, he made a gesture to everyone and immediately they all reached into their packs and produced carrying cases of various sizes. then told everyone to move forward,which they did, with maximum stealth . no conversation above a whisper was allowed. when communication became necessary it was with the devices whi9ch were capable of transmitting coded messages and visual images. [continued]

    • James, This part is so cool because it shows so many positive things for you. It seems to depend upon have good leadership (Dr Isiah), but when you have it, you can exercise your will to go to on challenging missions, and then use a lot of wisdom and cunning to get to where you need to go in life. It makes a huge difference in life if you have good leadership that you can count on, which is not all that common. You have it in the dream. When you do not have it, the leadership becomes the challenge and then you have use stealth with them. Right now you seem to have a lot of green lights.

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