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  1. I dreamt that I was doing house chores. I was planning to sweep the leaves in the front yard of my house when my dad suddenly came out and shouted at me that he will sweep up those leaves. I got angry and shouted back at him that I’ll sweep the leaves myself and he should rest. He shouted back at me that he will do it and said:”What do you think I took the time off for?!” I insisted that I should be the one to sweep the leaves as I was already doing the house chores. He went back into the house while I proceed to vacuum the second floor. I felt bad when I saw him sleeping in his bedroom. I had never been that angry towards my dad before. What does this means?

  2. Hello,
    I’m not one to bother people to interpret my dreams but this one I had last night was rough. My father had passed away 4 yrs ago of a massive heart attack. I haven’t had dream about him since. Last nights dream my fiance had to wake me up because I was crying so hard in my dream I had tell my family that they found my father’s dead body and he died of a drowning and I was hysterical in my dream and when I woke up I wanted to call my dad so bad but then I realized that I wasn’t able to do that because my dad is already gone this is been bugging me all day I don’t know what it means I don’t know if it means anything but it by far was the most messed up dream I feel like there was somebody else involved like another death and I can’t remember for the life of me what it was but I do remember that point of the dream very vividly I was standing at the kitchen table and my family was all around and I knew they found my dad and I didn’t know how to tell them and I was crying so hard and then it just came out that’s all that they remember if anybody knows the meaning behind this or what it might mean I would truly appreciate something God bless all

  3. Good morning Dick! Linda Kleven here. I’ve had an interesting little dream, not disturbing, but thought I would relate it to you just in case there was more to it than I realized. I was going on a mini pilgrimage and I was so so so excited, telling everybody that it was really soon. And I had none of the anxiety that usually accompanies me when I’m getting ready to leave home and in the last hours before I needed to leave for the airport I was just checking through the clothes hanging in the laundry room in case there was something else I needed to take and someone came and tapped me on the shoulder and then pointed off to the left and held something else back and there was a couple of items that I really wanted to consider bringing and it was so sweet that they were taking care of me. Shortly after that though, I begin to wonder how I ever had the money for these flights and then I realized I had no idea where my ticket was or what time I needed to be at the airport. I started to panic and then I woke up.

    • Hi Linda,
      The dream is about allowing yourself to go for the things that are in your heart, hence the pilgrimage. What keeps you from getting to the dreams of your heart is worry about how you are going to get the resources and other details. This has a tendency to shut down your process. What will help you a lot in this process is to extend your time frame. When you want to go somewhere in your life, first start developing the inner resources and then the outer resources will gradually, if not suddenly show up. The panic happens from the suddenness. When you extend the time, then you get to where you want to go.

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