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  1. Hello , So In My Dream I Remember Some Girl In A Red Truck Never Seen Her In My Life Pulling Up To My Friends Car That i Was In And Asked Me If My Sister Name Was ‘Cynthia’ & I Told Her Yes Why ?
    She Came Out The Truck & Started Talking Shit To Me & I When Closer To Her & Was Like Calm Down & Talk To Be Right So She Did But Then She Will Switch From Talk aggressive To Be Being Really Nice , So I Seen Her Put Her Hands Up To My Face So We Started Fighting She Left & Said She Was Going To Come Back With A Gun To Shot Me .
    So I Left To The Next Block Where My Sisters In Laws Live & In Waking Life I Don’t Speak To Them. Back To My Dream I Remember Telling One Of My Sister In Law Friend To Go To My House & Grab My Kids She Did I Was Talking To My Sister Inlaw Telling Her If We Were Able To stay The Night Because Of What had Happen She Said Yeah We When outside & Then Cross The Street Was A Bus That had Flipped Two Of My Friends Ran To Help & The Bus Flipped On Them As Well One Screamed My Name ‘Kimberly’ So I Ran To help & Pulled Her Up So She Was Okay . After That I Woke Up Can You Help Me With My Dream Because I Don’t Understand It .
    Thank You

    • Dear Kimberly,
      This dream tells you two really extremely positive things about yourself that I want you to remember. First is that you are capable of being assertive so that you can set your boundaries with people which helps them to be civil and second is that you are really awesome in emergency situations. These are amazing qualities which most women do not have. Now that you know that you have these qualities and they are so functional, you can start working on the “softer” ones that allow for more positive relationships like gentleness and compassion. You don’t have to give up the strong ones for these.

  2. I just woke up with a start, I was dreaming that my dog was running around and broke her leg, I picked her up and was trying to call out to my mom, who is deceased, for help but I had no voice

    • Dear Lisa,
      A dog is a symbol of friendship in a dream. You can consider the dog in the dream the aspect of yourself that has to do with friendship. In your dream your dog has a broken leg which would indicate that something is broken in your friendship ability. Actually calling out for your deceased mom is a good idea because she can help sending you the things you need to heal your broken friendship ability.

  3. I had a dream where was taking a bus somewhere and I needed to make a switch to another train or bus. I went to a train station, and there were no trains soon. One of the told me to come to a room with the schedule there to check and he tried to seduce me with force but I manged to call a friend (shout for him) and he helped me. the friend wasn’t making the trip with me and somehow appeared.. when I wanted to leave the train station a big cat came to me, leopard-like print and blue eyes. I started to pet it and felt super connected to it. his front paws were on me. At some point he turned into a pale looking young woman (I’m a young woman as well – she was about my age but didn’t look very much like me or anyone I know). she had very white skin, curly bright hair, and one of her eyes was blue and the second was brown. I carried her around (In a hug pose. we hug and she curls her legs around my waist).

    • Dear M,
      The goal of this dream is to help you develop the things you need in order to get to the places you want to go or goals you want to achieve. That is what the buses and trains are about. What you are fearful of is being seduced by force which means that you are fearful of people using power to get what they want from you like sex. This keeps you from developing the cat-like quality you need, which is independence because cats are symbols of independence. That the cat turned into a person is a good sign because it means you are close to have the ability. You first have to let go of the fear and then have the cat person with you like in the dream. Eventually you will have the quality of independence and you will be able to get wherever you want to go in life. Isnt’ that great. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to take precautions. It means that you cannot have fear.

  4. I had a dream several years back where I woke up in a simple white crib. A spectre of a woman, with wispy white hair, gaunt gray skin and red eyes was looming over me, looking down at me. I blinked and then I was behind her, no longer a baby, allowing me to see that the room was a warped cube formation, with dips in the floor and watermarks on the wall.

    The ghostly woman looked back at me and shrieked, so I ran past her and grabbed the baby in the crib, who was wrapped in a pink blanket, and I sensed her to be my sister (I don’t have a sister, only a half brother).

    Running from the woman I pulled up a latch on the ground, a trap door, and started crawling under the house. All I knew was that I had to get my sister away from the spectre, and was being guided by flashing red arrows that continuously popped up in field of vision (like Mirrors Edge?). I woke up before I could reach the end.

    • Dear Alexandra,
      In the dream you are two different people. You are the baby in the crib who is fearful of the negative witch-like energy and then you are yourself showing a lot of courage to help dream sister who is in a baby-like state. This means that at times, you have a lot of courage to do positive things, and, at other times, you are in need of nurturing and support. When you think of getting the nurturing, your mind becomes associated with the spectre-like energy. This means that when you need nurturing, you also feel really fearful. The goal of your inner work is to disconnect the fear from the nurturing. You need to nurture yourself as part of your weekly routine, but you have to feel like it is ok to do so. You probably have had experiences of being left alone for long periods, but I am not totally sure about that. It is usually when ghosts show up. Let me know if you have questions.

      • When I had that dream it was a few years after my parents got divorced (that specific event happened when I was eight, the dream occurred three years after?) . I had been strung along by lie after lie and forced to take meds I didn’t need to keep me in a zombie-like state. Ergo, keep me quiet and out of the way. Loneliness was definitely a huge factor throughout the majority of my life.

        I’m a very stubborn individual and tend to do things by myself rather than seek help. It’s how I’ve always done things. I hate depending on others. I have other vivid dreams to share that took place before I moved out of my father’s house, if you don’t mind? They’ve puzzled me for years on end, and you’re the first person(s) to make any sense of them.

  5. I was sleeping in my bed when suddenly I heard a baby crying loudly behind me. At that time, my back was facing the windows. I was very curious to turn around and identify whether the cry came from outside the window or behind me, but something in me just doesn’t allow me to turn my head because I knew that there is something horrible behind me that I really shouldn’t look at it. The crying became louder and louder. I became very scared and I started to pray. Every time I chant the sentence of the prayer, the baby’s cry faded a little just like a disrupted radio signal. I prayed very hard for the baby’s cry to stop. Suddenly, I saw something in front of my bed. A huge figure that is wearing a black cloak. At that moment, my heart knew it was a death reaper. Then, it took out its scythe and pull out my soul while I was somehow outside my body watching this scene.

    • Dear Lim,
      In real life the way you would stop this baby crying is to turn around and give comfort to the baby. But instead of doing things, you start to pray for the baby to stop crying. You must have been feeling some kind of fear. Praying, in this case, is the wrong action. Because you were fearful and didn’t help the baby, the grim reaper came and pulled you out of life. The dream wants you to be a part of life and helping others and to lose your fear of being part of life. The appropriate thing to do would have been to turn around, find the baby, and help it. That is a metaphor for what you need to do with human beings. God created you so that you could serve humanity. That is your purpose. When you let go of your fear, you will be able to help a lot of people who are like babies in need of your assistance.

  6. My mother passed away few months back. I dreamt of her holding me and I was laying in bed but when I woke up I was in the exact position and posture as I saw myself in the dream. Possibly it may be sleep paralysis but is hard to believe as I move a lot in sleep and how can I see myself in the exact position as I was in reality. Weirdly without knowing anything my friend called and asked whether I was okay or not. Can you explain this please?

    • Dear Nairwita,
      If you go back to the position you were in with the same posture, you will be able to feel yourself being held by your mother’s caress like in the dream. She is letting you know that she is still caring for you and when you feel the positive feelings of being cared for, then you are going to be able to go out and do amazing things in the world.

  7. I was walking in my university’s canteen and I saw a white cat. In real life I love cats and my immediate reaction when I see one is to walk towards them and pet it. In my dream, as normal, I walked towards the white cat and offered it some food. The cat did not eat the food but signalled me to follow it. After following it we arrived at a house. There were three other cats in it. It turns out all four of the cats were able to transform into humans (Two males and two females) . I heard one of the males said that I might be an enemy’s spy and it is dangerous for me to be here. Then, that male proceed to slice off my throat. I saw blood gushing out of my throat and my head falling off my body. After my head got sliced off, I felt no fear but relieved.

    • Dear Steven, This dream is about having too much cat and not enough dog. Cats represent independent thinking and objectivity, but when you get over thinking, it about avoiding and then it turns to paranoia. What is really needed is more relational energy because it balances the mind. Usually the animal that is related here that you need is a dog and usually when you start doing the relational work, you will fear aggressive energy from others when you go for closeness. You need to start working on the virtue of closeness/intimacy. It is not about having your own thoughts, but about feeling the positive energy that exists in others and relating to it. If you can keep a strong mind and have positive relationships, it will be an unstoppable combination.

      • I do not understand the part where I felt relieved after my head was sliced off…

      • Having your head cut off and being relieved means that you don’t have to be in an intellectual battle of minds to see who has the better argument. A lot of times getting to where you want to go has nothing to do with have the better thought or better rational argument, but more about your ability to relate to others in a positive way.

  8. I dreamt that I was in an accident and lost my memory about that accident. In my dream, I woke up in a hospital bed and saw my mother looking at me and said she is sorry that I was injured badly. At that time I was very confused and had no recollection of the accident. I asked what happened and how long I had been unconscious. She said I had been unconscious for two weeks and mentioned that I am the only one who is injured badly. After that, my family came and took me back home. On the way home, we were having some conversations. It turns out that my family and I were on a jungle trekking trip when the accident happened but they did not mentioned how it happened. When I was sitting in the car thinking of asking them how the accident happened, I woke up from my dream.

    • Dear Kelly,
      The purpose of losing memory in real life is protection. Your mind shuts down the memory so that you do not continually re-experience the trauma of what happened. In this dream you were on a family adventure, jungle trekking, and then something bad happened. The dream is not recounting real life, but it is recounting the fear that exists in your family. The fear is that if you get adventurous, you are going to get into a terrible accident. The family energy imagines what it would be like to be adventurous, sees the terrible things that might happen, and then it conforms to the safe path. What the family needs, which is what you need, is an adventurous spirit. The question you ask at the end of the dream is the right one. Accidents or bad things happen in your family because the orientation to the future is negative. Instead of seeing positive about the future by being curious and adventurous, the family sees the future as negative which means that one has to take a conservative and tried path. Your spirit wants you to go on an adventurous path, a different one. Adventurous people look at the future in terms of possibilities and have lots of curiosity just like you have at the end of the dream. You have to wake up from your unconscious state and start exploring new paths.

  9. I keep dreaming of a guy I like. I see him with his friends but he seems alone and sad. I see him with his friends all his friends have girlfriends and are in love but he’s there alone and sad. I dream about him together with me kissing but when I try get close to him and hold his hand moves away

    • Dear Leanne,
      What the dream is trying to tell you is that the guy has some kinds of relational blocks that puts him into loneliness and resistance. This usually happens when a person does not have a lot of trust in others. You can get to a relationship with him if you are patient, gentle, and persistent. Usually there are a lot of initial setbacks because the protection the person has is hard to break through, but once you get through the initial resistance you can get to trust. A lack of trust means that he has probably had some kind of trauma in his life.

  10. My current girlfriend and I are in a long distance relationship. I broke up with my ex girlfriend after a year because we drifted and I had met my current girlfriend. My ex girlfriend is still very much in love with me and we are friends but I’m in love with my current girlfriend. In the first dream, me and my current girlfriend had just gotten married. She was in a light pink wedding dress because we didn’t want it to be completely traditional. At the wedding reception, I took her away into an empty room and we had sex. When we came out, my ex girlfriend was looking for us and asked where we had been. My current girlfriend kissed my ex on the lips so that she could taste me on her lips and know what we had been doing. Then I woke up. In the second dream, me and my girlfriend were at a party and she wasn’t next to me, she was sitting on the other side of the room talking to some people, and I was sitting opposite to her talking to some people, and she kept looking over at me and then slightly spreading her legs, but then closing them again. And then yeah Sophie, my ex, sat next to me, and started talking to me, so my girlfriend got up and came and sat in my lap and like draped her feet over Sophie’s legs which didn’t go down too well, so she left and then it was just me and my girlfriend and I woke up

    • Dear Cassie,
      The problem that you have in the dream is related to your current girl friend feeling a lot of jealousy. This is because you have a lot of relational abilities with a lot of people, but she does not. She wants you for herself exclusively because she wants to use you to avoid having to relate to others. The attraction/love you feel for her is going to be tested because she is going to have a tendency to get more possessive. If she does her own work, you can have a relationship, but it is something she is going to have to decide. The dream is a kind of warning for you.

  11. I am visiting my girlfriends home when another man appears at her front door. We see each other (the men). I choose to leave via the back door, but once outside the back door…I do not travel down the stairs…I go upstairs?

    • In this dream it seems like the higher path (upstairs) is to leave without making a scene rather than trying to deal with the man at her front door. The man at her front door is her business and not yours which you seem to intuitively recognize.

  12. Had a dream my ex was trying to fight off a woman. In the dream he was dragging her, pushing her off of him and telling her you have to go leave alone. The girl never said a word but kept finding her back to leech on to him but he kept fighting. Please help

  13. Broke yo with my boyfriend a few weeks after he was caught cheating and I haven’t talk to him in about 3 weeks. I had a dream he he came to my granny house and was trying to explain his case. In the dream we had a sexual encounter and it seems his children were with me at the time. Then my co worker told me she had a dream he was looking for me and asking her where I was and that he was eager to talk to me but she would tell him where I was. He just kept telling her he needed to talk to me but he is afraid I won’t talk to him. Thoughts?

    • Dear Quita,
      The problem with cheating is that the person is trying to get something that he lacks inside of himself from the other person. It most cases it becomes like an addiction. In the second dream he is trying to fight off the addiction, but is having a really hard time doing so. He is not ever going to have a positive relationship with you based on loyalty unless he deals with the issue over a period of time. He needs a lot of help which you will not be able to give him on your own. He needs serious therapy. It is possible for him to change, but he has to have a big commitment to serious work on himself. I have seen success in problems like this, but you have to be really strong and not let him back until he does a lot of work.

  14. Please help me interpret my dream, i dream of drinking water coz i am so thirsty i drink on top water and i also saw birds on the soil they are dead and i drink from them and one by one after drinking they become alive again.. it was so weird..

    • Do you mean that you are drinking from them or you are giving them a drink?

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