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  1. I had a dream where I was wearing a tan jumpsuit like a jail jumpsuit and was in an all womens facility. It looked more like a school with bars instead of windows on the classroom doors. Over the loud speaker we were told in order to get out we had to go downstairs to “the chamber”. The chamber turned out to be a gas chamber where we were locked in for 10mins by a guard who’s back was towards me. I survived but needed help back up the stairs as I was throwing up everywhere. Not long after that the loud speaker told us to partner up for the last test in the boiler room. Downstairs in the boiler room was an obstacle course inside of a gas chamber that consisted of a cargo net, suspended planks, log rolling things and platforms. The course was broken in certain spots and if you fell you fell to your death onto hot water pipes below. I survived that too but some of the women did not. Anyone without a partner was sent to death. A women didn’t have a partner so I volunteered to go back in the boiler room for a second time so she wouldn’t be killed. She ended up falling to her death in a broken part of the obstacle course but I survived a second time. After this the big doors at the end of a hallway opened up and the survivors were told they were free to go. I then woke up from this dream.

  2. It started off with a tornado siren going off and my parents and I were scrambling to find my sister Jamie. The house was brand new, not even painted or carpeted, just completely wooden with windows and doors. This house, I’ve never seen before. Eventually we found her and we all look outside and there are two tornadoes right above us. The news is talking about a tornado spotting, but I don’t recall the town, I just remember it wasn’t where we actually live, in real life, nor have I ever heard of it.

    The tornado gets really close to the house and then it stops. A beam of light comes down and then these beings come from it taking away all the unwanted children. That’s when the beings start to take me and my sister Brittany away. They leave my other sister, Jamie with my parents. I guess at this time me and my sister, Brittany were under 18 as we were still living with my parents and the beings were asking for us. I look at my parents, puzzled. They just hid their face and walked away with Jamie. I yelled and cursed at them for being so heartless and for making me go my whole life feeling loved, but honestly I wasn’t wanted. Brittany and I, sadly, comply with the beings. We get to a room where children are lying in dentist looking chairs and a machine is sucking something from their brains. I ask the being what is the machine doing. He responds, “It is removing all the bad memories and memories of your parents. You’ll wake up not remembering any of this and just start over.” I looked at Brittany and it seemed we both knew exactly what to do. We didn’t want these memories gone, no matter how painful. So we ran for it. We jumped out the windows and ran as fast as we could into the forest.

  3. It started off with me and my friends sneaking into this house. Don’t know why we were trying to get into this house, but it felt as if I had a mission to accomplish. Once inside i surpassed many monster-looking guards. Soon I was far into the house and came to this room and that’s when She found me. (I call she She because She had no name.) She was this tall lady with dark brown hair and piercing black eyes. She told me that I’m the one. At the time I had no idea what that meant. Next thing I know I’m being told that She could tell who was worthy to carry the future king. She said there was a prophecy where a young girl shall carry the next in line and after delivering the baby to be stabbed in the uterus and then killed for sacrifice. After I’m being told this “plan,” all of friends walk through the door wearing red dresses and looking really scared and sad. No one says a word to me, just looks at me with pity.

    Time flashes by through the next few months at this point. My friends are all responsible for chores around the place, making sure I’m kept in line and I have what I need, and any other tasks She provides them. It seems She and I are close at this point as she brushes my hair, helps me sleep at night, and makes sure I’ve had adequate food for the day.

    Time flashes forward a bit more. At this point I’m texting a really close guy friend and it seems as if we’re flirting (which I’ve been single for 6 years, so this is new.) He tells me about this plan he has to save me and escape. Then She walks in and asks me about my dreams and goals as if I had a choice in life, knowing my fate in a few short months. Then I woke up.

  4. Last night I had a dream that I am the age I am now with husband, child and animals but we are living in my childhood home. The home catches fire. I never once see the fire. I can kind of see smoke but I never actually see the fire I just know it is on fire. I yell to my family to get all the animals and get out. Then the rest of my dream I am trying to gather as many important things as I can, my father’s ashes, pictures, trinkets, etc… everything I come across I was to save from this fire I can’t see. My dream went on all night. Even when I would wake up, I would fall back to sleep and pick right up where I left off in my dream. By the end my alarm went off I was still gathering items in the house. It seems that I had been gathering items for hours yet the fire never got worse and I never actually saw it. Somehow I knew it was there and I just wanted my family and my animals out and safe and I needed to save as many memories and items I felt were special.

    • Dear Carla,
      The dream is about the anger or hot-headedness that existed in your childhood home and how it affected you. It doesn’t seem to be raging anger, but more like you know someone is always angry and trying to keep it under control. It makes you feel like everything is going to be lost so you try to save everything. What you are being called to in the dream is the virtue of peacefulness or calm. When you are calm in the face of anger, you can keep your head and figure out what to do. The fire requires coolness as in being cool-headed which is being calm.

  5. I am in my childhood bedroom there is a circle or round crack appearing in the ceiling, the floor starts to crack and shift my cat who i own now is on the floor he looks emaciated and he’s body is twisting and stretching in weird places i am very distressed i try to reach him but he falls through the cracks, i cry and leave the room to find help yelling there is an earthquake but the rest of the house is empty and unaffected. I leave the house and find my neighbour from now talking either to someone in person or on the phone she comes with me to the room where my cat resurfaces smaller and thinner but not twisted/deformed as before, i am so relieved i hug him, she gives me a thinking model made of an acronym in case i deal with this again, slips my mind what it was now

    I am at the supermarket they changed it so it looks like a convenience store smaller less goods, i cant find cheese so I give up, later when i tell a lady working there about the changes she takes me to the back of the store which i didn’t notice and it is huge it sells tons of things, clothes everything its so big as to include part of the city, i think i might have to come back, I may have started looking for a costume

    • Dear Khi,
      This dream is about not being able to have your own thinking mind functional for you. The cat is a symbol of independent thinking and acting. The crack in the ceiling represents the crack in your thinking that is like an earthquake to your mind. Because of what happened to you the cat is smaller and thinner now, but it can be developed quickly. The tendency, probably because of the lack of independent thinking, is to give up easily, but if you show a little curiosity and go for it, you can open up a lot of possibilities and get what you want.

  6. I’m very curious about this dream I had last night. I deliberately fed the lower half of my left leg to a Great White Shark. When I left the shark’s tank, I hopped about for a bit before I healed the leg and grew it back. Dream dictionaries tell me different things about shark bites, but I’m not sure how to interpret the fact that I willingly gave my leg up to it, or the fact that I was able to grow the leg back myself. Not sure whether to feel unsettled by the dream or comforted.

    • Dear Sarah,
      Feeding a great white shark in this case means that you are feeding the part of you that goes aggressively for what she wants. It is so cool that your leg grew back. The lower leg has a lot to do with jumping or elevating. So in a way it is like giving the assertive or aggressive part of you energy to jump into things. That is why it grew back. Jump in and be aggressive to what you want to go for. No one will stop you.

  7. I keep having dreams of receiving money. I’ve already had three within the past few weeks, and they all involve me receiving money and then me even deciding not to keep all of it to myself, which I’m fine with.
    In the first one, I had received money that somebody gave me, I was chosen for some reason I guess. I held a bundle of hundreds and felt like sharing it with someone else cause there was more than enough, so I shared it with the first person I saw that I knew and was there at the right time and place. However, shortly after, I was thinking I should have split it with my best friend, but then thought “oh well, she should’ve been here 🤷‍♀️”, cause I already shared it with someone else.
    I just forgot what the second one was, but I think I found a lot of money, but only took some of it, not wanting to be too greedy.
    Then in the one I had last night, I was at an event building of some sort for throwing parties and stuff like that. It was my birthday, but I knew no one there, only strangers were there celebratinng it, and I couldn’t get ahold of my family members by cell. Anyway, before that, when I showed up, I went to a money machine of some sort, similar to an atm or change exchange. Well I was trying to get money out, and instead of a hundred, it was giving me 600, and I did it about four more times and kept receiving like 400 or 600 back. However, I wouldn’t take all of it, and only took some, for two reasons: so I wouldn’t be suspicious and get caught in too much trouble, and because I didn’t want to be too greedy in the first place and take too much…I’ve learned from previous dreams, that being too greedy, gets you in nothing.

    • Dear Patricia,
      Actually getting money in a dream is about making friends and having lots of friends because in the spiritual world your currency is the the number of connections you make that are positive with others. The more friends you have the wealthier you can be and then it just seems like you are unbelievably wealthy all the time. I am really not sure why more people don’t get this principle. My grandfather taught it to me as a young boy because he was friends with everyone and gave a lot of money and just getting getting wealthier the older he got. The same has happened to me.

  8. Hi,

    Please help me with my dream. I dreamt I was pregnant and the belly was showing. Something like 5-6 months or so. I was excited and would worry about the baby, sometimes is feel like she was too quiet. No movement and I would place my hand on my belly, just above the pelvis and I would feel the Heartbeat with my hand and would feel relief as I would be certain she is still fine.

    Thank you

    • Dear Lebohong,
      Being pregnant means that you have some new energy or a new capacity that is growing inside of you. That you are pregnant means that you are developing the capacity inside of yourself as it has not come out into the world yet. When you are ready, you will be able to start giving birth to the new capacity in the real world. The dream doesn’t say what the capacity is, but the fact that she was quiet may mean that it is a virtue like calm or peacefulness.

  9. Each one of the dreams had a, line that I could remember, which is why they say 1: and 2:

    1: The battle of the temple

    I was for some reason fighting a bunch of people main reason my brother had angered a group of tribal people and we had to run to a temple for cover, my family was with me but didn’t help, well i was fighting my top fang teeth started to hurt really bad, to the point where I could feel and taste blood in my mouth, I leaned over a bowl and wiggled them with my tongue and they fell out, along with almost all my teeth, it hurt, it hurt so much. I was trying to yell to my brother what was going on, I breathed in and one tooth tried to go down my windpipe, I was coughing, crying, trying to make it stop. I tried to wash the blood out but I couldn’t even get water in my mouth because it wouldn’t stop bleeding

    2: sword and shields

    I was one of many people fighting, my mission was to make it somewhere without getting hurt, as I was doing it I had to help someone. It was going good until I got to the door of the place, it was surrounded by sharp rocks, the person turned to me and said I need some sort of paint on me, I decided on yellow stripes and blue triangles. Even though I was save here, I felt panic run through me, it scared me. Somehow I got into the place, it was better then I expected, I was fed the food made me sick, even waking up i still felt sick

    • Dear Marshall,
      The metaphor you are using to deal with your life that is not working is fighting. The first thing you have to do is to get out of the metaphor of fighting. You think that if you fight your way through life that you are going to be protected and safe, but the opposite happens. You just remain in a lot of fear and hurt. The metaphor you can change to is that of love. Instead of fighting your way through life and getting sick and hurt, you can start loving what you do and others and then life will go your way.
      Life is not about fighting. It is about loving. It is better to avoid conflict, find friendship and love and let go of the negative things that happen to you.

  10. I dreamed a familiar man was in my dream I was at his house he was saying nothing was working out for him and I noticed red stuff covering his clothes.what does it mean

    • Dear Angelic,
      When you are in someone else’s house, it means that you are in their selves. This means that you feel what they feel and probably take on their feelings as if they are yours. It is not a healthy practice because you tend to feel sorry for them and then act in an anxious manner in your relationships. The goal is to keep their feelings separated from yours so that you can read their emotional state and then think about how to deal with it or even if you want to. The man was in distress so you can think about what is helpful for a person who is in distress.

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