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  1. I met this guy who drew a satanic symbol and the devil appeared the guy traded me to the devil to show he was a true worshipper. The devil was going to kill me but then we became friends. During all of this the world is in a semi apocoliptic setting. Me and the devil became friends. I remember hiding a lady under a bag of stones to protect her from being killed by the devil but then they became friends too. The devil was on a mission to get 100,000 purple light bulbs he already had 500,000. A girl came along and offered 400,000 purple light bulbs in return for a truce with the devil. Later on we found out some of the light bulbs the devil already had were fake so he went to find who gave him the fake ones. I am not sure why he needed the purple light bulbs.

  2. Hi!!
    So I had a dream I was looking at my body, either in a mirror or looking at myself from outside my body, cant remember. In the dream I was practically naked, the skin on my pelvic region along with the very tops of my thighs were discolored. I’m normally very white and the skin had changed to a dark tan, it looked as if it was trying to spread but it just didnt get very far.

    Thank you!

  3. Hello thanks for helping ….anyway here it goes In real life my sister & I had a big argument & were not in talking terms for months now …she made it clear that we’re finished & don’t wanna see me anymore….& now I’ve dreamt of her twice ….1st dream was she was in my house helping out with something but we didn’t talk & we knew that we’re not talking ….2nd dream was her hubby was helping out fixing a ceiling & my sis was doing some tiling in my kitchen & she did a good job & the tilings were all white & beautifu I was amazed by it l but we still didn’t talk …..I’m really dying to know what it means

  4. Date:
    November 12, 2019

    In this dream, I was at home with my mom, stepdad, older and younger brothers, and a few of my friends. We were all around a table when my mom said something that severely pissed me off. My older brother and stepdad both joined in, making it worse. The more they spoke the more I got pissed. I told my brother and friends to leave. One of my friends told me to meet them all outside, and we would go somewhere else. My mom continued to say things to piss me off then laughing about it. I jumped out of my seat and told her to shut up, and fuck off. My stepdad jumped out of his seat, ran up to me, and tried to shove me. I didn’t budge. I looked him in the eyes and told him to try harder next time. He got angry and slapped me across the face. He left a bruise on my face but other than that I was unphased. I looked him in the eyes and hit him across the face. I left a huge gash on his cheek because I was wearing my dragon ring. My brother then jumped at me and tackled me to the floor. I threw him off and knocked him out with one swift punch to the head. My stepdad then came after me again. I hit him across the face again and knocked him out as well. In doing so I broke my hand. My mom stood up and proceeded to push me towards the stairs. She gave one last push and I went tumbling down the stairs. I got up, approached her, and slapped her across the face. I walked out of the house with my broken hand, and proceeded down the street. I was so shocked at what I did that it took all of my friends and my brother to stop me. They saw the bruises on my face and the blood on my hands and immediately drove me to the hospital.

    • Dear Nathan,
      This is such an interesting dream. The structure is like this. When someone says insulting things to you, you react with anger. Then the anger begets more insults, which makes you even angrier until it escalates to violence. It would seem that you are trying to use the principle of standing up for yourself in the face of negative comments to solve the situation. As logical as it sounds, it just doesn’t work very well. It would be nice if it worked, but the problem is that you and others end up in the hospital. Waht is the solution? The higher principle than trying to stand up for yourself is going into a place of super calm or tranquility, being curious about the comments from others, and have zero negative reaction. It is an easy principle to say, but one that is extremely difficult to put into practice as you can imagine. The question the dream asks is why you are being attacked. Standing up for yourself does not answer the major question, but you can go inside and ask the question and start getting answers. For instance, how does your behavior make your mom feel threatened in the dream that she has to attack you? You can only advance, when you are attacked, when the anger reaction is eliminated and related with extreme calm.

  5. I had a dream my wife slept with an old friend while i was away. I found out because the friend sent me pictures of them in the act and talked about me sleeping with his wife now. I the dream I tried getting my wofe to admit without letting her know I was aware of it. She refused to answer and avoided the question by trying to have sex with me.

    • Dear Lucas,
      This dream can make a lot of sense if you look at the word “away”. When you are “away”, it means that you are distant emotionally from your wife. Naturally if you are away emotionally, the people closest to you are going to get closer to others. Although the metaphor of sex is used in the dream, it does not necessarily mean actual sex. It means getting closer. The proper reaction is not to be angry, but to get emotionally closer to others. It is a good reminder dream that all relationships require a huge amount of work.

  6. Hello there
    I had a short dream with very clear view of alien like women-4 of them
    they had big heads-bigger & rounded on the brain area had same faces same eye color-green like twins but were different in symbols they had different face symbols under their eye or cheeks e.t.c face area generally they were all sitting and
    next thing I saw was me bowing down infront of them and one of them touching my shoulder with their’s sword like wand or smth.Then I woke up
    is this maybe important dream?tnx upfront

    • Dear HH,
      Usually when people have dreams and the figures are alien-like they experience attacks and are fearful of them. This is because people, for the most part, are fearful of what they don’t understand or of cultures that are different than their own. You have exactly the opposite experience. You have a lot of respect or humility with people who have more understanding than you or are different. This allows them to acknowledge you and to all share with you whatever they know that you do not.

  7. I had two dreams about my ex boyfriend.

    The first one was short. I was sitting in my old church holding hands with my ex boyfriend. The strange thing about this dream is the fact that my ex never attended this church.

    In the second dream, I talked to my ex boyfriend over text. He gave me a long list of excuses leaving me including anxiety and depression. He was trying to get me back, but was not willing to apologize for hurting me or take responsibility for the problems he caused in the relationship.

    I wrote a response telling him that I couldn’t take him back due to his poor communication skills, but I put my phone down on my bed and left the room without sending the message.

    • Dear Adrianna,
      Usually when you dream about your ex, it is because you have unfinished business that needs to be resolved. There is a part of him that is spiritual that he probably wouldn’t show because of his negative ego state. The dream says that he just cannot take responsibility for his actions, nor his own development. Writing like you did is a good thing because it can help clarify thoughts. Not sending it was also a good thing because the relationship is over when someone cannot take responsibility.

  8. So, I have another dream that I would like clarification on. I actually have a couple, but we will stick with the one for now.

    I was driving down the street with my friend in the passenger seat. She was only a few months pregnant when her belly was ready to burst. I had my hand on her leg, rubbing it and saying, “it’s ok. Stay calm. We’re almost there. You’re doing great.”
    We got to the hospital and I rushed her inside. She looked up at me and said, “I want you to take care of my child.”
    She was taken to a room to get looked at. But before the doctors could do anything her belly exploded. Sitting right in the middle of her stomach was a giant egg. I walked up to it with a towel and began wiping it off. all of the doctors and nurses left the room. The egg was huge and was mostly blue with a red and gold marbling. I picked up the egg, which was extremely heavy, and wrapped it up in a blanket. The doctors let me walk out with it because it was willed that I look after it. I kept it warm, and took care of it for a couple months until it cracked. That’s where it ended.

    • Dear Nathan,
      This dream shows you the role you can play in your life in helping others develop the potential inside of them. When you are nurturing and caring for others potential, it is even as if the potential (egg) is yours. You must have a natural gift for nurturing potential in others.

      • Thank you for the help. I have had a lot of dreams lately. I’ve had around 15 in the past 3 weeks like this. I do wish to get clarification on them all. I understand it may take a while, so I will do my best to get them all written out for clarification.

      • Also, I had a follow up dream to this dream. Just as the egg cracked there was a knock at the door. I opened it up and my friend was standing just outside. I helped her in, she was still sore from before, and brought her to the egg. I explained that the egg was inside her and that it had begun to hatch. We both watched in anticipation when the egg shattered. Inside were three dragon babies, one of which had two heads. We both stood there in shock at what we just saw.

        • Hi again Nathan,
          You can think of dragon babies as positive beings if you look at the dragons the way Asians do. If you look at them in the medieval sense, then they are frightening. From the work I explained about calm and curiosity, you can look at them with a lot of wonder and then awaken a lot of possibilities.

  9. Please help interpret my dream, I dreamed walking with my partner and out of a sudden there was a black cat walking in front of us and we passed it and it just disappeared, then I saw a red tailed hawks standing beside the road and I was so amazed with it and I was looking at it for quiet long and I came so close to it but it didn’t fly away or fight me,then I woke up

    • Dear Pinel,
      The black cat means that you even though you are in a relationship, you have to have your own independent mind. Cats are symbols of independence. The red-tailed hawk symbolized being able to courageously go for your own vision. It doesn’t fly away because it is the thing you are most ready to develop in your life. The energy is open if you will work on it to incorporate it in your life. It will be a great positive force in your life once you have it.

  10. Catch up

    So backstory to why this has me kind of freaked

    So since I was six after I witnessed something that has scarred me for life I have seen a black figure with a black dog on a chain and a man in a white suit. These to figures become important. This has been going on for a week and also involves what I assume are connected dreams.


    My Dream: Me and my gf walk out of the school’s office we get down the hall I look back and see F1(Friend 1) leave the office. Me and gf go into the courtyard then I see F1 come out. Then it is a normal dream something goes well then I get cold and I see the black figure with a dog on a chain. I ask it “What do you want” he points and says you then the doors open and everyone begins to be ripped apart by the black figure. I see F2(Friend 2) run out the opposite doors and down the freshmen hallway. Me and my GF are running then one of them gets her and rips her to pieces then F1 gets his spine ripped out and he falls and knocks me over. I’m now on the ground and I see everyone just getting destroyed then the figure and a dog stand over me the figure smiles and the dog kills me.

    F1 Dream: Me, my GF, and him are in the office me and my GF leave first then him. He sees us walking I turn my head and look back at him he gets to the courtyard and wakes up.

    F2 Dream: He runs out the courtyard doors and goes down the freshmen hallway. He is pushing people out of the way and something is tearing them apart. Something that has a blank black face tries to kill him he gets away and leaves the school


    I have a normal dream then I get out of my bed and open the door everything is white I turn around and the door is gone but I see the black figure. I walk towards him and ask again “What do you want” he responds with “For you to suffer”. As the conversation continues he takes the form of a normal person.The conversation answered a lot of questions he didn’t want me to die or to control me. Also he is a jerk but in a sarcastic evil way. I asked him about the dream he said it was him and told him not to do it again and my GF’s dead body just falls in front of me. He gets rid of it and after awhile admits that he kind of likes me because he helped to make me well me and that he isn’t alone. I believe that he might be a demon and I call him Carlos.


    I have a normal dream then I turn in the tv and there is Carlos on talk show. He basically says that I will meet the other one tomorrow.

    I meet the man is the white suit and he simply asks “Are you suffering” I say mentally yes he then tells me to get out. I of course don’t listen all he says is that he wants Carlos to make me suffer and that they are not the only things up here I call the man in the white suit Steve. I go to a normal dream and then realize it and leave I’m once again in a completely white room with someone who looks like me with features of my friends. He says “Hi I’m Dave” he then says that he is and embodiment of my mind so me without limitations and stranger. He changes form often and has my humor. He says that he creates my dreams so I asked him about Sunday and he turned into me as a kid and began to cry and say “I don’t want to talk about that one”. Then I ask him how can I find the good thing that Steve has told me about. He then turns into Morgan Freeman because if I had a serious conversation and could be anything of course that is what I would do. He said that the only way to get to him is to get to the good memories and to get there we have to fight.


    I see Carlos he tries to talk but all I mainly hear is me singing. He turns and yells Dave. I’m now in a normal dream singing to my GF and everything is going great I look out a window and see Carlos and Dave yelling at each other and then the curtains close. I’m now at graduation and I see them straight first fighting in the back. Now I’m in Hawaii on a trip with my friends and Carlos and Dave are going at it then boom an explosion and I wake up.

    TLDR: I believe a demon and it’s master want to make me suffer. My mind made a body for itself and the demon seems to want to help in a since. But the demon and my mind don’t get along that well as far as I know.



    The dream starts and apparently it’s my wedding and I’m marrying my GF. Well everything is normal then I see Carlos and Dave just chilling like bros on my side of the church. Then me and my GF are in Italy we go to the world’s biggest library and I see them again just kind of reading a book on psychology. Then me and my GF are going down the canal and I see them again in another boat. Then it’s Christmas and me and my GF have two kids I hear a knock on the door and it’s them. For some reason the kids know them as an uncle and a cousin. Well everything is going normal then Me, Dave and Carlos go outside the little boy tried to follow us after I gave the baby girl to my GF and said “Can you hold Winter for a minute.” Carlos told the little boy who’s name was Phinex to go back with Mommy. We get outside and Dave looks me dead in the eyes and says “It’s time Jordan.”

    • Dear Jordan,
      The reason that you are having these kinds of dreams has to do with what you said about what happened to you at age 6. Your being wants to be able to advance to have meaningful relationships with others, but your ego mind is stuck back at age 6. Every time you try to advance, the trauma is stimulated. It is not a demon. It is your mind remembering the negative experiences that have happened and then becoming fearful. It affects your relational life. What you need to do is to say good by to Carlos and Dave. They are not real, but in your mind. Who you are becoming is really great. You may need help getting them out of your mind.

  11. I was sat on the floor and i turned to my right and a massive bug was on the floor next to me. I jumped up and started crying, but then the bug turned into a giant blue and orange butterfly. My mother was also at my house, 2 jewish men appeared to her with boxes and were dancing.

  12. Could you help me Sir to interpret my horrible dream. I was bothered for this it is really a terrifying dream because its so clear in my vision the place, the people involve and what happened so this is it.
    In my dream, I saw a man maybe hes crazy or out of mind, hes walking on our street with a long knife, I pass through him and Im afraid because maybe he could hit me of that knife but instead he ignores me then without knowing that my younger sister and younger brother goes out in the house then suddenly a boy who is maybe the playmate of my younger brother says wait maybe your sister is the one who runs before the man with a knife, then I was afraid and curious if that is true so I ran off towards that way when I see so many people gathering then just a minute my younger brother said to me our sister was found there in the field with so many stabs, then I ask is she alive? then my younger brother says no shes dead. Then i panickly ran off to the house, crying and reporting to my father that my younger sister is on that situation, I was crying in my dream, im afraid then suddenly I woke up. And that ends my dream

    • Dear Maurene, This dream tells you that when you have a bad feeling towards someone, that is probably true. Your sister being killed by the man is a metaphoric death, not a real death. It means that she is vulnerable to being slashed to death in her spirit by slashing criticism and harsh words. Your work is to replace the knife-like words for really words of love and caring to others. People need you to be loving and caring and to show it all the time.

  13. This dream has bothered me for a couple days now and I have been searching for answers with not much progress. Could you shed some light?

    A Blue and White checked hooded cobra is swimming in a pond. An approximately 3 year old (unknown) girl approaches the pond. The snake sees her and starts to swim towards her. I run to keep the girl from getting too close to the snake, but when I reach my right arm out for the child, the snake bites me on the right arm and I awaken from my dream.

    • Dear Jerika,
      A 3 year old child approaching a pond has to do with a potential inside of that is very young about relationships probably about being more loving and close to others. The cobra represents poisonous energy in the relational environment like jealousy. Jealousy and love cannot exist in the same self or in the same environment because jealousy kills love. What ambush predators cannot take in real life is being found out because once they are found out and everyone sees the jealousy, then they can no longer use covertly to criticize and strike at people. Your stage is delicate because it is just beginning. What you have to do is learn how to see the jealousy in your environment and then call it out. The type of criticism that jealous people use is aimed at personal advantage. They strike with venom so that they are seen as the right one. They bite your right arm which is your sense of right and wrong because they are acting as if they are right when really they are just jealous of power. The solution to jealousy is to call it out in others when you see it because you have to protect the environment so that love can enter. Once a snake is found out, it doesn’t have the power of ambush anymore. This is how you deal with jealousy.

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