The Mathematics of Change

For those of you who are math freaks and want a formula for change, here it is. This formula works

4 (+ackns) + 1 (-listneg) + 1 (flipw/plan) + x(grndrule)= rchange


1. 4(+ackns) = 80% positive acknowledgments of qualities, actions, virtues already done. Notice how high the % is. Almost all failure is a result of underestimating the amount of acknowledgment needed.

2. 1(-listneg)= listening non-judgmentally to your own or someone else’s issues. Mostly reflective listening, lots of paraphrasing so that the issue is clear.

3. 1(flipw/plan) =Solution to the issue which is a 180 flip of the current negative pattern internally and externally. e.g. flip from running away from a fear by avoiding to running toward a positive goal fully. Plan always releases the positive energy to start acting.

4. x(grndrules) = ethical and moral ground rules that serve as boundaries like fidelity in marriage, not using material substances to deal with issues, not stealing, not using power in an abusive way.

Almost everyone in the entire world has problems with number 1. It is much more important than you think. More to come later. Radical Change the book is soon to be published.

2 Comments on “The Mathematics of Change”

  1. I was the first to comment! Yeah! This is great. Isn’t awesome that our family is reaching this great level of conscienceless as a whole!

    Thanks for the help.

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