Some Early Positive Signs of the Global Shift

When I was in Canada this summer visiting my family in Vancouver including my three wonderful grandchildren, my two daughters introduced me to Facebook, which is an internet based service designed to help people from all over the world to connect with each other. Yesterday something really great happened by using Facebook. I wrote to one of my old colleagues in Brazil saying that I had lost touch with a good friend who lives in Bolivia and wondering if she had his email. Well she didn’t have the email, but she told me that my colleague’s daughter was on Facebook so I could write to her and find out her father’s email. I then wrote to her on Facebook and she gave me her father’s new email. So in the space of about an 2 hours I was reconnected with an old friend. Now that is radical global change.


The first thing that you notice, if you get onto Facebook, is that information is not very guarded between the participants. You can see what everyone is writing to each other and what everyone is doing simultaneously all around the world. If you need confidentiality you can still have it, but the huge guarding of emotional content in people’s life that characterized most of the 20th century has suddenly been swept away. Yesterday I received messages from Australia, Japan, China, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, the US, England, and Israel.

Most of what you hear in terms of future prognosticating these days is the acceleration of the negative so I am just going to do the opposite. If I can communicate instantly all over the planet with people I know and share my thoughts and feelings openly on a blog on a daily basis for others to read, then it has to mean that we will see unprecedented acceleration of the healing of all those conditions that are caused by isolation and alienation. It will become increasing more difficult to go to war, people will begin using the term world citizen as easily as they identify with their own countries, and conflicts and oppression will be almost impossible to hide. This is all because the communication space between people from great distances will continue to decrease.


Ok, here is the thing. If you look at the way the world is in all of its negative aspects, it will have a huge tendency to bring on paralysis. It does for me. However, if I look toward the future and see what is going to happen in positive terms, it means that I can accelerate its occurrence by acting positively now. If I just complain and whine, which I love to do, then nothing will happen. What is difficult to account for are the radical changes that are going to happen to drive us forward in a positive way in the next few years. The best strategy for a great world shift toward the positive is transformation of our lives.

Here is what it is like. My oldest grandchild is now 4 years old. Within the space of two years her brain is going to go a radical alteration so that she can move from being a captive of perception, that is, to being able to only hold one thing at a time in her mind such as size or shape or color to being able to hold all three dimensions in her mind at the same time and then use them. She will move from thinking in size or shape or color to size and shape and color. This means, for instance, that she will be able to see that a person can have very light skin and still be a human being. Right now she can only see one or the other.


This is exactly what the world needs. We can be citizens of our countries and citizens of the world. We can be women or men and still all be human beings. Human beings don’t have to be men while women are something much less. We can have great economies and we can have a clean and protected environments. We can have security and health and we can travel limitlessly with great freedom.

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  1. I read someplace once that we are able to predict the negative things that may befall us but we are unable to predict the positive things that may unexpectedly happen to us.

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