Transforming Your Worst Quality to Your Best: part 1

I am just one of those persons who was born under the sign of Taurus that can get really stubborn about certain things. On the bad side I can become extremely stuck by being determined to accomplish something that is largely a waste of time like trying to change the mind of a leader. However, it is with the same tenacity that I have found that a great many things about personal change that people used to believe just are not true. One of the problems about doing change work is what seems to me to be a certain “arrogance” in the culture of scientists. I just think that there are a whole host of mental problems that psychologists and psychiatrists have not yet found out how to transform very well, but instead of admitting that the techniques and procedures have not yet been discovered to deal with them, they are often put into categories as unchangeable and then given drugs to fix the symptoms. And when new techniques are offered, the scientific world is quick to reject them because of the loss of an economic advantage or worse an advantage of power.

In the process of doing change work I have found some things to be very helpful so I am including them here hoping that others also find them helpful.

The Sequence

in listening to over 10,000 dreams from people of all ages and then assisting others to make changes I have found that the transformation of a really bad quality like a huge fear into a very positive ones like courage or honesty follows a very sequential pattern.

Step One: Negative times Negative

Most people that I have dealt with want to change the worst negative energy that they have because of having carried it around for so long and not being able to do much about it. People usually don’t ask to change something that is a small annoyance. We only really go after change when the negative energy has severe consequences attached like the break up of a marriage. It is much better to go after change on a daily basis because there is so much positive energy that can be made manifest in our lives.

What I have learned is that each positive quality carries with it a negative opposite that remains firmly fixed in the ego even to the extent of becoming part of one’s identity. When we have carried negative energy around for a long time and given up on changing it, then we start describing it in ways that are part of our character. People say some really silly things like “I am not one of those people who are adventurous”, and then they become excluded from a whole host of experiences or “I could never just walk up to a total stranger and start a conversation.” When it is ready to change to a positive quality, it first announces itself as formidable force. In a dream it is often like a nightmare or something extremely negative like being shot and killed. In real life the fear presents the consequences in actual occurrences like missing opportunities because of shying away from them. Most people, often supported by psychology, stop the process of change even before it begins by believing that the energy is unchangeable or part of a set of genetic predispositions that you can’t do anything about. It is like fate or destiny that you have this terrible curse.

The big key to moving forward from the all negative stage is the belief that as soon as any positive progress is made even if it is only understanding, it is a positive change. If you start out at 100% negative, but then get an understanding that makes it 99% negative, then the transformation has already begun to occur even though in the real world nothing has really moved. Just imagine that you could make a 1% change everyday on an issue that you have been carrying for 50 years. That means it will only take 3.333 months to have a brand new quality. I think that maybe what has blocked psychologists and doctors is that they are not capable of seeing the changes happening in the inner world before they appear in the outer world. Persisting with the change work is probably the single most valuable ability because the 1% each day gives you new energy and new teachings that are gradually incorporating into new patterns of energy that are positive.

Step 2 Negative and Positive Together

Somewhere along the process what happens is that your life begins to change in a positive direction that is producing fruits in the outer world. Maybe you can speak with the neighbors now. However, you may only be about 50% into the completion cycle. The dreams you have will be partially negative and partially positive. They tell you to start acting outwardly and keep persevering inwardly. It would be like being able to speak the member of your church, but still have a difficult time relating to people of other faiths because of some fear or mistrust.  Your inner self will want you to keep persevering until you get to a completion of a cycle of energy,  so it is important that once you have made significant progress to keep going.   Negative energy is persistent and insistent.   It will not stop asking for change and it will not stop making you feel bad until you change.  So at this stage it is important to keep adding.

Step 3: Positive times Positive

At this point you have done all of your change work for that particular quality so now you can apply it freely in service to your family and community and are ready to move onto a new quality. Since very few people ever get to this stage, there isn’t much written about it. When you have positive dreams that don’t have negative aspects to them, they give you the message to act on the energy in the outer world, whereas in stage one when you have a nightmare, outer action is not appropriate. In overcoming shyness this would be like being able to travel the whole world and meet people from all walks of life with ease and comfort.    If you get to this stage,  it means that the pattern has become so integrated into your character that you often forget that you ever had the issue.    Later on the quality will reappear at a higher level, but now you are ready to do positive things with the new energy.

Step 4: Physical correlates

When you are involved in a change process, the body will have stress reactions that cause illness. When your body is under stress because of a fear for a long period of time, it ends up becoming ill and giving up. So when you first start the change process from a negative ego state to a positive quality, you will probably already have some illness connected with the ego. If you get physical assistance, like medication or supplements, it is important to realize that the medication will only temporarily take away the stress. If you have a negative mental pattern that is enduring, a drug won’t take it away over the long term. The physical support can be helpful because it can keep you in the process of changing, but physical cures themselves do not change a negative pattern of energy. Alcohol is a good example. You may feel looser and more social by drinking and even more relaxed, but when the alcohol leaves the body, the same mental pattern will take over again. Alcohol is a good way to stop the process of growth, but some form of physical support may be useful if you desire change.

The best results with herbs and remedies seem to come to me right after I have made a change even if the change is small. I think that what happens is that as the mental patterns change from negative to positive, then the body relaxes from the stress and is more open to healing.

2 Comments on “Transforming Your Worst Quality to Your Best: part 1”

  1. Thank you for always being so generous to share your learning and insights with us in your inspiring blog! I am so happy to hear you were able to be present for the birth of Will! You have such a wonderful family and it is a blessing to be apart of your lives. MUCH LOVE!!!

  2. Dick, thanks for this post. I am working to develop better work-related habits, and find this a helpful way to think about things. Imagining a brand new way of approaching work with 4 months is inspiring! 1% change each day. Wow.

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