Dreams of Those Who Have Passed On

Last night I went to a wonderful meeting in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah which is part of Malaysia on the island of Borneo.    It was a devotional gathering on the theme of life after death.    The host was this extraordinary women who is a principal of a school of about 1400 students.    It also coincided with Earth Hour so we had the meeting by candle light.  Now you may not think it is unusual to have a meeting by candlelight, but in the tropics you need a ceiling fan or a/c to keep a room cool, but they tend to blow out the candles.   We turned off the fan and then began to pray, listen to inspiring music, and read from various inspired writings.

When it was finished, one of the men there said it would be nice to have a discussion about the topic and then because I had just given a meeting about dreams and another one on becoming your true self, they asked me if would talk.   I just responded by suggesting that we each  honour someone who had passed on and name their qualities.   So everyone began to tell a story about someone in the next world and it was quite amazing.    I recounted my mother-in-law’s courage to give us consent to get married. After the sharing  several people told me that this was the first time that they had talked about the person since the death.

Then they asked me about what dreams of people who have passed on means.   I told them that I was thankful for having listened to so many dreams in this category and that I had basically found that there are two types of life after dreams that I hear.   The first one is a kind of consolation dream or vision.   In this type of dream the person who has passed on comes back to the dreamer and says that they are really happy and things are fine.   Of course this type of dream takes on many forms but it has the purpose of giving consolation to the dreamer so that they won’t have to hang onto the grief for so long.         As human beings it is our connections with others  that is most precious to us so losing someone is often a great trauma.   When they visit in a dream it is a measure of consolation that seems to be out of the mercy of God.

The other type of dream from the next world seems to come later in the process and has more to do with guidance.    Last night one of women said that she was visited by her father in a dream while she was in a small time in Indonesia trying to make some connections with the local people.  The father told her in the dream,”Do what I did.”   Since her father was a Chinese doctor and she had studied naturopathy, she began to collect a lot of healthy foods and educate people on health.     Then she became really connected to the people.

So when I have a meeting like this, some people will say that they have never dreamt of people on the other side.  I tell them that you only get dreams that you need.   If you don’t have someone paying you a visit from the other side, it is nothing to worry about.   Your guidance is coming in a different way.

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