Every Dream is About Peace

I made a discovery quite a number of years that has been quite revolutionary, but not many people have caught onto it.   That big discovery is that God wants us to have peace in the world.  He wants for us to be one human family living in unity and harmony.   That is the priority of God for us.    There is no other greater priority than peace.

And then I made another discovery after working with dreams, that they are a spiritual world, a spiritual phenomenon, not a physical one.    Spiritual means that they are not controlled by us.  Our brains don’t make up the dreams at night.   They are just too perfect to be our inventions.   Our minds are fraught with horrible thinking errors on a daily basis, but the dreams that we get come from the worlds of God and so they are perfect for us.

So do the math.   If dreams are truly a spiritual reality, they come from worlds of God, and He wants us above all else to have peace and oneness,  then all of our dreams are going to lead us to that purpose.  I have heard thousands of dreams and I have yet to hear one where the solution didn’t lead the person more toward creating a better, more peaceful world.

I think what is maybe really extremely difficult for people who have grown up in the western scientific materialistic world is to believe that a force outside of one’s own control could possible know what is best for us.   A lot of people have been so hurt by religion’s superstitious and controlling elements that they just want to turn away from the idea that a higher being could be guiding us in an amazing ways.   We are culturally fearful of being controlled and manipulated by religious authority figures who would have us go to hell unless we believe like them.    The truth is God always has your back and is gently trying to guide you to greater truths about yourself.

When you pay attention to your dreams and then change them for the better, then the world becomes more peaceful.  Give it a try.    Anyway, if you have a dream that you don’t think is about peace, write me.    You will change your mind.

Try reading the dream about Godzilla in the free read part of the blog.

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