Live in the World of Virtues. Get out of the World of Tasks

The other day I had a pretty scary thought.  Am I going to reach the end of my career just doing tasks that other people assign measuring myself on how well I did what they asked?    So I decided to find an alternative, which is to live in the land of virtues.   I learned this with my 5 year olds in physical education class one day on the climbing wall.   I had the thought that I would teach them courage and use climbing as the vehicle rather than teaching climbing and hope that they learned courage.   It was a huge shift, monumental, but really simple to do.

So what do you need learn?  Patience, love, tenderness, service, dedication, honesty, purity, joyfulness, enthusiasm,  generosity, perseverance,  toughness, peacefulness,  friendship.  What is it?

Whatever it is it is a lot more important than thinking of your life as cooking, cleaning, making calls, answering emails,  organizing meetings,  etc..   These are tasks and at the end of the day they are done.  When our lives are taken up with virtues as the goal of the day, not the tasks, then life changes.  It is remarkable.   What if you woke up tomorrow and said today I am going to learn how to attract myself to a vision or today I am going to learn how to wait for the right moment to say things or today I am going to learn how to finish what I start or today I am going to learn about being friendly to people.   It changes everything.    Don’t make the task the day.  It ends the day with nothing.   Make the day into a virtue.

Beauty and Grace

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