Detachment Day 4: Letting Go of Grief

I have a certain sadness in my life that has appeared recently about the fact that work that I have done to advance programs in many schools has largely been lost after I have left the schools.    Most of what I have focused on in my career has been on taking the radical direction, in going to new ways to do things in positive ways that have largely been untried.   Inevitably the door closes in favor of more conservative and traditional approaches in the place I have been.

So how do I let go of the grief because it keeps me from moving forward to keep doing new things, to keep being radical.   As Byron Katie would say, “Is it true that your work has been lost?”   Knowing that the answer is always no to that question it begs the process of where  the work still might be found.   I think I get it.  The lost part is in the school building.  What remains is the work I have done with all of my students and colleagues?    That is never lost.  A  true school is not a place and the lessons keep producing.

Ok, it is easy enough to let go.  The new place is really exciting and I am headed toward it.

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