What To Do When You Think a Dream Is Going to Come True

Many people have told me about dreams that have come true in real life like after the tsunami of December 2004 a lot of people said that they had dreamt it ahead of time.    The problem we have when we have a dream that seems like something is going to happen either bad or good is knowing what to do with it.

Oftentimes people dream of something bad occurring to a loved one or to a group of people. What should you do?

Here is my advice.    First of all I am not God and neither are you so there is no way of knowing the future for sure.   If you can leave the future in the hands of God realizing that He knows what is best for you, then you can usually act a lot more fully in the present.   The future is really God’s business. Your business is the present. He has left that for us.

It is easy enough for me to say the above,  but if I have a dream where my wife is shot and it seems so real, my only thought is to tell her the dream so that she can be protected somehow.   But then I have to ask myself the question why am I having the dream about her?  Why, if she is going to die, am I having the dream?

Since dreams are a spiritual phenomenon, then  the place I go with this dream is into the spiritual realm and then the physical one, but not the other way around.    In the spiritual realm there is no life or death because time is eternal so being shot down in a spiritual sense means something like being shot down psychologically or emotionally in some way.   As soon as I start thinking about the two possibilities, spiritual or physical one, then it has the effect of slowing down my process somewhat.  Instead of trying to protect her or rescue her from doom, I have to start thinking about my reaction to her being shot down.

My initial reaction to someone shooting my wife is to go after the culprit because I have a mixture of anger and grief that just wants revenge.   But if it is a spiritual shooting, then going after the culprit doesn’t do anything other than dig my own grave.  When my wife is shot down, it is my reaction that I have to deal with.    I am feeling angry and want to go after someone to get revenge,  but is that what she needs?      I think not.   The real thing she needs is upliftment after having been shot down.   This is the task God is giving me.   I am being called upon to be more uplifting to others rather than vindictive.

So if it is a metaphoric dream (my wife being shot) then my message is to be more uplifting to her, but it were a literal dream and my wife actually dies, then it is still about upliftment, but upliftment of myself so that I can have a fulfilling life despite her presence.   One way or another my job is upliftment.

But what happens if you dream something like a tsunami that has great destructive powers.    The answer is the same.  You may not be able to do anything about the actual tsunami, but you can be a positive tsunami in other people’s lives and do lots of positive things.  This is why you have the tsunami dream so that you can be a positive force.

For sure there is no way to control the future, but we can be a really positive influence on it, by acting in the way that the dream is instructing us.     Whether or not a dream is going to come true is never really the essential question. The essential question is how to be a positive force in the world by developing the qualities it needs.

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