Being Guided: It Isn’t About Psychic Powers.

I am writing this post to explore this topic in my mind for the first time.   If, when reading it, you have additional thoughts, please share them in the comments section.

I don’t give much credence to people who believe they can see into the future and predict it.   I have listened to hundreds of prophetic dreams so it is not like I don’t believe in them.  It was amazing to me, for instance, how many people told me that they had tsunami dreams before the big tsunami in 2004.   This year someone told me that they had tornado dreams right before the big ones hit the South in the U.S..     I just don’t think that a person should go about making a living selling the future  to others.

It is really not that hard to predict someone’s future.    People have issues that are run by their negative emotions based upon what has happened to them in the past.    The reaction to the traumas and negative experiences develop patterns that have fairly predictable outcomes.   The positives are just as predictive as the negative.    If you are filled with anxiety about your future,  it means that you are running a pattern that looks at the future in a negative manner.   I could pretend to be a psychic and tell you that you are not going to increase your income to any degree because your pattern lets me know that you are not going to march into the future with confidence to do what needs to be done.  You will just do what you are comfortable with and that will keep you where you are.   There is nothing psychic about it.   It is straight mathematics.

What I believe is that the future is always a flexible state.    I think that fortune tellers and psychics make their money by having you believe that the future is a sure thing.  And this is because there is hardly anyone in the world that is competent about changing a negative pattern once they are into it.   People tend to keep their old patterns for as long as they live.  So they are predictable.

When you have a negative prediction such as in a dream,  it is there mainly to wake you up and tell you to get out of the pattern you are in.    When you intervene in a pattern even with a prayer or a positive thought, it changes it to a degree which has an effect on the negative future.    A positive dream or a positive prediction is no guarantee either.   It tells you that you have some great energy in you so when you use it in a positive manner, it will have great outcomes in the future, but first you have to do the work to manifest it.

The main problem we seem to have as a world culture, in my opinion, is that people do not believe they can change patterns about themselves that are negative in nature and they do not believe that they can develop new energy in them that they have never had identity with  before.     When we get good at change, the fortune tellers will be out of business.

What do you do with negative guidance?    I had this experience once where a friend was going to meet with a board of people about how to make some positive changes in a business.     The night before the meeting I was concerned about him so I began to meditate about the situation.    In my mind but sort of like a vision off to the side I saw and felt a dark cloud.    I went into the dark cloud to see what it was about it and it told me that the meeting with the board was a trap.     I told him not to go to the meeting because I thought it was a trap.   He said that it didn’t matter because he just wanted to see where it would lead.    The next day he was fired.  The board told him that because he wasn’t happy in the organization that he should leave.

Now it would seem to most people that the guidance I got with the dark cloud and the trap was for the person going to the meeting and not me.   That is what I thought also and why I spoke to him before the meeting.    But really the guidance was for me, not him.   He had already made up his mind on how to go about change in the organization and was taking his chances.    But the guidance for me was that the possibility of organizational change did not lie with that board because they were not really very interested in positive change.    I misinterpreted who the guidance was for so a couple of years later I went to the same board with my concerns.    I had forgotten about the dark cloud because I thought it was for someone else.    Shortly thereafter, I was let go from the organization.

So if you have tsunami dream or a tornado dream,  it might be predicting someone else’s fate, but it is just as much for you as for them.    You have already had  non-material traumatic tornados or tsunamis and now it is time for you to change them into positive forces.    Why else would you get the dream?     The physical world’s disasters are a reminder of our own inner disasters that need to be change.  They are guidance.

A lot of woman come to me about issues with relationships.   They are hoping to get into a relationship that will give them the happy-ever-after feeling and hoping that I will give them a magic bullet to find the right guy.     They are about as misguided as you can get.  Guidance is mostly about knowing that God has your best interests in mind, that you are going to have to do some serious change work if you are going to reach positive and worthwhile ends,  and that happy-ever-after does not exist.     When you ask for inner guidance,   the biggest problem most people have is being attached to the answer they want God to give them.

Guidance is built on the virtue of detachment.   It requires slowing down internally and most of all believing that God knows best.   It is giving your guidance over to a higher mind and then being open to it.   A lot of woman(and men)  make a lot of bad decisions about relationships because they want the happiness they are missing to come from their partner’s efforts to please them.   This is  like a worldwide epidemic that is killing marriages and children.   When someone comes to meet with me complaining about a bad mate,   I can almost guarantee that they are going to keep going back to the person until something hugely dire happens, and then they will just find someone else equally bad.   Sometimes they try to get me to give them permission to stay in the relationship as if I am their guidance.    Internal guidance will always focus on the development of some new virtue to add to your character.     Each virtue will allow a person to be more successful in all of their relationships.

There was a woman who kept begging me to be able to communicate with a man she wanted to have an affair with saying that there was nothing sexual about it.   At the same time she was mistreating her husband making huge numbers of demands that he always acquiesced to.    As long as she was not giving into the affair and staying with her spiritual progress, she was gradually improving.   At some point in her development she stopped listening to her guidance when it required that she begin treating her husband in a more respectful and positive manner.   I have not seen her since.    Had she practiced detachment and kept with the guidance she could have a very successful and long lasting relationship.   When she gives into attachment to the ego’s messages,  she will end up having an affair.

Detachment requires that you do not already have an idea about what the guidance is going to be and be willing to follow it with absolutel faith in the positive outcome when it comes.   There is a story in the Quran about a group of early Christians who were fleeing the persecution of the Roman Empire and were guided to a cave for protection.   They went to sleep and when they awoke it, was some 200 years later.  Everyone had become Christian.  The purpose of this story is to show that there are outcomes awaiting you that your mind could never possibly believe because of your ego’s current state of pain and limitation.   God knows what the positive outcome is going to be so if you trust the guidance and act on it with faith, then the world changes.

The problem is trying to second guess God or pray  for things that are not good for our souls.    ” O God, let this guy be the one for me.”   It is more appropriate to pray for the development of a new quality that allows you be successful in relationships.    You cannot be guided by the inner world of the spirit if you are asking for it to give you a selfish end.  It doesn’t work that way.  Guidance is based upon having a pure heart.   If you want to develop kindness,   you will be guided, but if you want a man to take care of your financial needs, your guidance will be cut off.   God’s voice leaves.

2 Comments on “Being Guided: It Isn’t About Psychic Powers.”

  1. Dirk, I don’t often use the word God in terms of seeking guidance because a large number of clerics, Muslim and Christian, have convinced millions of people that it is wrong to extract metaphoric meaning from Holy Writings. When I lived among the Crees in Alberta, I learned that the spiritual world is trying to communicate through the natural world in the same way that scripture does, but a lot of First Nations folks are attached to the big vision that they read about in books like Black Elk Speaks. If they hear a few words in their mind in a way that they don’t want it to come like in an old hymn, then they don’t think it is important. Of course, for me the most reliable source is my dreams. Most people also wait to seek guidance only when they are in trouble. I believe that the spiritual world is trying to communicate with us at every moment, but a large percentage of people in the world do not listen to the guidance because they have turned to corporate leaders as God. Then they are just following ego. Metaphorically speaking it is at the moment that you are listening to ego, the the spiritual communication ceases. It leaves.

  2. Thank you Richard. I can see why Johanna has spoken so well of you since she and I met and married. The word God has bothered me since I gave up any affiliation with the religion of Christianity, though my faith in a greater spirit of all that is, has deepened and broadened.

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