Super Powers in Dreams

I was in a dangerous situation being chased by armed soldiers trying to kill me.   I am running and hiding with a few other people.  In the middle of the dream I find that I can shrink so that I am barely seen and I can also stop bullets without them penetrating my skin.


My son-in-law has a workout program in which he uses super heroes and their positive qualities while people are doing the exercises in such a manner as to begin inculcated the qualities of super heroes in their lives.    If you are like Spider Man, for instance, you might be meditating about how to have a stronger grip on things in your life.   The program produces some amazing results.


When you have super powers in a dream, you should jump up and down on your bed and yell out really loudly, “YES!!!!!”     The above dream tells me that I can change my size to be almost invisible and I am protected from any type of shooting.    The question is what is the spiritual equivalent in the real world to shrinking and stopping bullets.    And why am I having this dream?


Shrinking means changing size so that you are not seen.   If I were a soldier and I could be unseen and stop bullets, I would be pretty invincible.    Being able to shrink in a positive sense means being able to be as nothing.   Most of the way the world is organized right now is about been seen in a very large way.  The goal is to be famous through recognition.  When you go into countries ruled by dictators, the image of the leader is everywhere.   He wants to be seen and honored by the whole population as if he were a god.   Many of us have the same internal desire and believe that our success and happiness is centered on recognition by others.   We want to be gods.   The only lesson from history that we really know for sure is that dictators have a very short life span.  Being god-like in this world is not a long-term proposition.    When we give into recognition seeking, we might as well dig our grave now because it is going to lead to a big fall.   Just ask Napoleon?


There is a great advantage in regarding yourself as nothing.   The dream wants me to explore it.   It is a super power.     What does it mean to be as nothing?  Being able to shrink means to me that I am able to shrink my ego, my recognition-seeking, my fears and self-consciousness, so that they don’t get in the way when I am trying to accomplish whatever I am doing.    I have the idea often that in order to accomplish anything I have to either have positive recognition from the top or be recognized by everyone in order to have success.   I have the false belief that I have to be on a famous talk show.    It is just so not true.   What is important is to get as far away from recognition seeking as I can possible get, to shrink from it, and then I can do anything.    Consider the story in the Bible of Peter walking on the water.    Whether you regard it as metaphoric or real is not so important.   The lesson is that Peter could walk on water as long as he was not thinking about what he was actually doing.   As soon as his self (ego) came into it, he couldn’t do it anymore.


The other part of the dream is that of stopping bullets.   Bullets are the way that people try to shoot you down largely through harsh words and criticism.    If you cannot deflect the shooting process, everything you do will be shot down.  The problem most of us have with criticism is that we take it in and let it kill us.   When we are shot down, so too go all of our projects.   Being able to deflect bullets means being able to not let harsh words and criticism in.   It is an invaluable super power.


You can get good at developing your super powers by doing the following exercises.


1.  What are the super powers that you have in your dreams?    (flying, running effortlessly, swimming underwater without scuba gear, walking through walls)



2.  What are the spiritual equivalents in the real world for the capacities of the super powers?   (e.g. walking through walls is equivalent to having no limitations whatsoever)


3.  What are the ego problems that go along with the super powers?  How do they manifest themselves in my life? (e.g. with walking through walls as a super power the ego would be seeing others as limiting you or seeing everything as an obstacle.)


4.  Think of yourself with the super powers in the real world.   Repeat several different kinds of images.   Go out and do an activity reminding yourself often that you have the super powers.

90 Comments on “Super Powers in Dreams”

  1. I don’t know if this was a dream or not, but it happened years ago when I was a kid. Now I’m 24.
    I was falling asleep on the couch and I heard something running, circling around the couch. I looked down at the floor and saw both of the dogs sleeping. My vision suddenly went dark. I then appeared in front of a cave with a black metal gate so nothing won’t get out. I don’t know why or how but I opened that gate and something was running out, something big and not human. It was horrifying. I suddenly opened my eyes and whatever that was in the cave, jump into this world and was running around the couch. I couldn’t move nor call my mom or her friend. The dogs didn’t notice anything as well. I didn’t know what was going on, but out of no where, I heard this loud bang. I looked in a corner and saw a flash of light like someone threw a flash grenade. Then that presence that was circling me and the other presence were both gone.

    I told someone this story some time after. She said that it sounds like I opened the gates of hell. But I still don’t know honestly.

    Years after that experience, I would always have the same dream that I would go into some attic and a weird ominous presence would be there waiting for me to come so it could take me somewhere. And another dream would follow that and I would feel this great ominous energy and it would try to kill my friends in front of me, but my family was never in those dreams. (I don’t have many friends but I cherish them dearly and greatly).

    I still wonder what this meant or mean as of now.

    I don’t fear anything and I feel very calm in a lot of situations since I was a kid around that time.

    Some years have passed and I’ve been trying to know what that ominous presence was. So I would always try to go back to that place. I’ve been to other places but not the cave.

    But sometime later I discovered that the ominous presence was not actually a bad one, it was just misunderstood and It tried to show me something (I believe). It started to grow emotional with me and I somehow I feel protected in a way. Don’t know why or how. I’m still looking for answers, just I’ve decided to travel the world and try to find what I can about this. I told someone that is like me (I call him my brother), he took a picture of a cave and it reminded me exactly of the cave I was in front of with the gate. That cave is in Texas I believe.

    • Dear Zuriel,
      When you have a cave in a dream or vision, it signifies the place you go inside of yourself to find answers, to get inspiration, or to be guided. Your cave (place of guidance) had ominous energy that has gradually transformed into a more positive presence over time. Probably as a child you had a certain amount of fear about going into the inner world, which you no longer have. You should be going back to that place everyday at least once a day for guidance. When you have inner guidance functioning well, it prevents a lot of negative things happening in the outer world as well as facilitating a lot of positive. You can develop it with a lot of practice and since you have a lot of natural calm, it should be fairly easy for you.

    • Hello, I have had similar dreams as you. I don’t believe these types of dreams can be interpreted into a psychological message. I believe they are beyond the spiritual level most people are on. Dreams like these have been a thing since ancient times, connected with Greek, Celtic, and even Egyptian Gods and Goddess. Some even think dreams like this are the Gods/Goddesses trying to connect with you. Try looking into it a little more. Not every dream is just a message to yourself. But some dreams are prophetic and are messages from other spirits in other realms as well.
      God bless.

  2. This is pretty childish, but I had a dream that whenever I jumped forward, my clothes would change, but I don’t have control over what it changed into. I also had the superpower of creating objects out of thin air, or changing the clothes of other people to whatever I wanted. I’m not sure if this has a meaning, but this was by far the best dream I’ve ever had and I can’t stop thinking about it.

    • Dear Daniela,
      The dream is telling you that when you leap forward in your life, like diving into things or taking a leap of faith, then you can adapt to any role that you are in and you can help others adapt to. This means that you have a great deal of flexibility and can apply your abilities wherever you go and whatever situation you are in. Creating objects out of thin air means that you can have an idea in your mind and then find the material objects to put it into practice. It all starts with a leap of faith for you. You have some amazing abilities.

      • I had a dream yesterday night been 22/ June / 2021. I literally saw myself in the dream absorbing energy from some people around me trying to subdue my powers, but I overcame them and take control of their powers. I became very strong and I can attract anyone towards me and control their minds to do what I want. Lastly, I saw my boss where I work He also appeared in my dream trying to subdue my powers, but I overcame Him and I become more powerful. I don’t know what that means. In my physical, I woke up and I felt so strong, and determine, so energetic and it look so real. I felt like practicalizing it in real life.

        • Dear Maxwell,
          Your super power is the quality of inner strength. When you have inner strength, there is nothing anyone can do that will stop you from achieving what you set your mind to. Inner strength requires that you remember your positive qualities and act with them. It also requires that you let go of the way others affect your mind.

  3. I have dreams all the time and in my dreams I know I’m dreaming. For the last months now I have been dreaming about being in these same 3 buildings in a U shape. In my dream I am able to walk thru the walls, sink they the ground and fly if needed. The last week I have been having the same dreams but now I noticed I can move people or things and I even created a small tornado with my hands to move someone. What does all this mean?

    • Dear Not Important,
      What your dreams indicate is that you have special powers to walk through walls, fly, move people and create tornadoes. Walking through walls is the ability to overcome difficult situations that people place in your path. Flying is being able to have a vision and move to it. Moving people means that you can inspire people to do things and creating tornadoes means that you can create spirit or energy for things to be done.

  4. I had a dream 2 nights ago that me and a hand full of friends had special abilities & for some weird reason we were trying to escape from a group of soldiers (I’m guessing) until we found out we had powers & start fighting them off. Oddly, my power was that I was able to control fire with my bare hands & fly using the fire out of my hands.. Weird but very interesting to me, i wanna know who can help me understanding this????

    • Dear Tristan,
      When you have a super power dream like you had, it lets you know that you have a strong inner ability that the dream world wants you to know about. That your friends also have some special abilities shows that the capacities that allow us to do incredible things are widespread in humanity. In your dream you are using them in a protective manner, but what you can do can also be used in a productive one as well. When fire is out of control, it usually manifests itself as rage or uncontrollable anger. Your fire is not out of control, but in control. This means that when you are in conflict or up against a major challenge, you can have self control of your mind. You don’t have to blow up or let people get under your skin. It is quite extraordinary because, under opposing fire, most people blow up and get out of control. The fact that you can fly means that you are free to choose how to proceed. So when you combine the two, you have some incredible gifts that really focus your attention. You have the dream so you will be reminded of them and use them in a productive way and also work to develop them.

  5. I had a dream that I was play fighting with close friends through use of gravity change. I would suddenly change the gravity to be extremely pressuring to some of my friends (such as making them sink to the ground) but we all laughed it off. They would be using fire, ice, super strength, super speed, and time manipulation in the dream. There would be a twist when I could change the gravity upside-down and walk on walls. It felt exhilarating to use super natural powers with my five friends. Thank you if you reply!

    • Dear Quy,
      The dream is about recognizing your special abilities and the special abilities of others. Super powers in dreams mean that you have some extraordinary abilities internally that can be used to benefit the world. Right now in the dream you are playing with them. In the future you will be called on to use them to help others. Changing gravity means that you can change the downward force that keeps us attached to the material world. For instance, you can help people feel lighter and less serious and then they will not feel so materialistic or overly serious about life. Gravity changes means that you have choice about how serious you want to be or how light you want to be. When you are really light, you can pull yourself right out of difficult situations that are not serving anyone.

  6. I had a dream i was walking home with another lady talking then we met two women coming towards us talking too, one of those women happened to know the lady i was with,after the greetings she started touching her on the shoulder transfering witchcraft forces that makes one very ill to the point death from her hand to the hand of the lady i was with,, she was not seeing nor feeling anything but i was able to see how the forces was flowing. this woman then turned to me and tried to touch me as well but something was hitting her, i then realized that i had powers so i started fighting her with powers that looked like electric shock! she then transformed into a monster but i was still hitting her with powers coming from my hands!!! i then woke up

    • Dear Julie,
      It is so awesome that you have this super power because there is certainly a sizeable number people who give off bad energy that make others sick and powerless. Your ability counters that kind of negative force. Mostly you can think about it as calling up the positive energy in yourself and giving it back out. When you have extremely positive energy, the negative folks back off because, in the end, the positive energy is much more powerful. They can only use their power in an environment that is relatively positive. Keep being very positive. If you take energy work like pranic healing or reiki you will begin to learn how to move energy.

  7. Wow I just dreamed I could jump from great heights and land safely on my feet. The jump was also enjoyable because it was almost like I could control how slow I wanted to descend 🙂

    • Hi Nasreen,
      The super power you have is power of joyfulness, because when you have it, it is like you have wings and can jump to great heights. A lot of people don’t think of joyfulness as a being a super power, but people who have achieve a lot more than others and can deal with the real world so much better.

  8. I had a dream but rhis is no dream help me someone god us really telling me i have superpowers the downside is if i dont really have powers i will still be a hero that is what god told me. So i could be a hero but still have to let everyone in my life go. That is what happened wgen i did have superpowers

    • Dear Josh,
      Super powers in dreams are symbolic rather than literal powers. For instance, you could say I have a super power of helping people change their icy coldness in themselves to loving warmth,but I don’t change people literally from cold to warm. It is a spiritual, not a physical thing. It takes a lot of sessions of people doing intensive work to move from iciness to warmth, but if they didn’t work with me or someone with a similar power, they would stay cold toward others.
      Being a hero as a super power means that you have to use the virtue of courage. So you can assume that your super power is courage. The reason that you are alone when you use the super power of courage is because it requires that you do things that may not be so popular. For instance, you may have to take a course of action that is totally the opposite of what other people believe. If you were a Jew in the time of Jesus, it would have taken a lot of courage to follow Him because He prescribed things that were different than the way most people believed.

  9. Long story short. My super power in dream realm was controlling fire. First dream was me learning to use the fire ( concentration, even flying with it). In the next one I was fighting a dude using fire ( jets, fireballs,fire kamehameha, fire breath,armor of fire, or body enhance by fire short the fire was doing my bidding). As to the end of fight they guy I was fighting with turned out to be someone with who I practice ( not someone I know). Other super powers :superjump, flight and one time turning into a monster/deamon (demon) and hunting people and monsters. The powers during this dream where: super speed, ability to see anything that was alive through objects, teleportation, super jump, super strength.

    • Hi Bselaru,
      Controlling fire means that you are able to control your thoughts so that the negative ones do not overcome you. When you are with a difficult person who wants to argue with you, it means that you can stay positive for long periods without being disturbed (letting your own emotions set you on fire like with anger). This means you can wait a person out for the right moment when they are open to the positive truth. The other powers all have to do with turning a difficult and troubling situation into a positive one. If I were your employer, I would have you do the jobs that have the biggest messes because you would be able to straighten them out and get things really productive. You have some super gifts. I hope you have lots of opportunities to use them.

      • “This means you can wait a person out for the right moment when they are open to the positive truth.” You can say that I wait until is the right moment to strike because I don’t think there is “positive truth” only truth. And I don’t know about my gifts or if I got any of what you say.

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  11. Hi Richard, I’m going to start keeping an eye out for super powers in my dreams. Love your interpretations. Thanks for that tip!
    Warm wishes to you and D too, from Bali 😉

    • This is a response to Raj’s dream,
      Hi Raj, In your dream you are concerned about how your mother is getting on with her life because, while catastrophic things do not happen, a lot of small things do. Your mother seems to have trouble focusing on where she is going for her life then a lot of small bad things happen. You have the dream because you can help her to focus on where she wants to go with her life. A lot of women in that culture have this issue because they have never felt that they had the right to have their own life. You can assure her that she can get to where she wants to go in life and encouraging her in everywhere as well as help her plan. You have to realize that she probably is not feeling a lot of self-worth.

    • Sorry Amit, Gave the wrong reply. I would say that your super power is your ability to hang onto really positive energy despite huge negative energy around you to the contrary.

  12. i forgot to add some details:i was trying to kill a woman after i become a giant in china then i killed the woman and i awakened before that in the start of the dream i saw a car accident

    • Muito bem Joaercio,
      Being able to rewind time means that you have the extraordinary ability to go back and repair damages that you created by your actions such as being a giant and killing a woman. This part means that you act as if you were big and ended the relationship negatively with someone. What you need to do is to keep going back in time and then finding ways to repair the past, to make amends for what you have done because there is something inside of you that is extraordinary about making amends. I don’t know how you do it, but it is great. Then you will be able to have hundreds of positive relationships with all kinds of people.

  13. I had a recurring dream as a kid, I was in a store with a boy, I didn’t know who he was, but in the dream I did, It seemed as if I was testing out some kind of super powers, super strength, super speed, telekinesis, and mind control, my powers were limited and I could only use one at a time. The dream ended with mall security casing me threw the iles. I completely forgot about this dream for a while but it came back recently, what does it mean?

    • Hi Karliah,
      This dream shows that in the development of your capacities that are new and different people will be suspicious of you. It is best to develop these things with wisdom and patience gradually and then wait for inner guidance to use them. It doesn’t necessarily means psychic things but extraordinary gifts that you inside of your self like for instance, the strength to endure for a long time or the ability to accomplish things quickly.

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