In Honour of Will on His Birthday

Will, our fourth grandchild, turns 4 today.   He is the embodiment of joyfulness and play.   I don’t think that 5 minutes go by in any one day where he isn’t laughing or helping someone else to laugh.   He gets so excited when he knows he is going out on an outing that he just breaks out in a song that he makes up on the spot.   When he is alone playing outside, he often sings as well.     It is hard to fill depressed for very long when you are around him.    He was our only grandchild where we were in town (Vancouver) when he was born.   I always have the feeling that I cannot spend enough time around him.    Here are few pics.


1 Comments on “In Honour of Will on His Birthday”

  1. How sweet! How precious!!!
    Sorry I missed your visit to Van Isle…thank you so much for your dream blogs–also very precious!
    Have a truly wonderful time with your family!!
    Love Joh

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