Framework for Change Part 1: Who first. What or How much second.

There are basically two ways to go about the transformation process.     The first method answers a what or how much question.  What kind of house do I want to live?  What kind of career do I want?   How much money do I want to make?  How many pounds do I want to lose?  How fast do I want to run? What kind of car do I want to own?    The second method answers a who question.   Who is the person that my true self wants to become?

In the first method the goals always begin from outside of yourself.   If you want to own a home that cost millions of dollars,  then the first thing you need to do in the first method is a have a really clear picture of what that looks like.   When you are set on it and have a time frame in mind,  then who you are going to become is the person that can make enough money to buy a multimillion dollar home.  That is who you become as a person.

In the second method the goal starts from the inside and then proceeds out.  Who do I want to become as opposed to what do I want to have?  In the first method who is decided by the thing you want to possess.   In essence you become your house.  In the second method you decide who you want to become and then the who seeks expression in the outer world.   In the second method you are not your career like in the first method.  You are who you choose to be and then that who decides on a path that may be a particular career.

The problem with the what do I want to have option of transformation is that when you pursue it, you don’t always end up liking the person you have become.   For instance  you have a good home to live in, but you despise your life.  It seems like the way I am going with this framework is to try to lead others to the path of transformation that begins with the who questions.    That would be a correct assumption and I am headed there,  but life is not always an either or proposition.   Usually the two are working harmoniously together to achieve the best possible end for you.   For instance,  if you weigh 150 kilos,  having an identity about being healthy would be great, but you can also be really effective at losing a number on the weight scale so that you can actually be healthy.   When the two methods work in the right order everything ends up marvelously.    But if you go for just losing weight to get down to a number,  but have not answered the who questions, then the person you end up with maybe just as bad off as the person with 150 kilos.  This is why a large percentage of people on the “lose it fast” TV shows don’t keep it off.

There is a big big big problem with starting with who.   It is so dangerous that even though I am suggesting people should start with the who, there is a huge CAUTION sign that goes with it.   The huge caution is this.   Who you want to become is not about choice.  Even using the word want or thinking you have the slightest choice whatsoever about who you are supposed to become is like foul language.   Who questions do not involve choice or want.   Who questions involve submission.  Submission is like sweet nectar to the Who questions.

If who you are going to become is about submitting,  then what are you submitting to?  The best way I can describe this is that we were all born uniquely with our own individual positive destinies.  You have your own destiny.  It is extremely positive and beneficial not only to yourself but to everyone else on the planet.  The answers to a who question and how you go about becoming the who you were meant to become are always on the inside.

It is not as difficult to submit to the inner world as one might think.   In fact it is quite simple.   The reason that it is so so simple is because who you are becoming is changing all the time.   The who question is not static or done one time in your life and then finished.  It has to be asked  at least everyday.   If it were not so, then we would not be the amazing creations that we are.   We would be rocks.  Who questions work when we realize that we are dynamic, ever-changing, and full of unlimited potentialities.

This is how they work.  You start by asking yourself this question.  What is the biggest issue or problem that I have in my life right now at this very moment? There it is.  It is that simple.   Then you just have to answer the question.

“I am so worried that my guests are not going to like the dinner I serve.”   “I am so fed up with my boss.”  “I am so angry with my spouse.”

To do the transformation work you don’t need to list all your problems, just the biggest one.   The reason that you need to pick the worst one is that you can only change one thing at a time about yourself and the worst one gives you the most positive effect in the outer world for that moment when it is transformed.  The benefit of doing the change work with who questions is that whatever energy is released inside of you in a positive manner automatically generalizes to every part of your life.  So, for instance, the problem may be with your boss,  the benefits will show up at home as well as other parts of your life.

Once you have answered the worst issue question, then the next step is to find a positive solution to the issue.   This gives you who you need to become right now.  One of the most common issues people have is being worried about what other people think about them as if we need their approval.  Probably most of the people on the planet have this issue.  The solution to this issue is the belief that who you are on inside is absolutely incredible and needs no approval from anyone except yourself.  When you can get that kind of belief about yourself, then it is just so easy to let go of the worry and need for approval.

Biggest issues are always about something outside of yourself that register inside with a big negative emotion.  Solutions give you added capacity on the inside and always feel extremely positive when actuated.   For instance, consider this issue.  “My boss does not give due consideration to my ideas.”   The negative feeling is anger toward the boss.   The solution is to give your own ideas full consideration and then find an appropriate expression in the places where the ideas will be received with more openness.

Answering the who question in this first phase is an extremely powerful practice because it always keeps you in touch with change at any moment of your life and puts you in charge of the process.   The next part of the change process is looking at how you got to the stuck place you are right now and some initial steps to get unstuck.




5 Comments on “Framework for Change Part 1: Who first. What or How much second.”

  1. These past weeks I have been having dreams that start happy and light and went down in a spiral of horrors. The nightmare started off when I first greeted my grandparents; however as night came a demonic creature appeared whom looked pale and had grey skin. The figure had high cheek bones, a bony face, small pupils which had a green hue to them, finally this figure had black hair and was waring a red gown.

    Some parts of the dream had been foggy but I had been warned to get this demon , if I will , out of the house by an another mysterious figure. Through the dream I tried to wake up but I couldn’t. So, as the dream progressed I started talking to the demonic creature and it had mentioned something about a soul and getting her mad. Again it had been blurry but something happened and I found a rock which was calmed to keep me safe but I had gave it to my grandparents. The dream ended with “I am watching you.”

    Through the day I had been thinking about the dream and thought of what if the mysterious creature was the demon but in a different shape and was trying to test me… thats why it didn’t hurt me.

    This might sound crazy but it had been really bothering me.

    • This is to Anonymous. This structure of dream is probably the structure of your life. You start things out in a happy and positive manner and then someone comes in who is demonic like which means the person is selfish and self-serving. Then your happiness spirals downward and just fixate in your mind on the negative person. So what you should do first is concentrate on being around people who are positive and into service and helping others. That will help you keep your up state and help you to realize that doing positive things for others keeps the demonic present away. Selfish people cannot stand being in situations where they can’t be selfish like in helping or serving others so when you are working in this manner, it will keep them away. Eventually you will be able to recognize them right away so that you see how they might bring down what you are doing and hence, avoid them.

  2. Hi Verne,
    It is nice to hear from your dream life again. The goal of this dream is for you get to the House of Worship and then be able to take others there as well. The way to solve a dream like this is by first starting in the spiritual dimension and then going to the outer world. The House of Worship is in the inner world in your spiritual heart. That is where you need to find it first. When you can connect with it there, then it will be easy to find in the outer world.
    It will do wonders for you, when you approach it this way.

  3. Well here I am having basically the same ol’ dream I had last year or the year before..I am in Chicago and have friends visiting and I am driving them here and there and to the HOW, but always get lost and can’t find the right road. Then when I do get to the HOW it has been moved. I can see the new location but all the streets are confusing so we just admire it from a distance.


  4. Thank you Richard for this framework. This paragraph is of great interest to me: “Biggest issues are always about something outside of yourself that register inside with a big negative emotion. Solutions give you added capacity on the inside and always feel extremely positive when actuated. For instance, consider this issue. “My boss does not give due consideration to my ideas.” The negative feeling is anger toward the boss. The solution is to give your own ideas full consideration and then find an appropriate expression in the places where the ideas will be received with more openness.”

    I would be interested in hearing from other readers their experiences of applying this solution-based technique to their dreams. Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences to share please?

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