Dream of Surfing on the Moon

“My wife and I were talking and she suggested that we go to the Moon. I told her that I really didn’t want to go to the moon because there really wasn’t anything there. In the next moment I was on the moon’s surface. The scene was in black and white. Shortly thereafter I noticed that there was some water and small waves. I said to myself that it was so cool that the moon had waves. Then the dream changed into color, and I began to surf on a body board doing all kinds of things that are impossible in real life surfing. When that part ended, I began exploring the possibility of skydiving.

When I woke up from the dream, the first question that crossed my mind was that of being attached to the earth.  Why was I so attached to on the earth that made it difficult for me to go to the moon and have that great experience?   What I realized was that I was attached to being at the top or at least defeating those who are at the cultural top.   I was stuck to the earth in complete attachment.    When I detached myself and let myself go to the moon,  then all kinds of extraordinary new things began to happen that I was not getting to while I had my earthly attachments.

Being attached to being #1 is a common earthly attachment for a lot of us, but it just closes so many doors and keeps us from exploring the more radical side of life.

What are you attached to that is keeping you from experiencing the more radical side of life?

3 Comments on “Dream of Surfing on the Moon”

  1. Okay. I like the way your comment inspires me to think about “being more radical inside my mind”…it leaves me wondering what does he even mean by that? I like it. I’ll ponder it for a while….

  2. The question you ask is a good one: what am I attached to that is keeping me from experiencing the radical side of life? A recent dream reminded me of an old pattern of attachment to a cycle of anger/jealousy that I am learning to detach from. I think detaching from this negative cycle will free to experience the more radical side of life.

    • The thing that happens when you can be more radical inside your mind is that you can see yourself out there doing the wilder things and then have really up energy going for it. This is different than visualizing when you are just looking out through your eyes. Seeing yourself out there doing things allows you more detachment when being radical.

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