Getting Over Worry and Living Freely in Your Gifted Self

Worry a.k.a. anxiety is the negative emotion that projects a negative illusion onto the future so that you can maintain your present state in a protected manner.   If you are more conservative in your views or politics,  you see the future as someone coming in and taking away what you already have.   It causes you to fight for the present state.   If, however, you are more liberal in your views,  you will see the future as more of the same where, for instance the rich have a decided advantage.   Then you will fight for the present state where the possibility of change is alive.     Here is something that you may not have considered.  The enemy isn’t the other party or people who espouse the opposite views.   The enemy is worry.

Take the Republican Party in the U.S. or the Conservatives in the U.K..   In their worried future they see foreign invaders coming to take all of the jobs and promote terrorism.   On the other hand the Democrats or Liberals feel threatened by the conservatives closing all of the doors to the less wealthy and all opportunities to expand commerce with other countries.   Both sides have really valid arguments.   The problem is that when worry rules the day, as it does right now,  both sides gets entrenched.

How does worry work and how do you let it go?    Worry happens when people do not have confidence in their own gifted selves.   We all are extremely gifted by nature.  There is no one left out,   but when we stop relying on our gifts and being extremely confident in them,  then the future goes from a positive state to a negative one.   If you are relying on your own inner gifts,  then you naturally will be enthusiastic and positive about the future.  As soon as worry creeps in, the future changes in a negative direction so that the present can be protected.

We all just need to feel more gifted.  Then we will be able to talk to each other and find mutual solutions.   When we lose our worry, we start seeing people as gifted and then we want to be with them even though they may be of a different culture or religion.   When we relate inwardly to our own gifts and then outwardly to other people’s gifts, then our worry goes away because we act out of our true selves with very positive energy.    We don’t have to label ourselves as conservative or liberal.  We can say that we are gifted.

Exercise to get rid of worry.

  1.  Start to feel worried and then see the negative vision that it projects.    Write the negative vision on a paper.   If you can then turn the negative vision into a metaphoric vision it will be better.    For instance, you may be worried that your child is not going to university because he/she doesn’t work hard.   Feel the worry, project the image,  and see if metaphorically like he is going to end up in wasteland with no food or drink.
  2.  Say to yourself that this is just worry.  It is not real.   I need to live in my gifts.
  3. Make a list of your top 5 gifts such as your ability to connect to others, your ability to attend to details,  your ability to solve complex problems, or your ability to hold firm to a principle.   Then with each gift write some times when you acted out of that energy.   Relive the experiences as many times as you can.
  4. As you relive your gifts,  you will notice that your future begins to shift from negative to positive.  You might even feel enthusiastic.
  5. Take the vision of the negative future and let it just vanish away while you take on a really positive one where you are using your gifts.


2 Comments on “Getting Over Worry and Living Freely in Your Gifted Self”

  1. Ok. Thank you. Perfect timing. I look forward to implementing these exercises and sharing this post with others.

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