ALmost Completely Positive Dreams

For the last two nights I have had dreams that started very positively and then ended up in fear or in a negative situation. I was in adventures in surfing, snorkeling, and being in the third world. Having a dream that starts well and ends badly means that whatever process you are working on is only partially developed. It is not that I didn’t have the courage to go out on adventures. After all I have lived on three continents and have traveled extensively through them. I love travel and love new experiences. So what’s up with the dreams!

The dreams tell me that there is something that is holding me back from taking the adventure experience to a brand new level. In doing the work with the dreams I found that I was fearful of being really put down by others that could put me in a state of paralysis at times. It has multiple origins including life in junior high, life at a military academy, and working for administrators who were very critical and vengeful. The interesting thing is that when I wanted to have the courage to go fully into the midst of things, I heard their voices like ringing in my ears. To fix it, I had to systematically go back to all the times when I felt held back and then replace the put down discouraging voices with my own very positive and encouraging voice. The change is absolutely phenomenal.

As great as the change is for me the point of the discussion is that when you have an almost positive dream, it just means that you need to do some key interventions in your process to get amazing results. It is very much different than a nightmare or very negative dream which are the harbingers of brand new processes. Here are some things you can do if you have an almost completely positive dream.

  1. Analyze the positive energy you have already and remember it because the process you are going for is an extension of what you already have.
  2. Find the negative energy/emotion that you experience in the dream and name it.
  3. Discover how the negative energy works inside of your mind as in where your thoughts go when you are experiencing the negative.
  4. Find some of the origins when the negative energy would have begun.
  5. Switch the negative process in your mind to a positive one that is the opposite. (If you have a critical voice, you need an positive and encouraging one to replace.
  6. If you get into a big bind when trying to change, find some help. You can write me.

Happy Transforming to a Completely Positive Energy

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