How Do You Deal with a Dream Where You are Very Attracted to Someone Else?

By far the category of dreams that I have read and answered the most over the years of doing dream work has been those that are related to being attracted to another often ending up in bed with the person. You can be happily married, but then one night you are having sex with your ex in a dream. Or if you are a heterosexual person, you might find yourself in bed with the same sex, or vice versa. Attraction in a dream or in real life is a tricky thing.

The most important piece of dream interpreting advice that I am going to give here is that whatever you experience in the dream world in terms of attraction to others should not be acted on in the real world. Do not do it! You are going to have learn to use the quality of self-discipline both in your dream life and in your daily real world life around the idea of attraction if you are ever going to truly grow as human being. When someone appears in your dream like an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend and your heart feels so attracted that you just want to contact them immediately and be with them, don’t do it. Here is why. The person that you are dreaming about is not the real person that you used to be attracted to. It is an image of attraction and they often show up to be much better in the dream world than they ever were in real life. This is because the dream world is trying to show what their inner positive energy is like strength or kindness or enthusiasm so that you will develop that energy in yourself. If you would act in the real world on the dream as if it meant that you should be with the person, then your life is going to end in a disaster. If you work on yourself to develop the qualities that are represented by them in the dream, then your life will completely work and get so much better.

Here is the basic law of attraction that material science or material culture has not learned. Attraction, who are what you are attracted to is very malleable. It is not fixed, just as your character is not fixed. Being stuck in the way you are attracted is deadly if you are attracted only physically.

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