The Critical and Encouraging Voices in Your Head

It would be so great if the voices in our head were encouraging ones like a crowd in a stadium cheering for you or a friend reminding you of all of your positive virtues.    The reality for almost everyone, however, is that… Read More

Spiritual Goals versus Material Goals: The Difference is in the Specifics

When you go to most self-help or business sections of a bookstore, you will find that when they talk about setting goals and planning for the future that it is important to be specific, measurable, realistic, etc..   because the brain works best… Read More

Running Out of Fuel/Running on Empty Dreams

Why do you run out of gas in a dream?    Automobiles in our dreams are symbols of getting from one place to another in our lives.   For example, suppose you are the type of person who plans out what you want to… Read More

Cooperation v. Individual Achievement

Not long ago I was writing a report on a 7 year old boy in his attitude toward sport.   After I wrote the report I started thinking that he just might represent the sort of problems that a great many leaders in… Read More

Getting Out of My Sad Stories

Last night I dreamt that I was in the house of a former colleague who had committed suicide a few years ago.    There were a number of people in the living room so I started engaging them in series of sad stories… Read More

What I Have Learned About Support?

Sometimes I have a really bad attitude.   At the beginning of this school year in August was one of those times.   I just didn’t want to be there.    The school moved me from one position to the other in what I would… Read More

Achieving the Impossible: Create an Encouraging Voice Inside of You

When you were getting rid of the tyrant inside of you based on the exercise in the previous post, you probably noticed how loud and critical the tyrant sounds.   A tyrannical voice is controlled by volume and so is criticism. What I… Read More