Day 3: Connecting to Positive Energy

“And be ye not like those who forget God, and whom He hath therefore caused to forget their own selves.”  Baha’u’llah

For most people in the Western world and other places God is an angry man in the sky shooting out lightning bolts when people do bad things.   I am really not sure how God ended up in the sky, but when you are doing inner work, it is better that you relate to the divine as an inner being rather than an outer one.     It is not that God is in the sky or inside of you, but these are constructs for helping us to understand divine forces.   Remembering God when He is on the inside can mean remembering the positive forces that move inside of you which we often call virtues.   When you have patience and acknowledge it, then it is acknowledging and remembering God.   When you don’t acknowledge and honor it, then the divine leaves you and you forget who you are.   That is when the negative happens.

Because criticism and negative is so epidemic and often seen as being a virtue, most people have a difficult time relating to positive aspects in themselves and others.   Being positive is oftentimes equated with being soft especially if God is an angry man in the sky.     The purpose of today’s activity is to begin to relate to positive energy in others and then eventually to yourself.

Make a list of 9 people who are important to you and then write down a very positive aspect about them such as gentleness, accepting,  organized,  courageous, wise, etc..

With each person go inside and feel what it is like to have their energy as if you were inside their bodies looking out at the world.   

If you can,  write, call, or say in person to all those people the positive energy you see because what you are seeing is the divine force within them.   It is nice if they know you see it, because it creates a bond.


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