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  1. i had a nightmare and it was basically my girlfriend’s life but instead of her it was me.. it was so depressing and she had family problems. earlier this morning before i slept, we had a heated argument about a small thing. ask me if i should go into detail,,

    • Dear Krishey,
      Sorry for being so late in the reply. What this dream means is that you have the tendency to take on your girlfriend’s emotions as if they are yours. This is where the conflict between you arises. What you have to understand, is that despite being in a relationship, her life and emotions and difficulties belong to her. They are none of your business. Your business is to transform your own life in positive ways to become a better person. When you stop taking on hers or other people’s issues and then transform your own self, then a lot of positive things will happen for you and your relationships will all improve dramatically.

  2. So my dream was about my ex and he was dead and he had a funeral and I was devastated and heartbroken but I went all out for the funeral I made shirts and everything a lot of people attended but I was the only one on the other side by myself, during the funeral a lady sung the most amazing and beautiful song but I never heard the song before and I just cried my eyes out until I blacked out when I came to I was still in the pew but never got to view his body so I got up and went to the back and it was a man there talking with a group of people about my ex’s tombstone and he went on to say since I walked in that they had his tombstone made and I didn’t have to purchase one because they knew he was going to need one and die because he has been shot multiple times on several occasions and I was shocked and hurt but it wasn’t just him they said they do it for people that have been in those situations anyway I leave and another man stops me and let’s me know we need to meet because there is some money and other things left for me by my ex me and another guy I’ve never seen before(even when me and him were together)I agreed and I went to my car while I’m in my car I see a message thread with my ex and child’s father and he saying you did what you had to do and my ex is saying yea he did and etc so I’m confused as to what’s going on because I just left a funeral for my ex so out of curiosity I messaged him and I got a reply I was asking who this was and just had a funeral for him and how heartbroken and hurt I was and about the shirts I made he gave me a number to call to prove it was him and he went on to tell me how sorry he was for hurting me and everything I went through. I was trying to dial the number but every time I pressed the call buttoned something popped up on my phone and wouldn’t let me call so we just messaged and I wanted to show him the shirt so while I looked for it in my purse I pulled out different shirts and I couldn’t find the one I made and I was so frustrated I started to cry and steady pulling out shirts and not the right one and then I woke up.

    • Dear Marquessa,
      Having a funeral in a dream means that you are trying to let go of your ex because you still have some grief over the loss. The difficulty, when you have a grief, is that you get attached to the positive loving feelings that you had for each other at one time, but it causes you to forget the actual reasons why you no longer have the relationship. According to the dream he is your ex not because of the lack of love, but because of something else in his character. As you probably know a long term relationship requires love and a strong character. You cannot have one or other. You need both. You can give him his funeral, that is, you can let go of him, and move to a new part of your life.

  3. I was in a public restroom and I had to go baddddd. When I pulled my pants down I had pooped everywhere. I mean everywhere and a lot too. It was all over the seat and my legs and pants and I was so afraid to sit on the toilet because of all the poop so I hovered. At one point I put my hand over the TP roll and when I pulled it back there was poo on my finger. As I was finishing and wiping I ran out of TP. I had one single poo wipe and I managed to clean all of myself and the seat with that one wipe.

    Next thing I know I am at home facetiming with my family who lives out of state. Then I am at a parking lot to a strip mall area and now there is a small flash mob of 5 girls. It was fun to watch. When it was over 4 of them just disappeared and then it was just the one. She walked off all cool like and I admired her talents. Then I got into my car and my two daughters were in the back seat, each at a window. I saw a couple older men with semi automatic riffles and I looked their way and they had their weapons slung and were approaching the ammo store to my right that was across the street. I put the car in reverse and when I started to back up there was this dad and his little blonde headed boy, no older than 9. They both had the same guns as the other men and I thought nothing of it, figured they were going to get some ammo. As I was backing up the little boy was right in front of my car on the passenger side and shoots his gun off, it went though the windshield and my girls started freaking out. I told them it was okay I dont think the boy knew what he was doing. I was waiting and expecting the dad to run up any moment and take the gun from his hands. The boys face was one that looked like he didnt know he was pulling the trigger, it was perhaps confusion but he also wasnt startled by it either. BAM another shot went off in my passenger window. The whole time as I was going in reverse he was walking to my car so that he stayed right at my front passenger side. Then BAM BAM two more and I could not see where they went, all I know is I could no longer press the pedals, I had no strength and the car was slowly rolling back. I put it in park and wanted to tell my girls to call 911. They were freaking out and asking if I was okay and I kept saying it is going to be okay over and over. I was moving slowly and leaning towards the middle console and I could feel no pain but I could also feel my lungs collapsing as I could barley breathe. I felt like I was actually dying and was also surprised I felt no pain. This was freaking me out so I woke up.

    I eventually fell back asleep and now I was at a house, that was mine. My kids were there and so were lots of their friends and some adults, who I assume were my friends. Then a storm came. It looked and sounded like a usual thunderstorm, but in the back yard I had a shed filled with odds and ins and the storm blew the outside materials of my shed right off and blew out ALL the contents that were inside. The only thing left standing was the studs.When the sun came out my neighbors were all helping pick up stuff and had set up a kitchen table and a couple chairs in the middle of my shed, which I found odd because I never had a table in there. I went out to help and there was muck and mud piled on top of stuff that was a good 3 or 4 feet high outside. I found a wind-chime and woke up.

    • Dear Jenny,
      When you have a lot of poop and are having a hard time with it, it means you have a lot of unprocessed issues that are wanting to come out and you have no control over it. The key to dealing with issues and letting them go is to take one issue at a time and work on it. You will know what it is by its priority.
      The first issue that comes up after that part is when you are faced with the issue of men acting like boys and not knowing what they are doing. It makes you fearful to go forward in your life so you go in reverse to try to protect yourself. It is a bit like the current culture in the U.S. where a lot men are acting like irresponsible children because their president acts that way. When you have that kind of fear, it is hard to go forward with the positive things you want to do in your life especially with your children. The last part is like a repeat of the first of part of the dream when you were in the toilet, in that after the storm, there was a lot to clean up. If you stay calm and focused during these stormy times, you will get a lot accomplished. The key virtue you need is to stay calm despite the storm.

  4. Last night I had a rather silly dream. I went back hom from grocery shopping with mom, after we dragged lots of bags. When I asked mom why did we buy all of this, she gave me here phone and said that I should call someone to find out. So, I entered a number out of thin air, and got connected to with a famous TV host and musician in my country (Russia), that is most notably famous for being a host of populat edutainment TV show when I was a kid (basically, for kids in my country he was like Bill Nye). So I asked him on the phone, if he really is who I think he is, and he said yes (by that I mean that I said his name, and asked if it’s him), and he said yes. After bringing up that me and mom bought several bags of cherries, he said that he needed those for a YouTube video about pies. After that I called him a “Mad Madman” (which is a running joke about Mussolini by a youtuber here, that makes videos about WW2 strategy game Heart of Iron 4). After that, he started hysterically lauging on the other side of the phone, and said that I must be the king of comedy. I woke up, after seeing mom giggling on the other side of the room.

    • Dear Arty,
      The purpose of this dream is to show you the importance of laughter and bringing joy to others and that you are naturally good at it.

  5. I was in a hospital and I was sick with some sort of cancer or something, I want to say it was in my abdomen or upper torso. I needed surgery and I can’t remember if I got the surgery or not, but i know it was 6 hours. I remember seeing a clock and snip its of the doctors doing the surgery, it was like I was outside looking in which is why I am not sure if I got it or not. I was scared about the surgery but knew I was sick and needed it.

    • This shows that you are a bit fearful of doing the healing work (emotional/spiritual), but if you think about it as being outside of yourself looking in, it will be helpful and less painful.

  6. {I tried this once and it didn’t work, so I hope this one does haha} Hello, I am hoping you can help. Instead of just one dream, this is a collection of dreams that has me worrying. Throughout my life I have noticed that I can only have a nightmare twice. Whether it be days apart or years apart, I will never have the same nightmare again. However, this feeling I have does not happen in a traditional ‘nightmare’ and really sneaks up on me. I always have a feeling of being on something and getting flung off and hitting the ground. See, I’ve had the falling dream, the tripping dream, etc., but this one is vividly getting flung off (rollercoaster, sliding off a building, etc.) and unlike the falling dreams, I remember hitting the ground and it not hurting. I just get up. The physical feeling is similar to a trampoline incident I had when I was 10. I was jumping and didn’t notice where I was on the trampoline and fell and landed on my back haha. It didn’t hurt but just to compare that feeling to the feeling I get when I hit the ground. I always get flung off of something, like a plane, or a car, or anything moving fast. Please help. Thank you.

    • Dear Channy,
      When you are being flung off of something in a dream, it actually resembles true life. Being flung usually means that you are experiencing a certain amount of enthusiasm or “going for it” feeling and then you get flung out of your energy probably because of some external force like someone who doesn’t want you to get to where you want to go in life.
      To solve the dream you are going to have to examine where you get flung out of your up-feelings in life so that you can intervene and maintain them. The up feelings like enthusiasm are what let you really go after positive goals.

  7. Last night I had many dreams but I can only remember these 3 snip its of various dreams:

    -I was in some apartment and I needed to shower and when I turned on the water it was coming out of the screw holes in the walls. Like where the screws are for the door hinge and the screw that holds up your towel/clothes. I turned the water off confused.

    -My step daughter (pre-teen) had just gotten home from her bio moms house and was angry that we didn’t let her stay to live there (this is something she desires in real life). She was being rude and mean to everyone. The first couple times I let it go because I knew why she was acting out. The next time she did it directly to me when I was trying to help her with something and I asked her if she was being bad, mean and rude because she wanted to live with her mom and thinking acting that way would make us give her what she wants. she just came up to me and hugged me and said yes (we are very close in real life) and I explained to her how it is unfair to everyone around her to act that way. There are ways to express feelings but negativity and anger aren’t them.

    -I was in a hospital and I was having issues seeing. Everything was fuzzy and blurry. My mom was with me. Two doctors came in and said I was going to follow this other doctor down the hall so they could see the extend of my vision problems and I needed to focus only on this doctor. I asked if I was supposed to mock her like go left when she goes left or if i was just to walk down the hall keeping her as my focus. I woke up before I had the chance the follow her, but we were standing in the hallway and i could see a hazy silhouette of her maybe 10 feet in front of me.

    • Dear Christine,
      In the first dream taking a shower is a symbol of purifying yourself, but when you try to purify yourself the water comes out of the wrong places. This is a symbol to show you that you when you get the showering (purity) correctly you will turn confusion in your life to clarity.
      In the second dream you seem to have it totally correct. When you go for being non-judgmental and boundaries together, then the results are remarkable. Understanding and being non-judgmental are the virtues calling you.
      The third dream relates back to the first one. Being fuzzy and blurry leads to confusion. You seem to have some difficulties with clarifying (making clear) what your vision is. I think that some people have done a number on you in the past with bad motives. Just my guess.

      • Richard,

        Thank you and yes in the past there have been a few intimate and/or close relationships where the other person had bad motives and I was naive and played into them, causing deep trust issues and a mindset that often negatively interprets the actions of others causing me much confusion and troubles opening up and even being non-judgmental, especially if I notice things are happening that mimic previous situations. A lot of gas lighting where I am often left confused about myself and my actions, even when sometimes I recognize it happening.

        So I guess I need to employ more patience and non-judgmental understanding to those close to me?? Is there something I need to recognize when I need to leave a situation or relationship? or is it more having that patience to gain the clarity?

        Thanks again,

        • Once you gain clarity you will know what to do. You have to have patience to gain clarity.

  8. Last night I had a dream I was in my deceased aunt’s house (I never saw her in my dream.) The house was filled with house cats, including my own cat. Every time I went to another room there were more and more house cats that popped up, some young some old. At one point I picked up a black cat, but it got away… In the living room I stepped in cat poop and the whole house was dirty and filled with feces. I kept looking for a room to take a nap in… As the dream progressed, I started to pull endless amounts of hair and shards of clear glass out of my throat and mouth … In my dream I wanted to go to the hospital… I put my cat in her carrier and my cousin was driving me to the hospital. In my dream, I did not remember eating the glass, but as my cousin was driving me to the hospital, with my cat in her carrier in the back, she kept jesting how I had eaten the glass. I pretended in my dream to remember eating the glass even though I did not remember. I woke up while in my dream I was still pulling shards of clear glass and endless amounts of hair out of my throat while in the car on the way to the Hospital driven by my cousin. I never got to the Hospital in my dream.

    • Dear K.W.,
      When you have a cat in a dream or, in this case, multiple cats then what you are looking for in yourself is the quality of independence or independent thinking. Because independence is such a difficult issue for you, you have a difficult time expressing yourself which is represented by the glass in your throat. You cannot get the hospital which means you cannot get to your healing because your cousin is driving. When your cousin is present, you pretend. You are in your deceased aunt’s house, because the quality of independence is dead to you. When you heal from it, then you will express yourself very well with your own thoughts which will be beneficial to yourself and others.

  9. Last night I had a dream about my ex doing all the things that I wish he did when we were together. We were together for 3 years and he treated me bad while I was good to him . 6 months ago I broke things off with him and ever since then every so often I would constantly be reminded of him in different ways I’m not sure why. Help

    • Dear Share,
      The reason that you have the dream is that your spirit wants you to stay in the game of transforming yourself so that you end up in a relationship where you are treated better. The principle is that while you may have treated him well, you didn’t treat your own self the way you treated him. There is something you are doing to yourself like self criticism or something else that keeps your self regard down. When you solve that issue and are more up about yourself, then you will have really strong boundaries about how you are going to be treated, and they will treat you much better like in the dream. Until you do that you will get the same kind of treatment.

  10. I had a crazy vivid dream last night it was me and my boyfriend locked in a house in two separate rooms but both our windows looked to the same place it was like a one way mirror window, anyways, Caitlyn Jenner had hung herself in front of us but first she spun the rope around and around so she just spun there , dead.. It was horrible and vivid!! It was like we were held captive and made to watch

    • Dear Tiffany,
      Very interesting dream! What this dream says, Tiffany, is that when you are trying to get close to your boyfriend as in spiritually intimate, what interferes is your physical sexual selves. Caitlyn Jenner was a man who changed to a woman and in the dream hung her/himself. This is because he could not resolve the feminine with the masculine in himself in a physical way. He confused the two. When you are trying to get close to another human, despite there being sexual attraction which is natural, the true bond is not physical, it is spiritual. Closeness is a learned ability that takes a lot of work. When you work on your closeness, then everything works out in a relationship.

  11. May you please interpret this.
    I am sitting on the side of a big floating vessel. It is moving swiftly on the oceans under dark night/grey sky. I see small boats around and helicopter in the sky. Suddenly a blue whale appears and tumbles one of the boat, fear runs inside me. As the fear grows I somehow feel more brave. I suddenly see a huge blue whale coming out of the water and gulp the helicopter. Then I see the whale swimming along the ship I am in, i fear the whale might harm my ship but it doesn’t, instead it swims along. I move smoothly crossing other boats/ ships, I search for the whale again but I see the bed of the ocean and I am close to the shore. I reach the shore in the day.

    • Yesterday I dreamt that my dad died, but I guess I thought of him before sleeping. I also dreamt that my dead grandfather died again in the same dream. Today I dreamt that someone murdered my cousin and threatened me to help him hide the body.

      • Dear Sams,
        Basically what you are fearful of in the dream is that you are going to lose your relationship with various relatives as if they are dead to you. To let go of the fear what you need to do is to be able to remember all of the positives that are happening in your life. When you remember positives, then you live your life fully and have no fear of losing relationships.

    • Dear Vivek,
      When you have an animal in a dream, the first thing you should always say to yourself is that you need to become the animal inside of yourself in a metaphoric way. In this case you need to be a positive blue whales. Blue whales are the largest animals on the planet so it means that you need to be big to your life. The blue whale doesn’t have predators because it is too big. It moves through the waters of life with total confidence to get to where it wants to go. This is how you need to be. Put your fears and worries behind you and love through life with courage and confidence. You are the blue whale.

  12. I have a huge passion for dance in real life, but my parents don’t support that. But anyways I dreamt of dancing in a competition with people and I was cheered by my friends and we won. I want to know what this means, because dancing is my life. It’s the best way to express myself and it means a lot to me.

    • Dear Fozi,
      The reason that you need dancing in your life has a lot to do with who you are and how operate in the world. When you think about dancing, this is what you need to be with everything you do in life. In Brazil when they teach young people to play football (soccer), then say futebol é samba. It means that when you play soccer, you should do it as if you are dancing. When your life is a dance, then everything you do is influenced in a positive way by it. It may, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should do dancing as a profession because sometimes the opportunities are limited as if you were going to be a professional athlete.

  13. I was at this fancy hotel kind of pool and there were plenty of people swimming. I was sitting on the side with some family eating. The weird part was we would see people 20 feet in the air over the water floating. They would jump us drive through all this open space to the bottom of our pool. It was understood that those were people with a same pool location and we could see them but not their pools.

    • Hi Corey,
      I am having trouble visualizing when you write “The would jump us drive….Can you be a little clearer in the explanation.

  14. I was with my husband his dad and his brother and his brothers wife. His dad is not too fond of me and was causing conflict between us. I went to the bedroom. Then my sister in law came in to talk to me and gave my husband a weird nick name. When I used the nick name she said I was not allowed. Then we were in the hallway and there was conflict between my husband and I. When I went back into the room there was a small platform for the bed and a desk with writing materials and all the rest of the room walls were slanted downward about 10 or 15 feet and was made out of the same material at the emergency slides for airplanes. There were stairs that went from the bottom back up to the platform with the bed, desk and door. I was leaving for some work trip and there was a lot of tension between my husband and I. He gave me this letter. I looked at the letter and left.
    I was on a plane and I pulled the letter out again and read the outside, but I have no clue what it said. Then I decided I wanted to read it when I got to the hotel room. I felt like it was a love letter. Then when I got off the plane I was in Washington DC and I took a left to walk down the road. I had no idea where I was going. When I started walking left down the road there was all of a sudden hundreds of protesters. They literally took up ALL the road and as I tried to put through the crowd they were saying NO to something to do with their protest, but it felt like they were talking to me and I got pushed back to the front line of the protesters and i climbed on these bleachers that were off to the side. I met a girl there and we were both going to the same hotel.
    I was in the hotel lobby with her at this table with the larger, older woman who was the head of the presentation that we signed up (apparently this is why I was there). She has a bunch of white cutouts of the alphabet letters, like 5 of each letter all in order and all with names written on the back. It was the understanding that each letter was for a section of tables and the names were for the people who were to sit at the table. She looks at the girl next to me and says she got letter “U” and make the remark, “When i took this seminar “U” is where I learned the most”. I asked where I was siting and she looked through all the “B’s” and said I was not on the list. I said no look here is my ticket, proof that I paid and should have a spot at a table. She said well I dont see you on my list. I asked well I want to be in section U. She said I already have to find a sea t for her and pointed to a different person adjacent to me. I was adamant that I was supposed to be there and needed a seat. Then we all looked over and there was the girl flirting strongly with this guy and he was not having it. The older seminar lady looked at her and goes Honey, he’s gay. We are in a gay part of the lounge. Then the guy gets up and there are 3 other guys, all dressed exactly like, sitting like statues, staring ahead of them and this girl walks up to the next one and we just look away.
    Then the seminar lady is at a table and there is spot light on here and she is eating a snack cake and adjacent to her is a male at another table, also has a spot light and microphone and this is apparently the start of the seminar. He said to her “Are there more of those”. She takes a bite and says yes. He replies do you know where? and she says no, but I know there are more and shoves the last bite into her mouth. Then my alarm goes off and I wake up feeling frantic that I never got to read the letter from my husband.

    • Dear Christine,
      I am just going to put this into the context of the last dream. The problem is that you are having difficulties finding closeness and love. This is where you need major reconstruction. You cannot find love because you keep getting into conflict. Basically you keep taking a left turn into protest and fighting. When you are going for love, you have to leave right or wrong thinking at the door because being in protests or arguments, even when you are in the right, takes you away from love and closeness. It is a hard lesson to learn. Maybe because you work in a law firm which is about being right or proving that you are right. Nonetheless, in relationship building all judgment and right and wrong thinking has to be left at the door. Then you can find love.

  15. I had a scary dream that someone knocked on my door in the middle of the night and woke me up. I I was in the living room asleep ten feet away from the door. I was having a panic feeling in my dream about whoever was on the other side of the door. I turned around to cut on my lamp behind me and I could not make myself move to cut it in. I tried to tell for my ex boyfriend who was asleep in his room but it was like he couldn’t hear me and my words were barely coming out.

    • Dear Debra,
      In this dream you are fearful of letting people into your life (probably because of your ex-boyfriend) because you feel like something bad is going to happen you. To be able allow people more fully into your life you have to be able to let go of the fear you have. Since the fear is based upon experience, you were probably naive when you let someone in and they did something with you. There is probably some basic protection and awareness you need with people with wrong intentions, and then once you are ok with that, then you can invite a lot of people in which will enrich your life fully.

  16. Dream Log

    I was sleeping.

    Suddenly I felt this heat at the back of my neck, and it trickled down my back slowly. It kinda felt like a stream of lava branching down my neck, but not that painful, more tingly.

    The tingling on my neck gave me the idea that I was gonna die soon. So I got up. I can hear someone showering in the bathroom and so I knocked on the door and calling
    “Dad? Daddd?”
    but my voice was hoarse and could barely come out so I was just knocking on the door.

    My mom opened and I was like “mom?” but she shook her head and was like “I don’t know you”.
    Me : oh okay
    I turned around and left to the living room.

    I was then assuming that I was erased from this timeline and was never born. And somehow I am also going to die soon. Maybe the timeline decided to erase my parents memory of me before erasing me completely. My neck tingled, the lava flowing lower down my back.

    Since I’m going to die, maybe I should spend my last moments outside, maybe somewhere green. I try to leave through the front door, but it’s blocked by luggage.

    I try to remove the luggage one by one but my vision starts blacking out. I’m out of time.

    An image of light splitting into two paths appeared before me. It gave me the impression that my death could go two ways.

    One branch shot to the right, while the other just dropped down. Maybe this meant that what happens next could be good or bad.

    I had the impression that the last good memory I had prior to my death was putting up a good post on tumblr. I kinda felt sad that this had to be my parting memory.

    I woke up on my bed again. This time, the back of my neck felt like it was bubbling, like my neck was gonna burst into a bunch of round cancerous growths or something. This must be the second way my death could go.

    I find dad sleeping on his side of the bed and I wake him up. He looks at me and goes
    “… who are you?”
    Ah, so I must have been erased from this timeline too.

    I head towards the window. This time I’m gonna leave via dropping down the window.
    “Haha well sorry for intruding sir.. I’m gonna leave now don’t worry”.

    As I stand on the window, I feel some hesitance about jumping more than 10 floors down. Usually I won’t have any fear because I would know I’m dreaming but something inside me wonders if this time I’m just gonna end up a pulp on the floor. What a way to go. I drop anyway.

    I catch myself on another balcony halfway down the building. If it wasn’t a dream that kinda fall should have hurt to say the least, but I’m fine.

    I leap to another balcony, and another, until I’m only a few floors high. I see a group of cats on the ground below.

    My eyes sparkle like… “ah, maybe my last moment will be staring at some cute cats.. that won’t be so bad..”

    I notice a bunch of other animals appearing around the area. I approach some goats and stare at them. However, as soon as they make eye contact with me, they suddenly drop dead. Uh.

    I feel an evil aura surrounding me. The cats from earlier hissed at me and ran away. Am I turning into some kinda demon… is this the bad end after all?

    A bunch of larger animals like lions and rhinos start running at me but the moment I make eye contact the drop dead. This went on for a while till I woke up.

    • Dear Croswell,
      Basically, when you are in the process of making a substantial change in your life, you are fearful of that people will not recognize you and then not be able to relate to you because you are not your old self. It is as if you are going to die to yourself. The dream shows that it is impossible to die to yourself actually. There is no such a thing as being erased from a timeline because no matter what happens, you are always still there. The solution to the dream is to understand that when you change substantially for the better it is good for everyone. The animals represent the positive qualities that come out more and more as you transform.

  17. i was doing a past life regression hypnosis at night for no reason and just outta curiosity . it was 1 hour long video but only 3 mins in i slept. not even 3 seconds into the sleep i start dreaming and the hypnosis audio starts distorting in my dream and completely fades out and i find myself standing in a dimly lit corridor with dead bodies and a bloody knife in my hand . and a mirror on my left side’s wall. when i look in the mirror its not me but a scary looking female with pitch black eyes and then i wake up screaming and also i am scared shitless . when i wake up the audio has been paused even though when i dont remember pausing it and i sense extremely negative vibes from my room which normally doesnt really happen to me and i dont get scared like this. help me out plz! i woke up at 3:04 am

    • Dear Shaira,
      When you go into hypnosis and start finding what you need to change about yourself, the metaphoric image which is where hypnosis and past life regression always go to shows you that there is a part of you that is scary looking female that kills relationships. The nice thing about the hypnosis work is that you it puts you into disconnected parts of yourself that have gone almost totally unconscious. Now that you are conscious of her (the negative part) she can be transformed into a person that encourages and supports and brings life to others rather than being so protective in a negative way. Keep doing the work probably with someone who knows more fully how to help you through the process because the goal is really worth it. The goal is not to get rid of the female that is so lethal, but to develop your higher more positive self that uplifts others.

  18. Last night I had a couple different dreams that I work up from, this is the only one I can clearly recall:

    I was in a house that I have never seen before but it was my house and I was home alone. We must have been getting construction done to the yard because the yard was all tore up and looked like it was sandy dirt. There were about 10 construction guys outside the house and no one knew I was home. Then one guy opened my window in the living room and tapped the screen to see if anyone would make noise. I said “Get the F*** out of here M.F’ers I have a gun” (in waking life I am not one to use profanity) and i was pointing my fingers in a gun position. The guys hollered back “Shut the F*** up” and told one of his buddies it wasn’t worth it because I had a gun. Then another guy said like bro it was her fingers. When I look over the contractor for the yard work is now inside with me standing at the window with a clipboard, it is like he doesn’t even see the bad men outside or me freaking out inside. Then the bad men started to come in. In waking life we do have guns in our home and I do not know exactly where my husband keeps them. So in the dream I am looking for these guns and I cannot find them. I find the shot gun but it has a lock through the bolt so it is useless to me, knowing i am running out of time I wake myself up to “reset” the story. When I fall back asleep there is no lock on the shot gun and I go to my closet as the bad guys come in my room they are shooting and when I hear them outside the closet door I shoot my shot gun and it blasts many holes through the door and i wake up.

    • Dear Christine,
      In this dream you are in you are having construction done on your house which means you are doing changes inside of your own self. Since it is a fairly large crew, it means you are doing major re-constructing of the self or at least substantial. What happens then is that you have an intruder that you think you have to shoot. What this tells you is that when you are trying to make changes in yourself, you feel fearful of intruders that make you get protective and will then stop the change work. When you let go of the fear of intruders, then you can go inside and actually do the work on yourself that you want to do.

  19. I had a weird dream just right now, but it’s nothing frequent yet. What happened was it was my brothers’ birthday. They’re twins and their birthday isn’t until September. But a bunch of people showed up at our house for the party. Friends of mine and strangers even. Crazy, my brothers don’t know as many people as I do. They have autism if that helps I don’t know, supposedly I have slight autism as well, but who knows that’s like a trend that psychologists come up with nowadays for almost every millennial or gen z….

    Anyway people were starting to show up and I wasn’t even ready yet. So I run into my room and do the routine I usually do before I take a shower. Set up my outfits on my bed, do some pull ups on my bar in the bathroom, put on some music, or watch a little something before I hop in the shower. I noticed that somebody attending the party brought their own cat for my cat to play with. They play for a little bit, but then my cat starts to panic and get upset and wants to come into my room. At least that’s what she looked like whenever she’s anxious. She’s only 10 months and we had her since October so I dunno if I fully know my cat well yet, but I’m confident since I’m the one who she favorites. Here it goes….

    So I’m completely naked ready to hop in the shower when all of a sudden my mom comes in to tell me that certain people that I don’t like are coming to the party. Thanks mom for the GREAT news haha. Then she brings everybody from the party and they all barge into my room. They start conversing and looking around my room as if the party was there. I have my own bathroom in my bedroom so they start piling up in there as well. I’m in disbelief and I hopped in the shower, closed the sliding door, got into a fetal position and screamed,”EVERYBODY GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM!!!” They do and they all look or talk about me sort of disappointed. I can hear it under their murmurs. When everyone leaves I start to feel bad. Thinking maybe I should’ve gotten ready fast enough, that’s when in my dream I even think about talking to a dream interpreter haha can you believe it? It’s like I kinda knew it was a dream, but it still felt so real….

    Then this beautiful girl whom I don’t recognize at all brings me a plate of food and I forget what she says but I remember it was along the lines of apologizing for barging in the room and that she understood me. Something like that but wow I was completely enamored. Mind you in real life I fall in love pretty easily hahaha. Or maybe I’m just having infatuations I can’t tell sometimes. I can hear my mom talking to the girl as she walks out my room telling her that that was really nice of her to do. Then this other girl that I actually know but I’m not very close to. Just an aquatint from high school brings me a glass full of white wine. When I drank it it was so sweet so delicious and I started to bawl. I cried on her shoulder and hugged her naked telling her I don’t deserve all this forgiveness and kindness. And she told me something but I forget. The dream continues, but I can only vaguely remember what happened after that and I don’t think it was that important. So I woke up a little sweaty after that non important continuation of the dream. It was crazy, pretty vivid. I haven’t had a dream that affected me that much where I remember almost every single detail so I had to look up what all of it meant. Figured I ask a dream interpreter. Thanks for reading this awful grammatical error of a piece I wrote haha.

    • Forgot to mention although I don’t know if it’s important, but when my cat wanted to come into the room I let her in.

    • Dear Sergio,
      The conflict you have in the dream is about your private thinking independent self versus your social and loving self. The cat is a symbol of the independent self. The dream shows that you have difficulties holding your independent thinking self when you are in a social situation. This is probably because you want to be loved externally so much, that you easily give up your independence. The two should actually not be in conflict in real life. The way you get over the conflict is to realize that you do not need the love coming from the outside as much as you need to understand that you are a source of love and warmth from the inside out. When you can be loving and warm because you feel it inside, then you can also be independently minded.

    • Dear Jennifer,
      The way to state the fear state you have is to say that you are experiencing fear of something or someone coming to you in the dark. Darkness in the dream world means an environment where there is a lot of negative. In a negative space lots of bad things and people come to everyone. The goal of the dream is for you to go for making your environment both internally and externally extremely positive. A positive environment is an environment that is filled with light. When you are in a positive environment, it is easy to embrace others.

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