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  1. In my dream I left my house in my little Nissan SUV and turned right onto the highway going towards the larger neighboring town. I was smoking a cig which I dont do inside of my truck so that was weird. I tried to throw the cig out and it flew back in and I thought I hope it doesn’t burn anything. Well I immediately started smelling something burning. So I decided I would pull over at the dollar general on that highway that is literally right down from where i turn onto the highway from the road i live on. Except I couldn’t find it. I kept driving and driving. My car was filling with smoke. I was becoming afraid bc I didnt know where I was. Like where the was the dollar general and why was it sodark?! Suddenly I came up oother elementary school…im thinking wtf?! How did i get over here?! The school is about 2 miles north of there. And i came upon the school from the Northside. So totally opposite of how i started out traveling if that makes sense. And as im pulling in im trying to figure out how I got over there. Then I see a fairly well known pastor of a church in the parking lot with a lot of other church dudes. Idk how I knew they were church dudes I just did. I get out and im trying to find the cig. They come over and start assessing my vehicle. Telling me all these things that need to be fixed. And im like….??? Im so confused. How did all of these things become wrong with my truck?! And they want to help me get it to a shop but i keep telling them my daddy will be here soon and he can help me and they just keep going through the truck saying this and that and this and that is wrong. And I explain that it’s under warranty and that I can take it in if it needs to be repaired but they just keep pointing out more thats wrong and I keep saying daddy is coming but then im like is he?? Then I woke up.
    I am not sure how this relates but I am under a lot of stress. My Daddy is very sick with cancer among other things and I am trying to take care of him alone. I have a very demanding job and two kids. I haven’t attended church in years and im not sure how that plays into it if at all. Thanks for any help!

    • Dear Natasha,
      The cigarette is a symbol of trying to get out and get a little breathing room from the stress you are under of taking care of your father and work. When you try to get some breathing room, things go badly. The church people are about people who try to tell what you are doing wrong in your life and make you fix it. What is needed internally for you to get breathing room, is to take deep breaths and remember each day all of the positive things you are doing. It feels like you are not going to get where you want to go, but what you are doing now is exactly what you are supposed to do in life, because family is ALWAYS, first. That is how the Creator intended it. When you are attending to your father, it is so much better way of being spiritual than going to any church. You are absolutely doing what life is calling you to do. It is very challenging, no doubt, and often too much, so take some breathing room, and honor yourself.

  2. Last night. I did some self reflecting on my last interpretations, found the links and started some ground work on letting go, creating those positive interactions in some relationships I haven’t’ been intentional about and being mindful on my anger and words.

    Last night I dreamed that there was like the “purge” happening like in the movies and in my dream I have dreamed this before and it was another “year purge” and I was doing things in my dream to protect myself and my family that I did during the last one. there was this large multistory building that my family was in and I was putting gates up and protecting the entry points, in the process people were shooting all over outside and my kids did not get hit, but I did. I got shot in the right hip area, like the middle of my stomach off to the right. I did not tell anyone. I kept working to protect them and it hurt really bad. There were steps and we went to multilevels and move things around on each floor so it looked like someone was always there. THen we were in this room, trapped with a group of others. the bad people were storming the building so we foudn this closing machine and cloned this guy and put all of his clones…like 20 in a room so when they opened the door they would kill all of them and leave us alone.

    At some point it ended and when went outside with my husband and kids there was thick and deepish mud all over, it was a light brown color and really watery and the kids kept putting their shoes in it, it was not super suctiony like you would think but moved like pudding below your feet. At this point I looked my bullet would and there was only the entry point, no exit and I showed my husband and we was worried.

    • Dear C,
      The purge represents things going on all around you in the world and culture that tend to bring out the worst in some people who do not want to make the necessary internal changes so that the world can evolve to its next stage of higher unity between people. Basically the process you need is to ignore them the best you can, so that you can get on with your real work, which is connecting on a more profound level. There are a lot of people kicking and screaming trying to resist going into the next inevitable stage of the planet where we regard each other as if we are all members of the same family.

  3. I had a dream of my boss. He is married and I am in a relationship. In the dream we were with our current partners. Him and I were alone somewhere sitting and he was rubbing my lady business on the outside of my clothes and I liked it. Nothing else happened. In waking life I am not attracted to my boss in that way. I do admire his leadership qualities and find him to be one of the better bosses I have had in my career.

    • Dear Rebecca,
      This dream is about learning the positive qualities that your boss has that makes him a good boss. It is not about having sex with him, but about learning what he has that makes you feel good to work under his supervision. When you learn what he has, then you can become a good supporter and a good supervisor.

  4. My whole immediate family was there. The bathroom at my “house” was missing floor boards in many areas and was just the beams. My husband and I were going to remodel and were trying to figure our how many pieces of subflooring we would need. There was no bath or toilet, just a really old wooden cabinet with a crusty dirty sink. My whole family was in this bathroom area and we voted on tile or hardwood. I was the only one who wanted tiled. my mom and husband wanted the hardwood so we decided on that (We never started the actually renovations in the dream but put the plan together for all the materials needed)

    Then there were snails….like 3-5 crawling on me outside of their shell for some. I was a little grossed out as I do not like sticky gooey substances on my skin. They were crawling on my chest area up toward my face.

    Then I was outdoors with my sisters, cousin and some random female. We were celebrating the end of this current year and they all wanted to kiss because the random girl had no one there. I said lets all turn to the left and do a circle of cheek kisses, they all wanted to go right in the center and mouth kiss (I do NOT like mouth kissing anyone except my husband, I don’t even mouth kiss my kids – i do cheek and forehead kisses). Anyways they all went right and went left and almost kissed that random girl on the mouth but turned her face to the right and kissed her cheek, but then the count suddenly hadn’t happened yet and I was trying to light a chip bag on fire for the countdown and we all yelled GOODBYE 2021 as I caught the bag on fire.

    • Hi, In this case when the bathroom is missing, it means that you do not have a place in yourself or in the way your family interacts where you can let go of negative emotions that store up. As a result you are not able to get to the positive energy you need. The process of being able to let go seems to be developing, but is not there yet. The energy you need is represented in the snail, patience or slowing way down, but it is a difficult process for you because you are holding onto a lot of built up stuff inside. The goal is to be able to let go. The last part seems to be about being comfortable about what your limits are and not feeling like you have to go along with others just because they want to do it. You can do what is right for you.

  5. I had used this bathroom multiple times in the past in my dream, but always used a different stall. This time I went into the bathroom there were a handful of people there and the only stall was a very large one where the toliet was like 5 foot off the ground and you sat in it like a go cart with your feet just as high. There was a stall door but if you walked around to the side it was wide open and everyone could see you. I went into this stall using the door and climbed up. I had to pee so bad. Other ladies were coming in and watching me. I had a on a light pink sheer type of dress and I was so nervous to pee because of the position. I started to pee but because of the way I was sitting it was going down my leg. So I stopped. Then I started again and it was a lot of pee and filled up the bowl. When I looked down there was an outline of a toilet seat on my dress and little splashes of pee all around it. I was embarrassed by this. Where was also pee on the dress on my back side from puddling there when I was going to the bathroom. The bowls were removeable and you had to dump them out. I climbed down and grabbed my full bowl and it was so full that for whatever reason I filled my mouth with the urine, walked over to the sink and emptied the bowl and spit it out of my mouth. A lady was watching me and I told her, “be careful these don’t work well”. It was totally socially normal in my dream for me to fill my mouth with the urine, like routine for that situation? I could also feel the warmth of it and it made me want to gag a little when I spit it out. Like I knew I was dreaming and I knew in waking life how disgusting that would be.

    Then I went walking around this dorm area and came to a men’s dorm room, it was cluttered and messy and the door was wide open and the boys who occupied that room where across the hall hanging out with others and their door was open to. They told me I could use their toilet. This was was a small toilet on a pole that you picked up out of a hole, stood up, used and put back. I did this because I had to pee a lot again. I didn’t have any issues and noticed how when I put the toilet back that the urine stayed inside and I was grateful.

    Then I went off and found my cousin, She was pointing to a parking lot, that was just a plot of grass (no gravel or pavement) filled with cars and was pointing out to me what car was hers (I remembered her real car in waking life and how the car she was telling me was not that one but I didn’t correct her). It was a little cloudy and misting rain was going on.

    • Dear Another Weird One,
      When you have urine in the dream and you are trying to get rid of it, it means that you have a lot of anger that you are trying to let go of. When you let go of anger, usually the energy that shows up is something like patience, calm, serenity, detachment, or peacefulness. The dream is about how hard it is to get rid of your anger in women’s culture, so much so that your mouth becomes full of urine(anger) which means that your words become really angry. The dream also says that it is easier to let go of anger in men’s culture. So there is something about the women’s culture that is making you angry and then having a hard time letting go of. You probably know. Usually it is about appearance.

  6. Ohkay so, I had a dream where I met this girl and she had a pet snake. It was this small, skinny golden snake. She kept on telling me how the snake is trained to bite you and then inject the antidote in yiu with the next bite. She wanted me to do it but I didn’t want to… I threw things at tge snake to keep it away from me but it kept coming after me. Eventually I gave in and gave the snake my hand to bite. I felt the burn and everything, instead of my hand reacting to the bite my left foot swole up real bad. The girl just took her snake and left. I got a major reaction where I couldnt breathe and I felt like I was dying. I went to my boyfriend who was in the same apartment as me and told him that I needed to go to the hospital. Neither of us had a car there, but I had a friend that did and she drove us. While driving to the hospital, two of my friends and my boyfriend were arguing. When I got to the hospital, the doctor gave me an injection and I fell asleep and woke up in my own bed with my foot banadaged up anx my boyfriend and one of my friends were waiting for me to wake up. The dream kinda dreaked me out because it was very vivid… I was wondering if you could help figure out what it means?
    There was also a follow up dream with me recovering and two of my lecturers were visiting me and kept on going on about how good my flatmate’s biyfriend is saying he brings her snacks and stuff, while it was actually my boyfriend that brought everything

    • Dear Janeke,
      A poisonous snake that is a pet symbolizes a person using negative actions like gossip or criticism or backbiting to cause you harm. It springs from jealousy. You are vulnerable to it in the dream because the person is persistent. When you get struck by jealousy, your foot is affected which means it is difficult to move forward. That you didn’t know the person in the dream means that you are vulnerable for jealousy to be used as a weapon against you. The antidote to jealousy is doing a lot of positive things to make the world a better place. It doesn’t seem like this dream is based upon experience, but more like a pre-warning so you can be ready.

  7. I just woke up from a dream where I was living in this vain with my grandma, she had a teenage daughter in her old age and I was my current age. We lived in this cabin and there was 5 weddings going on and I was in this back room sitting on some shelving when the brides were changing into their gowns. When I look over at one of the brides I could see her bare breasts. Then after the weddings we had this loud speaker we wanted to move into the back yard but the wiring was through the attic so I climbed in the attic andj went up there to move it. When I was in the attic I most fell multiple times as I was walking on the beams. Then when I was using the wood in the attic to pull and hold myself a corner of the roof was weak, like the wolf on the inside in three spots was broken and the whole corner of the roof could move up and down. I did get what I needed from the attic and I placed sheets of plywood down so I could just walk normally but touched and moved the broken wood and it scared me that something bad was going to happen so I stopped.

    • Dear C,
      If you follow up from the last dream where you ended in fear, this one also ends in fear but in less fear. The self that you are trying to get into is the connecting or more intimate self that has a lot of honesty which is represented by the brides and one of them being bare-breasted. It seems that to get out of the fear you need to have a quieter sound around you rather than a loud speaker, and a be more grounded or realistic than being up in the attic. I hope this make sense. Keep working on your connections.

  8. dear richard, as always your analysis of these has been penetrating and getting to the true meaning of a dream. i recently had so disturbing i decided to get your opinion on it. it began with in an unfamiliar place where my mother and myself were temporarily staying, now to a superficial observer this could have seemed like an ordinary apartment hotel but it was clever window dressing. an interesting and unusual feature of this place was all the walls on each floor were made of a different kind of wood, in fact this is how they were identified. the elevator operator asked”which floor?” and the answer would be “hickory” (the second floor) or alder (the ninth floor). each floor being known by the type of wood,instead of numbers in ordinary residences. my mother and were staying on the fourth floor (juniper). but let me provide some other details: each floor had tiny,barely noticeable cameras,which were really a masterpiece of technology. with it they could zero in on any area of a floor and see what was happening at all times. but not only that,these cameras had the ability to change their field of vision at will. for example. they could reduce the scope of the lens until it was almost microscopic or they could expand it as to be able to see an entire floor at once. and not just that, the focus of the lens could be altered so it could detect radio waves,heat waves,infra-red rays and some rays i had never even heard of, there were listening devices at every corner of the hallway, some of them concealed behind innocuous seeming objects as a vase of flowers, these devices could magnify a whisper until became perfectly audible . all calls to the place,whether outgoing or incoming were automatically recorded, but not just the voice-they had a device which instantly put the person’s voice pattern on record,so they could instantly tell if a call came from someone known to them. it seems almost like an Orwellian police state doesn’t it? this is exactly how it struck both of us, despite the extremely courteous staff-who,i suspect were deliberately trained to give such an impression we saw it for what it was. most of the other residents did not now my mother(in real life,deceased) was frantically urging me to find a new place to live. i agreed that this was not the most desirable place. i was getting ready to go inspect a place which looked very promising when an incident happened there was a knock on the door.a green light in the far corner lit up. when i answered the door it was 2 deliverymen with a package. they wore pale walnut colored uniforms. while i could not hear all the conversation,it ended with my mother losing her temper and ordering the 2 deliverymen to get out and take their package with them. the package was rectangular and white. then i went downstairs and caught the bus to go look at this other place. soon we came to place where the roads forked in 3directions i recall one of them had a pharmacy dispensing prescriptions . after awhile i came to a building in the inner part of the city, it had the appearance of a place where the ultra-modern existed side by side with old and traditional. suddenly i heard a voice behind me “there is the place you want to move to” immediately a light was switched on at the top floor. a blue light similar to an arc light. i thought “i must get back and tell my mother about this” but when i actually got back i did not see my mother. instead i went to restaurant at the top floor. i think i might add that the elevator was an exception to the rule of this building. instead of being made of wood it was made of an alloy of rare and very hard metals-silver,palladium,,copper,iron and iridium. when the elevator reached the floor the restaurant had 2 types of wood-linden and Hawaiian koa wood the very wise friend i was meeting there lives in hawaii. i know that linden prevent lightning. someone who sits under a linden tree during a thunderstorm will not be struck by lightning. their energy somehow turns it away. silver is,of course a natural proi-biotic iridium is among the worlds most corrosion resistant elements.copper and iron are very well known. this has been one of my more complex dreams. i know you will do as well with this as you have with the 3 previous dreams . i look forward to your analysis of it

    • Dear JH,
      This is such an interesting dream. The way I would tackle this dream is to switch everything that is negative into its positive counterpart the way you did with silver and with the linden. Each floor has a particular type of wood which means that each floor has a positive quality to it. It is as if the wood has a particular energy that is positive for one thing or another. You seem to be good at analyzing the uniqueness of each type of wood or metal. Each will be useful for you at some point. You are living on the juniper floor so I would want to see what is valuable about juniper. The camera, if it is positive, means you can have micro vision and macro vision, which means you can see detail and also the big picture. The negative aspect of it seems to originate from your relationship with your mother, but you could easily turn it into a positive if you see the positive side instead of the negative. When you see the positive in things, then a kind of new self opens up, which no longer includes your mother, and you can see great possibilities and get the kind of self you want to be. So in summary, it is basically that you have to change from seeing the negative to seeing the positive.

      • as usual, you have gone beneath the surface of things to find the inner meaning deep inside. juniper wood was used in ancient times because of its healing qualities. a sprig of juniper outside the door was supposed to repel black magic. so my mother and i staying on the fourth (juniper) could have been symbolic of both strength and for my relationship with my mother,she was both my mother and my best friend.she never lost her temper except for a very good reason. therefore becoming angry with the two deliverymen was almost like a signal for me to go into action and find a new place. what the deliverymen symbolized or their white ,rectangular package i do not know. but when i did get on the bus i recall feeling anxiety. not certain we would find a place suitable. so when the bus stopped in front of a building i had never seen before and having a voice out of nowhere announcing this was the place,i naturally became excited.then having a blue arc light switch on the top almost by magic! the fact that when i did get back i did not see my mother but this wise friend who lives in Hawaii is perhaps symbolic. i may not have let go to the extent i thought i had. i am sure you will do as well with this as with the others

  9. couple nights ago I dreamed that I had killed someone, it wasn’t directly either and it was accident. I dont recall in my dream how or why I killed this person all I knew is that I did. He lived in this large house with his family and was in his 20s-30s. He had a brother and there were other people “friends” who lived in this house as well. I was one of them. No one knew who killed him and under his bed he kept a box with some money in it. When I killed him I took 600 dollars of my money and placed it in the box. I thought his family (who were extremely wealthy) could use it for funeral expenses. I was so scared they would pull my prints of the money or find my hair under his bed and know it was ME who killed him. Later I needed money so I went back and took 200 from the 600 I put in his box. Again, I was panicking like THEY WILL KNOW IT WAS ME BY THE DNA! The police began to investigate and question us, but had not got to me yet, then I look in my bag and there was all the money that he had in the box under his bed. I look at my husband (in waking life, idk if we were married or together or not in the dream) and he said “I got you”. then I was worried that they would find his hair and prints under the bed and we both would go to jail. I was really scared to go to jail.

    • Dear C,
      When you kill someone in a dream, it means that you end a relationship. In a sense when a relationship is ended is like a death to you. You feel like you have to do something about it, which is why you left the money, and also afraid that you will be punished for it. What is important to realize, in this case, is that the state of fear that you are left in is what overtakes your life because it gives you a kind of paralysis about moving forward especially with building connections with others. So you have to let go of guilt and fear and then really go after connecting with a lot of people in really positive ways. Then your life will be extremely wealthy. Wealth in the spiritual realm is measured by the number of close friends that you have.

      • Thank you Richard. Do you know we if I need to end a relationship? is that what it is saying? and how do we know with who? family member, friend, coworker, ect?

        • It is actually more like you need to connect and start more relationships, not end them. When something bad happens in a relationship now, it would make you less likely to start new ones. Let go of whatever happened in past relationships, and create a lot of connections.

  10. Hi Richard
    Normally I dont sleep much as i should or even dream for that matter but i dreamed that i was about to have a surgery on my vagina!..the doctor and I spoke about doing surgery on my vagina…The lips seemed rather bigger than usual. I ended up waking from the dream and that was it. This is a very awkward dream…not sure what it could mean.the dream does not depict what my genitals look like in real though…it is very off description. PLEASE EXPLAIN

    • Dear Ms. D,
      Sorry that I missed your dream earlier. Thanks for reminding me. Metaphorically the vagina is the place where you are opened to being intimate with a man. That you are having surgery suggests that something is off internally and emotionally around issues of intimacy. That is where I would go first in terms of relational work. What are you feeling when you think about being intimate is the question I would start with.

      • Well i do have PCOS…and it is at most times difficult to climax intimately. I do have a new partner, could this mean something is further wrong with me or this may be the beginning of something new…like improved intimacy with my new male partner?

        • And to add what i think about is the fact that i may not climate as someone normally does…that is always a worry of mine.

          • Hi Ms. D,
            With most physical conditions there is a spiritual-emotional side to what is happening, and there is a physical side in your body. I always try to work on the emotional things first because then it makes the physical thing easier to heal. When you deal with what is happening around intimacy in an emotional sense, then everything will get better.

  11. I’ve been having multiple nightmares lately and these are the ones that I remember.

    So I’m currently not working right now but in my dream I contacted my old supervisor at a job the I quit unexpectedly, and asked to come back. They rehired me and I started working. My supervisor came to my house, and he wanted to plot revenge on me for leaving the job. It became violent he wanted to beat me to death and when I closed the door on him he threw a chainsaw through the door which almost landed on my neck. Then I started running and he kept throwing knives at me.

    In my next nightmare I decided to move to Chicago. I stole my fathers car and drove all the way there. When I got there, there were BLM riots and this one was more violent. Again knives were thrown and Shattered my car windshield.

    In another nightmare, I had a mentor, who was going to help me with my career. Every advice he gave me would put me in serious trouble which we ended up almost losing my career. He would laugh but I will always go back to him. He finally admitted that he was a racist and he didn’t want people like me to succeed. When I woke up, outside my window I saw a man assaulting a woman outside, she was in the car and locked her self and was telling the man to leave her alone. She drove off safely.

    • Dear Lily,
      The energy of the supervisor in the dream is “how dare you leave” as if you are supposed to be totally grateful and obedient to whatever he says, hence the anger and revenge for having walked away. The message is to stay away from that kind of authority. Stealing your father’s car in the second dream means that when go through life as your father did (stealing his way of going through life), then you end up in a lot of fearful situations. What the dream tells you is that you need to find your own unique way of getting from point A to point B in your life that is unlike your father’s. The third dream requires that you understand who you are, what your strengths are, what is your preferred way of operating in the world and then find the right career path for yourself. In all three dreams you are being dominated or acting according to male energy that is oppressive. Time to find out who you are and what makes you tick.

  12. Been a while since I managed to properly remember a dream after waking up.
    Basically, a few days ago I had a dream that I was walking down a familiar alleyway with my dad, at what looked like either early night, or really early morning. I was holding a bottle of water (like, gased mineral water, not soda or anything like this), and it had no cap, and I was holding it neck down, but all of the water still stayed inside the bottle.
    The whole time we were walking I noticed a pack of puppies running around me, and then I noticed one of them actually was drinking from the bottle.
    Amazed at it’s boldness and said “shoo!”, and the pack dispersed.
    I was mildly angry because “how am I supposed to drink after a dog!?”, and was puzzled as to what to do with the bottle.
    Meanwhile, the alleyway was actually one I am familiar with, but in my dream it felt, like it was different and the same at the same time, but I couldn’t tell what the difference was.
    Anyway, after dogs ran away, I saw dad stop talking to some old man I never saw, I asked him what to do with the bottle, and he just shrugged and kept looking at buildings and street lights as we kept walking.
    Eventually, I walked up to a tree in a familiar park, and decided to force the water on that tree’s roots, by smashing it against the ground, since I was unable to either drink it, or pour it normally. And I noticed that when I did that, it was already noon. After I heard the bottle crack, I woke up.

    • Dear Arty,
      The interesting thing is that the puppies could drink from the bottle, but you could not and you had to break the bottle for it to come out. The puppies represent the quality of friendship, but you are annoyed when they come to you and want to drink. In real like you need to drink from the cup (bottle) of friendship but you have things kind of upside down like you are annoyed by having to do it as if you want to drink from something else. Friendliness will make your life work in incredible ways right now.

  13. I had a dream I was in an unfamiliar house with a coworker who is in a role of authority. She was very sweet and playful to me, but then would tell me there is a presence in the house that doesn’t like me. This presence was not nice. I could feel it at first. But not see it. I would dodge rooms and go to the next before it could get there. Then I remeber leaving the house and coming back. Everytime I would come back it would get more mad. Finally it possessed her body and she got face to face with me and I could see it separate from her body and big face with dark hair and red eyes, Say I don’t like you. When it was saying that. I was praying and saying a safety pray that I wasn’t afraid and wanted it to leave me alone. When I tried to walk out of the house it was above me, seeming to put weight on my.body and make me walk stressed like my bones were heavy and I was slow. But continued to pray and walk out of house. I was yelling that I was going ans that I wasn’t afraid of him. I was kinda cocky and when I got out of the house I screamed I’m not afraid of you asshole, follow the light and go to heaven and slammed the door. I sat on step and friend came outside and was no longer possed and just sat there talking to me. Happily. I was not anywhere near as terrified as I usually am. Kinda felt happy and like a weight was lifted that I wasn’t as scared anymore. Really wanting to know what this means.

    • Dear Monique,
      What this dream says is that the coworker is sometimes playful and sweet when she is in her true self, but when she is in authority she becomes (gets possessed) with negative energy (jealousy) and then the playful sweet person turns on you. When you get out of her environment of authority, you are ok and not afraid and then she can return to normal, but in the authority position she is dangerous. It is good that you have courage because courage is the virtue you need to be successful in your life, despite the negative beings around you.

  14. I had a dream that I was myself, and naked with another female celebrity who was naked too (who I am not particularly a fan of at all, I don’t think about her so I don’t know why she was in my dream.. .i acknowledge that she looks good and is talented but that’s all I do not follow her at all) , and we felt so attracted to each other (I mean sexually) but I don’t remember if it was me or her saying ” I wish one of us had a penis” Cuz we didn’t even know what to do after some foreplay and we both agreed with that statement (it still cracks me up thinking about it) … We did not have any sort of objects with us either to .. .simulate a penis. Any dildo or such.
    After this I don’t remember if I was talking to her or someone else but they were really trying to insinuate and pressurize that incest is normal, to the extent where I thought maybe something was wrong with me for never partaking in something I find so disgusting, if it’s really as normal as this person was saying. Like they tried to shame me for never having done it.. .so weird.

    • Dear Weird Dream,
      What this dream says is that you are attracted to the attention of being a celebrity, but understand that you can not get off on it. You have foreplay, but not true connection. The true connection you seek is not in celebrity but in the positive energy in others that produces something really beneficial for humankind. That is where the true orgasm is.

  15. Richard, I am going through some transformative times and waking life and my dreams have been so vivid and sticking with me.

    Last night I was in the trailer park where I grew up but it looked vastly different. I was running with my cousin and her and I found this trail we never knew was there before. We were running down it (happily) and we saw men riding horses and we saw a few ox just running and roaming about on the trail. As we came to a “T” in the trail we went left, there was a large muddy hill that we ran down and there was an ox just laying and relaxing in the bottom of it, I remember thinking how beautiful it was to see up close. Then to the left there was a trailer with a small deck and packed, shoulder to shoulder, with 20-30 people. They were all drinking and hollering and having a party. As my cousin and I kept running the grass became overgrown and tall and the ground below was wet and kind of like a small marsh. I was afraid of snakes and the people on the deck were talking about us and I hollered back asking them what way to go but they didnt answer me, they just kept talking about me. I found a length of plank that wrapped around and took us back to the muddy hill with the ox. The walls were so high, taller than us and we were trying to decide how to get out. Then I sat down and just past me I was a laser pointer, like a sniper uses and I yelled to my cousin “Jackie GET DOWN”. My adrenaline was rushing and my heart was racing, I pulled her down and started to wake up. I was inbetween being asleep, lucid dreaming and waking and I said to myself this is a dream, you know that, you are in control, you can change it and I decided that if the gun shot it would be a water gun and no one would be harmed and I tried to get back to the moment but I was too awake at that point.

    • Dear C,
      This dream tells you the work you have to do to get to the other dream, your ranch house self. You are trying to be lucid and change the dream, but you cannot. This is because your mind still holds onto the memories that lead you to feeling insecure as a child. On the one hand you have astonishment and awe, while on the other you are fear of something bad happening. When you let go of the memories that cause the fear, then you can end up in awe all the time, which is the key to being your true self all the time. You have some childhood memories to let go of. You are almost there.

  16. last night I had a dream that I was living in a ranch style house, it was modern and had amazing windows. The lawn mower was out front from my husband mowing the day before and I saw grass blowing around it so I thought he left it running all night. I went to the front door and opened it and the wind was so strong and I look over and see a tornado no more than 70 yards away from me. The tornado was more smooth edged (like a water “tornado” as it goes down a drain). I struggled to shut the door but did and said to my family FIND COVER THERE IS A TORNADO! The couch was up against this large floor to ceiling extra long window and my husband was sitting there, one arm over the back of the couch watching the tornados, I got in top of my son and cover him between the couch and the coffee table , kissing his little head multiple times and my daughter is next to me, but keeps popping her head up to see what her dad is looking at. my other two daughters are near the middle of the living room just on the floor with their heads covered. I am telling them all to come to me, to get safe where I am. It become loud as multiple tornadoes were around our home. However, no glass broke, nothing protruded into the home, there was NO damage at all to our house. I was so scared thought that my increased heart rate woke me up as I was getting up in my dream in investigate the outside.

    In this dream I knew I needed to move to a more secure area like the hallway or bathroom, but for whatever reason I would not get up to make my way there.

    • Dear C,
      What this dream says is that when you are in your true and ideal self, then you are completely safe and secure despite what goes on around you. Your protection, in other words, in your true self, which is represented by the ranch style home. The tornado is like the changes and chances of the world around you. You can be detached from them when you are fully in yourself.

  17. Last night I had a dream about my cousin who killed himself three years ago, in the dream he was kind of like a guardian angel type person and I would have to just see his name or just think about him and he would appear. I’m just confused because I was never really close to him and I’m not sure what it meant.

    • Dear Vera,
      In this life your cousin could not become who he was supposed to become, but evidently he has become that person in the next life, which is extremely positive. He is there to help you become your true self. If you would become who you are meant to become, who would that be?

  18. I had a dream that my ex was in my home (he no longer lives with myself and our young son) in the dream I looked into my bathroom mirror and my teeth were very very decayed and damaged my gums were swollen. I began to have massive blood clots come out of my mouth just pour out of my mouth. Blood clots the size of my face. And blood pouring out of my mouth. At one point I realized I could take the teeth that were decaying off almost like a tooth tray/Invisalign. So I begin to do so. I could physically feel it in the dream. And it became stuck on the last upper tooth on the right side of my mouth. It hurt a bit but I was able to pull it off. Literally was like a tray of damaged teeth. But when I looked in the mirror I had nice teeth underneath. Albeit not my teeth but decent teeth that would go back to normal eventually. I took my son and went to bed in the dream. My ex was sitting there ignoring me completely. When I woke up there was a dog that looked a lot like my child hood dog that wasn’t straying far from my son. My ex was still sitting there this time on the phone and when I looked at him he put his finger to his mouth. Signaling to be quiet. I went into the bathroom to find all of my blood placed into a container with a single white candle sitting atop my blood. I ran out of the bathroom asked him if his mother had done that to me which he just stared at me silently. When I went back into the bathroom there was a puppy drowning in the toilet. I took it out placed it in the sink revived it, and placed it in my empty bathtub. When I watched it morph into a crane. I called for him and asked him “isn’t an animal morphing evil?” And he ran into the bathroom and asked where it was. At which point it had transformed into a duck, and then suddenly in front of both of us a hummingbird. He attempted to catch the humming bird and couldn’t catch. I went and pinched it by it’s belly. Which odd enough was almost inflated like a plastic squeeze toy. He then placed it in a bag and I woke up. Later on this morning I had a nap. In that dream there was a building near mine I haven’t seen before but was apparently some kind of center and my sons bus company had an office there. Where in the dream I was meant to pick him up. I decided to keep him with me because the sky was black! I mean dark gray skies with black clouds rolling in. After a few minutes a thin white man with golden hair and a mustache came in. He looked like he had been serving sandwiches honestly he had plastic lunch lady gloves on, and he said to me “hurry get your son” and I’m like why what’s going on. He opens my curtain the building is on fire. I turned to him and explained that I was suppose to pick my son up from there and didn’t send him because something felt wrong. He said he knew because something about mystic I honestly never heard the word and don’t know what it means . I asked him if the people that work there would be okay. He said to not worry. We got my sons clothes on and a bag and went into the elevator. At which point we were at a stand still because he seemed unsure of where to take me it seemed like I wasn’t safe outside or inside. When we got outside the fire had gone out the clouds had gone away. And he said to me go home but be careful. And said it very seriously. When I woke up I was very confused. If anyone can help decipher this please help me! I have a personal idea of what it could mean but I need someone with experience to confirm it or to enlighten me please. I appreciate it.

    • Dear Ana J,
      The first dream is about the consequences of having lived with your ex. It has left you with rotten teeth which means that you have difficulties thinking independently and making decisions. Teeth are what we chew with which is like chewing on ideas. As he leaves your life and you let him he go emotionally, then the good thinking ability will come to you. The same is true with the dog which represents your friendliness and loyalty. It has gone in the toilet which you have to take out. Your friendliness, like your thinking ability, will improve with time, as will your lighter qualities like the hummingbird, but only when you let go of him completely. The other dream has to do with your worried feelings, not the experience of being with your ex. When you worry, which comes from being alone, then you imagine all kinds of bad things happening like in the dream. To get over worry you need to remember your positive abilities and do them confidently and strongly all the time. Then all kinds of great things will happen.

  19. Last night I had a recurring dream for the 3rd time I believe now (maybe 2nd). In the previous dream the mountain lion I am about to talk about never left the garage. It did wonder around and sniff at the door but nothing else.
    Last night I was in the same utility room with my 2 kids and in the garage there was a mountain lion under the pool table. When I saw it I knew I had encountered it before and it never did anything so in this dream I tried to shoo it and scare it with my voice. This did not work, it came to the door and I tried to shut and lock it but the door wouldn’t latch shut so I held it closed. Then the mountain lion’s paw and claws came through the door and my kids and I were backed up behind the door and I was pulling it all the way open so there would be a barrier. I told my kids to be quiet. The lion sniffed around my kids started to talk and make noise then it came over and pawed at my son, but no claws came out and it wasn’t aggressive. they got louder and the lion was getting more worked up so I lifted both of my kids up and put them on the dryer behind us and i got up there too, when it tried to get on the dryer I lifted myself and kids up more to a self that was above that and began yelling Julia! Julia (who is my dad’s ex from nearly 15 years ago – we didn’t have a bad relationship, but it also wasn’t close and “good”) and she came out with a broom stick and shooed it away.

    • Dear C,
      This is similar to other dream about running away. Instead of Godzilla you are actually being called to be courageous in your life like a mountain life. In other to have more courage so that you can get to the achievement that you want to do in your life, you have to overcome the fear of aggression. When you become a mountain lion, the aggressive forces start to become fearful of you. That is the challenge changing from a fearful state to a courageous state.

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