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  1. The last few dreams over the past week have been odd and sticking with me.

    1 – I was at my parents house (not their house in waking life, but in the dream it was) and I was upstairs in the room where my son was staying and the door moved on its own. I got this feeling that it was possessed, so I started to yell THE POWER OF CHRIST CONDEMS YOU, over and over but the evil entity was silencing my screams to whispers no matter how hard I tried to be loud. I did this over and over in all the upstairs rooms and I told my mom everyone needed to leave, the house wasnt safe. She talked me down and I left my son with her. I was on my way home and I just had this feeling that I needed to go back so I turned the car around went back and when I opened the door the whole house was wavy like and then normal I ran upstairs and a forcefield stopped me and I yelled to my son. He rose out of this TV entertainment center and his face had markings and stuff on it and was doing a evil type laugh. then I was at the bottom of the stairs and he was just infront of me, but i could not reach out and touch him. He (being the evil) said to me through my son that I was too late, he was his now.
    I was so scared, I woke up and just wanted to cry.

    2 – I was on a yacht and happy. I was in a relationship with a man in the dream but then this girl on the boat, who I seemed to know, was flirting with me and touching me on the outside of my clothes and I was aroused by it.

    3 – In waking life I have been having consistent chest pain on my left side. In my dream I was having this same pain and feeling my breast, thinking I felt I lump and I went to the doctor and she was going to ultrasound my chest to see if there were any lumps, but just as she got the tool out to check I woke up.

    4 – ahhh this just slipped my mind, if it does come back to me I will add it in the comments.

    Thank you Richard for your time and knowledge of helping me understand my dreams

    • I remember it -4- I was at my work and I was given a project that belonged to someone else to do by myself. I did my best on it but there was a mishap and I messed something up (i dont recall the project or what I messed up). but my boss and the employee who should have done it (both male) scolded me about it and I was so mad I either wanted to cry or started crying and I quit my job then and there. I was over it. I was walking out and the walls I was supposed to paint were missing some spots and it was on glass and the hallway behind it was dark.

      In waking life I am struggling with my job, I am good money and my job is overall low stress and there is potential for growth and a higher income….but I find the work to be unfulfilling. I feel pulled to a different field (to nature specifically). Money has never kept me in any situation before but making the money I do provides perks that my husband and kid get to enjoy that enrich our lives.

      • Hi again C,
        The first part explains where the hurt comes in. If you let it go, and then open your heart, then it will take you where it wants you to go. It is my experience (a lot with my own life) that when the spirit opens up the heart, it does not require a radical material love such as changing careers in the immediate future. It usually does this over an extended period of time so that the family is not disrupted. In the spiritual realm the family comes first because it is the bedrock on which communities thrive. When you jump too fast with material matters, then it tends to cause chaos. First open up your heart and watch what amazing things it does to your relationships and what new doors it opens for you.

    • Dear C,
      I really love the first dream. Since the evil entity came out of the TV, the negative energy is probably cultural in nature, which you are going to have watch out for. It seems like negative energy is about the pulls of the materialistic culture. It seems to be louder than your voice. Invoking Christ doesn’t seem to help either. I have been watching someone of the female Black athletes like Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka recently struggle a lot the pressure that the culture puts on them, but it also seems to me that they unconsciously let themselves get sucked into the material benefits too much. It is hard to say no to all the money and expectation that comes with it. You seem to need to be grounded in what is real in a positive way. What is real for you comes in the next dreams. It is about love and opening up your heart fully. Being aroused by the woman is more about allowing your feminine side to get to close to you, your love. Chest pains means that you have emotional hurt that you need to let go of.

  2. Hello
    I was having a dream where my not very close Aunt was having new unrecognizable face with different skin eyes and hair color and everybody in the family gathering were convinced it was her but it was obvious to me that she wasn’t by the look of the face only I’m not sure soul wise but the face simply wasn’t hers.She also had a baby in the dream.Maybe it means nothing but I was actually seeing that face in my dreams often and for the first time she was recognized by other family members as my Aunt.

    • Dear mnn,
      The dream says that people can change so much, either for the good or the bad, that they no longer seem like the person they used to be even though they are still the same being. The message is that you can change a great deal for the good, so much so that people will not think of you as the same person, but they will benefit greatly from what you are capable of doing in life.

  3. Last night I dreamt that I was with a bunch of people, I knew them in the dream but in waking life I had never seen any of them. We were co-workers or classmates or something and there was a project we had to do (art type) and we were split into groups. In my group there was this guy and he was really into me and he made me feel so very safe and loved, I cant really explain it. Then we kissed at some point and there was a lot of passion and we were physically close, maybe hugging or cuddling I dont fully recall how. Also I would run back and forth to this room to get supplies for my group (there were so many side convos and things I saw each time I went for supplies but I cant bring them to the front of my mind to remember) and it seemed like all the other groups were getting theirs done faster, the guy was also doing most of the work with no issue or complaint.

    • Dear LP,
      The guy in the dream seems to represent your own masculine-qualities that you are wanting to develop in yourself. These seem to be qualities like assertiveness. You can do the supply function, but not the more creative function. That you were intimate with him means that the quality is ready to be put into practice for you. Usually when you have a dream like this it means that you have had the tendency to let others be the assertive types while you wait back. This dream tells you that you can be start being assertive, and not wait for others to do things.

  4. I can only recall a couple bits of my dream last night.

    First I was in the backyard with my husband and kids and my son wanted to put up a tent and sleep in it, I said I would help and sleep in it with him as well. It was raining and the water was going through the tent as my daughter and I were trying to put it up, So I told my son we would not be able to sleep in the tent because of the water and we took it down.

    Then I was in this warehouse type building with a lot of other people, who I seemed to know. For whatever reason we kept moving from place to place and each time we would be at a new warehouse and all the belongings would be in boxes and all just be put into the warehouse then everyone would organize and within minutes it would be organized, people came to me for direction, So i know I was in charge. I was organizing boxes of my own stuff and I remember seeing something that wasn’t mine, a piano.

    • Dear C,
      These dreams show that you have great managerial abilities, but when people who are child-like do the planning, it usually fails because they have not planned well for what they want to do. The piano seems to be a kind of bonus for utilizing your positive organizational ability.

  5. I keep Having the same nightmare every night. In this nightmare someone close to me is killed by a mysterious shadowy figure. I’m at the point where I’m even afraid to go to sleep at night. Please help!

    • Dear Renee,
      The interesting thing about this dream is that others are killed, not you, and then you go into fear. More often than that people dream of themselves being killed. Being killed by a shadowy figure means that the life (up energy) goes out of people easily when they attacked by people with dark energy such as negative motives, jealousy or envy. When the life energy goes out of others, then you start to get fearful of the dark energy. What you can understand is that you are, by nature and by creation, full of light and life that can have a positive effect on others that brings positive life to them. When you understand your inner power of light and life, then you can do amazing things to uplift people. First you have to let go of the fear that dark people are so powerful. They are actually really weak.

  6. I dreamt the character “It” from the movie dragged me down into the sewer. However, the sewer appeared home-like inside. Although this character never scared me in the movie I felt in fear in my dream. The “It” clown transformed into a woman who looked scary in appearance as she had blood running from her mouth and jagged teeth. I told her I will not fight or try to run away, just don’t kill me. She says she is a bad dream and fear, that she has been with me all along….since the Camaro Z28. (My dad owned one when I was 4-6yo). She said something bad happened to me and she’s been with me ever since. I asked her what does she mean? She says you “don’t remember? Think of a silver van, don’t you remember? Think.” I woke up after this and have been racking my brain trying to think of any silver van owners from my family or family friends past around that age. I don’t really think anything bad happened to me. I have bad bad dreams weekly sometimes nightly since about that age.

    • Dear Anonymous Woman,
      The silver van is a metaphor for the fear you have a trying to get to where you want to go in your life. You seem to have an issue of getting from point A to point B because of fear probably because your dad was reckless (but it is clear from the dream). When you let go of the fear you can pull yourself up from out of the metaphoric sewer and fly to where you want to go. The dream seems to indicate that you need to feel more freedom and independence from others so that you can truly fly to where you want to go in life.

  7. Richard I’ve been dreaming very weird things. Here is last nights from what I can recall.

    I was at my actual job and there is. Gentlemen there who in real life is a little odd when it comes to socializing with other but nothing alarming or weird. In my dream there was something weird about him and I ended going by his house and it was fortified by a large multilayered fence and barbwire and it was on fire. But the fire wasn’t causing destruction, it just was part of his fortitude, it never burned out or spread. I found a hole in the fences and climbed through, there was barbwire on the ground as well that I stepped over and his yard was empty, quiet and calm. I looked around and then left. When I got back to work I was putting up this shoe organizing shelf I ordered and he was there and people were saying you need to stay away and the bus always skips his house when it picks people up for work. I started to ignore him and felt scared of him. Then one morning I was on this empty bus and it stopped by his house, rolled backwards down a hill where a cop was hiding incase we needed him and then the driver called someone and was relieved that he wasn’t out waiting for a ride.

    Then somehow I’ve angered his wife and we are with his family is in interrogation type room and I step out with his wife and she tells me she is the one who loves to do the evil things. I go back and tell my lawyer and hers is in the same
    Room and I ask her lawyer not to say anything to her because apparently she loves to start fires.

    Then we all are at the rental cabin house with both our families and some work people (I guess to show we moved on?) and it caught fire in the section where the kids were. I tried to get to them but couldn’t and I eventually saw them through the window making it safety and I went out there and found my kids and hugged them. I knew it was her so I wanted to move far away.

    Then we were at this house, old Victorian historical type and there was this hand, but it was a person and was like angry that we wanted this house, I knew that hand was the guy from work. Then my best friend from Cali was there with me and we went to her place to hangout, she’s single and lots of single people were there and I found myself saying I wish I hadn’t gotten married so soon so I could enjoy the single life of freedom and hooking up.

    Then the house was on fire and that hand started it and it had a mark on. I took the mask off and was talking to it. It asked me to put it back on and I said no. The hand burned up and I but the fire out. We had candles burning all over the house so I asked my husband to help me blow them all out so we could make sure nothing was on fire and he did. The house was then empty the next morning of all the old owners belongings and ready for us to move in and I felt a peace about it.

    Then I saw my exhusband and he looked so nice, I wanted to hug him and kiss him and be with him and he just looked at me with his shirt off and it’s like we felt the same but neither of us said or did anything (I’ve been dreaming about him quite a bit, of us being a family
    Or wanting to be one) – you know our history.

    What does all of this mean?


    • Dear Confused,
      The long and short of this dream is that the guy in the dream who appears somewhat weird is just protecting himself emotionally. If a person who is protected and appears different is treated as though they are criminals, then one bad thing leads to another. What the dream really wants you to do is to get to an unprotected and free feeling in yourself. When you are freer inside, then you can have a lot better relationships even with people from your past, though that is not the purpose. The purpose is for you to feel free so that you can actually get closer to people in an unrestricted or unconfined manner.

  8. then we walked over to another part of the building. in the center of the room was a man with dark brown hair sitting with legs crossed on a raised platform. he wore a robe of white muslin with dark gold borders. who is this man?,i wanted to know. a religious leader, i was told . from the platform he was handing out gifts to people. what i recall most was a glowing bright blue package he gave to one of his followers. it was literally glowing , almost iridescent . he would distribute the gifts according to each one’s needs.”you will require this” “it may not seem as though you need this now,but you will” some of the people were surprised to receive anything at all.

    • and that is the end of probably the longest dream i ever had-certainly,the one i remember the most of- when i try to analyze it it defies logic. if you cannot figure it out nobody can

      • Dear JH,
        Basically your function in the dream seems to be to protect the wonders of invention from getting into the hands of saboteurs, which you do effectively. When the wonders so science and invention get into the wrong hands, then those same inventions become harmful to human beings. The last part where the religious leader is giving out what each person needs is what needs to happen with science and invention. It needs to be distributed so that positive things happen. The world has basically up to this time, been ruled by people who use things for the wrong reason like capturing more resources for themselves and taking over other people’s property. Somehow you and your friends are the protectors of the good stuff so that it can be used in ways that are beneficial. A lot of new things are coming into being all the time. The world needs people like you (evidently) to protect those inventions from falling in the selfish hands.

  9. when they had assembled after a short briefing they ran up the stairway, and we followed them.we had not gone far when we saw what was this point the stairway came to a stairwell and it branched off into2 stairways on either side. both led to a mezzanine-like area where a group of men- i think about 25 or 26 of them- were busy in a very heated discussion. on seeing the security men they immediately dispersed, 3 different groups going in 3 different directions. all except one who raised a gun and pointed it . a blue beam hit him and his body stiffened like a board , his arms straight at his side and his legs rigidly together like a soldier at attention. he fell over on his back. i followed down one hall,my friend down group of the pursued split off into a cafeteria. 3 others kept going down the hall. oh, and there were 48 security men, giving them a considerable advantage in numbers. i reached the 3 at the end of the hall before they did( they were mostly busy rounding up the ones in the cafeteria) i stopped. the three of them and myself exchanged a look of appraisal. the one in the center who i took to be the leader gave me a very penetrating look. the other two moved back. i could hear the securitymen approaching. suddenly, the leader-a short,squat man with dark hair- began to levitate moved upward on his own power. then he made a gesture toward a small window near the ceiling.the lock began to undo itself, the window opened and the screen removed itself from the window. then he flew right through the window. the other 2 remaining surrendered immediately to security when they arrived. ” what are you going to do with them?” i asked one of the security men ” we’ll send them to the central office for questioning” “do you know who they are?”. they are a team of saboteurs ” and told us it was lucky for everyone that we were where we were when we were. otherwise the man seen at the elevator would have slipped in unnoticed.

  10. dear Richard, here is a dream i had some time ago, but continues to perplex me to this day. it began with my friend and i and several people that are not known to either one of us in reality but were members of our team-that is the only word for it- in the dream. this dream began with my friends and i walking down the streets of either a large town or a small city-. it really makes no difference which- with snow on the ground ,a murky blue-gray sky and no vehicles.the people were dressed in an assortment of different fashions. i remember one woman in a dark fur important detail: we were all dressed in suits of armor.high tech body armor, capable of defecting not only bullets but energy beams as well. also capable of absorbing the impact of high explosives up to about 2 megaton explosive power.equipped with long sword somewhat similar to the light sabre of the Jedi.these swords,however could deliver energy blasts and light beams of their own.( they could be adjusted to the exact amount of power needed in a given situation. for example, they were capable of sending high intensity beams which could cut right through solid steel if the necessity arose) ii looked up to the fifth floor on the building directly opposite on the right side of the street. there was a cafe there with some outside tables on a balcony from which you could observe all activity on the street below.. saw a waiter bringing coffee to a customer who seemed to be watching the street below with great interest. i said “let’s go to that cafe. i think we could use some hot coffee” both my friend and i are connoisseurs of coffee in real life. so he agreed. but when we entered the building through glass revolving doors, quite a sight awaited us. the entire floor was teeming with displays of technology. but not only that. incredibly advanced technology far beyond anything known of in the present time.i can recall one device which recorded the quality of the air in any area submitted to it, that is, the density of the air how many negative ions,but also recorded all alien substances such as, how many chemical toxins in the air and their composition , an estimate of the safety level for both humans , birds and mammals. another device did the same for all the oceans and what currents and their direction, the quality of the water-how acid it was, what pollutants it contained at any time, the temperature of the water and could even provide information on the exact location of a tidal wave! another one utilized the rays from certain gemstones to produce a super healing light beam, beryl, yellow topaz , blue topaz, green emerald, blue emerald, beryl, blue tourmaline, green tourmaline, alexandrite, and some others i did not recognize. tourmaline can be used to balance the right and left hemisphere of the brain. alexandrite is distinctive in being the only gemstone i know of which changes color. it is said that it is an emerald in the daytime and a ruby at night. this a long and rather complex dream,so for the sake of brevity i will tell it in two parts

    • at this medical display was a booth that the patient stepped into was furnished with a set of earphones, held a small device no larger than the palm of his hand then a small metal band was placed around his forehead, something that looked like suction cups were placed around the elbows. then a luminous dial was switched on,then a wide helmet with with dials , lights and meters of every sort flashing was lowered from above, so wide it completely covered the whole head,so long it covered the chest . it remained in place for about 2 minutes. as soon as it was raised again the machine immediately emitted a chart with all of the necessary information. which was the patient’s blood type, the thickness and thinness of the blood, the exact amount of vitamins and minerals in the system,which ones were deficient and which ones he had an excess of. what vital organs were not functioning as they should be,what bones were not aligned as they should be what nerves were damaged and where , what muscles needed to be treated and how, what peptides were deficient. and the info reached to the cellular level. in short they could obtain information in about 10 minutes what usually requires months,even years of tests to find out. the chart was read by a doctor who gave a diagnosis right on the spot. at a signal from the doctor a machine was wheeled over. then the patient was placed on a table lying down .then some instrument resembling an infra-red heat lamp but much larger,placed directly over the table. it was so long and it practically covered the whole was turned on and instantly the patient was bathed in light. but it was multi-colored light the light had several colors much as a rainbow does but the colors changed. then i realized these were gemstone ray beams, which changed as the jewels were replaced.they had the ability to widen or lengthen each beam as they thought necessary. one area of the body received a sapphire and blue tourmaline, another one might be blue emerald and amethyst and so on. i describe this in greater detail because it made such a profound impression on me. but there is more to this dream . i can recall gravity devices and one machine with a horseshoe shaped light at the top glowing and moving with an energy all its own, other gadgets seemed to be for communication, others transportation, still others were offered as alternative energy sources. a man who seemed one of their leading scientists was giving us a tour of the to him was the chief of security. we left the group for a minute and came to a stairway with an elevator right next to it all of a sudden the elevator began to move. it went down toward a lower level . when it came up again its passenger was a tall dark haired man with a black mustache. on seeing us he gave an exclamation, and ran up the flight of we were going to rejoin the group we were met by the chief of security who had witnessed what happened and told us someone was in the facility that should not be. we did not recognize him but the chief did. he pulled out a walkie-talkie and pressed a button on it. the button lit up. “that” he explained “is the signal for all members of the security force to meet within five minutes”

  11. Hello, today I woke up to a dream of me and my online friend (like she is an online friend in real life outsifr the dream)who is older than me, married and female just like me (im not married). We were on a floor of an empty commercial building and there was only some beds there and a bathroom very few people were there… So I dont know what we were high on, felt like weed but more surreal…I am pretty sure she got high before me and after i just finished smoking or popping a pill (I cant exactly remember that, all I know is I instantly felt high) and she…came on to me, seduced me, undressed me, did all the foreplay and sex she could to me…I dont know what she inserted in me but i believe it was a dildo or sex toy of some sort…after that i came on to her, did foreplay to her, but i didnt have anything to further penetrate her with like she did for me…and at that moment people started returning back to our empty floor, she just took her clothes and ran, i quickly got dressed trying to look for her, i was asking all the people coming in had they seen where she went, i wanted to continue in a hotel room or other private place where we wont be disturbed…but i was barely able to get a hold of her in the crowd and when i had barely asked her the dream ended, she also said her husband was looking for her…I feel awkward because she is like an elder sister to me she treats me like her younger sister and shes more old school about her approach to love/relationships/ sex given the fact that she is older than me & comes from a more conservative culture…I feel guilty for thinking of her like this and even enjoying what she did to me & wanting to please her the same way but not being able to because of interruption…

    I also have been with men only mostly i have had very brief encounters with women we didnt even go all the way i never had the confidence or oppurtunity to go too far with a woman romantically or sexually because of always having men in my life (and liking them romantically and sexually quite deeply) and also my attraction to women has kept wavering up & down throughout the years

    • Dear Kookoo,
      If you think of the dream world as being a metaphoric world, rather than a literal world, then you can begin to make some more sense of a dream like this. The dream world has different qualities to it than the material, so the best way I have found to deal with sexual dreams like yours to think of the dream as an “as if” experience. This means that the dream is as if you were having sex with a woman who you are close to. In the non-material world you are trying to have a deeper love connection as if you were having sex. Sex is the metaphor for the deeper connection. You can have a deep love connection with both men and women, and it is possible to have loving relationships with a lot of people. So mostly the dream is about you realizing that you can get really close to others. If you have that ability, then you can do a lot of positive things to benefit humanity.

  12. Dick, It’s about 2:30am, I had been so bothered by this kind of dream that I had to get up and write about this one in particular. As I say, I have often had this kind of dream over the years. NOT so often but with this one, I realize how lazy I’ve been on trying to understand what it means for me. I nicknamed these dreams as “the TV episodes” dreams because they’re like watching a TV show with nothing in particular to say. Self-contained little scenes or stories that never happened or remain in my memory.
    This one is about the French operatic composer whose career finally got off the ground in the mid1840s until his early death in 1880s. Honestly I neither knew nor cared about him until tonight…lol
    Of course I have heard his name. But I must have missed some unconscious attention to his life at some point before now. Before writing this email I spent an hour or so reading the Wiki Bio. Quite interesting!!!
    My dream is about his growing popularity among the Northeast elite in the US, the same group as Edith Wharton (my favorite US author) wrote about in the 1880s and 90s. So this dream, is a kind of documentary on the desire of some, vaguely known people who are big Offenbach “fans”, opera and music lovers of French culture, to bring Offenbach to the US to stay and compose and orchestrate in the US. It turns out in my dream for a month, He stays in a house of a wealthy connection. The time of his journey isn’t named in My dream. There’s no prophetic details. Everything is made up and at least only partially conforming to reality…as is true of all, I think, my ” TV episode” dreams. So Offenbach accepted the invitation stays for a month and composes 3 works, which I have now forgot the details of. And then he leaves an appreciative artistic,-intellectual community in the US. End of dream. Nothing else to say. Just like watching a mildly entertaining TV show. I’m an invisible narrator in the style of my all-time favorite US radio show, This American Life. But my dream doesn’t even remotely approach the polished level of production or have something to say as that show does. Actually I rarely listen to their podcasts any more.. but it must have really influenced my dream-style. And I never thought about that until now. I do continue to listen to several varieties of podcasts on NYTimes website. So that’s it. I was really bothered by this kind of dream tonight that I woke up, researched Offenbach and then wrote about it to you. I highly recommend his life story on Wikipedia!

    I guess that’s the remaining product of this dream. So, what do you think of the application my understanding of unlocking potentiality? Seems to me it’s my desire to be a director of my life. The opposite of my accepted”reality” . Though this statement is a dramatic exaggeration of my acceptance of my life as a meek Baha’i pioneer to Japan. I’ve really tried to call out the name of the Faith to my advanced Japanese learners, however they’re not impressed with my accomplishments, which are far below their own achievements in the material world.

    • Hi Thomas,
      The simple answer is that you are watching the show, but not doing anything. It just shows you that if you get out of your mind and into your action you can make things that seem remotely improbably to absolutely certain. In your case your mind probably gets in the way with overthinking. When you are trying to do something new, the key is have a positive vision, dive in and act, and then bring your mind in after the action, but not before. More action! Less thinking!

  13. A couple of nights ago I had a bizarre dream and this section of it wont leave my mind.

    I was at my house (not my house in waking life but it was my house in the dream). The front porch was about 300 sqft and it had stairs that lead down to the road and just before the stairs there was a large gate that went top to bottom. I was home with my husband and son and daughter and there was a knock at the door. Outside there was an older vintage style car and then two small girls (no older than 8 or 9) at the gate who looked sickly. My son opened the door and they opened the gate and were walking to the front door and my husband and I ran to my son and was trying to pull him inside and shut the door. One of the girls breathed on us and made a comment about us letting them in. We said no and shut the door. one of their faces looked a pale blue and she had a bad rash all over her face (looked like eczema or psoriasis) and her clothes were also a light blue, had blonde hair and she was the one talking to us, saying we were all going to die too so just let her in, She already breathed on my son so we will get whatever she has. The other girl looked like death, like literal walking death, she seemed ‘hot’ just by looking at her and had a dark face, even though she was a white girl and black eyes and her clothes were even dark in color.

    Note – I am not worried about COVID. I did have it back in November and pretty bad and there are still lingering effects, but the pandemic itself does not cause me stress or worry. I just give it God and live my life in the best way possible focusing on things I CAN do.

    • Hi C,
      The purpose of the dream is for you to have a more welcoming self, one that is entirely inclusive. The two girls seem to represent the deathly part of the white culture. You may have a different idea, but it appears that way. The first step is one of detachment, which is to see the negative aspects of the white culture and then not allow yourself to be affected by it. You need a kind of vaccine for the negative aspects of the white culture. It is the case with most dominant aspects of the world. Sometimes, for instance, you see women in leadership who try to act too much like male counterparts and then become much worse than male leaders. When you embrace your culture fully and value it, then you can bring white people into it. Essentially white people need to become more black, but black people do not need to become more white. Do you get what I am trying to say here?

      • Yes I do think I understand what you are saying. This world is defiantly in a time of transition requiring much adjustment.

  14. I have a man that keeps coming in and out of my life, he won’t define what we are. Anyway, I dreamt last night that he was in a 60s/70s style game show type of thing. He had the stereotypical false, cheesy grin, suit and glitzy bow tie. In the dream he was taking part in a father and son singing competition. He has no children in real life. At first I was upset in my dream that he had a child but then I was laughing at how ridiculous he looked. I was watching this on an old fashioned tv in the dream.

    • Hi Amy,
      Basically the metaphors indicate that he is wanting to keep things shallow like in the 60s tv shows, but has difficulty going to deeper place where there is more commitment. Doesn’t sound like the relationship is going to last until he does some major renovations internally.

  15. in the dream, i was completing some sort of task. I remember I had a romantic interest in the dream but no idea who. There were also two women who owned a garden that I needed a white rose to get into—the garden could only be opened a handful of times and the white rose acted as a key. The first time i opened it, i was chastised and told i wasnt ready to take that journey alone. The second time i opened it, i was told to. The two women were having tea just on the inside and it was beautiful. I was told i would be challenged and it was all connected to my love interest. In this garden, i faced some creatures that i suppose i defeated somehow although i dont know what they looked like, and had seen my loved one a few times and had romantic interactions within the more beautiful parts if the garden. We also had fights with one another, verbal ones, that we resolved before the next external conflict of some sort.

    • Hi Kayla,
      This is really a cool dream. I love this dream a lot. The white rose being a key means that for you to get to your romantic interest or for you to actualize it, you need the qualities of love and purity. Love connects you to others and purity keeps you having the wrong motives or going for romance with putting in an effort. Once you get into the garden, meaning that once you open the door to the romantic interest, then you start to feel how amazing it is, but you still have challenges to overcome. It is such a beautiful metaphor for relational work. It lets you know that getting into a relationship is one thing, and maintaining it is quite another. You seem to have more work to do with maintaining it, than getting into it. You can apply this principle to other pursuits as well such as learning a new sport or learning a new craft or creative pursuit.

  16. I dreamed that I was pregnant. I had noticed a pudge in my tummy and I took two test and BOOM two pink lines. I took two more digital tests and instead of say “pregnant” they said funny slogans that changed every time I looked at them again. Then I took two more regular tests and the moment I peed on them the two pink lines showed right up.

    • Dear C,
      In this dream you are pregnant with something new inside of you, like the whale from the other dreams, which means that the ability is in formation, but then you have moments where you don’t believe it, but in the end it is true. You seem to have a lot of untapped potential that is going to do a lot of great things when developed.

  17. i don’t remember much of the beginning of my dream but i greatly remember red birthday candles that are on with the number 127

    • Dear Emily,
      Generally speaking, birthday cakes signify celebration and 127 means a big celebration. Your life is wanting you to celebrate what you have achieved to this point so that you can carry forward that positive energy into your new challenges ahead.

  18. Richard,

    I hope you family is well and the sickness within your circle has passed and all are well.

    I was in this ocean hut area and there was a whale. I was on a deck so I could see it just below the water and it was in the marina area. I wanted to get closer so I did and the whale came out of the water and rested its head on the boat so I could pet it. It could literally feel the sensation of the whales wet body being slick yet smooth. Then it kind of followed me a minute. I was a little scared on the inside but I felt safe, like I knew I was in no danger.

    Then when I got inside the hut I was with some of my kids and in a relationship with my sons father (we’ve been split around 7 years and both are remarried). In the dream we were happy and seemingly a well functioning family unit. Then all of a sudden we had a plane to catch to get back home. we looked out to the vast water and when I looked back I was now with them at my grandmas house. We were having ice cream. We ran out and I went to get more and there was some but the kind we needed was gone. Then my son had to poop and that was a whole ordeal. I believe we left for the airport after that but I soon woke up and that is all I can clearly remember.

    • Dear C,
      Generally I think of the ocean as the great spiritual space because of its vastness. Since it is water, it signifies your relationship with God or with the Holy Spirit or the spiritual dimension. The whale means that your purpose or your part to play is big as if you are a whale. It is allowing you to pet it which means that you need to have a relationship with your purpose and great potential. You have a big part to play in the world’s future. It is what was supposed to happen in your first marriage, but as it did not work out, it is coming to fruition now. The plane means that you need a big vision of possibilities. Your son seems to have issues leftover from the separation that he needs to let go, hence the ordeal with the poop. In summary, you can begin to have a grand vision of what you can do to help humanity and you can help your son let go of what he is carrying emotionally that is not serving him.

  19. I had a dream that I had split from my partner. I was becoming overly close with my boss, the intention was to do more romantically with my boss. We were very close in my dream and spoke on the phone a lot and hung out a lot. My bosses partner found out and was not happy so they (the partner) called me and told me I needed to back off, that I could only be friends with my boss and nothing more. I started feeling sad because I missed my partner and I could not be anything more than friends with my boss. I tried to call my boss a few times after and when we spoke they told me that remember we are only friends. In between all this I was hanging out with them, not doing anything inappropriate.

  20. Last night I was having some right lower quadrant pain and my husband and I talked about how if it got worse that we would need to take me to the hospital fearing it might be appendicitis. So I think this set my dream up in a way. I feel there is still some symbolism I am not understanding. Here is my dream:

    My husband took me to the hospital because we thought I had appendicitis. When we got to the hospital I was in my pjs and I wanted to be dressed and my husband had packed me clothes and not just one outfit but multiple shirts to choose from (I like to coordinate my outfits well for all occasions). I thought that was very sweet. We enter the hospital lobby and a lady greets us and this other lady bring a box of candies and you have to close your eyes and pick 3 – one at a time. I tried to look at the candy to grab what I wanted but she would move the box so I couldn’t. We get taken to a room and I am in a gown and layin on the bed and get up to go to the toilet to try and poop. I was going #2 for some time and then the nurse walks in and tells me it is time to go back. I needed to wipe and the toilet was out in the open so I had to wipe with her and my husband right there. This made me VERY uncomfortable, I wanted privacy. Then we got up and walked out the door, now we were on on road, like two lanes each direction with a median of trees there were stop lights. We were walking down the middle of the road and the stop light was red but we still crossed the street and there was NO traffic or even a single car. Then we were on this path, it was very grassy and beautiful and there was a very small creek with a tiny bridge. My husband and the nurse took the bridge and I tried to cross the creek but I slipped and fell into it. It was not water, but like a dark mud. Then the nurse laid on her back on the bridge and I joined here while we were all laughing at my slip and I woke up.

    • Hi C,
      It is probably not the appendix. It is probably the pancreas. The quality you are looking for in your life is sweetness, which physically would deal with how you handle sugar. You get the sweetness which means sweetness exists in your life. But you are trying to let go of things in public and then you have a hard time crossing over to your life that is full of sweetness. The key is to let go of your issues in private, not public, and realize that you have a lot of sweetness in your life.

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