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  1. My dream started with my sister dying but there was no obvious reason why. Then my friends tried to cheer me up by bringing me to a party, but I kept crying. I ran to my room, which was my childhood room, and it was decked out in posters and cutouts of my abusive ex. I decided that it was time to get rid of him for good as he has no place in my life and I threw it all away. I went back to the party and was with a new boyfriend, who randomly got upset and abused me. I left and was now in a trailer park with my “family” (people I didn’t know). I was crying because of my sister and the boyfriend when I looked at my right hand and there were 6 white worms coming out of my pointer finger. I tried to get rid of them but the mom said they were family. They started suffocating my finger and I woke up!

    • Dear Delaney,
      Your sister dying to you in the dream means that you lose your relationship with her and others when you are in abusive relationships or have very strong memories of them. Before you go happily into a more joyful time in your life, you first have to process what happened to you in the past. It still haunts you as if you have posters on the wall, and then makes you vulnerable for new kinds of abuse and distant from your family.
      You probably need to work strongly on boundaries and have firm ones before you get into another relationship. Then your family relationships will have a lot of joy and closeness.

  2. last night I had a dream that I was sweeping my father in laws marble floors. In waking like he lives in what society calls a mansion. and in the dream it was his same home, but upgraded and remodeled differently. Anyhow I was sweeping the floors with a vacuum and he was there and so my my husband (his son) and my sister in law and her husband (his other son) and a few family members to my sister in law. I made my way to the kitchen where there was something odd on the floor. I nudged it and it was a swarm of wasps and when I looked back the wasp next of the floor had grown to the size of a basketball. Wasps went everywhere and stung people. I do not recall being stung.

    • Dear C,
      This is such an interesting dream and holds a few secrets for you. Basically your father-in-laws ego has a lot of hidden anger in the place where she should be nurturing others. When you try to clean up his self, you stir it up. Basically I think that the dream is telling you to stay out of his business. Work on nurturing your own family with a lot of tranquility and contentment. Let him deal with his own wasps.

  3. I had a dream about a church. I picked up some kids. One of these kids was a set of conjoined twins at the waist. Each had their own two legs and two arms. One of them had weird fingers and the other one had a face on both sides of her head. That was sorta weird. They were young girls maybe 2 or 3. I headed to the church with those two, who magically were no longer conjoined by the time we got to the church and got out of the van. I also had a few other kids two of which were my children. At the church there was a car with a large machine gun in the back. It was backing up to park right in front of the church. I told all the kids to stay around the side of the building and not go in. I went in and tried to warn them. In the middle of the church was a locked room. It was like for super officials. They seemed military like. They would not let me in or listen. I went back out the side door towards the kids who did not move from that spot and the car started shooting. Chaos ensued and people ran everywhere. People were driving all around and being reckless trying to escape. I attempted to get my kids to the van before waking up.

    • There are two aspects of human beings that this dream is trying to make you aware. There is a person’s own individuality or separateness, then there is the absolute connection we have with each other as if we are conjoined twins. You have a metaphor or unconscious experience in your mind that the church does not want you to feel the power inherent in being as one soul in many bodies. Somehow the church is guarding against unity as a concept as if it has to guard against like being a military force. No doubt this is rooted in the idea that the church has that Jesus is only path to salvation and everyone else is doomed to hell. When you have both your individual beauty and abilities and feel connected with all life and all people, you can get anywhere you want to go in life.

      You have to avoid all forms of separateness in dealing with others.

  4. I woke up with my heart pounding and anxious from this dream:

    I was a teen girl living with my mom and dad and we had a house mate (older gentlemen who I think was security) We lived in this house on the front of the property of this large mental institution. It was VERY large and heavily protected. My mom was making dinner and my dad came home and I distinctly watched him take off his belt that held 2 pistols. I picked the belt up off the floor and put the guns in the secretary in the dinning room.

    Then I was now witnessing some things inside, but not as me, just seeing a different part of the dream. It was the warden of the facility and he was chatting with a female who was doing laundry and he was giving her information on the correct way to do laundry and there was this subtle flirting happening between the two of them, you could feel the tension in the air.

    Then there was this loud bang and the pair turned around and out of a room a security guard came out with a female. The two looked to be pretty serious into a secret relationship and were intimate. The guard saw the warden and took off through the door and up the stairs and now I was seeing the guard go up the stairs. The warden yelled “Steve is supposed to be on the last day of his 72!” and took off after him in a rage.

    Now I was back to seeing myself. My dad and mom were gone and I could hear over the radio that they were talking about this mental institution and how it needed to be brought to the ground. How the warden had served 125 or 180 years and that was long enough and because this institution was so large that chaos and danger was going to ensue and who knows what that would lead to. Then another man called into the radio and said something along the lines of “we are going to make them eat their bullets”

    I was scared and gathered all 5 of my dads guns (2 pistols, loaded and ready, 2 rifles and a short semi automatic). Then in my dream as I was gathering all that I saw the gate open infront of our house. I ran into my dads room (which was the first door inside the house by the front door) and shoved the rifles and automatic under the bed, put one pistol on safety in my waitband and took the other, cocked it back and had it ready and tried to hide next to the bed.

    Then the housemate peaked into the room and I put my hands up and he said okay and I said I was going to shoot them as they came in.

    The first one came in, didnt even look into the room and yelled “annnnybodddyyyy home” and kept walking. Next this woman came in and right into the room and saw me. My heart was pounding and I knew I didnt want to shoot her…I woke up with a pounding heart.

    Once awake I tried to think of a way out of it…and tried to dream a happier dream. I dozed back off and I was back in that room and I tried to convince her that I was with them and she believed me. Then I was thinking about how my family were cooks and advocates for the mental there and how were had always been trying to make the place better and while dreaming I created a plaque that was at our front door that said we were the family advocating and feeding the patients and trying to make it better. I then woke up again.

    Later I went back to sleep and now I was downtown, my current age, with my husband. We walked about 4 blocked to a parking garage (first I was driving our old van, then at some point it was gone after I jumped a curb and we were walking).

    We make it to the parking garage and he said he parked at his garage….so we go to start walking back. The atmosphere of this dream was also chaos, in the background. it was happening. I couldn’t see it, but I could sense it.

    We make it down a few levels and run into this group of 3 guys. They are telling us they arent going to let us go. we tell them yes you are and argue back and forth. It comes to a point where now there is a bed in the parking garage and they are sitting on it and my husband and I are sitting against this cement wall behind a truck (that I think is his). They create this weird something that we consume. Then I tell them okay we consumed what you wanted us to, now let us go. and he says “your husband isnt going anywhere” and I look over and he is nonresponsive, lumped over. The guy tells me he is dead. I then go to my waitband and pull out the pistol from the first dream and tell them to let us both go or I will shoot, they press me and I shoot the guy in the hard, he charges at me so I shoot him between the eyes and he goes down.

    The second guys charges me and I shoot him a few times in the face and he goes down. The third guy comes at me and I unload the rest of the gun at his face and it hits, but he is still alive. He lays back on the bed and tries to attack me with metal tongs. I find a knife and stab it through his chest and now under the mattress is another guy who I also stabbed because one of his arms waves from under the mattress.

    Then my dream cuts to this hippie guy with a small tree and I am seeing him (not as me, just as a viewer) give it to another victim of these guys concoction. The hippie tells him that he will need this to make it back. WHen he hands the inoculated guy the tree I can now see what the guy is seeing (and honestly this part of the dream was so fascinating). He sets the tree down and its this whole hallucination with pink skies and it is all cartoon like and trees are growing and expanding and moving and creating a world with roads and bushes and grass and pathways.

    Then I am back with my husband and I know I need to get him this tree because he is not actually dead, but rather inoculated to the point of paralysis and this is the only way to save him.

    Then I wake up.

    Thank you in advance Richard!

    • Hi C,
      This is a long dream with a relatively short solution. Living in a large house means you have a lot of potential, including the members of your family. Living close to a mental institution is a symbol for living close to the craziness in the culture because it is as the culture is mentally ill being run by a crazy. The craziness of the world puts you and your family in a fear state where you are trying to protect yourself from it. The solution to the dream is believe that you have a big potential, to remember your positive abilities and then go out and be that person with all of those abilities. It will do amazing things. You have to let go of the craziness and just about doing the positive. Doing the positive fixes the mentally ill world.

  5. Why I started again dreaming BAD dreams? In MU dreams, I know I that I was dreaming. I was in my grandmother’s bed and laid down like I used to do when she was still alive. She was there also sitting and I was in her back beside the window when suddenly I got nightmare that I fell downstairs from the bed down to the groundfloor and it’s so dark and I know I’m lying in a carpet and couldn’t move my body and i see creatures passing through my body repeatedly which the reason why I couldn’t move. Until, I woke up thank god to my son who accidentally hit my legs that made me woke up

    • Dear Cynthia,
      The purpose of the dream is help you get back to a state of peacefulness as if you were in your grandmother’s bed. The reason that you are having a hard time getting to the state of restfulness or serenity is that you have had negative experiences that cause emotional responses that are like the creatures in the dream passing through your body. The goal of you inner work is to let go of the negative things that happened to you, and then begin to feel at peace. When you find the peaceful state, you will be able to go from paralysis to a lot more positive action in your life. The peaceful is there waiting for you when you can let go of the negative.

  6. Hi!
    I have a dream that always repeats itself in different forms. It’s always me being in an amusement park of some sort with a lot of different people especially from when I was a kid. I always play with them or watch them play. In one of the dreams I recently had I was sitting with three old friends, from school that I haven’t seen over 3-4 years already, on a ride. The ride was going slowly back and forth but we and other people had to push it so it would work properly. When I get down from the ride I always end up in a place with food, a food court or a kitchen or someone brings me food but I never eat or feel hungry. After the food part I always see a sunset type of sky, in different shades of pink and yellow. In the recent one three round moons are very visible and clear, they were so big and close to me too. The moon in the middle was dark and it was turning while the two other moons beside it where so bright and shining. Behind the moons with the pinkish yellowish sky there are always big planets that also are clear to see. I try to take a picture but I can’t, the camera zooms in on the pink areas of the sky and I’m not able to zoom it back out or the camera will flip to the front and I can only see how my eyes are shining and the color stands out (I have brown eyes that are pretty light under light). My bestfriend got a picture of the three moons and the sky but it was from the side and not that clear, you had to really look close to see the scenery. I wanted a picture from the front so it would be clear, I wanted to ask my bestfriend to take one for me because I know she won’t say no to it but I decided to not and just watch the view instead and embrace it in the back. I always just look at the sky every time I dream of it, I don’t do anything else and after that I wake up everytime. And recently I always dream of seeing people getting married, that I don’t know. They’re strangers to me. I see them wearing white, or dark purple wedding dresses or even pink. But I don’t know them.

    • Dear Nia,
      The dream indicates that you get close to the place in your life to getting joy and amazement, but are not able to fully experience it. It doesn’t seem like you have a huge amount of negative energy holding you back, more like a small amount of frustration. I think that what might help to take you to larger feelings of joy and amazement is the understanding that joy comes from inside yourself not from outside. You create your own joy an awe. When you realize that you create it, you can get to strong state.

  7. Okay so last night I had this dream I was taking a trip to see my family in Indiana from the 9-19, these dates were very important for some reason and I am pretty sure it was Dec when I was traveling (in waking life I am not going anywhere for any of the holidays). So I get to the airport and when I get to security they tell me I need to hurry up. So I am making my way to the Southwest terminal and I have dreamt of this airport before and I knew if I went left I would take the long way there but going straight I would make it right to the terminal and I did. The attendant at the terminal told me I was early and had time to wait, so I found a seat and got comfortable.

    Then a female attendant came up to me and asked me if I was going to pay for my ticket, I was confused and said I did, it is right here, but she took me to some checkin machine and we scanned it and it was not paid for. At this time boarding has started and I was in “A” boarding. So I am on these machines trying to buy my ticket but it wont work. So I try to from my phone. The first time I tried from my phone it sent my phone back 6 months (like the data on it was only recent from 6 mo ago). I tried again and it sent my phone back a year. It was so weird.

    I missed the flight and there wasnt another one so I went home…..When I got home my mom and dad were there(which was weird because they are who I was going to see in Indiana) My husband and daughter and son were there too (I was traveling alone).

    It was morning and I made my mom some green tea and I was telling her I found a flight for noon. She told me to wake up my dad to take me. I woke up him but he didnt want to take me. So I went back to my mom and she was taking her sweet time and noon came and went. I was getting frustrated because I needed to be on this trip. I thought about changing the dates from the 8-18th (in my dream it worked to go back a day), but then I didn’t I found another flight that was at 240pm and I wanted to make it. It was 210 and I was like WE NEED TO LEAVE NOWWWW YOU GUYS and I woke up before finding out if I ever made it to the airport in time

    • Dear C,
      What this dream says is that the time period from the age of 9-19 you had lots of times when you make a vision or a plan, were well on your way to getting to it, and then it was sidetracked in that things went wrong. The negative emotion you have connected to envisioning an end making steps toward it and then having it go awry is frustration. Frustration means that the goals are ok, but the process in getting to them is not. Ok, this is a going to sound a bit strange, but it is a bit like your other dream. In this dream you are trying to get somewhere so you can have a positive time when you get to your destination. If you start with the positive feeling first like joy or awe, for instance, then the goals will be easily achieved. If you think that the joy and awe are at the end of the journey, you will be frustrated. It is like you are bringing the joy to them, not that the joy will come from them or at the end. Make sense?

  8. I dreamed about my boss. We were in a romantic relationship and sharing the same living space. We were hugging in the the kitchen before my boss went to make food from the fridge, The odd part was that I could smell my boss as we were hugging in the dream.

    • Dear LeslieS,
      What this means is that there is some positive characteristic about your boss that your soul is attracted to developing. When you find out what it is, then you can start working on it in yourself. The dream does NOT mean to go have a romantic relationship with your boss. That would be a big mistake. It says work on the ability he has in yourself and then the world will be extremely positive for you.

  9. two nights ago I had this dream that I was at my house (not my house in waking life, but similar style – single family home) and something was going on; some event either with my family or the community I lived in. And one day I noticed water dripping from the celling. I thought oh that can’t be good, but continued on about my day and went to bed, The next morning when I woke up most of the celling in the living room was leaking so we hired somone to fix it, then later it was dark out and I went into the living room and an entire patch of the roof was missing – like it was just all gone, no support beams, no plywood, no singles, nothing and the rood was pitched but it was a good 6′ long and 10′ high slated piece of roof just gone. The sky was so lovely though, I could see the moon, which appeared full and bright and I could see so many stars.

    I was then woken up before I could see if the roof was repaired.

    • Dear C,
      You end up getting to the energy of awe, but you get there the hard way, through a leaky roof that causes damage which needs to be repaired. If you do the dream the other way by starting off in awe, then your self (symbolized by your house) will be really solid and protected. You need to make the connection between awe and a solid, firm self. Awe is the positive feeling when you come into forces that are greater than yourself that carry you away.

  10. I had a dream of me just randomly appearing in what it seems to be jail but as I start to look around I notice this isn’t quite like jail I see friends and then I notice the room I’m in it was my old elementary school gym as i start walk around I notice there are guards none of them I knew. Later in the dream I get the greatest Idea I’m gonna escape. I sneak out the door and start run down the hallway which indeed looks like a jail hallway full of doors but none of them are locked. As I start running I hear he is running then I bolt takeoff after a couple minutes of running I go hide back in the gym we’re I and started I hide in the corner then I notice my friend sitting in the floor about 15 feet from me we both make eye contact I say shhhh he then reply’s with he is right here I then bolt once more out the gym and continue running down the halls while being chased I then run thru a kitchen and outside I look back no one is there I continue to run I then hope on a vehicle and drive around the jail clueless and not knowing what to do after about 15 minutes driving I stop and think to myself what am I doing I then turn off the vehicle walk back inside we’re I came out of put my hands behind my head and drop to my knees. Then an officer of which I don’t remember of who it was nor a description puts my in cuffs and escorts me back to the guy that was running after me. I then tell him saying I felt bad and decided I done had my fun.

    • Dear Alex,
      What this dream says is that the origin of where you began to feel imprisoned in your life like you had committed a crime was in elementary school (maybe in gym class), but I am not sure. The feeling of being locked up makes you want to run and away and hide. You go as far as you can away, but then you give into the imprisonment by coming back.
      What you are experiencing is common to when most people begin their feelings of being in jail because school can feel like a prison with all its control mechanism and the way it is geared to making you be what they want you to be.
      To solve the dream, that is, to find an appropriate positive energy for yourself related to the issues of the dream, your inner work has to be about being free with your own vision, such as being an eagle. When you are an eagle with vision, then you can use educational opportunities for your own positive purpose rather than their ideas of what you should become. It took me 15 years of schooling before I realized that I could make the educational or training institutions work for me rather than the other way around. Then I soared.

  11. I accidentally fell asleep and it was just a quick nap, but I had the most intense, realistic dream I’ve had in almost a year. The only part I remember is delivering a baby. I was outside and its like the birth was extremely fast and painless, no pain at all. I look down and I’m pushing her head out, I cupped it with my hands, the whole head was out, she was blueish, purple, but she was OK. I finished pushing her out and she was beautiful. No umbilical cord. I was walking around with her holding her up in the air like she was royalty or something. Could I be wanting to have another baby?

    • Dear Celia,
      When you are pushing out a baby in a dream, it means that you are pushing out a new aspect or a new part of yourself. The new part of yourself that is so beautiful wants to come out. You can meditate on what that part is. You could be wanting another baby also, but it is not related to this dream.

  12. I was in a house with someone who appeared to be my friend. I was standing in their living room and he was sitting on the couch with his mom berating him. I walked outside to get away from the awkwardness and remembered I had a Tesla! My dream car!
    I turned around and dropped to my knees and yelled “[His name], I can’t believe I forgot to tell you!! I got a Teslaaaa!“ at the top of my lungs. I was so excited to see it! We both jumped up and ran outside. I got in and looked at it for the first time, and all features looked exactly how I wish them to be: same color and everything. I got out and seen who appeared to be their house helper. She was trying to put his backpack in my Tesla, and told her “oh sorry, this is my Tesla. I have one too“ with a shy smile that I could actually say that now.
    For some reason, I was trying to move it from the passenger seat, probably assuming self-drive would do its thing. Then I realized too late after putting it into drive, I couldn’t see where I was going because it was night time. So I quickly tried to find the brake, but instead of pedals, there were buttons, so I couldn’t reach them from the passenger side. So I ended up rolling onto lawns, trying to avoid hitting trees as I was able to get back onto the road.
    While still moving, I jumped over to the driver seat, still struggling to find the brake button at my feet. I passed two stop signs trying to find it, turning right each time and luckily didn’t run into another car in the intersections. I was able to reach the brake right at the third stop sign.
    Only problem was it was a closed street ahead because people were blocking it and there was an event going on. So I tried to turn off to another street, but there were more people. I then realized it was a church event, and instead of turning around and leaving, I realized who I really needed to stop for and dedicate time to. I don’t typically attend church events, but in that moment I felt I really needed to be grateful and thank God for my dream car. So I pulled over and stayed for the event. An older woman turned to me and my Tesla. A new idea sparked as she said, “Now you can show that to the kids and tell them you did thAt as a Substitute teacher !“ She had been previously trying to help me hype up my job so I could get other kids to realize the importance of education and try to motivate them to do better for themselves.

    • Dear pperez,
      In this dream you start out in an environment where there is a lot of berating. It puts you into an awkward feeling, but as soon as you remembering that you have a Tesla, you feel really excited. What does this mean? A Tesla means that internally you have a really great way of going from point A to point B in your life. You can get where you want to go in the best way.
      Sometimes, however, you don’t start in the driver’s seat in your life and then it takes you awhile to assume the driving position. Going to church is a like a reminder to be grateful for your abilities inside and to remember them and use them.
      When you are in that state of remembering your gifts, then it is easy to encourage others.

      So basically what you want you to do is remember your positives, take the driver’s seat in your life, and then really encourage yourself and others.

  13. Last night was a weird one.
    So what I can recall is my two step sons were visiting and one of them needed to borrow our vehicle because his wasn’t working too well, I wasn’t happy about this because it left me with the crappy vehicle.
    Then it was raining and my daughter had this baby kitten she’s been begging for and I was diving our van. I was driving normally and the hard and lightening and thunder was hard, for whatever reason the van got turned around and I was driving in reverse, still on the correct side of the road going to correct direction. There were so many twists and turns but I handled it just fine, Then my daughters cat wanted air and my daughter put her by the back window I told my daughter don’t do that the cat will fall out of the window and the cat did and we wanted it hit the ground and roll in front of us (because I will still driving backwards) she didn’t want me to stop and get it so I kept going.
    Then there was this crazy turn that basically made and 0 and I was scared but did it, however now when I got to the end of it I was alone, in my stepsons car, driving forward the correct way. It was still raining so I found so random house to pull into that had covered parking.
    The driver behind me pulled in the same house and it was her house. She was kind to me and let me inside and we ended up making out and grinding our bodies on eachother in a very sexually arousing way. I like it.
    Then I left later that day when it was clear and sunny and woke up before I got anywhere.

    • Dear I Wonder,
      What this dream indicates is that you the energy that your two step sons present in your life makes you give up your own way of getting from point A to point B in your life, and then having to do things in a less effective manner. It is as if their energy creates a storm and makes you go backwards. What you want to do is to be able to nurture your daughter’s independent thinking which is symbolized by the kitten, but the conditions cause you to lose your nurturing ability. It makes you feel all alone. What you are looking for internally is the type of kindness that was given to you at the end of the dream that results in closeness. All this stay that the challenge and goal is create unity and closeness in your environment. When you have unity, everything is possible.

    • Dear Valencya,
      Catching a big fish means that you are about to learn a big lesson in life that is going to serve you in a big way. Catching fish is like catching a spiritual principle and integrating it in such a way that it really feeds your life in a positive way.

  14. Richard,

    It has been a while since my dreams have pulled into further investigation, but last night I had a weird one and one specific piece of it has just been gnawing at me to dig deeper.

    So there was this very large modern architectural type house that was all white with black windows the inside was decorated very modern and simplistic. I was there with my husband and many others and these others were known to be coworkers of mine in the dream but people I do not know in waking life. This house was also wayyyy up on the mountains, it was lovely and green and lush up there.

    My good female friend came to pick me and my two kids up from the house and her best female friend was in the car too. I sat in the passenger seat and my kids in the back with her other friend. As we started to go down this road it was like a cliff edge (and in this dream I have driven myself down this road atleast one other time. i knew the road and so did my friend driving, like we have done this before). I tell her to be careful and she said “i know” but was driving very close to the edge. Instead of following the road on its path she starts to go left and this is nothing but large boulder rocks that make a sort of C shape all the way down with a huge vast emptiness in the middle going a mile down to the ground. She says that this is the better way. I was scared because clearly it is not, there is NO road and are in a small car. Well she takes that path anyway and within a couple seconds we are in the large empty space falling straight down. The car remained in the upright position the entire time. I left sooooo scared and I wanted to put my hand back to my kids but I was scared when we crashed I would cause more damage to myself so I did not put my hand back to them. my children were scared and screaming. The feeling of falling felt so real as I looked out the windows and watched us go down. Then when we got close to the bottom the car slowed as it fell and when we hit the ground it was wheel first and and hard slam to the ground below but no one was hurt, nor was the car even damaged at all and my friend was gloating about how she said she could do it.
    So the location of the dream from the ground seemed to be southern California based off the sand and dessert and were driving down and landed on and just the look of the mountains.

    What in the world is this dream saying to me?

    • Dear C,
      The first part of the dream seems pretty positive which basically is saying that you have a positive and beautiful self with good long term vision in life. The second part of the dream shows you what happens when you try to get somewhere with that beautiful self. The problem is that you are put the way you get to your vision in the hands of someone else while you are just a passenger. When you are a passenger and not the driver of your own dreams and vision, then it is not catastrophic, but full of huge fear. Drive your own dreams. That is the message.

  15. I just awoke from a dream-I went and drove into a nearby country (bordering) overnight and returned, there was some issue with the billing of my travel & stay, I felt alone and clueless until an EX friend (meaning irl he WAS my friend previously) showed up out of nowhere (hes from that same country) on snapchat (the only app where he didnt block me in reality) and face to face …I don’t know he was just talking normally like not friendly just normal …and he was asking me to bring him something kept somewhere nearby, I think he was making something…so anyway I couldn’t keep pretending anymore especially since he wasn’t bringing it up ir trying to make any amends—the fact that he blocked me out of nowhere months ago (in real life)– and he acted so cold and callous about it, saying the only reason he “faked a friendship” for so long was just to use me and get information out of me about how to go to America(!?) (He actually ever only talked about living in Australia & then wanting to go back there in reality, nor did I ever think this way about him) and not only that he added me in a group chat or something on snapchat which made no sense.

    • Dear Baffled,
      Going to a new country is a symbol for going to a new inner place in your life. It is as if you are trying to get somewhere new inside, only when you go there, you have an association in your mind of people who try to use you for the own persons rather than being true friends. The new place that you are trying to get to in your life mostly likely has to do with having closer friendships that are more emotionally intimate. It is like going to a new country inside of yourself.
      Close friendship is based upon mutual positive regard for each other. You see the positives in others and they see the positives in you which becomes the basis for friendship.

  16. I’ve had this dream twice and this time I was actually the one in the apartment I’m usually the one looking on at what is happening…this time I was in an apartment complex with a family I didn’t know me and my mother and when the tsunami came my mom was standing in the window and I was on the side of her when it hit the window my mom flew back and I fell and hit my head I got up and the water was going down there was a table that only I could balance on and the little girl asked could she get on and I let her we couldn’t balance the lady of the family tried and didn’t and asked how did it do it and I showed her but still couldn’t balance…after that I had a dream about my son’s football coach I’ve known him for a few years through my mom and in the dream we were at a football game and we were talking and he gave me a hug and held on to my waist and continued talking and I had this feeling I’ve never felt before and he was telling me in the dream who he all hang with and etc he actually introduced me to a woman and a man but still held on to my waist we locked eyes but never kissed or anything just talked I’ve never had a dream about this man till last night what’s going on

    • Dear Marshe,
      When you are in a tsunami dream, it means that have experienced a wave of negative energy like a wave of verbal abuse or criticism or negative things happening which has knocked you and your mom over in life.
      What the dream wants you to do is to be a wave of positive energy to others like your son and then positive things will really start happening to you like you felt in the dream. When you are overly affected by the tsunami, one negative thing after another will continue to come. When you are the positive force, just waves of positive happen. It is a spiritual law.

  17. A couple nights ago I had this very cool house dream. I was moving houses and when I first went to this house it was a simple 5 bed 3 bath house with windows on two sides of the wall….like it was all windows and the master was a loft off the living room and the outside wall was all windows and the inside wall that looked at the small staircase and landing was also all floor to ceiling windows, the only drywall was on the two sides of the front and bathroom. I loved the openness and bright light that came in. There was another master room downstairs that first we had picked and set up with our stuff. The next day we went back and this time the house was so evolved. First we hadn’t closed on the house yet so the owners had like 10 people in and walking around and the house was bizarre. the living room and front master loft was the same but then this hallway now was a makeshift sleeping bathroom, with a removeable compost travel toilet that was in a love seat?!? and the loveseat folded out to a bed. Then I walked around the corner and there was this shelving that had all these small fancy tubs that were for fresh and saltwater fish and some had coral, others had blacklights for glow fish and I was talking about how we could have so many fish, then next to that was this terrarium open face doll house cage with doors type thing that had two mini ponds of warming water that I wanted to put our turtle in, but the there was a ferret that ran out and back (my kids always want one and I say no) then a chipmunk came out and jumped right on my chest/shoulder and stayed with me the whole time. The girls bathroom was now rather large and has 3 tubs of various shapes and sizes and an entire sitting area with mini kitchen (but the kitchen was very antique – like 50s era) so I told them they could only use the fridge and ice machine and it was smalllll like toddler size small. Then we walked into this other area and it was sooooo open and like a salt water biodome with little puddle like areas filled with coral. I put my hand on a piece of coral and it broke and I was trying to fix it and the owner took it from me and just put it elsewhere and I climbed up and around and it ended with bench type seating youd have in a high school gym during a basketball game.

    It was so odd, but I was so curious and wanted to explore it all and was always amazed and like what I was finding.

    • Dear C,
      The key to this dream house, which is a representation of your dream self, is the number of windows. Having a lot of windows in your potential self, means that you are exploring in yourself what it would be like if you were more transparent, more honest or truthful because there is no hiding in a house that is all windows. The answer to the question is that it would be amazing, full of awe and closeness. Transparency is an interesting quality because it requires brutal honesty with yourself so that you can be in a state of constant positive change, but it requires wisdom when being honest with others because not everyone is ready or can handle the truth.

  18. I had an apocalypse dream. the world was flooding at an extreme rate. We can see the water everywhere. One of my kids went missing. We decided to stay at the house we were at and just let everything happen, but were still panicked. We watched everyone else panic killing each other, buildings on fire, the soil busting open and water gushing out. I was looking out the window hoping to see my son that ran off, he was on the porch with my youngest son and he had our rabbit in his hands about to snap her neck, he had just done it to a big dog right in front of his brother. I ran out to grab the rabbit and I think my son was possessed. I put my own son in a choke hold and tried to kill him cause I couldn’t believe he was killing animals. I think I just choked him out, then I looked on the yard next to us to see giraffes and a group of white rabbits standing with each other. now I’m up crying wondering why did my son turn on us and what did all this mean

    • Dear Celia,
      When you have apocalyptic dream the way you have, it means that your mind has a big tendency to go to a negative future and take it to its worst possible outcome like what you do with your son. When most people have this kind of fear in their minds, they tend to become protective and insular because they fear the worst. What needs to happen in your transformation process is to change from apocalyptic, worst-case scenario thinking, to its opposite which is based more in hope-related energy. Hope-related energy is about seeing the best possible outcomes and then acting freely to get to them.
      You train your mind to see the best possible future and then really go after it. When you are learning this skill, it is best to do it short term, not long term. And it is also help to not read the news or go on much social media. What you do is to visualizing the next few hours and what the best outcome could be. When you go after it, and find yourself being successful, then you can go onto the next time increment like a whole day. You ask yourself what the best possible future could be today and then go for it. It is amazing how this process changes everything in a life.

  19. Last night I had this dream that my kids were going to the doctor (and in waking life the next day, or today, they had a doctor appointment and I am the one who took them as planned), but in my dream it was my brother who was supposed to meet me at the doctors and drop them off and he wasn’t answering my calls or messages, then oddly it was my oldest step son who was supposed to be the one (but in the dream it was the same person if that makes sense). My husband was with me and I was frantic about them missing the appointment and I was trying to call but the call wasnt going through and I was asking him for help but he wasn’t being helpful. Next thing I know I am at the doctors office reception area (which was wayyy different in the dream) and I was talking to the receptionist and trying to see if my kids were there yet and they were not, my husband was still being unhelpful. I walked away from reception and kept trying to call to see if my kids were enroute. I was walking up this large flight of stairs and there was a baby gate at the top by reception and I had to walk over it and it came unhooked on one side. My husband was right behind me and there was a cleaning lady at the top of the stairs to the left. Well out of anger I took the baby gate and kicked it down and him, but when I kicked it, it was my son and the baby gate hit in the forehead and he started to bleed and he fell off the stairs (there was no railing and he was 3/4 of the way up) and hit his bum then head and was bleeding out and I was screaming HES DYING over and over and that cleaning lady didnt even look my way, she didnt help, the receptionist was doing her thing like I wasnt even talking. It scared me awake and I am just so unsure on what it means.

    • Dear C,
      Going to the doctor for in the dream, despite going to a medical doctor in real life the next day, means that you seeking spiritual healing or development for your family. You present the negative emotion of being frantic and angry in the dream, which are two states that are not helpful if you are to help them with their growth. What you should first realize is that the answers to their growth or more likely to be inside of you than from an external source and that the way to get the answers is to be calm and slowed down(patient) with the process.
      It is significant that others don’t seem to care. It signifies that the responsibility for caring and doing stuff about their growth process is up to you.

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