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  1. Hi! Ok, so, I dozed off today and had a quick dream and all I remember is, right before I woke up a man I know was standing at the foot of my bed handing me his phone for me to put my number in. And again, it was so freakishly real that when I was waking up I was leaning forward to actually grab the phone but if course nothing was there. Then I remember I asked you about another very real dream I had about an ex, and I remembered he was standing in the same place, at the foot of my bed! I don’t know why I’m seeing men by my bed. Can you help me understand why these dreams keep feeling so real?

    • Dear Celia,
      You can think of your bed as a place of intimacy in the dream. Unconsciously men get to close before you are aware that they are there. What this says is that you need more distance or detachment or discernment before you go to the place of getting very intimate with someone. The dream says that you get close and then your brain kicks in, rather than having your brain kick in before intimacy. You do not have a problem with closeness. You have a problem with keeping meaning distance so you can see what is what. It is much easier to end a relationship before it keeps too intimate, than to be in the middle of it and then have to end it. You need your mind in the beginning of a relationship.

  2. I saw a dream that “I’m with two men and we are in a emergence situation kinda like a breakout of a virus seems like a zombie virus. We are trying to survive and we are hiding in some small house. Both men are strangers for me I don’t know their faces I don’t know them. One of them was muscular and strong and I don’t remember the other one. Our of nowhere a zombie or something like that it appearance was more like an animal might be an infected animal appears and tries to approach me and in a blink the muscular man rushes and rescue me, he punched that animal threw him away far from me. Then that animal ran away, that men notices an injury on his hand. He was bit on a finger tip and on his wrist. The second man asked me to find something for wound. I found something for a wound but there was no bandage then I applied it on his wrist and finger tip, there was no blood but something white fluid was coming out of his wounds of a gluey consistency and later the second man disappear I couldn’t see him even my dream end. After I applied the ointment on his wounds we sat at a distance I but then he asked to lay down and get some sleep. I don’t know why we laid down so close to each other we were strangers after all. But he hugged me and I was thinking of breaking the hug because I was afraid he might hurt me if he turns as he was bit. But later he said when it’s all over when we’re are free again if we survive will you marry me. I don’t know why I said yes and later I was worried about his wound and I was crying and in my mind I was praying”please heal him. I can’t lose him. I don’t want to lose him.” Then he notices me and tells me not to worry. He then shows me his hand, the bite wound was gone as if was never ever there and the wound on his finger tip turns black as if it was a tattoo. It was some sort of a sign. I don’t remember it but then I was relieved that wound was gone later he hugged me and I woke up.”
    I literally don’t understand this dream.
    I want to tell you that I hadn’t watched a zombie movie that day nor I thought about zombie.
    I was not needing anyone to hold on that day I slept soundly. I don’t know why I had this dream.
    If you know please let me the meaning.

    • Dear Zoey,
      When you have a virus, like a zombie virus, it means that there is something that you are unaware of in your environment, that is causing people to become zombies (literally lose their true selves). In the current modern world the viral behavior that turns people into zombies is a strong focus on negativity and being negative. Criticism and negativity literally kill people’s souls and turn them into something that is unrecognizable. The man in the dream is your masculine self, the part of you that has more masculine qualities like courage and strength. When you are strong in your positive self, the negativity in others will try to wound that self, but with some healing, it can remain strong. When you are unified, masculine and feminine energies, like love and tenderness with strength and courage, then you can change the whole world around you single-handedly. Step one is to see tha the pandemic is negative-mongering.

      • Thanks for interpreting this dream for me but I have a question why would my masculine self asked me to marry him. When my masculine self is me, a part of me. Why would he asked me that??

      • Thanks for interpreting this dream for me but I have a question why would my masculine self asked me to marry him as you said the masculine self is me, a part of me. Why would he asked me that??

        • Marriage is a metaphor for a lasting commitment. The masculine self wants to be fully much more a part of your life and stay with you strongly for the rest of your life. Marrying your masculine self means being committed to have masculine qualities.

  3. Dear Richard,
    I had a dream that I was surrounded by demons & they were tormenting me by showing their faces to me everywhere I looked. Then from my phone a demon was telling me a bunch of stuff that I can’t remember, yet the only thing I remember is ‘I know what you did’ in the dream there was nowhere to turn for peace. Everywhere & everything I looked at had a demon’s face & I felt very powerless. Very scary. Thank you Richard

    • Dear Lin,
      Being surrounded by demons means that you have times in your life when you are surrounded by a lot of negativity from others. The negativity feels like demons coming at you. There is a place to go in the dream. The place to go first is inside to your beauty and positive inner self, to find her, and to acknowledge her amazing beauty and capacity. Then you become extremely positive in whatever environment you are in by finding the positive energy and acknowledging it. Demonic energy cannot exist in a positive environment. It can only stay if there is other negative energy. If you create positive environments, then the demons, the negativity leave.

  4. I dreamt that I was standing in my kitchen at my stove and remember feeling my fiance behind me even though I couldn’t see him. Suddenly my dad came out of nowhere and gave me a single yellow flower with a paper towel wrapped around it. The paper towel had something written on it, 2 words, but the only thing I remember about the writing is the letter G. He said the flower was for graduation. The problem is I haven’t graduated anything since highschool 7 years ago and am currently not in school. So idk why he gave me a flower for a graduation. And I haven’t spoken to my dad in 6 months for unrelated reasons.

    • Dear Skylar,
      The graduation flower has something to do with your marriage. When you get married, you will have graduated from a single life, so that you can throw yourself into a marriage relationship. Basically the dream says that you have finished your preparation and our new ready for married life. Father energy tends to be the energy that allows you to fill supported internally for the new challenge. Living together and creating a family is huge undertaking. The dreams seems to indicate that you are ready.

      • I dreamed I was with relatives in the compound and see some of then putting something out side the wall in the House of our relative also and put it into fire but NO fire yet, its like planning of doing IT to kill all their selves and I told them we are still inside our lolas House are inside and the House they first plan to put in fire is outside I mean near the gate. And when we are getting our THings my tita came and I ask her if she can give me her jewelries since they are preparing their selves to die in fire and she gave me her anklet. Then there’s also a scene where me and my family were in the mall or somewhere far from the house and I saw some workmates (ahh having a nosebleed already) Sent from my iPhone


        • Dear Cynthia,
          Basically what this dream says is that the patterns of your relatives in their lives cause them to die to their true selves. Their true selves are burned up or are going to be burned by the ego-focus on their lives, probably being concerned with material things rather than spiritual. The jewels represent the inner gems that they are giving up by focusing on the wrong things. You have the dream so that your focus in your life is not ego-based, materialism, but rather on who you truly are and how that true self can do amazing things for humanity.

  5. I dreamed of a lot of blood rushing down. Almost like a release of blood. In the blood I seen a pregnant doll with no face. On the pregnant doll belly I seen the words say “it’s ok to be pregnant by quintin” “it’s ok to be pregnant by jackery” I am now 7 weeks pregnant can anybody please explain this dream to me ?

    • Dear Tiffany,
      Blood in a dream is a symbol of life energy. When you are losing a lot of blood, it means that you are losing life energy, probably because you are fearful of losing life energy by becoming pregnant. Becoming pregnant in real life is the act of giving life to another being which you are doing. To be prepared for it you need to be full of your own life energy which normally are virtues like love, joy, enthusiasm, and gratitude. When you have tons of these energies, then they are imparted to your baby so that the baby can have an amazing life.

    • Dear Angela,
      When you wake up from a dream and your body is manifesting things from the dream, in this case the color black, it means that a part of you is like a big metal black box. It is like when you spray yourself (label yourself) dark (black), your movement manifests darkness. To get out of the box you put yourself into and manifest light, you need to spray yourself with light (label yourself as really positive. You need to call yourself in positive rather than negative names. Then your actions will turn bright.

  6. Last night I had such a realistic dream of seeing one of my exes. I haven’t seen heard or even talked about him in years!!! But in the dream he came to my house, we had sex, and then he just left, we laughed and talked a little, But there was a happy feeling with all of it. We both seemed very happy to be in each other’s presence. I just can’t get over how real his presence felt in the dream! I almost forgot it was a dream when I woke up and thought I just left from being with him.

    • Dear Celia,
      This is pretty awesome to have this kind of dream. What it means is that in the past when you were in relationship with him, you were attracted to a certain aspect of him, like a quality, that you could not develop in yourself. Lots of times with men it is like inner strength or detachment or courage. The dynamics of your relationship were probably pretty co-dependent where you were both looking for a quality from outside of yourself in the other to fulfill you. It doesn’t work very well.
      Now the quality that you needed to develop that he has, but you do not, is really available for you to learn and integrate in your life. If you do the work and integrate the quality, your life will be amazingly fulfilled in every way.

  7. Hi this is a sex dream of you don’t mind

    I had a sex dream with my therapist, I took him to my childhood bedroom, it was messy, I pinned him down on my bed and took off his pants. His dick was small so I was disappointed.

    • Dear Lily,
      So what this dream says is that you are looking for intimacy outside of yourself in your therapist, but you are disappointed because he doesn’t give you enough of what you want. What you should be going for with therapy is to learn how to be intimate with others. Then you will never be lonely, and you will be able to be close to lots of people. You really have to let go of trying to get others to give you intimacy. You have to look for it inside of yourself. It takes a lot of work to learn how to be truly intimate because it is very unselfish.

  8. I keep having a reoccurring dream about going to a regular high school, where meet the love of my life. At graduation we had to go to a Church to get our diplomas and a cheque. Then I am an adult and I am at work in a sports facility with bleachers, but I am alone managing the customers where they can eat and drink as well as trying to to find out where the love of my life is. I know where he lives, but I can’t get there because I dont have a car. Then it skips to me in a truck with my love, I can’t see his face, but I am content, he kisses me and then all of a sudden I am having to dress myself up and verbally intimidate another girl for his attention, the girl usually end up being someone I know, and when I wake up, I scant see their face anymore. I have no idea who the love is either, all I know is that it feels right.

    • Dear Wakingdiva,
      Basically this dream is about having the quality of love inside of you, rather than finding love in someone else. It says that if you have love for what you are doing in life, then things are going to go well for you, but if you have to do something to get love from others, then things go poorly for you. The formula is to start with a lot of love inside of you and then everything including your relationships will be full of love. Don’t look for love outside of yourself.

  9. Hi

    I have had another dream that my guru spit inside my mouth. I was laying on her lap and she opened my mouth and spat in it.

    • Dear Emma,
      Whoever your guru is inside of right now is totally the wrong teacher for you. A true guru uplifts you and finds your positive energy by speaking to you in a loving and supportive manner so that you can find out the truth about yourself.

  10. I dreamt that I was in an unknown neighbourhood & it was dark gloomy & raining. Suddenly everyone’s power went out so it was dark everywhere. I looked at the stairs leading upto my front door & there were fish heads on the top step. I walked around the neighbourhood & there were fish heads on the top step of everyone’s staircase that led to the front door. O remember in the dream I was feeling confused, lonely & lost. Thank you

    • Last night I dreamt of going to a friend’s home who I had promised myself not to share much about my personal life in real life. However in the dream I had purchased a counseling session with her. I go to her home and as I start speaking I see blood coming from my one eye and then blood pouring out of my mouth . I leave and go home and ask my husband to take me to the hospital however he is sleepy . So I try to get to the hospital and can’t remember vividly if there was parking or traffic . Then I woke up

      • Dear R,
        Basically this dream says that you have a strong need to do a lot of inner healing work, which starts by sharing where you are at personally, but that you can do it publicly with the wrong people because it becomes a “bloody affair”. You need to find the right people to work with so that your true inner self can heal. When you do the healing work, you can become more of the person you were always meant to be and then do amazing things for others.

          • Dear R,
            True inner healing always starts with the virtue of truthfulness. What this means is being honest about the issues and feelings, particularly the negative ones, you are facing in your life. It is always first helpful to name the issue or negative feeling and then journal about it. Expressing what is truly going on in your life is the first step toward deeper healing. As the issue becomes clear, then new positive energy that was only ever in potential form can begin to manifest or actualize. So if you have a lot of anger towards authority, for instance, you will probably be learning how to manifest calm and patience. The process can be lengthy, but worth it.

    • Dear Lin,
      What this dream says is that potentially you have the power inside of you to turn on the lights in people’s lives, but the power in you hasn’t really begun to develop yet. When you are in people’s dark and gloomy states, your lights go out and then you feel all alone and confused. You can think of this as the first dream in many more to come that are trying to lead you to become extremely empowered with your own light so that you can teach others to be in an enlightened and up state. It is a journey whose first step is to recognize your own potential for giving light to others. Then you will change the world.

  11. I was living in this house with my family – no house known to me in waking life – but we thought the garage was odd because it was half the length of a usual 2 car garage and there was no door from the garage to the house. On the back side of the garage was my bed room and my daughters room and we thought they just expanded the rooms and it would make sense to remove the door. The bathroom was on the other side of the wall to the garage. One day we were deep cleaning and the bathroom sink was pulled out and there was dirt and stuff behind it and I asked my daughter to please sweep it up. Then her and I looked at the walls and there was a very large colony of bees in our walls and so much honey they have opened up the wall in a few places and the bees were like picking at the wall the make it fall away to have room for more honey. There were soooo many bees and so much honey.

    Then we pulled down the walls and to our surprise we see about 10 young men (8-13yrs) on the other side of the framing with chicken wire up instead of drywall. Immediately they scatter. We had seen these boys so often playing in the neighborhood. I got one boy to open up to me and show me this space (which is why half my garage was missing). He showed me how my garage door had a secret button that when you pressed it it opened in a way that gave access to the space between the back of my garage and my bedrooms. It was a large open area with weird baths and the beds were twin size with no foot or head boards and just all in a line on two sides with orange sheets and in the middle was white twin bed because apparently they had an adult male living there too and he was their “guardian”

    • Hi C,
      This is an interesting dream. Basically what you and your daughter are doing in the dream is exhibiting the quality of curiosity so that you can see where things lead. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of tension or negative emotion, but more on being curious about what is going on in this unusual situation. There are a lot of curious questions like why are bees in walls making honey and why is there a man living in a secret space that belongs to you? And why do you not have a connecting door? Curiosity and wondering about things is how we eventually get to answers. The house is unknown to you because it is the self that discovers about unknowns. The key to finding answers to unknowns is to allow them to stay in your consciousness until they reveal themselves.

  12. Last night my dreams were all over the place – right before I woke up this was my dream:

    I was living in some very large sort of commune. It was like a large apartment building with communal kitchen and living room but every family had their own bed rooms, bathrooms, and closets. My three daughters did share one room though, instead of each having their own. Everyone in this communal community were all very friendly. Then out of seemingly nowhere my uncle (who in waking life was a pastor – but still hit his children and wife and claimed to be a psychic amongst other clairvoyant abilities). He showed up with a team of people and was cleaning out everyones things that were deemed “unnecessary” to his view, covering up everyones tattoos, and making everyone clean – like deeeeeppp clean all their space. They took everyones shoes for a deep clean by them.

    We were all mad about the tattoos having to be covered up. My husband went to him before I did and got his tattoos covered and went to clean. I was worried they would take my sons barbies because he is a male and barbies are seen as a female toy. I ignored my uncle for as long as I could and I did not tell anyone I knew him.

    I was taking on the view of many of the people in my commune. Then we all had to leave to go to the top of this large hill and then run down it, I dont know why. I went to get my daughters and they were gone. One of the others living there said that so and so took them to eat at a restaurant with her family to get them out of the space.

    Then I can see a birds eye view of the strip mall and roads where they went. Traffic was bad and a white SUV crashed and caught on fire at a light and I was worried about by girls, but then had this knowing that they were on the other end of the strip mall and were not going to be in any harm.

    Now I was at the top of the hill, tattoos still showing and with a couple males from the commune and my uncle and few of his guys. He told me then and there and he needed to cover up my tattoos. I stood up to him and said NO, WHY?!?! tattoos are not banned in the bible – it is all about how and why you got them, not that you have them. Then I went on to talk about the bible an addiction and he is a coffee drinker and I talked about his “addiction” to the coffee and how the bible says addiction is bad and just because it is coffee does not make it okay. Same how marijuana has such a bad rap but it is organic and anything is all about moderation and when you become addicted to anything, that’s when it becomes bad regardless of what you are addicted to.

    He didn’t care what I had to say and he covered my tattoos in this black spray. I then grabbed him by his throat and started choking him and he didnt stop me. I told him I wanted to just kill him, just stare into his eyes while I choked him to death because he made me so frustrated with what he was doing to me and my community and I shoved him away. As I walked away to head down hill this woman who was with him had spirals in her eyes (like how cartoons depict hypnotized people). I said mean things to her and flipped her off and she flipped me off back – which I thought was crazy given she was a woman of “God”.

    Then I was back at the community and people had heard that I stood up to my uncle (still not knowing he was my uncle). I retold the story of what happened and they all seemed like WOW I am glad someone tried to stand up for us.

    Then the shoes came back and suddenly everyone was all about how clean their shoes were – I looked at the shoes and they did look brand new but I was bothered that the shoes took their attention so easily away from the bigger picture here.

    Then some small black child was there, she was two and her mom was asking her if she wanted to put on a swim suit. apparently the child was away at the sitters during this whole deal and the small girl looked so confused.

    Richard – in waking life I dont talk to my uncle. While I do believe in God and I am very spiritual outside of religion – I see my uncle as a man who lives one way but proclaims to be something different and unless we are at a large family gathering I do not interact with him or his family.

    • Oh and lastly I was watching this woman as if I was here being made to clean out her pool. The water drained and the bottom was all dirty and sandy and she said “the stairs are what made it so dirty”. The pool was like red(ish) and white squared tile and it seemed to be underground or in a basement.

    • Dear C,
      The fact that you are at a commune in the dream means that you are trying to work out how to live together in a harmonious manner. What happens is a bit like the history of the U.S.. The puritanical energy, which is ruled by the law of subtraction, comes in and tries to make everything better by getting rid of all of the “negatives”. They identify satanic stuff in everything that has any kind of joy connected to it. Identifying negatives and trying to get people to get rid of them is what gives them power. They never do it with themselves however.
      What you really want to be able to do to live in harmony is to think of it in terms of addition rather than subtraction. What energy needs to added, not subtracted. The uncle’s type energy tries to take things away for the sake of keeping power. You need to constantly bring in new positive energy that helps harmonize people. Harmony and unity increase with each new positive energy. For instance, seeing and acknowledging the positive in others brings a huge amount of harmony. Also things like listening non-judgmentally, reaching out with compassion, and smiling at others.

  13. Hi Richard

    I had a dream that I was listening to my guru and I was in clear water. Instead the water didn’t taste like water, I swam up and realized I was inside the mouth of my guru and I was swimming in their saliva.

    I had another dream were this love interest of mine was putting make up. But the make up did not change their face at all they still looked the some. I then was watching a video of a man buying masks and when they put in on it looked realistic.

    • Hi Lily,
      The problem in the first dream seems to be that you are trying to become like your guru. The real goal is swim in your own waters, your own true waters so that you are one with your own true self. Gurus (teachers) when they are teaching in the correct manner, help you to become who you were meant to be, which is never to become like another person. We all have our own destinies.

      The second dream says that others cannot change who they are internally by trying to make themselves look better outwardly or by having a mask. The real person is still inside.

  14. Richard – this is a dream that my step dad had, he rarely dreams and this one brought him to tears.

    He went to a doctors office and the doctor told him he had cancer (not sure where or what kind) and that he could choose treatment (that would not cure it) or get a shot that would kill him. He then went home with my mom to make “goodbye” videos for me and my siblings saying I love you and I am sorry because he was going to choose the later option. The next morning he went to HR at work and asked for all his death paperwork. His manager was there and asked what are you doing and he said just getting some death paperwork and the manager asked if he was okay and he gave some generic answer and left. Then he woke up in waking life to use the bathroom, when he got back in bed and fell asleep the dream continued. Now he was passed in the dream and he could see his house that had my mom and my siblings there and they were going 1 by 1 into the bedroom to watch the video he made for them. Since I live in a different state my mom had to send me my video.

    This all made him very sad in waking life and brought him to tears (and he is not a man who cries) and I hope you can help us understand what it could mean. He does have issues with drinking (but can stop and function without it), he had a serious knee replacement surgery about a year ago and I believe he has heart issues (cholesterol) and his diet has a lot of red meat and he is a serious smoker – he does see his doctors multiple times a year for all that and each year is and always has been cancer free.

    • Dear Worried Daughter,
      First of all you have to understand that dream language and experience is different than our understanding of death in our physical reality. You can understand death more accurate in a dream by understanding it metaphorically. It is a symbolic representation that he is about dying to one reality so that he can be born into another. There are certain parts of his character that want to die. If he allows them to die like they are a cancer to him that is non-treatable, then he can become the person who he is meant to become. All the physical symptoms as well as the alcohol and smoking, are signs of emotional and spiritual work that he is now ready to do for the next chapter in his life. Whatever he may have had to do to cope with life to this point is no longer necessary or useful. With a lot of internal work he can get to the next chapter in his life so that his days ahead are full of purpose and service to others.

  15. I had a dream that I am in a long queue in college and a man is commanding to stay in line to us. There are other two or three queues also and he is managing to all. Suddenly I became my girlfriend and the guy behind me who was my friend(a long time ago) grabbed my waist and I shivered, I tried to keep him away but he was trying to kiss me and almost kissed. After sometimes I saw another black man forcibly kissed me. After that I become myself and tried to beat him but I couldn’t, then I beated a goat Instead of him.
    The feeling was so real that I can still feel being my girlfriend. What it means??????

    • Dear Ravi,
      You are in the university of life right now to develop some qualities that are more feminine in nature. This is why you become your girlfriend in the dream. The problem is that you have experienced a lot of negative masculine authority and negative masculine energy in the past so you are fearful of developing that side of yourself. The feminine energy are qualities like compassion, kindness, and love. They are very powerful energies and absolutely vital for the success of any long term relationship.

  16. dear Richard i had a dream recently which i have asked several of my friends about and gotten several interpretations. it is open to many different interpretations. it began in an open area with a sidewalk and a dark gray granite wall running the whole length of it. i was walking in one direction and a man carrying a large basin of water in the opposite direction. when we were just about to pass each other, he suddenly stopped, looked at me,and then lunged at me with a basin of boiling hot water. i managed to duck just in time or else i would have had boiling hot water directly in my face. as it was, part of my right arm was scalded from the elbow to the wrist. i ran . he put down the basin and ran after me,yelling and shouting. i knew i had to get on the other side of the wall. i came to a gate and rushed in. i heard him talking( to himself,evidently) ” where did he go?” then i heard a voice behind me DO NOT ANSWER HIM. i turned around saw a man about as tall as i was with a long white beard. he wore a hazelnut colored shirt . in his left hand he held a rod of alder. in his right hand a sword of palladium. alder is a wood known for its powerful magical properties. not only this. when it comes into contact with water it becomes tougher and harder, unlike other woods it was therefore used for building bridges. the druids used it in their ceremonies. it is a symbol of toughness and resilience. palladium is one of the strongest metals in the world and one of the most resistant to corrosion. then the dreamscape abruptly changed – something that does not happen often in my dreams- and i found myself in what seemed to be a scientific facility, with dials and charts recording the different air currents and their patterns, how intense the winds were going to be at certain times,, what substances were in the air, such as,, smoke from industrial pollution. i can remember reading an unusually high level of toxicity in one area which had emissions due to an accident in a rubber factory. then i stepped outside and the wind was blowing hard. i was literally picked. up and swept onward, and when it stopped i found myself in a beach area oceanfront. form the position of the sun i estimate the time to have been about 1:PM . i saw a flock of arctic terns flying out to sea, and a flock of albatrosses flying inland. since arctic terns never spend the night over water whenever they were sighted by sailors they knew they were near land. the albatross is one of the fastest birds capable of attaining speeds up to 50 MPH, is the most aerodynamically perfect bird in the world is capable of remaining in the air for weeks at a time. i took this to be a very good sign. perhaps you can shed some light on this. it is a very puzzling dream and i am hoping you can provide some insight into it,as usual

    • Dear JH,
      I love some of the knowledge you especially in this case about the wood and the birds. The first part of the seems to represent some of your challenges, probably both past and future, while the second part is more about your destiny. The man with the boiling water represents the attacks you have have gotten or are likely to get from people who do not want to move into the new era. They are stuck in their dark, gray space trying to injure people like you with criticism and whatever else they can do to stop you. You pretty much escape with only your right arm scalded. The right lower arm represents positive abilities or skills that will help humanity to move forward, the right meaning the right direction. The man with the white beard shows what kind of abilities that you need to go forward are strength (alder) and courage (sword). These are the energies that offset or overcome the negative forces represented by the man with scalding water. Since you are dealing with toxicity, my inclination is that your destiny has something to do with the environment, but it could also be the human environment. That part is not clear to me. What is clear is that you have the energies of the terns and the albatross latent in you. I do not know how much has been actualized, but they are going to be keys for where you are headed. Birds in general are creatures of the air, which is associated with possibilities. The terns give you the ability to deal with positive possibilities in the short term because they are swift and flexible, while the albatross keeps you motivated and focused on the long term vision. You need both energies. If I were you, I would work hard on your bird energy. It is the key to your future.

  17. I had a dream last night that I was shot and it was like my soul left my body and I was so sad I died because I had 2 kids and I’m the only child so I knew my mom would be sad and it was like I asked god please let me live and then my cousin is a nurse actually my favorite cousin she was going to perform some kind of procedure on me and I was basically living again but had a hole in my neck idk if I was dead or alive because I could see what was going on but it was like I wasn’t there and I didn’t like what was going on but couldn’t do anything about it people that were certain places I couldn’t tell them to leave I couldn’t stop my mom from being sad and I was crying and kept passing by a mirror and seeing a hole in my neck I seen my kids they weren’t sad like I had just passed away they were normal first time ever with this kind of dream it scared me honestly

    • Dear Marshe,
      Being shot in a dream means being “shot down” or put down in your life. When you have been shot down in your life, it is as if you die and leave yourself. With support (cousin the dream) you get back to living, but not without feeling self conscious.
      The dream is being presented to you so that you will learn how to live life fully. You can only live life fully if you generate your own enthusiasm and are unaffected by the way other’s shoot you down (criticize, put down, etc.). It is not an easy process to learn because the source of your guidance and encouragement have to move from external sources to having your own inner sources of encouragement and being uplifted.

  18. Dear Richard
    Last night, I saw that my eye balls are tattooed in black color and I love it as my entire eye looks black in color because my eye lens is also black in real life and also was black in the dream. But then suddenly I see two or three people criticising me about the tattoo saying it doesn’t look good but I was still in love with my eye ball tattoo. People told me that now how will you reverse it but I didn’t wanted to reverse it. Then suddenly I saw that the blackness of the eyeball went away just for a small portion and my eyeball was a bit whitish in the end and not completely black but there were traces of the black tattoo left in my eyeball.

    • Dear Stefanie,
      What this dream is trying to bring out in you is the ability to not be affected by opinions of others. You probably have ideas and inklings that are not as traditional as others that could be positive forces for you in your life especially having a positive impact on others. If you can hold your own vision without it being affected by others, then you will be able to do amazing things. It is not an easy thing to do.

  19. Richard,

    Last nights dream was soooo odd!! Okay so I was at a youth camp event for our church and the kids (all teens) were on a ski trip and there was snow and slopes and my daughters were there and it seemed like a good time.
    Then I was in a clothing store/gift shop. I didn’t feel like I left the ski area so i assume I was still there, but I kept circling the same outfits and watching people pick things and some times my point of view was there’s and it was like I was seeing it from there eyes as they wondered around the store and checked out items. I did not buy anything.
    Then and here is the weird part – I was having issues talking, like I was talking just fine BUT it felt strained, so I looked in a mirror at my mouth and I had two holes in the middle of my tongue – one towards the front and the other towards the back and something that looked like black strings was tangled in there and there was a small lock (like a diary lock) underside my tongue in the tangled mess. The lock was unlocked so I just slipped it out and began to untangle the string. I was able to get it all untangled but at the end it was my hair, still attached to my head at the other end that was all tangled up.

    • Dear C,
      The first two parts of your dream were positive. The teens doing skiing represents what they are supposed to be doing which is taking risks in a positive manner so that they can learn to be courageous adults and take on really positive causes. You taking on other’s points of views is a positive quality that you seem to be developing in your own life. It is the skill of understanding how others think and feel. This is extremely valuable. The last part of the dreams basically says that you have a part of you that makes you tongue-tied. You seem to do it to yourself. The listening part of you seems to be working fine because that is what you need to take another person’s point of view. The expressive part has some issues.

      What I am guessing is that you have some views that are not so popular with more conservative-minded people. You may have fear of what kind of reaction you are going to get so then you get tongue-tied. You need to be like the youth who are skiing. Take risks and don’t care about reactions.

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