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  1. My dream. Divorced 2 years ago. Husband cheated with his secretary. They are together currently. Dream. We were sitting in a meeting. I gad a small yellow heart necklace in my hand. He took it from me and moved closer. I still love him and struggle to move on

    • Dear Susan,
      The best way to think of this kind of dream and what you are going through in your life is that your ex-husband has two aspects, the loving part that you fell in love with, and the cheating part that broke your marriage. The problem is that he is neither all good, nor all bad, but it is certain that he is not a good partner for you because of his inability to be loyal. He will do the same thing with his new partner that he did with you. You have to remember that despite is loving ability, he is too immature for a long term relationship.

  2. this dream begins as the last one did, with a quest. the difference is here the people I am with are friends of mine who I really do know in waking life. since two of them share my first initial I will refer to each one by an identifying initial. we were in a white van with ,5 of us N, JT,JW,JH(yours truly) counting the driver in uniform 5 altogether. now we were in a white van parked in an area with many oak and elm trees. a rest stop was not far away. in the opposite direction was a restaurant. there was a dispute going on about which way to take and how. N who can be rather opinionated at times was urging us to split up and go separately. JT who is very assertive said we would not stand a chance of finding what we sought and had not come all this way to go on a fruitless quest. JW who is very level headed said whichever it was we had not better come to some agreement or we would not stand any chance at all. so i proposed a compromise: JT and myself would go ahead and reconnoiter ,see what was ahead and then we would come back and tell the others. we could decide what course of action to take then. everyone agreed that this made sense. since we had been traveling for awhile and were hungry it was agreed to take to adjourn the meeting for lunch. 4 of us went to the restaurant. the driver went to the rest stop. as soon as we were finished i went to the rest stop to let the driver know we were ready. when I strolled over to the lunch counter I found the driver sitting at the very furthest seat. the owner of the place came over and said “are you one of the group that was with that guy?” “yes. is something wrong?” “is something wrong? I should say there is. look there” i walked over to where the driver was sitting and asked “what happened?” the only answer was a blank stare. suddenly he began to grin and let out a terrible yell AHHH-IH then returned to a state of vacousness. his eyes wandered uncomprehendingly from one spot to another-until he looked at the door then he gave a truly blood curdling yell EEEE-YI. I asked “how did this happen” the only response was a blank stare. I turned to the owner “how long has he been like this” “for about the last 15 minutes” I left after promising the owner we would handle this. (i didn’t have the faintest idea how. but I was determined we would) it was obvious what had happened someone or maybe someone’s had drained him of all his mental faculties leaving him with not even the intelligence of a 3 year old. but who were they and why would they go to such lengths? when I told the others what had happened of course there was general consternation. this altered the situation completely. {continued}

  3. dear Richard, i have told you about one of my most traumatic dreams. Now let me tell you about one of my most enigmatic

  4. Last night my dream was odd again:

    I first was at the house of my daughters biological dads house (he passed away in 2018 from an overdose) and in waking life I take her to see his family a few times a year. Well the odd thing about their house when we were visiting in the dream was that all the walls were glass. I got news that someone close to me died when I was there (I dont recall who) and i went to look for a private place to cry but it was all glass.

    Then I was at a house. In this dream the house was mine and it used to be in grandmothers, but in waking life I have never seen this house. When you opened the front door you had to sort of jump up and into a small space (Like a small loft at the drop of some drivable campers) and you had to stay on your stomach because there was no room to sit up. This was the kitchen. At both ends of the kitchen there was a drop down to normal sized rooms. One end was the bedroom and bathroom and the other end was the living room. There was a man and woman who lived there at one point and the man was really mean and he tried to hurt me but I someone sent him out of the house with my mind and he was gone. Then another time I was cooking on my tummy in my very short kitchen and I had to leave. I left the food going and I came back with friends. I showed them how to get into my house and the food was burning to I told them they could go down to the living room.

    It was just odd. The kitchen and the glass walls stand out to me the most.

    • Dear C,
      In the first dream you couldn’t go a place where you could be alone and process, which is a big need for you to have right now in your life because you are getting such great benefits from doing it. In the second ream you have a hard time in the kitchen which is where you get your nourishment. There is something in your ancestry that doesn’t allow you to nourish yourself properly. You were ok about the boundary issue with mean man so that is positive. If you put the two together you need a space to process so that you can nourish your soul. Processing does not have to a public thing. It is better done in private.

  5. This dream was odd.

    I was in this house that I have dreamed of so many times but never been to or seen in waking life. In all my previous dream this house was haunted and ONCE I went up the the highest point the house (the 4th floor/ attic) and it had all these old items in it and there was something evil there that scared me away. This time the house was still haunted and I lived there with my waking family and my baby niece was with me as well. Whenever I am in a haunted house in a dream I always yell “The power of Christ condemns you” and my voice always gets so weak by the word Christ, like the spirit is weakening me with its power and this dream was no different. I would ask or yell to the spirit(s) and when I sensed them I would try to banish them by yelling the phrase above. At some point we are on the 3rd floor of the house where my kids rooms are and for whatever reason I make the remark that on the 4th floor – which was open like it was in construction- that there are all these old items. Immediately me kids rush there. I yell NO DONT GO and yell to my husband to stop them, he doesnt and they dont stop they go and come back. My daughter has this lamp that she brought down and I said fine if you are going to keep this I am going to clear the energy from it first. When I go put my hands over the lamp and start to clear the energy my calves start burning and shaking so I stop. I show my husband and it is like as I was trying to clear the energy I was being attacked by the spirit and etched into my leg was random letters and numbers. I dont recall them all but there was (x=i dont remember) Xgh4X. I go back to try and clear it some more and my calves start burning again this time I see the spirit, like she is human. She is my age, dark curly hair, white ethnicity in clothes from her time Victorian age. She shows me her leg and it has the same sequence of letters and numbers as mine and in the same place and this lamp belonged to her.
    I ask her why they stop me from trying to banish them and she tells me they are not evil spirits, they just dont want people in their house touching their things, I remind her that she is passed and none of this stuff belongs to her and after that I feel safe(ish) in my home. I can see the spirits and talk to them.

    Oh before this dream I had another dream that I was at another house where there was a party hosted by my husbands ex wife and her new husband. I had to uber there but had no money so she gave me money, her husband gave me money and my husband gave me money. I went to pay with the money from my husband and I was going to give them their money back and i ran into her mom outside and she asked me something and I answered BUT THEN she grabs my husands ex (her daughter) by the neck and hits her and holds her head down and scolds her for not taking care of me. I just walk on with my head down not wanting to get into it but confused because she was nothing but accommodating to me.

    • Dear C,
      I love the dreams you are sending. So what you can understand about the upper floors of a house is that they represent your higher self, in this case, the aspect that most closely communicates with the spiritual realms. You think that it is more evil than it is and cannot clear the energy when you think in this manner. When you find out that it is not that big of an issue, the energy goes away opening up the higher realms. You might try thinking of the woman in the attic as white women in general and see what does for you.

      In the second dream you are being showered by generosity, which is a good thing and shows your ability to accept it. It also shows what your husband’s ex grew up with it.

  6. I dreamed this about a week ago but I still have a strange feeling about it.
    I was about to take a bath and I notice these wounds allover my body and mostly on shoulders. They didn’t hurt but looked like my skin and flesh was being eaten from the inside and was degrading and falling. I was in my bath robe, I sat and I saw my right thigh. The skin was transparent and I could see inside little white worms like eating the muscle.
    I felt disgusted and terrified. I went and took a shower with a cold water. The wounds and transparency was gone and I had a normal and healthy skin again. I went to the living room and I saw people watching on tv, didn’t know them, a documentary about worms. Thought then that, somehow whatever they were looking was being transferred to me.

    • Dear Emi,
      Sorry that this has taken so long to answer. When you have worms inside, it means that someone has wormed their way inside of you. They have gotten in under your “skin” without you even knowing about it.
      When you have healthy and normal skin, you can have positive relationships with almost anyone. You can think about them in positive ways as if they are really amazing. Wormy people try to get things from you without doing positive things in the relationship. It is like they worm their way in to get something from you for free, but you feel disgusted and don’t know why.
      Try identifying the worming people in your life and then letting them go, and then think of the positive people that you want to have a mutual relationship with.

  7. I had a nightmare. I was at a beach right in the ocean with my kids. Just as we were leaving I turn around to see hundreds of airplanes flying over the horizon towards us. Everyone was screaming and running. My house in the dream was very close to us but there was a store next to us that we decided to hide in. We went in the house first to get a few of our things, and on the way out, my 3 youngest kids didn’t come because they were still looking for things I guess. And I still ran to the store. I waited in there for my kids to come but they weren’t. I couldn’t wait so I ran back toward the house to get them but saw a huge group of people running towards me. They chased me back into the store. I waited just a few seconds till they ran out of sight to try again to get my kids, but I was so scared in the dream I forced myself to wake up. When I woke up my heart was racing and I was shaky, I also had to stop myself from being mad at my son from the dream.

    • Dear Celia,
      In this dream you are being attacked from the air and ground and then you are running away. Whenever you have any kind of fear situation in a dream, it is reminding you of something that happened in the past. In this case you were attacked in the past when you were trying to get to a long term goal or vision. Now you are the beginning of learning how to go for long term goals, but the association that your mind gives you when doing this, is about being attacked by a big force.
      The reason that you have the dream is that the threat is no longer significant. It means that you can begin to change the way the fear operates in your mind to hold you back, and the really visualize where you want to go in your life and then go for it. You will probably need help in letting go of the fear because it sounds intense.

  8. Having repeatedly the same dream about my aunts house that passed away and that my step grandfather(very not good sexual abuse to my mom and her sisters,my aunts,as children.. the aunt I’m dreaming of is from my dad’s side)was living in her bedroom and my mom is my deceased aunt not my mom. I walked in and saw him, the step grandfather and everything goes black and from that point on I kept repeatedly dying and getting revived by some upside down symbols of three 9s with a line over them with three dots over the each line over each 9(upside down . . really weird) and a group of weird people surrounding me

    • Dear Maddison,
      The memory of the step grandfather makes everything go dark for you in your life. You probably start to get better and then things go worse for you or something like that (dying and getting revived). The quality that you are probably needing more of inner strength, which is about holding your positive memories, while letting go of the negative ones. Having the dream itself lets you know that you are ready to let go of the darkness in your family’s past so that you can become the person you are meant to become. It starts by holding positive memories of yourself.

  9. Dear Richard I had a dream about a guy I’ve been dealing with few years picked me up in an Uber and I was confused as to why because my car was parked at his house when we pull up to his house I see my car in the carport and it is destroyed I get out the Uber and my roof is smashed in windows busted looks like it got smashed by an 18 wheeler and I bust out crying asking him what happen to my car and he never answers he goes to this closet where my things were and I didn’t know I had that much stuff at his house his kids come outside and speak and I tell him don’t just get a few things give me all my shit and I go put my things on the curb in bags my 10 year old son is there and trying to console me I check my phone and it’s smashed so I ask his daughter can I use her phone I call my best friend I assume we’re in my hometown bc that’s where she lives which is weird bc he’s never wanted to go to my hometown with me anyway I call ask her if she was busy and she was going to her son’s basketball game and I bust out crying again telling her what happen to my car and then I get my things and me and my son start walking and he’s walking behind us telling me im overreacting and why did I tell my friend what happen and im steady crying asking him what happen to my car but he never answers just blows me off we continue to walk and then I wake up

    • Dear Marshe,
      Basically this dream is about getting to where you want to go in your life, short term especially, but also long term. The fear is that bad things are going to happen to you that are out of your control that would leave you out on the street. The only way you could have this dream is if you would have experiences like the dream. It doesn’t have to be exactly as the dream, but things that happened to you that you had no control over.
      To get your life to where you want it to go it is important to really go for you to let go of any past history of bad things, believe you can get to where you want to go, have a clear vision, and then taking a lot of steps to get there. If you do this, you will be extremely successful. Bad things happen that are out of our control to all of us. We all have to learn to put them aside, and go forward.

  10. I had a dream that I was living a regular life then one day I look down at my legs and my thighs were disfigured by the massive varicose veins. They were horribly disfigured. They were the size of loafs of bread under my skin. I was terrified to do anything after that cause of my fear of bumping something and bleeding to death

    • Dear Celia,
      When anything has to do with legs in a dream, it is a symbol for having difficulties moving forward in your life to get to where you want to go. Probably what you do is focus on a small weakness and then blow it up until you become somewhat paralyzed with fear. If you do the opposite which is to start with a positive in yourself (relatively small) and then build on it in a positive manner, you will be able to get to whatever you want to go in life.

  11. Dear Richard
    I saw that I am living in a big house and I went to my university and got a very bad news that the person I have a crush on(in real life) has died and was killed by stab wounds. And I felt so sad. What does this mean?

    • Having a big house in a dream means that you have a large positive true self with a lot of potential. Going to university is a metaphor for developing the big potential that you. Having a crush means that you hope that a guy is going to give you love so that you can get a boost to get to where you want to go. When the crush dies and you feel sad, it has a tendency to make you forget all of the positives about yourself. What you need to do is to let go of a “crush” having anything to do with your success. It all comes from the belief in your own self and what is capable of doing.

  12. Dear Richard
    I saw a dream where me, my sister, and my parents went to a place for vacationing and then we took a bus to come back from there but then suddenly after boarding the bus, I sat in a seat away from my parents and sister and when I looked back, I wasn’t able to see them inside the bus, then I thought it’s the wrong bus and I got down and after some time I realised that it was the right bus and I missed it. Then I was asking a person how to reach to my home and when’s the next bus but then suddenly I saw myself again inside the bus in which my family was and I spotted my parents and sister and started talking to them and hugged them and cried a bit and they were relieved that they found me. What does this mean?

    • Dear Stefanie,
      This is kind of an interesting dream. You can imagine going on a vacation as taking time to experiment with being someone else or experimenting with new parts of yourself. The metaphor is like taking a vacation from your regular self. The fear is that when you experiment with new parts of yourself, you are not going to be able to get back to who you normally are. In the dream you manage to get back to yourself, which is always the case with people unless they so hate themselves that they want to make a break from who they are. The dream says do a lot of experimenting with adding new aspects to yourself.

  13. Last night I had a dream that there was this serial killer, he was a man and I never saw his face. In all murder situations it was dark and outside and the lights would be off inside. First I was at some place, I think a house party and the murdered killed practically everyone. Then I left and wen to my house (not my waking life house) and in my dream I had these friends but I dont know any of them in waking life. Well I was hanging out with a couple people and they wanted to have a house party and I was scared because I knew if they did they the serial killer would come. So I went to the garage with one friend and we were out there talking about a way to leave and it was dark inside and outside. More and more people started coming to the house for a party and anyone who tried to come into the garage we told them no because we did not want to be murdered. I believe he showed up because I had a birds eye view of the murderer in the house walking towards a person to kill….in all killings he used a knife.

    This dream did not feel like a nightmare, it was just what I was dreaming, while I was scared at points in the dream I did not feel scared, I just knew I was, if that makes sense.

    • Dear C,
      What might be helpful for you is to realize that when you are thinking about a serial killer in the dream world, it is more about how someone has a lot of power to kill other people’s spirits. The method most serial killers of other people’s spirits use is criticism which can be subtle or direct. A serial killer who kills people’s spirits usually is really good at pointing figures, and really bad at doing positive things in their lives. What you want to be is a serial life enhancer as if you are able to give people new life. You can do this by doing the opposite of a serial killer, by finding the positive in others and acknowledging them. This brings life to people.

      At the same time it is good to take a view of what the serial killer is doing like you did in the dream. It is a lot about what politicians do to make their opponents look bad.

  14. [continued] as soon as each one reached the fountain they began to stare into it with an absorbed, intent expression. Then they the light expanded further. to judge from the gasps and exclamations of awe i heard coming from them whatever they saw must have truly awesome. the other member of the party who had been my closest friend and spiritual companion on the quest, turned to me “do you see that?” “yes, indeed” ” what can be happening” “i wish I knew “it probably has something to do with him” “who?” i realized he had not seen him either. so as briefly as I could I explained who “he” was. FRIEND: but what can we do about it? ME: that I do not know. I wish I did. as we were discussing what to do next suddenly the door opened. and who should it be but our mysterious companion from the quest! this time the circumstances were slightly different. he did not come alone but with 4 masked men carrying automatic weapons. at a signal from him they opened fire. my friend and companion on the journey fell riddled with bullets. I not even looked at the others they were all staring into the fountain in some sort of hypnotic trance. not one of them had so much as moved a muscle. not even machine gun fire could rouse them from this stupor. he gestured to the others. they immediately stood in a half circle. they seemed to be waiting for instructions. he pulled out a paper from his pocket and for the first time spoke audibly (but not reassuringly) ‘don’t use his name. Use his induction number. and now I have told you about one of the most traumatic dreams i have ever had. one that raises very many questions, however. such as why would he follow our group virtually all the way around the world, only to do this? did he or whoever he worked with this quest as a threat? and if, so in what way? was this a message? was I after all, a naïve, quixotic idealist, with unrealistic aims and no idea of how the world really operated? obviously, he or whoever may have worked with him took notice of what was happening and did regard it as a menace to them of some kind or else they never would have gone to such lengths. I can recall the horror i felt at seeing on the floor of the lobby ,blood running from his body like a sieve. even though he was a dream friend and not a “real” one it certainly seemed like it. and all the others staring into the white light of the fountain, oblivious to the rest of the world. even though this dream is almost 17 years old and is the oldest one i have posted so far i remember this one as though i dreamed it yesterday. it has almost been like re-activating PTSD just to type this. i do earnestly hope you can help furnish some answers. this is one dream which has truly haunted me. looking to your analysis and hoping you and i may work together to find the solution

    • Dear JH,
      For some reason your other comments do not want to show up in my comments section here, but I am going to write a response anyway. You can consider the man in the sandy hair both part of society and also a shadow part of yourself. When I do work like this, I usually start with the cultural part and then do the individual processing. The sandy hair man is trying to keep from getting to the holy grail, which is love or closeness. Society doesn’t want you to develop because once you have the holy grail, you are absolutely uncontrollable. Consider that there are a lot of forces that are interested in having control over you. They don’t want you to have the holy grail because then all of their methodology no longer works. It is actually surprising that more people have not found out just how powerful love or connection is as a force in the world. Leaders with control and power issues do not want you to develop it.

  15. dear Richard, i am about to tell you about one of 2 most awful dreams i ever had. this dream is older than any previously posted but one which has stayed with me. this dream begins with a quest. with a group of people i do not know in real life. the quest was something-well, you could term it the philosopher’s stone,the holy grail, the ark of the covenant. it would have been something similar. this search took us to many of the parts of the world, always fruitless. but the strangest feature about this was a man with sandy hair and dark glasses who evidently only i could see. none of the other members of the expedition seemed to be aware of him. after every visit to each place he would always be there in the dress distinctive to the country. for example in India he wore a churidar and kurtan and kashmiri turban, in japan a kimono dark blue and a samurai sword. he would bow or wave depending on what country we had just left. i wondered who he was. when the search finally ended and we returned home we came to a building which did resemble a building i lived in years ago, with a courtyard and garden, but this had one feature the previous residence did not not- a white marble fountain. what part this played i will now describe. suddenly in the middle of the fountain there was a faint white glow, then it expanded and brightened until it finally was the same intensity as a searchlight beam. all the others members except 2 (myself and one other) rushed out to the fountain to see what was happening. i did not. some instinct warned me against it. [ continued]

    • Hi JH,
      As traumatic as the dream is, the explanation about is fairly simple. You can think of the man with the sandy hair and dark glasses as a dissociated part of yourself that destroys the very thing you are searching for. You could also think of him as the culture. That works to. The ark of the covenant or the holy grail lies in a person’s ability to connect intimately with other human beings on the planet, and when you cross over to the other worlds of God, you spiritual capital lies in your capacity to connect. The problem we have in materialistic world is that we imprison our minds with material solutions to essentially spiritual questions. The ark of the covenant is the quality of the connection you have with your friends. There is nothing more valuable in this world or the next than love. Love is the philosopher’s stone. It is not sexy, but when you understand it, it allows you to get to nirvana in this world and is available to everyone. I hope this makes sense. Feel free to ask questions.

  16. Dear Richard
    I saw a dream where me and my father were buying green grapes and put it in a polythene bag and then we hanged the grape bag from top a building. But then after some time my dad observed that the bag somehow got a hole and some of the grapes have fallen but there were still more grapes remaining in the bag and he brought the grapes and asked me to eat the grapes and the grapes were so sweet to taste. But then me and my father bought cherry tomatoes as well and I tasted them and they were sweet too. What does this dream mean?

    • Dear Stephanie,
      Basically the dream says that when you bite into life fully, your life will be sweet. It is a metaphor to not hold back from experiencing life fully.

  17. Dear Richard
    I saw that my sister dies and then her ghost appears and talks to me but I don’t exactly remember what she said but I do remember her sad face and that she was crying and after some time I also see my mother and father dying and then I cry a lot and feel so sad and heartbroken seeing my entire family die in front of my eyes. What does this mean?

    • Dear Stefanie,
      This is a dream you being afraid that the people closest to you are no longer going to be with you. When you think in these terms, then you get sad, which makes it difficult to go forward with the things you want to do in life. It is like your mind drifts into negative thinking about the future. What you need to do is to train your mind to think of a positive future and then go for it. That is the key. Is it possible to lose loved ones? Yes. Dwelling on the negative possible makes life worse. It is important to train yourself to dwell on positive possibilities.

  18. Last night I dreamed of an end of the world situation. I was myself at the start with my husband and kids and we were sitting in the back of this truck but the side were 6ft high and had a mesh covering. This man drove by in his car and I felt bad intentions from him so I picked up one of the few guns to my right and pointed at him as he drove by. He gave me this look like alright I will back off but if I see you unprotector I will harm you.

    Then I was no longer my actual waking self. I was a teen daughter and I had a mom and dad a sister maybe 2 years younger than me and a little brother maybe 7ish. We found refuge in this large house with many people. The house was filled with all sorts of people, old people, families, “soldiers”. Early in the mornings we would all be running from the vehicle with groceries to the house as fast as we could so others wouldn’t run up on us and steal what we had. We would secure the house when we made it inside and in the evenings before sleep.

    The windows and doors and walls all moved in ways that if someone who wasn’t part of our group were to walk in they would think it was abandoned with nothing to offer and leave. The owner of the property then put these small hidden doors into the walls for families to hide when people entered or if we were ever under attack. I went into ours and it was really cool. So small you had to crawl but had another opening that took you into a more secure place so if the door was found it just looked like a storage closet of junk, quite smart I thought.

    Then one day during groceries when most of us made it in, one woman was still by the cars with a handful of money and 4 adults strangers walked up to her. She hid the money in the tire well and the people wanted something, I assume food. She said okay and turned around with a large sword and chopped all their heads off at the middle of the mouth in one smooth motion and made a comment about hoping they could still hear for some reason. Then there were two small children, maybe 10 &6. They looked like zombies (but this wasnt a zombie end of the world situation, just a collapse of civilization and everyone “protecting what’s theirs” by any means. The lady came back at brought the kids with here. WHen they were in the house they became just fine and clean and normal. This sat off with me.

    I wanted to leave and went to cross this 4 lane mini highway. It was filled with other travelers walking and driving. I was careful to run across the first to lanes and my sister and brother followed along. There was this group of 4 men walking slow and staring at us. I knew they wanted to take us the moment they could so we all ran into this house on the other side of the last 2 lanes of road.

    Now I was my actual self again with my 13 year old daughter and my “sister and brother” from who I was before that. the sister was trying a cigarette and got my 13 year old to try it and she hated it. We walked out of the house and there was a cop, not that it mattered because there was no society. Then my daughter was gone and I was the teen girl again. The 4 men were sitting on the porch in rocking chairs waiting for us. So I took my siblings back across the mini highway and home. I was hugging my brother bye and he would not let go. my mom had to come out and get him and she walked away with him and I said bye to my sister.

    I walked around the back and our tubs were outside and there was this curly red headed young woman in the tub and shot her head to look at me and it made me feel scared and uneasy.

    –The oddest thing for me in this dream was that I was not me, I was in a “strangers” body.

    • Oh also my husband also had a “end of the world” themed dream where he too felt like he was not his actual waking self.

    • Dear C,
      The common fear that people have like in post-apocalyptic writing is what appears in your dream. The old world as we know it falls apart and chaos reigns. In that world you are always on the run with a lot of violent acts happening. In actuality there are two processes happening in the world, one which is constructive and much more inclusive, and the other that is destructive and deteriorating. So you have an issue like race. The people who believe in racial superiority are holding onto their old ways trying to create destruction and chaos, while the forces of inclusion just keep marching forward. If you attend to the what the old guard is doing, then it is easy to become fearful of everything falling apart. On the other hand when you attend to the positive building forces then you can become encouraged and keep being a part of the new world.
      In your dream you become a teenager which is a turbulent age like the one we are and then you are with your daughter who is in the throws of her turbulent age. The key process I find that really works is to look toward an extremely positive future, more positive than you can imagine, and then start moving toward it. It is where the optimism and hope and up feelings lie.

  19. Dear Richard
    So I saw a dream where a girl was in love with a guy and they both were so in love with each other. But suddenly one day, the guy came to the girl’s house and just stabbed her stomach with a knife multiple times and he didn’t stop stabbing her. It was such a scary dream, what does it mean?

    • Dear Stefanie,
      The first part of the dream is positive, which shows the value of love and connection. This is going to be a bit complicated in terms of the explanation for the stabbing. I will try to keep it simple. When the quality of love is actualized appropriately like when you are in love with another or you love what you are doing like painting or writing, then you enter a kind of bliss that makes time and space pretty much disappear. It is as if you have left your self to travel in bliss. However, love is not the only energy you need to live a full life. If you need another energy like endurance or self-discipline, then you have to have to have a strong sense of self. It is exactly when women need to assert themselves or have a strong self so that they can have boundaries and do what they need to do, that men have traditionally tried to overpower women and kill their selves. They are ok with women as long as they are producing love, but when they become strong individuals, the men often feel threatened. This is why love is only ever half of the picture in a relationship. The other half is character. A true relationship has intimacy, but also respect and appreciation for the other person’s gifts.

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