Getting Out of Some Else’s Nightmare

There is a huge difference between the kind of nightmare you have in your dreams at night and a real life nightmare, but both of them share at least one common trait; you want to get out of them as quickly as you can.

What I realized today was that I have been making the mistake of getting mixed up in someone else’s nightmare to try to protect the people that they are hurting.  A lot of people live things like the loss of a father or having an absent father or an abusive one, for instance, and the experience becomes like a waking nightmare.    As their lives are lived they replace the fear and horror with a certain amount of coping mechanisms.     Often the coping mechanisms involve seeking undue attention, power, and abandoning relationships with others.   They can become very effective at the type of management that requires firing others because the firing gives them a power fix and also keeps relationships distant so that the possibility of pain and hurt do not enter.   It seems to me that they don’t really want to be involved in the type of management that believes that people can learn and grow because a more supportive management style  involves the possibility of hurt and pain.

What I realized today is that I have been trying to get involved in their nightmare so that I can protect others from the nightmares that they are causing, but the results are always that they turn on me and find ways to use their power against me.     Today I finally get it that to step into my real life  positive dreams that I need to let them have their own nightmare and stay out of it.

They have their nightmare which stems from their loss,  but by using their power against others and creating intrigues and allowing them,  they avoid the pain of it.   Getting involved with them to protect others who are victims of their nightmare just allows them to see you are a traitor and then do treachery against you.

So today I am staying out of their nightmares and getting into my own posiitve dreams.

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