The Nightmare of Abusive Power

In the early 1990s I did a lot of reading on the power of encouragement and wrote extensively about it.  I thought, at that time,  that you could create absolute unity and harmony in an environment when you used its power.   For the most part that is true.   Then I started experiencing some situations where people started to use negative power against me that seemed to arise from their jealousy.      What I found was that when I tried to ignore the power abuse, and use encouragement with them, that the abuse just got worse, at times unbearable.

What I have now come to realize is that people who abuse power out of jealousy become so animalistic, that is, that they so lose their humanity, that they just only think about how to use their power to advance their aims which usually has a lot to do with greed.     The only solution that one can have with that kind of power is justice, not encouragement.   Encouragement keeps their animalistic greedy self fueled, whereas, justice completely keeps the animal ego in check.     The problem that much of us have is that justice is not often available.  It seems to be almost non-existent in most parts of the world.

In order to deal with the abuse of power I tried coping with it by keeping myself invisible,  but that only made me miserable and since I already had become a target of certain leaders,  they already had a huge fear of me.   Their solution for me was to use power against me, which I am sure was like a drug for them, something like a narcotic.   What I needed was justice, but when I went looking for it, I found that they also controlled all of the avenues of  taking one’s case to a higher body.

So what I found was that, in the end, they had to use power to get rid of me.     If you are in an abusive relationship, where power is operating all the time, and the other is getting high off the animalistic state, then it seems to me that the solution is to get out of the relationship in whatever way you can and then to seek justice.    Justice usually does not exist in today’s world, but leaving the relationship allows you to develop yourself somewhere else.

We seem to be entering into a stage of humanity’s evolution where justice is going to be a more powerful force and where common people can have recourse to it, but it has only begun to poke its head out of the sand.

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