Getting Over the Hurdle of Authority Issues

Last week as I am reluctantly going to my weekly meeting with my  supervisor I find myself wrapped in yet another distressing hour with someone who does not know where I want to go.   It is such a huge disaster and to make things worse the next day I find a letter on my desk calling me insubordinate.    What can I do?  Will this never end?  Aarggg.

It was Thursday morning when I got the letter, but I was only 40+ hours away from planning a huge running event with over 600 runners.   I had to try to put the distress aside.

A light bulb went on somewhere after the huge racing event and the meeting on encouragement as reported earlier.   I change my strategy.   Instead of trying to protect my program from my boss which seemed to be ending in catastrophe I decided that she could be a part of it.   Since this person is the head of school, I made a list of all the people who had helped in my event along with what they had done.   Then I asked her if she would write a thank you note to each person which was about 25.    To my wonderful surprise she had written all the notes by Monday a.m. and delivered them.     So then I asked her to do a few more things for me and she did them.   Could this really be happening?

Just figured out that maybe her life issue is about being left out.  All I need to do is include.  Well my weekly meeting comes up tomorrow.   Let’s see, How can I include her? Ideas anyone?

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