Remembering Being a Hurdler

Well I am starting to actually learn a few new lessons about working with authority and it is paying off.    I was thinking today that it is a like like running the hurdles.   The best hurdlers have such smooth form that the hurdle motion is a real thing of beauty.  They don’t fight the hurdles, but they submit to the action to get over them.    This is what I think I have been fighting with authority.    There often is a hidden lesson in the hurdle that helps every other part of my life.

I don’t have a hard time submitting to other things like doing workouts to prepare for a race or learning new things for therapy .  And I love the way this chameleon just submits to its environment by changing colors.   Isn’t is so amazing that it just let me hold it right out in the middle of nature.


Anyway, I think I am onto something.   Stay tuned.

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