Python by the Ocean: Yet Another Snake Dream

In this dream the dreamer is somewhere by the beach with the ocean in front.   As she is walking along,  a huge python appears and grabs her at her neck.

In the last post I talked about cobras which are snakes that have a lot of venom.  A python is not a venomous snake. It is a constrictor.  Like a cobra, the first question that you can ask yourself with any snake dream is, “What is the big change that I need to make in my life?”     The difference between a poisonous snake and a constrictor is how the negative energy is playing out in your life.     With a big python you can assume that you are being constricted somewhere in your life.  Something is constricting your progress.    Since the dreamer is at the ocean,  she can understand that the ocean is a symbol of your relationship with God or with the big divine world.   So then the answer to the dream’s riddle is that there is something about her relationship with religion that is constricting her.
The snake also grabbed her at the neck before she woke up.   The neck is the place of connection between the head and the body so that is where there is a disconnect between her mind and body.

When I asked the dreamer about the disconnect, it turned out that half of her family was a member of one religion and the other half was of another.   She was siding with one side which believed that the other side was doing practices against what God wanted, but the family members who she was against on religious grounds had a really positive energy that she also had within her.   She kept trying to deny the energy on the grounds that it had something to do with idols, but the energy really was able to help people in a positive way.

So the way I helped her through the issue was to ask her if the prophet-founder of the religion she was siding with would want her to have the positive energy that the family members who were not of that religion had.   The answer was yes.     She was so excited after this realization because now she didn’t have to deny a really strong part of herself.

I remember this similar feeling in Israel.  When we were in Galilee where Jesus taught,  I kept thinking that Jesus taught so much like Buddha.   I also remember how much alike the Jews and Muslims were in their prayers.  If Jesus and Buddha were here together on the planet right now they would obviously be working together for positive ends, not trying to say that one is better than the other.

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