Satanic Dreams: Allowing the Ego to do its Work

I recently received this really cool dream.   This dream explains a great deal of our everyday problems in life.

“I was in an open area surrounded by tall buildings.    In the dream I kept seeing the devil.   He had two-faces put together in a very wide face.  I wasn’t scared of him.  I just went about my business and would walk right past him.  He was busy torturing other women and wasn’t paying any attention to me.  Finally I was going to go for him and challenge him.  I saw him sitting on the floor beside a woman putting her head in and out of water like he was drowning her.   I was about to go over to him when a young woman begged me not to go over to him.   I took it as a sign and turned on the spot and decided not to go to him.  I knew that I had to leave him alone and then he would leave me alone.

If you have read anything that I have ever witten about dreams, the most important is this.  SELF-DISCIPLINE.    A dream is primarily metaphoric because life is largely metaphoric.    Don’t be lazy and slip into literal thinking!  Taking a metaphor and interpreting it as literal is the easy way out because it allows you to blame others and stop doing your own therapeutic work.

The dream starts in an open area amongst tall buildings.    This metaphor is the purpose of the dream.   The goal of a dream is always told in the beginning of it.   So the dream wants her to maintain her openness and free spirit even when she is surrounded by the largeness of material pursuits by the rest of the world.   This is a huge challenge for all of us so it is instructive not only for her but the world as a whole.   Materialism surrounds us.

The devil appears to the dreamer as two-faced in the same way that materialism does.   It has a public face, and it also has a private face.    The public face is the promise of happiness, comfort, joy, and satisfaction.   The private one is everything negative that we can imagine.    The devil’s public face (the promise of material pleasure) has a few interesting qualities about it.    First it is a promise of a future, more pleasurable state.  Materialism takes you out of your present misery by having you focus on the pleasures of the material world.  This could be better sex, more money, a new car, a new cell phone, a new video game, or a burger.   He (materialism) is good at taking you out of your misery temporarily with the promise of pleasure brought on by material things.     He is so good at it that most of the world practices it to some extent or another.   You get one or two moments of pleasure and then the other face comes out, the one that tortures you.   If you believe that you have not fallen prey to materialism, you are just in huge denial.   It is why alcohol is marketed so well.

In the first part of the dream the dreamer is free of the materialism because she is in an open space, sees the devil (materialism) and then just goes about her own business.    For instance, she can ignore the devil (materialism) because Satan is an internal, not an external force.  It is part of the invisible negative world meaning it is inside of ourselves.   So when people are being tortured by the devil in the dream, it is self inflicted torture.   They have given into the promise of materialism, temporary physical pleasure, and now they are suffering from it.   They are doing it to themselves.

You can make the devil  into an external force and then blame the government or a bad relationship for all of your problems,  but it is much healthier and life-changing to see the problem as self-inflicted.    Its force is pretty huge especially for women.   Go to any magazine stand anywhere in the world and you will see the torture women put on themselves.    If they look perfect, then they will have a great relationship, attract money, and be happy.    Men believe that if a woman looks like the one on the magazine cover, then they will be happy.

For the most part the dreamer in this dream is free of all of that which is an unusual characteristic for most people in the world.    Then she is compelled to confront the devil over the way a woman is being drowned.   This is where she stops seeing the devil as self inflicting torture and starts blaming external forces. So the question to be asked here is why is drowning different than other forms of torture.    Drowning is the use of water to make a person stop breathing.   In the opening of the dream she is in an open space which means that she has breathing space and can deal with people quite well despite their self-torture.   This shows she is detached from the things people do to themselves in that she does not take them on as hers.    But when she sees drowning she is tempting to go after the devil.    Water is a relational element so drowning is how you stop breathing in a relationship.   Most people believe the devil is the partner (the other person in the relationship) so they heap a lot of blame on their partner for the bad relationship.    Then they leave the relationship and go out and repeat the same mistakes over and over.

As long as you do not believe that you are the devil in your relationships,  you can never grow.   As long as the other person is to blame and not you,  then you end up in the hell of repeating the same misery.   That is a pretty good definition of what hell is like.   Anyway the dreamer is tempted to rescue the drowning,  but then she is begged by the young woman not to do it.    She then turns and leaves him alone assured he will leave her alone.

Why can be she be sure about the devil leaving her alone?   If you define the devil as our attachment to the material world and its promises of pleasure,  then when you are detached from the world,  you  can allow people to be with their own issues (their own satanic forces).    Let the devil do his work and then you can get on with your really great work.    The devil(attachment to our own ego state)  has to be allowed to torture  so that people will wake up and realize that attachment to material objects giving you pleasure is hell on earth.

Why does a young woman come to her as opposed to an old lady?    A young woman represents youthful, enthusiastic, adventurous, and free energy.  If she can be detached from rescuing people’s self torture, then she can awaken all of those qualities in her and be truly free.    The key is not blame others especially men for the troubled relationships that women get into even if they are abusive in nature.   It is so tempting to blame the Taliban, but when you allow a woman in a tribal area to have the issue that her community faces, as opposed to rescuing her from the devil,  then she becomes empowered.

It is, I suppose somewhat ironic, that the richest and most materialistic country in the world is in a war with the Taliban.   Destroying terrorism in the world is a worthy goal.   The injustice and oppression and lack of freedom is unconscionable.  Women’s rights are a good cause to fight for.  Laws should be made and enforced and oppressors put down.    But a woman will never be empowered to have equality until she owns her own self torture, which is her attachment to having a man as a source of material joy.    Freedom is an internal state.    Everyone has their own internal battles which are theirs alone to fight.  The journey is always spiritual to your true self, not material.

The change of leadership in the many countries around the world that we are seeing will surely help a lot of people have a voice.  Dictators really have no place in the world,  and certainly not in relationships.    They continue because we are attached to them giving us material things.

When the dreamer allows herself to be enthusiastic, adventurous and free,  then she can allow others to have their own issues, their own challenges.    By being detached from the devil, she allows the devil to stay present in others lives, and then she can help them be free of him.     If you think of the devil as your own ego,  then you don’t see the devil in the same way as when you see him as an external force that needs to be destroyed.   Your ego tortures you so that you will wake up out of your selfishness and then become strengthened with new qualities that will make you more effective in every way and especially in personal relationships.   By allowing others to have their egos we trust in their ability to change in positive directions even when they live in dire circumstances.

Enjoy your ego.  It is where all of your growth lies.

Try this question.   What is my biggest issue in life?  How does it cause me so much hell?

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