Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Other Natural Disaster Dreams

When I was in Canada this summer,  my oldest daughter encouraged me a great deal to start writing another book on dreams which was much more about how to do the dream work that I do.   I have to admit that I felt like I knew everything there was to learn about the dream world.   I thought that I was the all-knowing god-like person of the dream interpretation world.    I stopped reading other people’s books a long time ago because I just felt like they had nothing new for me.

Of all of the things I have learned about dream interpretation in the past 20 years the thing that I know is the very spiritual state to be in is that of taking the place of God.    Practically every king and ruler, every CEO, and every head of household in the world make this mistake.    The starting point of all spiritual growth which is the cornerstone of every religion and positive movements is humility.   Humility allows us to free ourselves from having to take the responsibility of the world on our shoulders, to let God do His work so we can be free to do ours.    I have seen the consequences of what happens when people try to play God.   They all end up in misery.    The best position to be in is the lowest one because that is where the greatest learning is.

So when I started in on the new writing project,  I quickly came to this big stumbling block in my writing which has led to almost a month of no words being put on the page.   I really felt like the words would just flow right off my pen, but instead they stopped.    It always seems to begin the same way for me.   I just feel like I am sooooooo smart and then I end up in soooo much trouble emotionally.      The big issue of my life is that I always seem to run into leaders who are trying to play God.  I get angry and into a big fight with them.    They always win.

Recently I felt like this issue was coming on again because my supervisor at my work was not listening to me.   Then my body began to swell after workouts.    And then the clarity in my thinking would just go.    The swelling was a big key for me.   I asked myself why my body was swelling so much.  It became clear to me that I was trying to be God, the all-knowing,  that I lacked a lot of humility, and that my body was swelling to show me that my ego was swollen way out there.    It was as if I believed that I knew all there is to learn about dream work, and now it is my job to give my knowledge over to others.

What helped me a great deal in this process was a new theoretic position I started taking when I was doing the writing, which is that in a dream every symbol can be either positive or negative.     I had used this before with animals such as in snake dreams, but I had never full experienced it in other dreams.    When I received a dream about an earthquake and then a tsunami,  the experience I had when I tried to get over to the positive side of a tsunami or earthquake was blank and constricted in my head.   What is positive about a big shake up or a big crushing?

It began when a woman sent me an earthquake dream and then told me that she wanted to leave her husband.    I am thinking to myself,  how is an earthquake positive?   Then she had this experience.   She told her husband that she wanted to leave him and take their child away.   This was because he just came home every night, sat in front of his computer, and zoned out on marijuana.   When she told her husband that she was leaving, it created an earthquake of positive proportions in the family.   He stopped smoking pot every evening and then start going to counseling so that he could stay in the marriage.   She realized that she needed an earthquake in her own relationship with the spiritual world and began praying more each day.    Now she and her husband on a very different path together.     The shake up of the earthquake worked.

Someone else sent me another dream about floods and a tsunami.    In this dream the dreamer went to the high ground while a tsunami was coming in.   She was also protected by going on a higher road during flooding.    This dream tells us that the true protection for bad things happening at the hands of others around us is to get to our higher selves.   As long as we are on the high ground of our lives, in our spiritual selves rather than fighting with the egos of others who are jealous with power, we are protected.    A tsunami or a flood is needed when there is a lot of jealousy connected with power.   It is extremely positive to be crushed when you are jealous and even more positive when you crush your own jealousy with a big tsunami.

So that is what I am going to do today.  I am going to find where my jealousy lies and then crush with a big tsunami so I can get rid of my swelling spiritually and physically.

2 Comments on “Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Other Natural Disaster Dreams”

  1. Richard, you said this – “The big issue of my life is that I always seem to run into leaders who are trying to play God. I get angry and into a big fight with them. They always win.

    Recently I felt like this issue was coming on again because my supervisor at my work was not listening to me. Then my body began to swell after workouts.”

    Herein lies the issue. You too feel that you are important and know a lot and resent it when others are the same way…your ego swells up in anger, you resent not being the alpha dog, so to say, you find being humble and submissive and letting go and letting God as good advice for others, but you find it hard to do for yourself. Ah, but you are not alone. There are thousand of people out there like this. All of us in the whole world face this challenge. I just faced it twice this morning before my first cup of tea…ugh. (See Lights of Guidance – 2039 & 2049). All of us want to be listened to, be acknowledged, to be thought of as smart, intelligent, witty, capable of expressing ourselves and competent. All of us want to be in charge and being “humble and submissive servants” is the challenge ‘Abdu’l-Baha threw at us! It is not in our human nature to be that way.

    I think if you just sit down, and start writing, even if it is ambling and hit and miss it will all come together. Don’t think about the process just do it.

    Now for my second cup of tea and a stab at writing poetry this morning, do an IPG statistical report, and work on a deepening on the nature and work of ATC.

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