Super Powers in Dreams

I was in a dangerous situation being chased by armed soldiers trying to kill me.   I am running and hiding with a few other people.  In the middle of the dream I find that I can shrink so that I am barely seen and I can also stop bullets without them penetrating my skin.


My son-in-law has a workout program in which he uses super heroes and their positive qualities while people are doing the exercises in such a manner as to begin inculcated the qualities of super heroes in their lives.    If you are like Spider Man, for instance, you might be meditating about how to have a stronger grip on things in your life.   The program produces some amazing results.


When you have super powers in a dream, you should jump up and down on your bed and yell out really loudly, “YES!!!!!”     The above dream tells me that I can change my size to be almost invisible and I am protected from any type of shooting.    The question is what is the spiritual equivalent in the real world to shrinking and stopping bullets.    And why am I having this dream?


Shrinking means changing size so that you are not seen.   If I were a soldier and I could be unseen and stop bullets, I would be pretty invincible.    Being able to shrink in a positive sense means being able to be as nothing.   Most of the way the world is organized right now is about been seen in a very large way.  The goal is to be famous through recognition.  When you go into countries ruled by dictators, the image of the leader is everywhere.   He wants to be seen and honored by the whole population as if he were a god.   Many of us have the same internal desire and believe that our success and happiness is centered on recognition by others.   We want to be gods.   The only lesson from history that we really know for sure is that dictators have a very short life span.  Being god-like in this world is not a long-term proposition.    When we give into recognition seeking, we might as well dig our grave now because it is going to lead to a big fall.   Just ask Napoleon?


There is a great advantage in regarding yourself as nothing.   The dream wants me to explore it.   It is a super power.     What does it mean to be as nothing?  Being able to shrink means to me that I am able to shrink my ego, my recognition-seeking, my fears and self-consciousness, so that they don’t get in the way when I am trying to accomplish whatever I am doing.    I have the idea often that in order to accomplish anything I have to either have positive recognition from the top or be recognized by everyone in order to have success.   I have the false belief that I have to be on a famous talk show.    It is just so not true.   What is important is to get as far away from recognition seeking as I can possible get, to shrink from it, and then I can do anything.    Consider the story in the Bible of Peter walking on the water.    Whether you regard it as metaphoric or real is not so important.   The lesson is that Peter could walk on water as long as he was not thinking about what he was actually doing.   As soon as his self (ego) came into it, he couldn’t do it anymore.


The other part of the dream is that of stopping bullets.   Bullets are the way that people try to shoot you down largely through harsh words and criticism.    If you cannot deflect the shooting process, everything you do will be shot down.  The problem most of us have with criticism is that we take it in and let it kill us.   When we are shot down, so too go all of our projects.   Being able to deflect bullets means being able to not let harsh words and criticism in.   It is an invaluable super power.


You can get good at developing your super powers by doing the following exercises.


1.  What are the super powers that you have in your dreams?    (flying, running effortlessly, swimming underwater without scuba gear, walking through walls)



2.  What are the spiritual equivalents in the real world for the capacities of the super powers?   (e.g. walking through walls is equivalent to having no limitations whatsoever)


3.  What are the ego problems that go along with the super powers?  How do they manifest themselves in my life? (e.g. with walking through walls as a super power the ego would be seeing others as limiting you or seeing everything as an obstacle.)


4.  Think of yourself with the super powers in the real world.   Repeat several different kinds of images.   Go out and do an activity reminding yourself often that you have the super powers.

90 Comments on “Super Powers in Dreams”

  1. My dream was I was able to place things with my finger. I’ve been having quite a lot of dreams where I have this power. For example, in one of my dreams I was putting flowerpots on windowsills with the touch of my finger. In a dream before, I had to make a “spell” rhyme to make what happen happen. It’s an amazing power, but I need to know what it means!

  2. I have had many dreams over the years and a lot involved me having various superpowers. some were flying, a great sense of small, the ability to hear noise (kind of like a dogs ability..) the ability to control fire/ heat and invisibility, but the super power that occurs most in my dream is the ability to protect people. when I have this ability I am able to put a shield around people in danger. In some situations I needed to be in front and in the center of everyone I’m trying to protect and I always need to project a shield with my hands ( but I never had the ability to hold the shield causing people to get hurt. I also could not control my ability sometimes i could protect people when I wanted and other times I could not. Recently however I can project a shield around individual people and protect them, but it is very hard to maintain the shield around individual people depending on how far they are and so the shields around people will fade and I have to concentrate really hard to bring them back. ( with the individual shields i can control it with my mind and hands). the only time i have successfully put up a shield when i needed to without it fading and/ or tiring me out was when i would be physically touching someone or when someone that i was touching was touching others at the same time, but if i wasnt physically touching the person directly others would not be protected as much. the shield would get weaker with each person who was not directly touching me, unless everyone who needed to be protected formed a circle ( this somehow allowed for my powers to flow through everyone equally) . in recent dreams i dont need to project my powers on to others to protect them with an invisible shield. i can touch them and share my energy with them and the are protected from any physical attacks ( at least attacks involving natural disasters, falling buildings, bullets, super natural abilities. the attacks or problems have to be performed at a distance. if someone makes physical contact with me then they can injury me and others) i can however do both, touch someone and share my power while putting shields around individual people. the only problem is my abilities become weaker because i have to concentrate on the individuals movements so my shield can follow them.

    I hope this was not too confusing to understand!!!

  3. Georges,
    What the dreams are presenting to you is the ability to change the way things are in your environment. This mostly applies to the human environment. Like when you can change weather it means that you can change the human climate from one state to another. If someone is too hot like when they are upset, you can cool them. Likewise you can warm up people who at first appear cold. This means that you don’t have to accept the way things, but that you can have a very positive effect. Moving things means changing the way things are so that you have a better outcome.
    When you understand that you can do this, you will have a big impact. If you can keep the memory of the dream present, then you can go back to the feelings you had when you had the powers and then use them to change things around you.

  4. I first had a dream where i was telekinetic and could move things with my mind, such as objects in my room. i later had a dream to where i was atmokinetic (control over the weather, kind of like storm in x-men). I would just look up at the sky at night and the clouds would quikly roll in and lightning would start to strike and thunder would erupt. The dreams looked so real and life like that the next morning i actually tried it out.

  5. LeVic,
    This dream and super power mean that you have an amazing capacity to achieve incredible things that seem really unlikely to others. When you want to achieve something, you shouldn’t think in a traditional way, but have dreams that are out of the ordinary more futuristic. When I was younger, I remember thinking about how nice it would be to be able to go out in nature, see something I didn’t know, and then be able to find out right there what it was. Now the technology to do that exists on a small phone.
    Think about something really positive that you could do that no one else is thinking of and then go out and start making it happen. You have to really wild with yourself.

  6. I recently had a dream where I was able to fly, run really fast, teleport, and I had super strength. Its the first time I had a dream where I had so many powers. I usually have dreams where the only powers are super speed, flight, and even super jumps all in separate dreams.

  7. Annie,
    To understand your super power you have to understand the metaphor of ice and how to use it as a power within yourself. When you have ice as a power, it means that you are capable of shielding yourself from other people’s negative emotional states that they use to control and manipulate other people. Usually people use anger, but they also do fear mongering and other things to get their way. Inwardly you have a natural capacity to not be affected by that kind of manipulation. When you use this power, you can just ignore them and get on with really positive things.

  8. i recently have had a dream about me protecting people using ice as my power i would make shields and prevent things from falling scince it was winter in my dream i have had this dream two to three times now.

  9. This means you have a lot of natural courage and willingness to use it to go for justice. You just need a just cause.

  10. Mine is I become really strong and brave and have amazing fighting skills and I keep on fighting these other really strong guys but they are always really dark and evil and actually quite scarry

  11. Mackenzie,
    When you can do is think about how the dream symbols relate to the real world like when you can make things happen and appear it means that you can easily go from an idea to something actually happening. That is your gift.

  12. I dreamed twice that I could fly, control fire (extinguish and re-ignite candles and a fireplace with a wave of the arm) and had the power to move things with my mind. I could also make things appear that I needed (a ladder, etc.). In the deams I have to concentrate very hard to make these things happen and can feel myself stretching my brain.

  13. This is an awesome power. In real life it means that when you sustain a vision in your mind and see it clearly and constantly, it will happen in the real world.

  14. Mine was that every thing as an object I pictured I could make only with a simple movement of my hands I could make a paint of a wall just by thinking of a flower I could get it on a wall!!! It’s my second time I dream about it it’s so realistic I could believe I have that power I really need help to figure out what’s happening

  15. When you can control the air, it means that you are able to have a really challenging vision of a future possibility and then go for it freely. In other words you can see what the future needs and then get there. While most people these days seem to be in the business of predicting and going after negative visions, you have the ability to establish a positive one and then really go for it. Fighting evil creatures is a necessary process to getting to a positive future.

  16. My dream was about being able to control air at my own will, conjuring storms, fighting evil creatures and psychic predictions……..

  17. Bringing an object close to you with your hands or pushing it away means that you have a great ability to achieve what you set out to do because you have an amazing capacity to acquire the skills necessary to achieve the objective. Pushing it away means that you have choice about whether or not to take on a challenge based upon whether or not you have the skills.

  18. Mine is about being able to attract or push any objects towards or away from me. I just stretch my hands out and bring em speedily towards me or rather slowly away. It keeps re occuring nd happens anytime I want it to in any dream at all. Been trying to get the meaning and it seems my particular kinda dram is rare. Any words of help please and as to how this related in the real world? Thanks a lot

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