Crashing Dreams: How to Slow Down, Stop, or Reverse Time

I just had a dream last night that I was driving really fast down a dirt road and I couldn’t slow down so I crashed into a truck and the truck fell over into the ditch with a small stream. I felt really guilty.  When I found a place to pull over and came back to see if everyone was ok.  I was riding a bicycle.  Then it became night time and I drove to an area of a city with lots of people and restaurants. I parked and went out and was hanging out with an old friend and her newborn. Then I went to try to find my car but couldn’t find it. I was wandering around a dark parking lot with lots of levels and started to get really scared because I could hear a group of guys notice me and then start to come after me.
To understand how to read this dream and others like it, it is vital that you understand the difference of how time works between the physical or material world and non-material or spiritual world.    In the physical dimension we basically have a clock that keeps on ticking one moment after another.    When you are a materialist or practice materialism, which most of us do to one extent or another,  then you are a captive to clock time.  You live and die according to the speed of time.    In a place like the U.S. or most so-called developed places people rush around all day to do as many things as they can before the clock says that the day is over.     When you go too fast along your path, then you crash like the dreamer did.    Crashing is caused by driving too fast in the material world.

The metaphor in this dream says that dream was driving fast along and then crashed into a truck. The truck then fell into a stream.   After that the dreamer felt guilty.   So speeding around as fast as you can after material pursuits causes not only you to crash but also affects others around often even in a bigger way than you.     The guilt in this case is appropriate because the guilt wakes you up to notice what the speed did to your life.   The solution to this part of the dream and to the next is to move out of the world of the clock and into the world of spiritual time.

What is spiritual time?  Spiritual time is the place you go where time slows down, stops, or reverses.    So when the dreamer feels guilty appropriately, the vehicle changed to a bicycle rather than a car.   Time took its first step into the spiritual dimension because on a bicycle you go slower than a car.    This does not mean that cars or bad or negative symbols.  It just means that if you want to get to where your true self wants to go in life,  the first thing you need to do is slow down your rushing because you cannot  get into a positive space by speeding up time.  

The next part of the dream is at night.   The dreamer parks, goes to a restaurant with a friend and newborn, and then ends being chased when trying to find the car.     The reason that the dreamer is chased in the end is that the moment that the goal is to find the car is the moment that the speeding after time begins again.

This is life in the material world.   You rush all day to get a lot of things done mostly for someone else to get some kind of material advantage,  then at the end of  the day when night falls you have a few moments of relaxation only to be chased again by the clock the next day.    It is frightening as the dreamer admits.    If alcohol were a big part of your life, then most people rush endlessly all day and then drink so that all of the tension from rushing around can be released.   But most people do not understand that it is possible to slow down, stop, or reverse time.

The first and most important lesson about stopping time is the belief that the material world is not the priority world.   The material world supports the work of the spiritual dimension, but not the other way around.   Most people have this idea about prayer, for instance, that money is the answer to their prayers, because once they get it, then they can relax and be joyful.    But it doesn’t work because they just rush around and then crash trying to get to the money.    If you rush for material goals, then sooner or later you are going to crash and affect the lives of those around you.

So really the goal of life is more about how to slow down, stop, or reverse time so that your life and the lives of others are greatly enriched and strengthened.  If you stop to think about the ways of the modern world,  most people slow down time only after they are done working for material ends.

I especially want to know how to reverse time so that I am always feeling like I am at the beginning of my energy rather than at the end of my rope.    Beneath every moment of rushing things is a pursuit for something temporary in nature, a material object.  Temporary refers to time.  It means that the pursued object will soon be gone,  but somehow we are lured into an attraction for the fading.

To reverse or stop time the lure has to be spiritual.   Creativity is a good example because when you are in the creative space, time seems to be non-existent.  You can go on endlessly without tiring.   When the goal is winning at all costs or being on top or the wealthiest, the clock is already ticking not only on trying to get to the top, but also the fall.

The first thing to do to reverse time is check out your true motives.  If winning at all costs, advancement to a position, or accumulation of huge amounts of riches is the goal,  then it means your life will always be temporal against a clock.   When you replace advancement, for instance, with doing an amazing job to be of service to others,  then it often seems like the clock doesn’t exist.    Changing motives for doing things is an important first step.

The second step is find the right energy or virtue to place right in the middle of any activity.   Virtues change time.   For instance, if you are a father,  you have a responsibility to provide for your family and to be a good parent.   When you understand the internal structure of how responsibility works, put it into work and home, then time stops and you have time for everything.    One of the key things about responsibility is the ability to have your feet placed solidly on the ground rather than having your head in the clouds.   Responsibility has a reality check.    When putting your feet on the ground metaphorically becomes a very positive experience,  then time stops or even reverses.

Bad motives always throw the virtues out so everyone always has to check their intentions.   They lead to crashes and falls.   The vast majority of people in the world could probably start with the virtue of perseverance.   This is the energy that allows you stay with a project to its end always feeling as if the current moment is just the beginning.  It is like having continuous positive energy all time so that you can reach a goal that is worthwhile.  Having perseverance allows you to always be fresh.  It truly reverses time.

In sum,  when you rush and/or crash, it means that you are too much in the material experience and not enough into your true self’s energy.    To stop time you can check your motives and then find the specific energy that makes your life work now.  Most people need perseverance.

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