Dream Work 6: Using Self-Discipline in Dream Analysis

Many times I receive dreams from people that appear as though they could happen in real life just as they happen in the dream world.    For instance, what do you do if your happily married, but you are having sex with someone else than your spouse in a dream?   How do you get your head around that kind of dream?  If you were to act on the dream in real life because you felt so attracted in the dream world, then they results in your marriage would be disastrous.

What is needed and often missing with most people’s analysis is the quality of self-discipline.   Self discipline allows  you to have control over your own thinking process rather than having it run away from you by being so literally-minded.    The key to dream work is to stay metaphoric for as long as you need rather than slipping into the laziness of the ego.

When you are attracted to another person in a dream and want to have sexual relations,  but you are already married,  it means that there is something in the other person that you really admire and want to have in yourself.   It is usually a quality that is currently lacking both in yourself and in your spouse.    The dream world shows the person with the quality and then asks you to have a relationship with that energy until it is fully incorporated in you.    Self discipline is necessary both for the analysis and for the internal process work.

The most important understanding about dreams is that they happen in a different kind of world than the waking world we live in.   They are meant to be much more metaphoric than literal. 

When you lack self-discipline, you become captivated by the ego and then cheat in the relationship which causes the marriage bond to weaken.    The lack of self-discipline is pretty epidemic because for the most part people give into their egos rather than doing their own spiritual work.   If you need the quality of discernment, for instance,  which is a quality many cultures are not allowed to have,  that is what you have to work on until you are able to have a discerning eye and it is second nature for you.

Self-discipline in dream work means you don’t think literally and you don’t jump into the physical world and act on things just because you have bodily urges.    Self-discipline stops the engine of the ego-machine and allows the spirit to incorporate new and higher energy before moving forward again in a new direction.

The dream world presents you with situations ahead of time so that you will develop the right energy before  huge stress happens in your life.    So in the above dream about having sex with someone else other that your spouse, it is a message that says you and your marriage need this quality now.  It will cause your life to flourish.  If you don’t do the work, then there will be lots of external stress which will cause you to have to do the work anyway.   And if you take the undisciplined way,  you will still need the energy but it will be harder to develop because of the cheating.

Life always wants you to take the higher road and the dream world will always lead you to that path and tell you which energy to work to make your life work right now.    If you use self-discipline, you can save a lot of real life pain.    It doesn’t mean that we can avoid suffering completely because a lot of the bad things that happen in the world are caused by the way the human family now acts.    We all need a daily process where we take account of what is happening, analyze are strengths and weaknesses, and then develop new aspects of ourselves.    It is the act of self-discipline that allows you to set aside the time necessary to do transformation work and stay with it daily until you get the desired results.

The next time you dream about something that seems like real life stop yourself and tell yourself that this is a metaphor and that this in not the real world.   “I am in a dream and the dream wants me to change my life to make my life better.”     Avoid the urge to be literal.

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