Dream Work 8: What You Are in a Dream is NOT the Same as What You Are in the World

Hi… last night I had an odd dream. I am a male, but in this dream I had big breasts and a vagina. I was naked and i started to play with my self and it felt really good… what could this mean? I’m certain I’m not gay, or in any way curious. So what could this mean?

This dream is also analyzed on the free dream interpretation part of the blog.   It is just so interesting.  I was so glad to receive it.   The core belief that I have, which is largely based upon the Baha’i Writings,  is that there are many worlds besides this world and the dream world is one of them.   The nature of those other worlds are mostly shielded from us because if we fully knew  about them, we would abandon this life in less than heartbeat.   Our spirits are housed in a physical body for a short time period before we proceed to the next chapter.   Conceivably the worlds are endless like the stars in the sky.

In the above dream a man dreams that he is a woman and then starts to feel the positive sexual sensations that a woman has.   What is curious is that his first thought is questioning his sexuality rather than enjoying the experience of being a woman.   By definition the dream world is a non-physical world in the way we know it.  It does not have gravity, for instance and the laws of time and space can pretty much do as they please.   In the dream world you can become a woman if you are a man or you can become something else like an animal.    It is much more limitless than the world we live in when we wake up each day.    So why would he dream of being a woman?  Is he gay?

When your focus in life is primarily material because you pretty much believe that this is it or you only have a very vague belief in the next world, then the possibility of being a homosexual when you have feminine feelings rises dramatically.    However, being feminine in the spiritual world like the dream world means something altogether different than in the physical world.    The dream is there to teach you something about yourself that is crucial for your development right now.     There are certain qualities, which in the spiritual dimension, seem to be best described as feminine.  These are qualities like tenderness, being nurturing, and compassion.    Woman tend to be superior than men in developing these qualities, but really they are just positive qualities that are very useful for everyone to have.

Since the history of the planet is largely one of brutes competing for power with a few periods of enlightment,   the opportunity for men to develop these aspects of themselves have largely been put down.   The truth is that when you have a lot of feminine qualities, whether you are a man or a woman, you are much better in all of your relationships.   It is an advantage to anyone to have these qualities.    One of the problems with the way the cultures of the world have developed themselves is that they have made being a brute into a virtue.    It is OK for a CEO or owner of organization to be uncaring or lack compassion especially if that person makes a huge amount of money.   Then he is seen as something of an heroic figure.    If you are compassionate, you are considered weak.

But in the above dream the truth is told to the dreamer, which is that being a woman in terms of your spiritual qualities feels great.   Compassion is a better feeling than the temporary addiction of being a brute, and this is for one very simple reason.    In the spiritual dimension the wealthiest people are those that have the most friends because they have the most positive qualities that keep everyone connected.   The brutes always end up in loneliness and isolation and have nothing when they enter the other dimensions.  Spiritual capital is built by our capacity to connect with others. In the age we are in having “feminine qualities” seems to be a great advantage.   The brutes are holding on, but they are giving way to the more superior energy.

The big lesson of this dream, which can be generalized to every other dream is that though it seems like it should be possible in a physical sense to do the dream,  it is the spiritual interpretation that makes the most sense.

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  1. I found this dream and interpretation really interesting and have thought about it often in the past few weeks. What is interesting to me about this dream and the thoughts which emerge from this dreaming experience is that the experience of being a woman is firstly a sexual experience. These thought patterns reflect how powerful the cultural messages are which sort of set women up primarily as sexual beings. What I like about the translation is that it reminds us that women have a feminine nature about them which has little to do with sex and more to do with compassion. The interesting thing from the perspective of a woman, is that to live in a culture as a woman, when the first thought a man has when he sees her is often sexual in nature, is actually challenging and creates a barrier for meaningful connections. However, overcoming this false belief that women are primarily sexual beings gives us women the opportunity to practice even greater levels of compassion for the men who are striving to shake off the old limiting beliefs about a woman’s essential nature as being inferior to a man and merely a servant to his sexual interests. When men see women’s strength, when they see her nobility, when they see her beauty as an emanation of her soul, then they are beginning to perceive the truth in the spiritual principle that men and women are equals and have equal rights to the opportunities for growth and well-being in this world.
    The other thing that comes to mind is from the Taoist teachings which talk a lot about the energy of life within us and around us. They say there is masculine and feminine energies within us all, and the more men come into awareness of and have an integration with their feminine sides the more this energy can be used in their lives to bring them to greater heights of happiness and a peaceful state of wholeness.
    I am so happy that this dreamer shared his dream in this public space because it gives the readers the chance to consider and question our limiting beliefs about what we were formerly taught it means to be a “woman” or a “man” and to begin to consider what new beliefs, thoughts, or behaviours we can do to come more into balance with our Higher or True Selves, which, incidentally, is neither male nor female.

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