5 Dream- Success Plan

Every business or organization is a collection of people working to achieve success.   Within every group of people working toward any goal there are strengths, and there are undeveloped capacities which show themselves as weaknesses or issues.    We all have positive capacities, and we all have issues.   No one is perfect.  Our strengths are what make us successful.   When an organization does not have a capacity that it needs, it is vulnerable to failure.

For instance, one of the great capacities of leaders that make them effective in carrying out innovative plans is the ability to handle criticism in a way that doesn’t bother them at all.   Likewise, one of the great abilities of workers in an organization is to let go of comments made by overly critical managers.   If people do not have these capacities when doing innovative work,  the production and spirit for the work quickly dies out.

The more strengths that an organization has, the more likely it is to succeed.    This does not necessarily mean that just because you have talented individuals in the organization that success if guaranteed.   While individuals may have great strengths and capacities to do specific functions, sometimes they are unable to work for the betterment of the whole in a cohesive manner.   How talented people work together is also a capacity necessary for success.

The capacity of a group to be successful lies largely in its ability to know which strengths need to be developed at any particular time and then to be committed to developing those strengths.   More often than not what happens, when success is not what is expected, is that we all start point our fingers of blame at what we think the problem is, but are entirely uninvolved in developing new capacities to be the solution.    Success is about developing new strengths all the time.    What was successful in kindergarten is not enough for grade 1.

Where does dreamwork come in?    It is quite simple.  When you have a dream at night and it is negative in nature, it shows you where you are undeveloped, where you are lacking in capacity.   Furthermore, it shows specifically and perfectly the right capacity that you need at this moment for your life.    It doesn’t matter which person at which level has a dream in an organization.    If you study it,  you will find the answers for the success of the company.

For instance,  suppose you are an owner of a business and you dream about ghosts coming to get you.  What is the capacity you need?   If you have a dream like this and you find yourself hiding away in the dream,  it means that in your life and in your business you have a fear of something invisible (like criticism )  that keeps you hidden away rather than being out there and vulnerable.    The capacity that you need in a ghost dream is to be real about what is already positive and be confident with it so that you can put yourself out there with it.   The ghost of possible criticism holds you back and then keeps the organization down.    So if the leader with a ghost dream will just allow criticism as if it didn’t matter,  then confidence in what is already positive in the organization could be acknowledged and then everyone would be motivated to work hard.

If you are a worker on a factory floor, you might have the fear of being attacked by a powerful animal like a tiger or shot down by someone from above.  This kind of fear keeps you working with your head down and mouth closed even though you may have very good ideas about how to improve production.

You only need about 5 dreams in an organization to turn it around and make it successful.    The above two dreams are dreams that I have heard specifically while living in Asia partly because many companies are run with leaders who never invite input and workers who are fearful of being fired for saying anything negative.

This process works because the dream world is so perfect in its communication to you.  It is not random.

You can also start a dream project in your family.   You just need dreams from your family members,  find the issues and then the solutions and then work really hard to implement them.

Contact me if you would like to start a dreams for success program with your family or organization.





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