Are You Planning Your Life According the Old Paradigm or the New One?

What is the Old Paradigm?    In the old way of doing things there was an effort on people who had the advantage like leaders or certain cultural groups to keep things just the way they are.   While they won’t admit it, the effort is to hold onto the status quo where they have the power and control.  One of the keys to maintaining the old paradigm is to have an enemy.    The current enemy seems to be immigrants, terrorists, and money for social improvements.   You are living unconsciously in this paradigm if you are planning your future as if things are going to be the same in a few decades.    The essence of the paradigm is that those who have privilege are going to still have it in the future.   You can also be living in the paradigm on the side of exclusion by remaining in fear of not having resources or privileges.    The people with privilege are obviously not going to change that willingly,  but the people who are excluded also can have a terrible time with change because they often believe that the solution is for them to have privilege.

The new paradigm is built on one major process,  change.     What is happening and is just going to accelerate is the ability for people to make significant changes in their lives.  The science of change is improving all the time.    The future is going to look so different that we will hardly recognize it, and not like those post-apocalyptic movies.   It is going to be extremely positive in every way except to those who want to keep privilege.   Privilege is on its way out.  What is in is the ability to get better and more positive everyday.   People are going to get so good at change that they will not be able to imagine that a day can go buy where they are not involved in a major change process.   Everyday they will looking forward to a new capacity coming in.    Every capacity and new ones will be developed by millions and millions each day.  The time is coming when material things will not be the major concern.   The major concern will be for the welfare of the whole and everyone in it.   We will be like a living organism of constant growth.

Which paradigm or you in?   Time to get into the new paradigm.  Start changing and learning how to do it.

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