The Miracle Cure for Negative Self-Talk

As you are reading this post imagine that you could go out into the future and visit your positive self that had solved the current biggest challenges you are facing.   That self, out there in the future, would have a voice, most likely a very enthusiastic one, and it would be so giving you tons and tons of encouragement.

When you watch tennis matches on TV, you are seeing professional players who have been training incessantly day in and day out for years upon years.  They have made it to where they are with raw talent that is combined with good coaching and hard work.    But they sometimes have days where the opponent frustrates them completely or days when they frustrate themselves.    When this happens, you can see them going into their negative self talk to begin the process of beating themselves up.    It is as if they have this belief that if you talk negatively to yourself in a loud and harsh manner, that it is somehow going to knock themselves out of their current state and into a more positive one that can solve the opponent.

When we get stuck in a cycle of negative self talk about a particular situation like what to do in a relationship or how to get a business moving forward,  it is called ruminating.  It would be so great if we could just turn on a clock, start ruminating, and then come out on the other end with a positive solution.    The problem is that it just doesn’t work.   Negative self talk is critical, blaming, judgmental and all of the bad things we say that you shouldn’t do to yourself or others.

The miracle cure for negative self talk that will get you moving in a positive direction is to hear the positive you out in the future that has already solved the situation.   The reason that it is a miracle cure is because that future self is upbeat, positive, encouraging,  devoid of all of the negative characteristics of the negative self-talk.  When you hear that positive voice, it gets you aligned with your higher positive self,  then the solutions begin coming to you.

The problem with ruminating is that it just keeps throwing the same tired solutions, that didn’t work in the past, right in your face.   It is a no-win process.   The positive voice out in the future aligns you with your higher being that is aligned with the Greater Spirit.  Then all positive things begin to happen.   Back to tennis!  Roger Federer, who already is way beyond the age where nearly every professional retires, won two grand slam tennis tournaments this year.   How did he do it?   Basically he seems to have the ability to keep a positive frame of mind and then solve the problems that are in front of him.    He keeps inventing new solutions to his game that solve the challenges in front of him.    You hardly ever see him engaging in negative self talk.  He keeps positive and then looks for new solutions.


Why is it a miracle?   It is a miracle because it takes you out of your ego, your lower self, that keeps repeating the same mistakes,  and puts you right into your higher self, that is aligned with the energies where are the positive solutions are.  Try listening to the voice in the future that has solved the current challenges.



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