The Secret Code to Transformation 1: Fear

Fear is huge topic. There are probably as many types of fear as there are stars in the sky. A great deal has been written about fear already by numerous authors, but most people do not see the negative emotions, in this case fear, as code or positive message to spur on transformation. Much of our handling of fear stems from the same notions of modern medicine. It is most often viewed as a negative force to be eliminated. It is sort of like having a bad leader. An immense amount of energy goes into ousting the leader only to find that when the person is gone from the position, we are still the same problem-filled people as before. It gives some relief from a great deal of negative discomfort from the leader’s actions, but the end result is still the same level of incompetence.

When fear is conceptualized of as a transformation code, it can take on a more positive, attractive presence. It is no longer the enemy, but a close friend. When the code is understood, fear is even as your closest intimate. So what is the code? Fear is the negative emotion felt inside that gives the message that a new capacity needs to be developed. When a fear is felt, it means that something new needs to be actualized. It is different than anxiety, even though the two concepts are often used interchangeably. Anxiety, which will be dealt with in the next post, is message for having confidence to implement what capacities already exist. Fear is the harbinger of a new potentiality, heretofore, unseen or as yet not experienced.

When a teenager first gets behind a wheel in the process of learning how to drive a car, fear is often present. The major one is the fear losing control and crashing. The fear is the code that lets the teenager know that the capacity to control a car out in public on busy roads is not yet developed. For the most part this type of fear goes away with a lot of practice over a considerable time period in a lot of different types of situations because the capacity to have control and manage the car has been actualized. When a capacity is full developed and generalized, the fear, that was once so large an ominous, pretty much leaves on its own.

What happens to a soldier who has been off to war, has seen and participated in a lot of difficult fire fights, having to have remained at high alert for long periods of time, and then returns home to a different environment where the possibility of death is not so near at hand. How is that the nightmares of war keep being replayed in the mind? Why is the fear still present despite there being no presence of a threat? In war one learns how to be hyper-aware at all times scanning for the possibility of the enemy and being ready to respond. The mind learns how to be aware that an enemy could pop out at any moment in any situation. The fear is that someone could suddenly appear and make a lethal blow.

What the mind sees, when it looks out at the future, are possible enemies, that are ready to do fatal damage. When the soldier comes home and remains in the same kind of fear, it is because the mind still functions as if the enemy could appear at any time. The mind does not have a higher or better way of being. It is stuck in what it learned in fear in war without having developed a better capacity. The capacity that is lacking is the ability to see the future full of positive possibilities and to see oneself as friendly with the whole world in the process of actualizing them. It basically visualizes negative ends and enemies. To remove the fear so that it is no longer a crippling the force, the new potentiality has to replace the old one that was used for coping. In war seeing people as the enemy and being on full alert is a positive thing. In peacetime it is disability.

The fear is the code. What is true about fear is that when it is present, it always has an origin in the past that triggers the mind to react in a fearful manner. For the soldier the initiating event is war. For the teenager it is a time in life when he/she would have completely lost control of a situation. When you decipher the code, you can figure out the solution and move toward the actualization process.

Fear first always has a negative object out in the future, an enemy. It strengthens its intensity by doing perceptual tricks in the mind so that the it will be attended to. Most often it makes the negative object larger than life so that it looks much more menacing. It can also be darkened or distorted, whatever it takes for the fear to be felt. Imagine having to live your life with big pictures where everyone is your enemy and every picture has you ending up dead. It is not fun. All the fear wants you to do is to flee from everything in life.

The solution to fear is found in the code. When the pattern is known, then the solution is its positive opposite. In the case of the soldier at war, the first step is to change seeing the future and past as completely negative and lethal to visualizing positive possibilities of the future until they become completely compelling. The second step is to see people yourself as a friend to the whole world rather then seeing people as enemies. When you can easily form positive relationships and see a compellingly positive future, then the fear will give way to the higher capacities.

Human beings are wired in such a way that when a higher capacity is available and it is appropriate, it will be utilized over the lower one. That the soldier returning from war has not yet developed the higher capacity is the issue. It is not that the person has to completely let go of the old pattern. When the new one is in place and it is successful, why would the old one need to be used.

It is not the purpose of this post to teach techniques that facilitate the change process in fear related behavior, but more to explain the code and how it can operate. It is not necessarily a quick transformation to expect a person who has been trained to kill others to suddenly become friendly with the whole world. It is needed if the fear is going to go away, but it may take some time.

Another example may help to clarify. A person who has been in a relationship where they have been constantly belittled and criticized by the other will most likely fear being criticized in the next relationship. It could cause the person to avoid relationships altogether. The code goes like this. When the person images a new relationship or furthering a current one, what will be heard in the mind are puts downs and criticisms because the mind is remembering all of the criticisms in the past with negative tones and volume.

To get to the new capacity the person has to see that they can be friendly with everyone and encourage others so that they are uplifted. They have to go from being belittled to uplifting others. When the new capacity is fully in place then the fear will no go away.

Once again it is important to understand that it takes some skill to work with fear, but the end of the fear is the reward.

7 Comments on “The Secret Code to Transformation 1: Fear”

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  2. Hi Richard, Hru and Debbie? Hows the situation there?

    I had a dream 2 nits ago and have seeking for yr guidance pls if you dont mind. I dreamed of a friendly black dog in my home, a dead bird and a friendly stranger!! Pls advice.

    Thank you and Best Wishes Debbie

    On Wed, Oct 30, 2019 at 9:22 AM Dreams For Peace wrote:

    > dreamsforpeace posted: ” Fear is huge topic. There are probably as many > types of fear as there are stars in the sky. A great deal has been written > about fear already by numerous authors, but most people do not see the > negative emotions, in this case fear, as code or positive” >

    • Hi Debbie,
      So good to hear from you. We are limited, but not quite as bad as Malaysia. We can get out and do exercise everyday and still take hikes, etc.. Tennis courts, skiing, gyms are shut down. There are 7 of us in the house so we don’t have a lot of lonely times. The friendly black dog, a dead bird, and friendly stranger basically mean that you can practice friendship and reaching out to strangers to give them support and love during this time even when other possibilities (the bird) is dead. The possibilities during this time revolved around reaching out and supporting others which are no doubt doing.

  3. Happy New Year, Richard. i am working with addressing my fears, and find your insights very helpful. today…i was thinking about gratitude, and i thought of you and this site. thank you.

  4. Thanks Richard …. it is very hard to accept fear as a reward. I guess it has parallels with the great benefits of pain, and other ‘blessings in disguise’ etc. It is good you have brought it up /forward as it is usually in retrospect that we notice this, if at all. (You may need to reword the second last line re. “then the fear will no go away”…. ??)
    Keep up the God work !

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