Dream About Praising Each Other

I had a dream last night that I thought was significant about my dad. Among some other things happening he wrote this very elegant letter to our high school football coach praising him for all of the positive things he had done for Ron and me. It was surprising to me because, in this life, he was normally more conservative in expressing praise to us. It was always as if he had to hold something back. I was in a bit of astonishment. I had always thought that, when he crossed over, that he would be involved in writing in some way, whatever that looks like in a spiritual realm. This dream seems to confirm it. When I was meditating on it this morning, it was like his new self was with me. He said that when you remember the positives of others and take it to an extreme state, it is what it is like to be in the heavenly realms. This is what He (God) would have us do because it binds us together.

The big source of unity is to praise one another to an extreme. Don’t hold back.

4 Comments on “Dream About Praising Each Other”

  1. Well done! Loved the picture of you too as well! How lovely that you had the intuition that would say your dad would be a rider in the next world! What A thought! Rushing to work, Cora

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