Imprisonment Dreams

Imprisonment Dreams

Feeling imprisoned as if you are in jail is a very common dream theme. Generally speaking when you have a prison dream, it means that you are stuck being controlled by forces outside of yourself. You are jailed inside, while a prison keeper has the key or control to your freedom. It can come from having grown up in in a very controlling household, or experience an overly strict environment in school or in your work. The commonality of the experience is that your own higher self is not the one in control. Who is in control is someone else’s ego or an institution’s ego. As long as you do what you are told, you are fine in life, but the imprisoned feeling comes when you are feeling like your own spirit is confined.

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The best solution to an imprisonment dream is to become a metaphoric eagle inside. An eagle flies high and free. From up there it has vision and then a lot of choice. Down below in prison you just think about escaping all of the time from your life or being angry and fighting it. Many people escape through substances or inappropriate sexual experiences hoping to get some kind of relief only to wake up and experience the same thing all over again.

Being an eagle does not mean that you fly away from your current reality. It means that you change the locus of who is in control of your being. You take it away from others negative egos and put it in your own higher self. So if you have a controlling manager or a really restrictive school, you can choose to leave or find the freedom within the environment.

When you choose to stay in a situation that has a conservative, controlling management, there will be spaces of freedom open to you that you may not have considered. When you go to the spaces, amazing positive things can happen. Normally what is open in a constricted environment is spiritual space where the management is most fearful of going. You can ask yourself what the manager/teacher/your parent is most afraid of, and then you can be certain that that space will be open and free.

It takes a fair amount of letting go of the spaces that are closed to act in this kind of manner, but when you do, great things open up. As a general rule controlling people are extremely fearful of getting close to others. They are too busy trying to make sure that nothing bad happens in the outer world so they do not venture into the world of closeness and spiritual intimacy. Indeed, to be very controlling means that you have experienced trauma in personal relations.

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This is just one example of how to be free in your life. When you are an eagle, the world comes under your higher self’s control.

4 Comments on “Imprisonment Dreams”

  1. your mention of the eagle has stirred my memory of a dream i had many years ago but which i nonetheless remember very well. i am very to hear your view on it. it will be posted soon

  2. a superb observation,Richard,as usual right on the mark. i have not had any imprisonment dreams myself-although some of my dreams have included breaking others out of prison-so as someone who places a maximum value on my integrity and freedom i can readily relate to this.

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