The Benefits of Treating the Outer World as if it Were a Dream

What is a dream?

A dream is an experience you are having where your spirit leaves the world of time and space for a period while you are sleeping in order to inform you more clearly about how to transform your life in positive ways that will benefit others. It can be either positive or negative or both. It is a very valuable tool in the process of growth.

While dreaming is one way of receiving spiritual communication there are certainly many others. For instance, meditation and reflection are doorways to receiving guidance and communication that are extremely valuable in one’s growth. Oftentimes, things happen to us in the outer world that can also serve us in our growth. This is the process of treating an outer experience as if it were a dream. To understand and benefit from the outer world being like a dream, it is first helpful to realize that when we are living a physical existence, we are also living a non-material or spiritual existence simultaneously. It is actually simpler than one might imagine. For instance, imagine that you are driving in your car to work in heavy traffic. The outer experience is going slower than on days when there is less traffic. The inner experience could be agitation, impatience, tranquility, or patience. The two worlds exist together.

If the above experience were a nighttime dream, then you might think that the purpose of the dream was to teach you about being tranquil or patient in a situation where you couldn’t get somewhere in your life at the speed you would like. When it happens in real life, you can do exactly the same. In this manner everything becomes a chance to develop something inside of you. Try some of the following things to see where you might need to grow if it happened to you.

  1. You run out of gas in your car. (you run of energy in your life)
  2. You sprain your ankle.
  3. A dish breaks
  4. You are caught in downpour without an umbrella.
  5. You lose your keys.

There are two realities to every experience. For instance, there is the physical healing of your ankle, and then there is the spiritual ankle, which is helping you to achieve stability as you move forward in our lives.

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