Understanding How to Interpret Behavior in Dreams

In the last post we looked at individual symbols as stationary objects such as a bear or a lion or a mountain. In this post I am going to show you how to understand behavior so that you can see how important it is for a dream.

Suppose that you have the following dream. ” You are yourself in a dream walking in a large field of flowers.”

This is a very simple dream, and when you understand the behavioral part it can have a profound affect on your being and your ability to carry out your purpose in life. The field of flowers represent the quality of inner beauty. The quantity of the flowers shows you the value of being surrounded in beauty. Walking in beauty, the behavioral part, shows you that the spiritual realm is asking you walk your path in life in a state of beauty, which can mean being able to see the positive in all things and be with them. If you would have smelled the flowers first and then walked in the field, the dream would be telling you to first stop and admire the beauty, and then to see the beauty in everything you do in your everyday life. The flowers tell you the quality you need, while the walking tells you the behavior.

It is not quite the same when the dream is negative because your behavior in a negative dream comes from your ego which only has the choice of flight, fight, or freeze. Consider this dream. ” Godzilla is terrorizing your neighborhood, and you are running for your life.” Godzilla represents the object of your ego’s fear. It represents a big powerful person who is totally acting in a tyrannical way out of its reptilian brain. Your behavior is to flee as fast as you can as a way to cope with the fear. In a negative dream, which are by far the most common, the first step is to transform the fear. To do the transformation you have to first find the positive energy that your higher wants to develop, and then you have to change the behavior. A lot of people try to change the behavior before developing the quality, but that approaches only works temporarily at the best.

If you consider Godzilla to be a tyrannical force for evil or self interest, then what you need to be is a positive force for the benefit of others. In the real world you have to be cognizant first of whether the fear is an actual threat or an imagined one. If it is a real one like living in Nazi Germany in the early 1940s, then you have to use a huge amount of wisdom when being a positive force for good. If it is an imagined fear, then you have to do all of the work necessary to get rid of the illusion and replace it with a positive image of you being a force for good. The behavioral difference in a situation where you are being chased by Godzilla versus being a force for good is quite remarkable. With Godzilla there is only one choice and that is to run and hide. When you become fully embodied as a force for good, then your behavior has infinite choices. The behavior changes from restricted to being open and free.

Every issue in life has a negative emotion that gives it fuel to operate and then also has a coping behavior. Transform the issue and negative emotional state first, and then infinite possibilities will show up.

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