Dreaming About the New Year: How to Make Resolutions that Work

If you want to have success with your New Year’s resolutions, the simple rule is to start by only making resolutions for one day at a time. If you want to exercise more, make a modest goal today and do it. Then tomorrow you will be really pumped because you achieved a resolution yesterday. The next day set another goal for that day. If you miss a day or get ill, just start again the next day or when you feel well. After a couple of months you will be able to set goals that go further into the future, but avoid being grandiose (thinking too big). Stay small like doing something for your neighbor. It is no use having a big vision if you are weak with small positive acts which most of us have a lot of avoidance about. Star SMALL.

This is a video of my son-in-law, my grandson, and I jumping into a pool that is about 5 C/40 F. Resolution: Do things I would never do!!!!

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