Dreams of Being Raped: How to Change the Nightmare

In some of my previous posts about New Year’s Resolutions I was trying to emphasize the importance of starting small with new habits and activities so that they can be maintained for a long period. This post is about a type of dream that dis-empowers action making you hide away in a small self.

Being raped in a dream is a metaphor for someone who has a lot of ego-materialistic power exercising it in a negative way on someone else. It is a huge fear of the defenseless in this world and the ultimate form of controlling others. When the fear of being raped is present in a dream, that person appears big in comparison to your own self, often more than one person. If you have had a dream where you were raped or being threatened to be raped, it means that someone has used negative power against in the past to render you helpless. It could be, but does not necessarily indicate that you have been physically violated. It means that negative power is a perceived threat in your mind, and when it is a perceived threat, it makes you feel small, controlled, and usually wanting to hide away. Indeed the purpose of a person using power in a negative manner is make others feel small so that they can feel big inside. Ultimately they are extremely small and undeveloped internally, but the use of power over others becomes an addiction.

The fear in the dream means that you are ready to develop the opposite quality that the dream is presenting. You are being called to start developing your own positive powers. The best way to think about it is that you are being called upon to develop your own empowerment to do things that better the world. What would your life be like if you had extremely positive power to better the world?

There are two things you have to assess in real life when dealing with this type of fear. First, what is the actual fear in your current outer life of a negative power harming you? If it is there and it is real, then proceeding forward with empowerment requires a huge amount of wisdom. If you have an oppressive work situation, for instance, any type of major empowerment on your part will be a perceived threat, and then action could be taken against you. It is important, in this kind of situation, you take measures to protect yourself and your family. If there is no perceived outer threat, then you can begin to let go of big fear feelings, and then start to see yourself with new positive abilities.

Usually the first capacity to want to be developed internally is the ability to connect closely with others, to see the positive in others, and to have a loving connection. This is because having social capital is one of the main requisites for getting anything truly positive done in the world. If you have positive connections with others, it is easy to get things done. People who use negative power have huge issues with closeness. It terrifies them. Social capital makes it easy.

The hard part about doing this kind of change is the ability to make the big bad wolf (bad person with negative power) into a little squeaky mouse, and then make yourself into a big positive force. The key is to test the waters with small actions like writing positive messages to friends or visiting someone who is ill so that they can feel cheered up.

Remember that being assaulted in a dream is a message to develop your empowerment.

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