True Identity

Recently my granddaughter asked me his question.

“I have been given the homework assignment to ask several people what they know about, how they would describe/what are characteristics of human nature/ identity?”

Here is what I responded to her.

True identity is based on one’s virtues. All of who you truly are is in the invisible realm like courage, trustworthiness, generosity, love, compassion, etc.. Since people are dual-natured, that is, they are a spiritual being in a physical body, most people identify themselves at least partially in a physical way. The core of identity is spiritual because, even something as clearly definable as whether you are male or female, goes away when you leave your body and go onto the next world. It is always best only to ever think of identity in spiritual/process terms. Also people have a tendency to identify themselves according to their ego such as their fears. “I am ADD,ADHD.” We are not our egos. We are our true selves. When we believe that we are our egos or our physical things, then we act out of them, such as acting out of fear or anxiety and preventing ourselves from really getting into things fully.

Human nature is completely positive. The egos play a big part of life, but they are not who you are. They are temporary, but a lot of people, because of scientists and doctors, e.g., tell you that you are your ego.

When you are given a negative label or a disorder, you can immediately dismiss it as a part of who you are even when certain people want you to wear or keep that label. Negative labels are not helpful and they are not who you are. You are all positive.

3 Comments on “True Identity”

  1. This topic comes up in Ruhi book 3, Children’s Classes. I was role playing what I imagine to be a typical Japanese father who is talking to his son’s teacher about enrollment in a Bahai Children’s class. So, in regard to this esssay, I would first ask your granddaughter, what she considers her identity is, and respond to that, or build on this in a limited way. Because this is what the Ruhi book author advises the teacher to do, before telling the person what the teacher thinks. I realize this is an unconventional response to a grandchild’s teacher defined role of doing survey interviews.

  2. Great explanation Richard
    Love the non identification!!
    Very helpful indeed and a good reminder that we are all
    Positive spiritual beings!!

  3. i don’t think any labels (positive or negative) serve us well as no matter how they are intentioned, they create limits.
    ego – is not who we are. because one has a choice and one can choose to observe their ego, and with doing this, one realizes they are the observer, not the ego.

    i had an incredible dream the other night, so i was so happy and grateful to see your email today. it reminded me of the times you shared your knowledge and kindness interpreting dreams.

    thank you.

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