What My Dream About Putin Taught Me

Last night I dreamt that the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, was holding the world hostage with big negative weapons, and that I was in the middle of it all being threatened and used by him in an attempt to get what he wanted. All I could think about was that we had to find a way to rid the world of his scourge. I also had a dream where I went from moments of closeness with others to being in the house of a really negative relative that I somehow had to appease. As soon I did that, I lost the closeness.

Why did I have these dreams? There were a couple more, which I lost memory of.

My inner being was being shown that I have a tendency to focus on getting rid of the negative in the world, rather than focusing on getting to a very positive end. I have a fear, like so many others do, that someone like Putin is going to ruin things for me. Then I focus on what I can do to get rid of the Putins (negative figures) and lose total focus on what the positive goals are. I get tense in the body and then it drains me. I wish I didn’t have to admit to this. I wish that by now in my life I would be more focused on positive ends, but there it was clear as day in my dreams. Putin is alive and well in my consciousness. I don’t even read or watch news more than a few glances here and there, but still he is present.

What to do?

First I need to realize that getting rid of the negative in my life is a losing strategy. The winning strategy is to visualize the positive end that I am trying to go for, which is to help people move their lives forward, relax, and then do a lot of action towards that end. Detaching from getting rid of Putin is no easy matter. The process is to ignore him, see the positive end. I can see people getting along together in the world and move toward it, or I can see everything being destroyed and then tense and be paralyzed. I often do the latter. The fear paralyzes and it is sustained by a negative vision of the future based on negatives in the past. Ignore the negative. Focus on the Positive End.

What can I do today that makes the world a better place? How can I get closer to others?

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